Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 11

Hands on a Hybrid

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Kyle tries to get to know Jessi to find out more about how they are connected.. meanwhile the truth about Andi is revealed to everyone.

    Both Kyle, Jessi and Josh enter the "hands on a hybrid" charity event for cancer, Kyle has the intention of finding out more about Jessi after finding Baylin's photo. He discovers the truth but at a cost as Amanda misinterprets his (rather foolish considering Amanda was nearby) behaviour towards Jessi. Josh tries to win the car for Andy, but upsets her and everyone discovers she has cancer, whilst Lori realises it was Jessi who attacked her.

    I enjoyed this episode, the biggest incident being Jessi and Kyle touching each other's invisible belly buttons for Amanda to predictably interupt. That is an incident that Kyle really cannot explain unless he tells the truth which I hope he eventually does otherwise it will be that same old storyline again, the couple that can't work because there's a secret in the mix! This arc was most likely a way of getting rid of Amanda for the finale episodes, which is quite disappointing.
  • just great!

    At first hello from Greece! ! ! Well guys watching this episode really blew my mind off.. How we jessy react when she knows how she was borned? And how are these kids attached to one another.. And how is the Trager family going to react when they find oyt the real truth about Kyle and about the lies he told them.. Really looking forward for the last 2 episodes to see how this season is going to end!! This is one of my favorites shows ever! ! We will have to wait and see :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • Depressing but interesting. A must-watch. Painful to watch only because of Kyle and Amanda.

    This episode depressed me, especially at the end. Interesting though, that Lori finally finds her attacker (JESSI, gosh she's weird), and that things finally work out between Josh and Andy. Andy also admits to her cancer (in front of many people I might add), and even makes a shirts that says "Cancer Girl" and one for Josh that says "I'm with Cancer Girl" and an arrow pointing right. So cute. But the whole Jessi, Kyle, Amanda love triangle (?) made the episode depressing. Kyle and Amanda kind of break up, I'm not sure, Jessi sort of finds out that her "memories" are fake and Emily's daugher shows up in the end, Jessi apparently ready to kill her if Emily doesn't tell Jessi the truth about her (Jessi's) past. One depressing part was in the middle where Andy found out that Josh bribed his way into the contest and Andy started to cry and another part where Josh was gonna cry and it was just, ah. The previews for the next episode are depressing too. I mean, Kyle should just explain all of what he knows to the Tragers' and Amanda. It would make their lives just a little easier. I'm just gonna wait for the next episode. I suggest you do too. Things are getting way too interesting.
  • Great episode!

    There is a charity event for cancer. Josh wants to win a car for Andy. Kyle and Jessi are also in the contest. Kyle tries to find out more about Jessi. Lori tells Amanda that she should come because it looks like Jessi and Kyle like each other. Andy gets angry and blurts out that she has cancer. Lori finds out that Jessi is the one who attacked her. Foss is used to test the new machine that Madacorp built. Kyle finds out that Jessi is the other experiment. Josh and Andy kiss. Jessi runs away. Amanda sees Kyle and Jessi showing each other that they have no bellybuttons and says that she thought that she could trust Kyle.

    This was a great episode! I'm glad that Kyle knows the truth about Jessi now. I feel so sad about Andy and Josh. I hope that she doesn't die. This episode gets a 10!
  • Josh and Andy look good together. :P lol

    This was another good episode, with many plots advancing forward. We now know what Ballantine intends to do with Foss, and Kyle and Jessi finally discover that they are the same.

    Some scenes brought it down for me though. I couldn't imagine Kyle doing what he did when he knew that Amanda was around. And what kind of an excuse was 'We were just talking?'?! Anyways I think he should tell Amanda his secret so that she would understand. If he doesn't tell her, then this is Smallville all over again.

    Also, I don't see why there are so many kissing scenes in this series. I thought the Josh-Andy plot was going really well, but that kiss just destroyed it for me. I don't know. They're still cute, but I just don't like too much kissing. Maybe it's just me. :D

    What I'd like to see in the next episode is perhaps how Kyle would discover what that photograph from Baylin means, and also how Emily would react to Jessi bringing home Paige. Also, with Foss, maybe Ballantine would use him more? Perhaps against Kyle? :D

    Looking forward to next week.
  • Foss & Emily not what they seem to be bad people.

    Madacorp is really the villian and not Foss whom people thought was the villian. But really is a good guy who just only wants to protect Kyle from them. As Foss is strapped to a chair as Madacorp is playing with his mind. Hoping you think that Foss will find it to escape and tell Kyle all about their games. But it seems like time is running on him. Meanwhile, Kyle and Jessie try to win a car as they enter into a contest, which I thought was so cute. Also I feel that Emily is brainwashed by Madacorp. If she doesn't do her job, then Madacorp will do to her what they are doing to Foss.
  • This was one of my favorite episodes and each week this show seems to get better and better. Very good storyline to this episode. A great episode with many twists. Love it!

