Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2008 on ABC Family
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A social worker visits to examine the family's relationship with Kyle, while Kyle tries to hide Amanda from Stephen and Nicole.

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Anna Galvin

Anna Galvin

Constance Berlinger

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Martin Cummins

Martin Cummins

Brian Taylor

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Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery

Carol Bloom

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    • (Talking about Amanda staying the night in Kyle's room)
      Josh: Where did she sleep?
      Kyle: My tub.
      Lori: Where did you sleep?
      Kyle: My tub.
      Josh: You dog!

    • Jessi: I am more like you than any of these people here. More than the Tragers and more than Amanda.
      Kyle: Why do you have to make this a competition?
      Jessi: There should be no competition!

    • Lori: (finding Amanda and Kyle together) Amanda Bloom, you little stowaway.

    • (Josh and Lori talking after the social worker has left)
      Josh: On the saving your bacon scale I'd say he scored about a 9.
      Lori: 8.5. What's your point?
      Josh: Nothing. I know I'm a new player in the great game of adolescent relationships, but if you ask me, I'd say the big-D is carrying the proverbial torch. Yessiree. He has tasted from the fountain of Lor and he wants to dive right...
      Lori: Finish that sentence and I guarantee they will never find the body.

    • (Declan is helping Lori get rid of her beer)
      Josh: (to Declan) I must say I'm impressed. You coming in here and helping Lori out, even though she's still closed for business.
      Lori: (hits Josh) Jerk!
      Josh: Oh, smart. Leave a bruise with the social worker present.

    • (Kyle listens in on Nicole and the social worker from the other room)
      Stephen: You realize that eavesdropping is an invasion of privacy, and that me asking you to do it is unacceptable parenting, right?
      Kyle: Right.
      Stephen: Good, what'd she say now?

    • Josh: I have to hide all my porn!
      Kyle: She's gonna search the house?
      Lori: Oh, yeah, social worker is basically a fancy title for snoop.
      Kyle: What is she looking for?
      Josh: Weapons of mass destruction. (nodding his head) Guns, sex toys, drugs, booze.
      Lori: (gasping) Oh, no!
      Josh: Relax, dad flushed his pot stash, remember?
      Lori: I'm not worried about dad.
      Kyle: You have a pot stash now?

    • Kyle: Maybe you're underestimating your mother, she might surprise you.
      Amanda: I appreciate the optimism, but I expect blood curdling screams followed by frothing at the mouth.

    • Nicole: I think Kyle mistook getting grounded for being in prison.
      Lori: There's a difference?

    • Kyle: How could doing something so wrong, feel so right?

    • Amanda: Let me sleep on the floor.
      Kyle: You don't like the tub?
      Amanda: No! I'm sorry I'm just trying to be polite.
      Kyle: How is sleeping on the floor polite?
      Amanda: I don't wanna take your tub from you.
      Kyle: But I want you to have it, not unless you don't like it.
      Amanda: Why won't I like it?
      Kyle: It's a tub...
      Amanda: It's your tub, I'll love it.

    • (Kyle gives Amanda the shirt off his back)
      Kyle: What's the matter?
      Amanda: What do you mean?
      Kyle: Your cheeks are getting pinker.
      Amanda: Are they?
      Kyle: And your body temperature is climbing.
      (Amanda smiles awkwardly and then turns away.)

    • Amanda: My mom is gonna kill me.
      Kyle: Maybe your mom will understand when you explain it to her.
      Amanda: Key word: 'understand' - she's not capable of.

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