Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Family inspection!!

    Mrs. Bloom files a complaint with a social worker, who comes to inspect the Tragers and Kyle. Amanda spends the night with Kyle instead of going on her flight to New York. When the worker comes, Lori must get beer out of her room and Kyle needs to get Amanda out. Jessi comes later and complicates things. Declan and Josh help Lori out. Amanda and Jessi fight about Kyle. When Amanda is escaping, Mrs. Bloom catches her at the front door. They argue and things seem to be going wrong. Josh and Lori help Kyle's room by putting a real bed in there (the cases of beer with a sheet over it). The kids are all still grounded, but they passed the inspection. Jessi finds the record, "She Could Be You" and gives it to Kyle. The social worker is working for the weird company thingy.

    This episode was great! I don't like how Jessi makes things sound worse than they are with Amanda. I also think Mrs. Bloom is too hard on Amanda. I really don't get what's with that company or whatever though. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Another well-acted episode!

    Another excellent episode and shows that the family that lives together does indeed stay together. As a social worker tries to see Kyle's relationship with his family. And how he loves them. Shows you that he does care as the family cares about him. Because Kyle considers the Taggers his real family, which I like a lot. Declan and Lori really seem to be a cute couple like Kyle and Amanda are evolving around. Jessi sometimes gets on the nerves of people. But that is what she is there to do. Or else she wouldn't be in the show. But other than that, a well-acted and well-written show!
  • A screwball comedy: improbable but entertaining

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit, but as always the writing could be sharpened and made more consistent. The comments are made as bullet points but the site won't arrange them right, so pardon the compressed look here. Blech. *I was mildly offended by much of the 'social worker' shtick, but since I was pretty sure she was a plant of outside forces I tried not to let it get to me. *The Kyle XY writers think if you say the wrong answer often enough it will distract the viewers. It was obvious within a few minutes that Carol Bloom did not call Social Services, because everyone mentioned that it must have been her a million times.
    Which leads to the further question:
    *Given everything that's happened to these people, including the creation of an entire fake family and history for Kyle by Adam, it's astonishing beyond belief that they don't check the social worker's bona fides better. *Amanda and Laurie work out the sartorial virgin/slut dichotomy. It was a big relief when Amanda showed up in a normal tank top at the end.
    *Kyle's monologues have been annoying since around the midpoint of season one. We can figure out the episode's theme, thank you. *Josh and Laurie's relationship, again weird. Try knocking when you walk into your sister's room. *Weekly Sexism Alert: Declan rides in to save "damsel in distress," complete with asking for sexual favors as a reward for his exploits. But he was sort of joking so it was...okay.... Then Laurie apologized for daring to make a snide remark about it, because God forbid she would ever be right. *Can no one on this show explain anything convincingly? Kyle's place in the family is really something that Nicole can put a much better spin on than she does. Same goes for his continuing brush-offs of Jessi.
    *Kyle is a super-genius and he's been living in our society for almost a year. Yet he still can't understand expressions like 'shirt off your back' or 'keep on your toes' (which I'm sure I've heard him use before, actually). This is a funny trope but it just doesn't make too much sense. *Jessi was used well and she really had a point this week. Kyle has a responsibility to her. He used to be so obsessed with finding out about himself and now the moment the chance comes his way he just wants to be normal. Brian Taylor is also clearly trying to turn them against each other. But Ladnoc is acting without his knowledge which means he's out of the loop for some reason (being a duplicitous putz?)
    *Ladnoc: Holds Its Meetings In The Dark, But That's Okay Because It Can Light The Room With The Unholy Glow of Its All-Whiteness. Which differs so much from the rest of the cast.
    *I was about to go after ABC Family for product placement with "She Could Be You." It sounds nothing like it was produced in the mid-eighties, plus there was a clear shot of the artist on Brian's record. But turns out it isn't (yet) a real single. Until next week, don't use your windows as doors.
  • Sweet, funny and frustrating.