    Beachwood High is holding its annual "Hands On A Hybrid" fundraiser. To play, each contestant puts their hands on a hybrid and the last one to remove them, wins. Naturally, with their supernatural powers, Kyle and Jessi are soon the only ones left. But the charge between them is much bigger than anyone expected-their energy literally brings down the house. Now neither can deny that there's a deep connection between them, one they are eager to explore. Back at the Tragers, Kyle tells Jessi "We're more alike than you think." Then he lifts his shirt to show his lack of a belly button. As Jessi does the same, Amanda walks in, stunned to think that Kyle can't be trusted. "
  • What the good episodes are made of.

    This episode was just awesome. It was a great episode, but it leaves you with a feeling of confused anger. I really love that Kyle is trying to find out more about himself and Jessi, but I just don't like that other things seem to be in jeopardy. This episode leaves you at the end with a very tense situation, and it will be hard to wait until the next episode as it is so far away. I love this show, but it's starting to feel like torture, I just hope that the show starts to answer some questions and resolve some burning issues. Not that I don't like the show, I absolutely love it, but some of the scenes in the episode just made me want to yell.
  • A Vulcan mind-meld, Kyle-style, plus the long-awaited mutual exposure of belly-buttons.

    The cancer charity ball backdrop was a yawn. But the rest of the episode was so suspenseful and tightly-written I didn't care. During the marathon car contest, Kyle and Jessie circled the vehicle like two magnets--sometimes attracting and sometimes repelling. It was a wonderful dance, keeping me on the edge of my seat, and ending with a mind journey which satisfied the geeky science fiction lover deep inside me.

    As Madacorp straps prisoner Foss to a sinister-looking white chair and uses him as as a guinea pig for the dangerous brain-downloading technology it plans to use on Kyle, I wonder again if Emily is going to cross over onto the good side. Toward the end of the experiment, Foss appears in agony, and possibly even in danger of his life. Emily, assigned to monitor him, tells Ballantine in no uncertain terms she doesn't like what she's seeing and implores him to halt. Stone-faced from the safety of his office, Ballantine responds that the experiment must be concluded as planned. Meanwhile, Steven does not know Foss is the test subject but does become suspicious that a one has been found so quickly; during a brief power failure he urges Ballantine to stop the experiment and is quickly put in his place.

    The preview for the next episode suggests that Kyle and Jessie will run away together. Will he train her and teach her to use her powers? The two of them together, using their powers effectively, could create a powerful army to battle Madacorp. There's no indication in the preview for next week on whether Foss is still alive, adding to the suspense for me. I think it's a better story if he does live, because then Jessie and Kyle will need to rescue him.

    I'm searching everywhere on the 'net but can't see any indication on whether there will be a third season. But I have to believe there will be. With only one episode to go until the season finale, too much is left hanging to end it here: Amanda has essentially broken up with Kyle and is going away, Kyle is leaving the Tragers for now, Foss is prisoner and possibly dead, Emily is trapped in a job she is finding increasingly morally repugnant and the Tragers are smelling a rat but still remain ignorant. I see no way they can wrap all that up for a satisfying finale--I've got to think that episode 23 will be another cliffhanger leaving us breathlessly waiting for the new season.

    While competing to win a car, Kyle and Jessie lock eyes, touch hands and merge thoughts (think Vulcan mind meld), then mutually expose belly buttons. Amanda catches them and misunderstands. Foss, still prisoner at Madacorp, is strapped to a sinister white chair and used as a test subject in a dangerous brain-downloading experiment.
  • Kyle finds out who Jessi is.

    Very well-written episode with the the long-awaited Kyle-Jessi meeting where they finally, sort off, compare notes and Kyles figures out that Jessi is a female version of himself.

    Finally, Kyle figures it out but how to tell and convince Jessi that her past and family aren't real?

    The Josh and Andy storyline in this episode was very well done yet very sad too.

    Lori and Declan seem to great friends again, however, when Steven doesn't instantly believe Lori's accusations about Jessi, the father-daughter relationship is serisouly damaged. Let's hope they can repair this, possibly with the help of Nicole.

    Poor Amanda, Kyle and Jessi did behave and look suspiciously. Again, I hope Kyle can explain things to her.
  • A good episode.

    Kyle XY
    Hands ona Hybrid,
    I could easly tell what the show was promoting.The episode goes along with everybody body being a canser charity event. With Jessi kyle trying to win the car.Lori finds out who attacks her.And i forget the name tries to get a chanse at being a eality tv star.During the episode they find out they are more bond toghether than the thought.And the person who was helping Kyle has been captuers with out him knowing about it.I forget the name but Lori's brother finds out that the girl has canser i think.In the end Kyle's life seems to be falling apart.Next week Kyle runs away.
  • The meeting we have been waiting for...

    Plot overview: During a charity event, Kyle tries to bond with Jessi. Lori finally identifies her attacker and Andy struggles over the fact that she has cancer.

    Review: I personally loved every second of this episode. It is all leading up to what will soon be one of the greatest Kyle XY episodes ever. This episode pretty much sets it up. I loved the meeting and discussion between Kyle and Jessi. I thought it was perfectly done but not way too overdone. I thought the ending could have been better but it didn't need to be for such a great episode. This episode actually left you wondering what happened at the end. FINALLY the one Kyle XY episode where there are un-answered questions!

    Coclusion: Awesome episode!