Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 21

Grey Matters

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2008 on ABC Family
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Kyle and Josh become involved in a complicated cheating scandal at school, and Jessi continues to push her limits.

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  • the last scene saved the episode!

    Nothing happened in this episode BUT the last scene. That was revelling! Thanking this off the episode was kinda boring.

    That "how to prove we didn't cheat the test" was weak. We all know in the end Kyle would solve the problem. Declan's ankle was boring too. But the fact Jessi couldn't fix it is interesting.

    The most important thing: how Sarah is alive and why was she hiding? Maybe she was healing from something, like Adam did. How did she know abou Kyle and Jessi if she was hidden? I think she has connection inside Latnok or the old Zyzkz (how the hell spell this?) Next episode may be interesting...season finale is close too, when will the show come back? Will it have a season 3?moreless
  • Another Fantastic Episode!

    I guess Kyle was taking it easy on Declan but that wasn't according to Declan though.

    Kyle is very sweet and now he is going to ask Amanda to the Prom.

    Is the little Trager a cheater or did he study?

    Kyle goes for the girl advice to Ask Amanda and we can see them telling him the best way to ask her. Is Sarah still Alive? We can see Adam and Kyle discussing behind Jessi's back.

    Jessi is pushed to the limit by her father; she passes the test but her father pressures her more and more and never gives her a break.

    Josh is trying to show his Principal that he is not guilty and that he did study and is starting to work harder. The Principal is blaming Kyle too now.

    So Jessi did it! She's the guilty one who posted the test and Kyle is getting blamed for her actions.

    Lori interested in the DJ? Now that would be cool!

    I guess Amanda knows about Kyle's question.

    Declan turns to Jessi for help. It's about his ankle…

    Now that Principal is just annoying!

    Who is the cheater that went on the website? Amanda went on the website but she told Kyle that she did not see the whole paper.

    I didn't like Mr. Taylor, for him Jessi is just an experiment for him.

    Kyle is working on how to clear his name and his brother's name!

    Josh has been great he is really growing up and becoming more mature.

    The anonymous person has a secret and she wants Kyle to help Jessi now.

    Declan is doing great and he cannot keep and secret from Kyle so he told Kyle the truth to what Jessi did about his leg.

    Mr. Taylor is very funny when threatened and he shows Mrs. Trager that he has power.

    Kyle challenges the Principal and he announces that another test needs to be taken.

    Declan's ankle hurts again! Does that mean that Andy's cancer can come back?

    Lori and Declan are good together! I guess she still wants to be friends though.

    And at last he asks her Amanda and Kyle are going to the prom! Brian is just a bad person! I'm just fed up of him telling Jessi what to do…

    Who is Kyle going to meet? So Sarah is alive!!moreless
  • Cheating controversy!

    Again this season is turning out to be one of the best in such a long, long time thanks to great writing and acting, led by Matt Dallas aka Kyle. We get to see Kyle finally really become a man. As he and several other students get caught cheating or did they cheat. Really didn't like the principal as the principal had a better than thou attitude. Also we see Jessi and Kyle argue and that Kyle says that he really does care about her. Despite their differences. Meanwhile, we get introduced to who Sarah is in former Brat Packer Ally Sheedy. Loved it when Kyle stood up to the principal in front of the school. Classic!moreless
  • Blah blah blah ... We meet Sarah for the first time... Blah blah blah

    Jessi causes trouble by posting exam answers online, and gets Josh in trouble for potentially cheating. Kyle resolves this by handing the list of students who viewed the results - which turns out to be much larger than the number of suspected cheats. Ergo the tests are reset for everybody.

    Kyle gets mysterious instant messages (from Sarah) which warn him that Jessi is being pushed way too hard by her "dad". He and Mama Traeger join forces to try stop this. They bond over this when she realises that her professional integrity does not matter as much as helping people like Kyle and Jessi. I love these scenes, as these two have a genuine mother-son screen presence.

    Declan is still having problems with his ankle, which he unwillingly lets Jessi help with. This is to perform better in his basketball trials. However, it turns out that it was temporary. Not all is lost, when Lori helps him get back to practice, and they seem to be on better terms again.

