Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • One of the best episodes!

    This episode was great for many reasons. Scenes with Jessi and Lori were cute! I loves when Jessi and Lori were talking about prom and Lori said it made her feel lost and empty. Jessi said that's how she feels most times. Love Jessi! It's so cute how Lori cuts Jessi's hair. Cute when Lori said "I've been mad at you for so long. I don't want to be anymore." Cutest scene between them! I loved when Jessi yelled at her dad! He said "You owe me!" Her reply was "I owe you?! Is that the price of being your daughter?" "You're damn right it is! I gave you life!" Then she yells "And they saved it! So get out!" Loved it! Love the diner scene, and their song "She Could Be You" is playing! She breaks down and the lights are flicking and everything is moving and she says she doesn't matter. Kyle says she matters to him. He says she can be a part of his family. She stop him from moving and yells "No. That's your family. It won't ever be mine! Don't you understand? I'm alone!" Sarah comes and says "Jessi, you're not alone" Jessi says "It's too late." Sarah says "It never is." Jessi collapses is dead and Kyle brings her back! Wicked scene!
  • Jessi isn't so bad after all!

    We get to see Jessi's mom played by former Brat Packer Ally Sheedy who says to Kyle that she doesn't want Jessi to know that she is there. And that she would find Kyle rather than him finding her. Meanwhile, it is prom time. As the Dirty Dancing theme was so cute. Lori and Declan are going to the prom. Loved it when Jessi helped Josh win money and knew the exact time to call in the radio station. As Josh would compensate her for that. Kyle in the end, saves Jessi's life and shows that he does care for her. Really Jessi isn't so bad after all. Hopefully that she isn't!
  • One of the best episodes of the series!

    Kyle finally meets the notorious Sarah but despite her wish to keep a low profile, Kyle stills blurts her secret of hiding away to Jessi who becomes excited when Kyle makes plans for them to meet. Meanwhile, Lori struggles with her song, Josh tries to raise some cash, and Amanda is having trouble planning the perfect prom night. In the end, Kyle succeeds on getting Jessi and Sarah together and saves her impressing Latnok who decide to finally show themselves. Jessi then blows Taylor off with the Trager's support and Foss comes back to take care of him.

    This was an outstanding episode in my opinion. We finally discover more about Sarah and the Trager's relationship with Jessi develops. Furthermore, Tom Foss is back so that Taylor will not be able to harm anyone, anymore.
  • Great episode. Especially the ending when Kyle saved Jessi's life.

    Great episode. I loved it when Kyle saved Jessi's life and didn't want to lose her. It was so sweet. And how we finally met Jessi's mom and stuff. I really like that Lori is now going to the prom with Dekline. And I hope Jessi will go with kyle. I'm glad Jessi stood up to Brian. Though I cant believe Kyle lied to Jessi like that. And that at the dinner before Jessi almost died was so strong with the lights flickering on and off and Kyle telling Jessi that he cared for her. I always wanted them to be together. I just hope it happens.
  • Finally!

    So many reasons to say, 'thank the freaking lord already' with this episode. Andy grew a pair of ovaries and became an equal partner in her relationship. Foss is back and Taylor is, hopefully, gone. And most importantly, Jessi is on her way to becoming a fully-realized character with both good *and* bad elements. Now if we can only lose the voice-over, which I swear makes me dumber as I listen, we've got quality teen T.V. Kudos to the casting crew for finding an eerily perfect actress to play Sarah. Unlike Adam and Kyle, she and Jessi really look alike. The actress does an amazing job copying the Jessi mannerisms and personality traits. I'm guessing that her presence is not going to be an unalloyed positive (and how on earth are the Tragers supposed to support a fourth kid?)

    Going forward, I'm interested in this whole 'What Would Kyle Do?' phenomenon, especially now he's brought someone back from the dead as it were. We know that Ladnoc has a Messianist focus and that Taylor used to be a fundamentalist Christian. Will they have the guts to deal with this storyline? Also, the love triangle or quadrangle or whatever with Lori/Declan/Mark and potentially Jessi is pretty compelling. This has been a nice run for the past few episodes so hopefully prom won't be a letdown....
  • Kyle finds out Jessi's mom isn't dead and When Jessi find's out she wants to see her but is the feeling mutual.

    I actually enjoyed this installment. It was exciting, hilarious, sad and a little bit of mysterious thrill. I love it. I learned more about Jessi and I use to seriously dislike her charactor but gradually after learning that she in fact does want more from life than to be the best, it's refreshing. She wants a family, she wants to be good, and she also wants to be loved. I was glad to see where she gets her know it all habits from to. Everytime her mom said I know. It just immediately reminded me of Jessi. I was sad for her when she thought because her mom didn't show up, she ws just a mistake. It really showed how lost she is but at the same time I loved seeing her and Lori bond. That to me was really exciting and I was happy to see that Lori and Jessi wanted to put the past behind them. Not to say that Jessi will make a big change I just feel it was time to move on.