    it was sweet - especially at the begining with Kyle and Amanda. their innocence mixed with passion was both amusing and touching. I love their scenes. especially ones like that. the part with the social worker was funny - especially with all they had tried to keep their secrets and also very touching because they were doing it all for Kyle. it also was another proof of the depth of Lori and Declans relationship as well as Declans friendship to Kyle. and also Josh was at his best. the frustrating part was Jessie. she is not necessarly the villain in here but she is incredibly selfish. and there is also another player to this whole game. I wonder how this one will turn out.
  • Finally seeing plot twists and mysteries worth keeping my attention!

    I have to admit I was little disappointed by the first episodes. They barely kept my attention, but that's because I love how Kyle's family members interact with each other, it's certainly different and puts a refreshing and hilarious perspective on the whole husband, wife, 2.5 children dream American family. The first few episodes dealt with Kyle's family trying to go back to how they were before knowing Kyle's secret, and finally it seems they are learning that it's more difficult than they expected. Like stated before this episode finally picks up on having multiple storylines, and dramatic irony (audience knows more than the characters).

    In this particular episode, I like how Lori is opening up a bit more about how she feels about Declan. Although I found it pretty weird that Josh was rooting for Declan and hoping that she would give Declan a chance. A little out of character, but I guess in a way it's actually character development. Jessie on the other hand seems to be spiraling out of control and I really can't wait to see what will happen to her. Really this episode, and also the one before this one, opened up new views and perspectives that have very good potential for future episodes.

    In conclusion, this episode has set a newfound interest that's reminiscent of the first season, but still with more character development and what appears to be a good storyline.
  • A social worker comes to visit the Trager Family

    This was an intresting episodes with a great deal of character development for the trager family and Amanda.

    Kyle and Amanda-It's great to see how strong their relationship has become since the show started.They really loved each other and are becomming very attached to one another.

    The kyle/Amanda/Jessi scene was hysterical!The Amanda and Jessi arugment was written the way any fight between two girls over a guy would have happened. Poor kyle, he is not ready to deal with a love triangle.

    Lori/delcan/ and josh were fantastic as usual.The beer bed was absolutely hysterical.It was nice to see delcan and lori getting along for more than one episode.The two make really good friends.

    It was great to see Amanda finally taking on her mother.They have had issues since the beginning of the series and it's nice to see that the two of them are starting to adress them.

    The beerbed scene was great.It seems like a stunt that lori and john would have pulled off.

    The best part of the episode was the end when we got to see who the new group of people who were after kyle are. Casn't wait to see what happens next!
  • Another great episode that is starting to show a comeback to the old ways of the show, but not enough to make it perfect.

    An overall amazing episode that brings some more mystery to the season. We find out that the record Jessi found was not placed there by Brian Taylor, her caretaker, so we are left to wonder who placed it there. And Amanda (who is hiding in Kyle's house) overhears Kyle and his family's concerns about the social worker finding out who Kyle is. This might cause problems for Kyle and Amanda's relationship later on, as the incident I talk about in the next sentence. Things get interesting when Jessi shows up in Kyle's room and they both get stuck there while the social worker is checked around the house. Kyle manages to get Jessi out, but she takes her own path and causes a bit of trouble with some of her choice words to the Social worker. The end of the episode is one that scares me a bit, when we see that Latnok might be behind some sort of scheme against Kyle. Again a great episode, but I hope that the show goes back to more science fiction then always about Kyle and Amanda's relationship problems every episode.
  • I loved most of it !

    Another great episode but I never expect anything less from this series. It was one of the funnier episodes and it was just really entertaining. I adore the Trager family, they're all great and josh had some good lines in the beginning of the episode. The Jessi and Amanda argument was great to watch but i rather Kyle not be either one of them. I also don't like that the writers are pushing for the lori & declan romance again, it feels like they're trying to make me like them but they are failing terribly and wasting screentime, give lori a new love interest already!
  • Who is this organization? What's their agenda?

