Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 9

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • the end is...

    i think....
  • All that we see or seem...

    I was relieved that the writers didn't turn Jessi into some gruesome killer in the end. Instead she kinda proved that she is indeed not as fragile as Nicole thought she is.

    Speaking of Nicole, I don't think her main concern was that Kyle and Jessi have that kind of a relationship under her roof. I believe she was either trying to protect Kyle from the possible consequences of a relationship with Jessi or she was trying to protect Jessi from getting hurt by Kyle.

    This episode showed us among other things that the Traggers don't think as highly of Jessi as they do think of Kyle and considering Jessi's background it's actually understandable. I's not intentionally, but they fail to see that Jessi is really trying hard to fit in and every little rejection from the Traggers makes Jessi feel more like she's not part of that family. So, Cassidy's revelation at the dinner table was like the confirmation to all the things the family subconsciously suspected all along.
    I have to say that this particular subject matter has been brilliantly written and executed throughout the whole season.

    Equally interesting was Kyle's reaction to Nicole's "no-relationship-under-my-roof" policy. "It won't happen again." Just like that? Judging from the voice-over from the episode before you'd think he would have put up a little more of a fight, but apparently, Kyle seems to have some serious second thoughts about Jessi. But even that didn't come entirely unexpected, since we all know that two episodes before Kyle was still madly in love with Amanda, who just happened to have stumbled upon the most important of Kyle's secrets.

    With only one episode left, I don't think there will be a definite solution to Kyle's relationship dilemma and maybe it's better that way.
  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    First things first, it may be minor, but as far as I know, this episode marks the return of Kyle's style of drawing. Well Jessi was the one doing the drawing, but it was nice to see the old strange way of drawing again. I felt sorry for Jessi, she always seems to be pushed away, because of her past mistakes, but I think if she really wants to make any progress, she has to learn to deal with being judged for now. I don't want to talk about this episode too much, for fear of ruining it for someone, but it was an amazing episode! I am just so sad that things have wound down to 1 last episode after this, and it's just getting really good. Well okay, not just, it has been pretty good for about 4-5 episodes this season now, but it's getting amazing and now they want to cancel the show? It really breaks my heart, more each episode, but now it's almost here, the season finale and possibly the show's end.
  • A thrilling episode!

    Everyone knows Kyle and Jessi share a unique bond, but when Kyle finally excepts there could be even more than just the unique bond and kisses Jessi, it does not end "happily ever after", but "keep your hands away from the forbidden fruit". Nate has an agenda of his own, apart from hooking with Amanda, he is interested in Adam Baylin. I am not sure if he is interested in Adam or his work and what his intentions are, but I think it is a bad sign (for Kyle). Kyle and Jessi has to trick Cassidy in order for him to reveal secret plans of Latnok. Cassidy has been suspicious of Jessi from the beginning so he is not surprised when he finds out she knows about him killing Sarah. Kyle stops Jessi from killing Cassidy and as far as Cassidy knows Kyle accidentally kills Jessi while saving him. This convinces Cassidy to trust Kyle and I am sure the door for the second part of Kyle's plan is opened.