Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on ABC Family
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Kyle plans for Jessi to meet Sarah after tracking her down to a diner. Meanwhile, Amanda finds planning the school's prom difficult.

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  • One of the best episodes!

    This episode was great for many reasons. Scenes with Jessi and Lori were cute! I loves when Jessi and Lori were talking about prom and Lori said it made her feel lost and empty. Jessi said that's how she feels most times. Love Jessi! It's so cute how Lori cuts Jessi's hair. Cute when Lori said "I've been mad at you for so long. I don't want to be anymore." Cutest scene between them! I loved when Jessi yelled at her dad! He said "You owe me!" Her reply was "I owe you?! Is that the price of being your daughter?" "You're damn right it is! I gave you life!" Then she yells "And they saved it! So get out!" Loved it! Love the diner scene, and their song "She Could Be You" is playing! She breaks down and the lights are flicking and everything is moving and she says she doesn't matter. Kyle says she matters to him. He says she can be a part of his family. She stop him from moving and yells "No. That's your family. It won't ever be mine! Don't you understand? I'm alone!" Sarah comes and says "Jessi, you're not alone" Jessi says "It's too late." Sarah says "It never is." Jessi collapses is dead and Kyle brings her back! Wicked scene!moreless
  • Jessi isn't so bad after all!

    We get to see Jessi's mom played by former Brat Packer Ally Sheedy who says to Kyle that she doesn't want Jessi to know that she is there. And that she would find Kyle rather than him finding her. Meanwhile, it is prom time. As the Dirty Dancing theme was so cute. Lori and Declan are going to the prom. Loved it when Jessi helped Josh win money and knew the exact time to call in the radio station. As Josh would compensate her for that. Kyle in the end, saves Jessi's life and shows that he does care for her. Really Jessi isn't so bad after all. Hopefully that she isn't!moreless
  • One of the best episodes of the series!

    Kyle finally meets the notorious Sarah but despite her wish to keep a low profile, Kyle stills blurts her secret of hiding away to Jessi who becomes excited when Kyle makes plans for them to meet. Meanwhile, Lori struggles with her song, Josh tries to raise some cash, and Amanda is having trouble planning the perfect prom night. In the end, Kyle succeeds on getting Jessi and Sarah together and saves her impressing Latnok who decide to finally show themselves. Jessi then blows Taylor off with the Trager's support and Foss comes back to take care of him.

    This was an outstanding episode in my opinion. We finally discover more about Sarah and the Trager's relationship with Jessi develops. Furthermore, Tom Foss is back so that Taylor will not be able to harm anyone, anymore.moreless
  • Great episode. Especially the ending when Kyle saved Jessi's life.

    Great episode. I loved it when Kyle saved Jessi's life and didn't want to lose her. It was so sweet. And how we finally met Jessi's mom and stuff. I really like that Lori is now going to the prom with Dekline. And I hope Jessi will go with kyle. I'm glad Jessi stood up to Brian. Though I cant believe Kyle lied to Jessi like that. And that at the dinner before Jessi almost died was so strong with the lights flickering on and off and Kyle telling Jessi that he cared for her. I always wanted them to be together. I just hope it happens.moreless
  • Finally!

    So many reasons to say, 'thank the freaking lord already' with this episode. Andy grew a pair of ovaries and became an equal partner in her relationship. Foss is back and Taylor is, hopefully, gone. And most importantly, Jessi is on her way to becoming a fully-realized character with both good *and* bad elements. Now if we can only lose the voice-over, which I swear makes me dumber as I listen, we've got quality teen T.V. Kudos to the casting crew for finding an eerily perfect actress to play Sarah. Unlike Adam and Kyle, she and Jessi really look alike. The actress does an amazing job copying the Jessi mannerisms and personality traits. I'm guessing that her presence is not going to be an unalloyed positive (and how on earth are the Tragers supposed to support a fourth kid?)

    Going forward, I'm interested in this whole 'What Would Kyle Do?' phenomenon, especially now he's brought someone back from the dead as it were. We know that Ladnoc has a Messianist focus and that Taylor used to be a fundamentalist Christian. Will they have the guts to deal with this storyline? Also, the love triangle or quadrangle or whatever with Lori/Declan/Mark and potentially Jessi is pretty compelling. This has been a nice run for the past few episodes so hopefully prom won't be a letdown....moreless
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Leon Chabot

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Douglas Roy Dack


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Marc Petey

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Nicholas Lea

Thomas Foss

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Magda Apanowicz

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Kyle meets Jessi at the diner, an empty glass is seen next to her hand, on the next shot it's gone and then returns again in the next.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Jessi: How'd you find me?
      Kyle: I've gotten good at knowing where you'd go.
      Jessi: (about Sarah) Did she ever show up?
      Kyle: No.
      Jessi: So, my mother lied and my father lied. It's true, I'm a mistake.
      Kyle: Jessi, don't say that. You're important.
      Jessi: No, I never mattered. (lights flicker and everything starts to shake)
      Kyle: You matter to me. And the Tragers. We want you to come stay with us.
      Jessi: No, don't pity me!
      Kyle: We don't. We care about you. Jessi, please you can be part of our family! (he moves closer but she stops him with her mind)
      Jessi: No! That's your family! It won't ever be mine! Don't you understand? I'm alone! (the shaking stops)
      Sarah: Jessi! You're not alone.
      Jessi: It's too late.
      Sarah: It never is.