    Josh and Andy are my favorite couple this week. Josh is truly a mind bogling person and hilarious. Andy is always putting Josh to work and that is soo great, you know there relationship will never be boring. Josh knows that he has the brain power when it comes to resource and detail lol and he loves to be needed by Andy, that's why he goes over and beyond to impress her. LOL. Andy and her 'smokin hot' dress indeed. Him talking to a spanish DJ for a prize, i just couldn't stop laughing and Jessi, of course, made it intresting " No, Me llamo a Josh Trager" lol. Mark,Lori & Declan triangle. Well, I guess it was destine to happen. Lori has been working so hard on their song (her lyrics) and of course she would get sarcastic with Mark and he with her. Since she has been worrying about who Declan is going to prom with she has done bad on the lyrics but when she stopped worrying about a little, she got back to herself. First arguement and mature make up. I loved that she admitted the lyrics weren't right. I'm surprised that MARK was a 15 yr senior who never went to prom. LOL SO he in fact isn't and older college guy. He is actually in her age range LOL. How cool is that? Ok let me stop. Anyway it was bound to happen in the end that Lori would be taken to prom by Declan so... whatever.
    I'm still for Mark & Lori
  • can't wait for the next one!

    he can resurrect dead people!!!! and we gonna met loch-something society.... wish it'll be sooner than next week. sarah seem rigid. and i really tought lori gonna hook up with the college dj guy. andy and josh are just sweet. i wonder how much josh got by winning all the radio contest. must me more that 5000 coz that's the price for the french food for the prom, right? that's really cool. oh, what is that fake security guy who is kyle temporariy coach doing? who send him? is it adam? or that group of scientist, loch-something? i wish next week episode reveals more.
  • A big episode because we finally get to meet Sarah.

    So we find out from Sarah that Kyle needs to help Jessi see that Taylor only cares about getting back into Latnok and that she should try and live a normal life. But Sarah also says she doesn't want Jessi to know she is alive, so this makes a problem for Kyle who is not the type of person to keep secrets from anyone, including Jessi. In this episode we see that Jessi is really starting to feel more human and more likeable as a character, which to me was a relief because I knew she wasn't as bad as she made herself seem. When Kyle found Jessi and she had a breakdown from all her dreams being crushed I was very shocked. I thought that Sarah would have shown up when she said, but I wasn't that surprised when she did come at the right time to have possibly saved Jessi. The end of the episode has the return of a fan favourite character, even if for a short scene, and we also see a little of what is to come in the season finally, and I think it is going to be big. The biggest question I think that was not answered and presented in this episode was, does Latnok know Sarah is still alive? This was one of the best delivered episodes to date, with all the elements of a great episode.
  • This Episode was awsome!

    This Episode was awsome! I really enjoyed watching the Jessie and Lori seen, how Lori admitted she didn't want to be angry at Jessie again. Jessie was so happy to hear that and I was too. It was exciting when Kyle revived Jessie, I'm glad he did. Jessie's not a bad character it's just that she seems to of had her life screwed around with a bit. I mean wouldn't you be all topsy tervy, if you found out that you were a science experiment that no one wanted, and you were programmed to do something you didn't want to do, then a man claiming to be your father decides that he was going to use you to get back into the good books of latnok.

    Gosh poor Jessie!

    Anyway back on topic, I found it funny watching Jessie help Josh win money for the prom. Speaking Spanish and doing a little dance, haha.

    I love it how kyle always wants to help people. It was awsome when he went looking for Sarah, so that Jessie could meet her.

    I can't wait for the next episode of Kyle XY, its a shame that it has to be the last though.
  • Now this episode lived up to it's normal standards!

    Basically, I don't think there is anything bad that I can say about this episode. I thought it was excellent how we finally get to officially see Sarah and know more about her. On top of that, Brian Taylor was an excellent character that we definitely know only wanted to show himself off to Latnok with Jessi. With what happened at the diner, that was one excellent scene. Jessie can finally feel like she has someone in her life. Because I guess Sarah will be more in Jessi's life now.

    As for next week, we finally get the season finale. As sad as I am that it's already done (it went be so fast!) next week seems to be really good. Finally Latnok will introduce themselves and somebody will go missing by the end of prom night. I can't wait to see what will happen, as this week's episode was excellent once again.
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