    Amanda gets asked out to the prom by Kyle. All fine and well, but she is now just a pain to watch. My word - what is up with all this good-girl rebellion? It is beyond belief (despite Kyle XY being a show about genetically superior being) - and seriously irritating.moreless
  • One heck of a good episode!

    So we find out that Josh gets accused for cheating along with some other students for getting good scores on their placement tests. When we find out it was Jessi who hacked into the computers to steal the test and post it online, I was a bit surprised but also should have seen it coming, as Sarah did a very similar thing. Jessi still seems to mean well, we see that she helps Declan by healing his injured ankle, but we also see that Taylor is pushing Jessi to her limits, and it seems he won't stop until it's too late. I liked that Kyle fixed the situation with the cheating and didn't rat anyone out, but that made Hooper decide to make everyone re-do the exam. I think we are starting to finally see Jessi understand that Kyle really does care about her well being, she seems to be slowly understanding this, but I think it might take a bit more. The end of the episode was my favourite part, the show is finally picking up more pace again, to bad there is not much of the season left. This revial javascript:validateForm(document.reviewForm);

    Submitwas much better then when we found out Baylin was alive and walking again, but it would rank about equal when we found out Baylin's body was being revived.moreless
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Kelly Wiwchar


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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: There are legal and technological problems with the cheating scandal plot.

      First, Principal Hooper may be able to charge the website administrator for cybercrimes, either commited or as an accomplice, but he would never be able to track down the website visitors and punish them. It would be a clear violation of internet security regulations and would be an invasion of privacy.

      Second, IP addresses do not give out the name of the user. An IP address is an electronic signature that allows interaction with another computer or server. All computers have a unique IP address, but false addresses can be created. It would also not be a simple matter to track down the street address, but a time consuming and expensive project.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jessi: I'm not reading, I'm listening.
      Lori: Listening? (looks down at Kyle and Declan on the basketball court) You know, that's a really bad habit, eavesdropping on people.
      Jessi: Tell me you wouldn't do it if you could.
      Lori: So, what are they saying?

    • Adam: Because people hide when they're afraid, or when they want to reinvent themselves.
      Kyle: Or when they're secretly healing themself from a gunshot wound.
      Adam: True.

    • Declan: It happens all the time, y'know? People get injured, dream over.
      Lori: Well, look at the bright side, there aren't many point guards who fight evil-doers in their spare time.

    • Andy: Is it happy Hooper banana day?
      Josh: He stopped the inquisition, I've been exonerated.
      Andy: Wow, now I know you've really been studying. A few months ago you didn't know the words inquisition or exonerate.
      Josh: Shot of wheat grass to celebrate.
      Andy: I'll take one of those beauties instead. (Josh gives her a look) What? Cancer couldn't do it, a pastry's not gonna kill me; besides I can cheat now and then.
      Josh: Hey, don't look at me, I'm no cheater.

    • Kyle: (voice-over) Every day we face questions of right and wrong, and decisions about whether to take action or stay out of the game. And it's when those choices are least clear that we draw upon our conscience, follow our instincts and reveal our true character.

    • (Watching two guys walk by and talking about prom.)
      Hillary: Been there, done him... and him.
      Lori: OK, so we've been watching the same parade of Neanderthals since seventh grade.
      Hillary: I suppose I could tap into my inner lesbian and go with a hot cheerleader.
      Lori: You have an inner lesbian?
      Hillary: To not have to go stag to prom I'd have an inner anything.

    • (Josh is at the Rack chopping bananas in half, angry about being accused of cheating.)
      Kyle: That makes you feel better?
      Josh: The banana got Marie Antoinetted because I can't do it to Hooper. The funny thing is, if you had asked me three months ago who Marie Antoinette was, I would have probably said that French foreign exchange student with the acne.

    • (Lori, Hillary and Amanda talking about the prom.)
      Amanda: Any news on the DJ? I need to finalize the budget.
      Lori: I'm working on it.
      Hillary: On it, or on him?
      Lori: You seriously need to stop it with that.
      Amanda: You're interested in the DJ?
      Lori: I am not interested in the DJ!
      Hillary: Is there a smart girl quote for what just happened there?
      Amanda: Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.
      Hillary: Thank you smart girl.
      Amanda: You're welcome.

  • NOTES (2)