    A social worker shows up, snooping around the Traeger household. Turns out she's working for yet someone else who wants Kyle. Hmmm... Jessie: I can never quite decide whether I like her or just think she's immature and annoying. At any rate, she's going overboard with this jealousy thing. Amanda is sweet, but sometimes I think she's TOO sweet, in that pink girly girl way that gets sickening sometimes. Know what I mean? Loved Lori and Josh, per usual. They are too funny, and I was happy to see Declan again; I like him. Wonder who was following Jessie, and whether or not that woman will cause trouble for Nicole? The family in general, for that matter.
  • This show had it's moments! Funny and thoughtful.

    This was a pretty good show with Kyle being holed up in his room with both Amanda and Jessie. Jessie wants Kyle to herself and is acting so immature about it! Amanda on the other hand really does love Kyle and isn't going to just slink away into the sunset and let Jessie have her way! The Traegers are visited by a social worker who is sticking her nose into their business with other motives than the well being of Kyle. The Traegers try to make best with the situation and Amanda finally faces her mom. Jessie is going to cause problems in the future and so is that social worker.
  • Kyle gets in trouble when a Social Worker appears to review his relationship with the Tragers, and Amanda hides in his room after sneaking from her flight to New York.

    When Kyle's going to sleep, Amanda appears at his window, telling him she couldn't go to New York because she thinks it was a wrong move and felt wrong to go. Kyle then takes her in. The next day, a Social Worker appears, to review the family, because they received a complaint (filled by Mrs. Bloom). The Tragers need to be careful on what to show and what to keep safe, as Lori finds a way to get tons of beer boxes out from the house. The stair Declan uses is blocking Kyle's bedroom window, keeping Amanda inside, and Jessi, that entered also. Kyle uses some of his abilities to tell Amanda it is the time to go out by the front door, and when she's about to get out, she faces her mother, that was going to ring the bell. Feeling that it would be awkward to show the tub to the Social Worker, Kyle and Nicole find a bed instead of the tub while showing the room. We get to know later that the bed is formed by the beer boxes Lori was storing for a friends party. In the end of the episode, we see the Social Worker comunicating with the Latnok society, wich tells us there is going to be some danger coming to Kyle soon.
  • Kyle is grounded but when his Girlfriend Amanda shows up at his window stating she couldn't get on a flight like her mom wanted her too, and asked Kyle to hide her til morning getting him and the Tragers in more trouble when Social services show up.

    This episode was great. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did because finally Amanda is a rebel and standing up to her mother and it's about time she made her listen. Lori and Josh were both hilarious in this episode as well because they were so curious as to why Kyle was stashing Amanda in her room and nothing happened LOL. Great scene of Older Sister and little Brother ganging up on Adoptive Brother, too cute.
    Jessi has truly gone over and beyond the call of friendship with her antics. Kyle is going through a crisis and she in her own words don't care. I new for a fact she liked him for more than a friend and now she feels threaten because Kyle wants to spend more time with Amanda than with her and so what? That's his Girlfriend. I'm sure Kyle would make time for Jessi when he isn't in crisis mode but as far as I'm concern Jessi's selfish & childish anitcs are getting out of control. What she did, storming out of the room while the social worker was there and making the comment that she consider's herself more than a friend to Kyle and that she was once Nicole's patient, did serious damage to Nicole's career all around. It made her look bad professionally and now that fake social worker is digging into their lives because of Latnok. Gosh I knew it. Oh and the arguement between Amanda and Jessi was fierce. I know that Jessi maybe able to do some serious damage but Amanda's take no crap attitude is incredible. I mean I was wanting her to not back down at all regardless of if Jessi is stronger than her. She loves Kyle and she is honest with him unlike Jessi. Amanda isn't letting him go without a fight that's for sure, so i got my money on her even if she does get beat up. LMAO. Kyle would save her .