    • Lori: (about her song) So, what do you think?
      Mark: I think that you and the prom should be required by law to stay a hundred feet away from each other.

    • Josh: Andy's like the coolest guy I've ever known, in a body I get to make out with. I'm lucky enough that I got her once but now that she's not sick anymore I feel like I've hit the jackpot all over again. I don't care what it takes, she's getting prom deluxe.

    • Jessi: What's wrong with Lori?
      Josh: (snorts) You cannot give me an opening like that.

    • Lori: (preparing to cut Jessi's hair) The last time I did this I was with Declan and we were both wasted.
      Jessi: Do you need a drink first?
      Lori: No! Trust me, better sober.

    • Andy: Let me explain something to you. This mouth upchucked a lot of lunches while in chemo and for some stupid reason you never stopped wanting to make out with me.
      Josh: You were generous with the mouthwash. I figured it was cool.
      Andy: Would you zip it? This is like a serious moment. Yes, I'm glad the cancer's gone, and yes, I wanna party like a rockstar, but Josh, you're the reason I wanna celebrate.

    • Kyle: When I saw Jessi laying there, the thought of losing her… I focused all my energy to revive her.
      Nicole: And you did.
      Kyle: I still feel a little drained.
      Nicole: But that's not what's worrying you.
      Kyle: In that moment when I brought Jessi back I felt like there was nothing I couldn't do, and that scared me.
      Nicole: Kyle, part of growing up is learning how our actions affect other people, and how we handle that power. It's kind of what its like to be a parent.
      Kyle: Or a friend.

    • Lori: Oh my God. You planned this all along. You turned down girls so I would stick to the deal and hook up with you on prom night?
      Declan: I know we said we'd go with one another if we didn't have dates. But I didn't rig anything. I'm not asking you to go to prom 'cause there's no one else. I'm asking, 'cause you're the only one I wanna go with.

    • Kyle: I didn't know prom cost so much money.
      Declan: Nineteen hundred bucks and counting.
      Josh: No way.
      Declan: Two hundred for the tickets, three for the limo, another one fifty for dinner, then a thousand for the suite... (Nicole and Stephen throw Declan looks) For the sweet after party. Lots of punch and chips.
      Stephen: Nice save.

    • Amanda: Now I'm getting crap about the prom theme.
      Hillary: Which is?
      Amanda: 'The Time of Our Lives.' (Hillary gives her a confused look.) Oh, come on. Patrick Swayze. 'Nobody puts baby in a corner.'
      Hillary: How many times have you seen Dirty Dancing?
      Amanda: Thirty-three.
      Hillary: Oh, you poor thing.
      Amanda: Why does everyone keep saying that?

    • (Hillary campaigning for prom queen)
      Hillary: Why leave things to chance when I've found the perfect prom date?
      Amanda: Who's the lucky guy?
      Hillary: Well, he's round, sparkly, weighs just the right amount, and keeps your hair in place.
      Amanda: You're dating a tiara?
      Hillary: Yes my little munchkin. Plus he goes with anything so my dress choices are unlimited.

    • Lori: Nothing says prom like watching your fellow students blow their entire life savings planning a crass, over hyped, meaningless ritual of adolescence. The sole purpose of which is to indulge in a orgy of underage drinking, promiscuity and unrealistic expectations.

    • Kyle: (voice-over) The road we travel is unpredictable. Sometimes it's smooth, and sometimes it's filled with bumps. But if we're lucky, we find people to travel with us. Our journey is really a search, a yearning for love and connection, and sometimes it leads us back home.

    • Lori: I just wanted you to know that, although I am a cynic, I'm only a partial cynic. I time-share an actual heart on weekends and major U.S. holidays.
      Mark: (chuckling) Well, I guess that I will be sure to schedule our future song-writing sessions accordingly.

    • Kyle: (voice-over) Life is a journey, and the road we travel has twists and turns which sometimes leads us to unexpected places, and unexpected people.

    • Kyle: Why are proms so expensive?
      Declan: You want it to mean something, to be special.
      Kyle: And that means spending thousands of dollars you don't have?
      Declan: It's about creating the mood... Girls want romance and magic. Romance is easy, but magic requires cash.
      Kyle: But what if I want to give Amanda the magic but I don't have the money?
      Declan: (chuckling) Nothing, you're screwed.

    • Josh: (excitedly talking to a Spanish DJ) Para Josho!
      Jessi: (looking over at Josh) Me llamo Josh Trager.
      Josh: Me llamo Josh Trager!

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