Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 10

House of Cards

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Kyle, Declan and Foss plot to retrieve Kyle's Latnok ring. Meanwhile, Lori begins to question Stephen's time at Madacorp.

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  • Where's the house of cards?

    I think "House of Cards" is one of the most exciting episodes I saw from the two seasons. Kyle's intelligence is very helpful in his quest for getting the ring from Ballantine. I was amazed when he calculated the time that Ballantine could reach the elevator so that Ballantine's hand will be pinned to the elevator and get the ring. However, Foss is in trouble and he risked his life so that Kyle could have the ring and open Baylin's secret. And in the last part, we saw a picture of Kyle (I think it must be Baylin) and Jessie (maybe Baylin's girlfriend). This episode also has lots of revelations.

    Another striking part is that Lorie is doubting his father's faithfullness to her mother. Also, Jessie is now integrating to Emily's daughter Paige. Nicole has a clue for the relationship between Kyle and Jessie. I think there are more things to be revealed but one thing is not clear. Why is the episode entitled "House of cards"? I don't see the connection.moreless
  • Really good show again!

    Again there was so much suspense going on and that

    You had to sit and watch it from the very Beginning to understand what was going on as Foss realized that Declan knows about Kyle's secret and that poses some trouble. Josh begins to spill his feelings out to his mom.

    While Laura begins to suspect that her dad is having

    An affair with Emily. While Kyle and Amanda become closer to one another despite the setbacks that Kyle is having with these new secrets he began to discover in the second season opener. The episodes of the second season has the plot begins to thicken.moreless
  • Far exceeded my expectations.

    Probably one of the best episodes so far. I felt the writing was superb - so much was packed into this one hour. **Spoilers galore** Foss finds out Decalin knows Kyle's secret, Josh shares his feelings towards Andy to his mother, Jessie discovers Emily has a daughter, Laura suspects her father is having an affair with Emily, Nicole witnesses Jessie's ability to draw like Kyle during a session, Kyle and Amanda's relationship overcomes yet another hurdle, Kyle plots an amazing mission to recover Bailin's ring (from Valentine) with help from Foss and Decalin, and we find out more about Jessie's origins.

    The only suspension of belief in this episode I had a problem with was with the ring being yanked off when Valentine reached into the elevator. You would think any modern elevator in a company as big as Mantacorp's would automatically open if someone stuck their arm into it while it was closing. That's pretty standard on all elevators as a failsafe. For this reason, I'm giving the show a 9.8 instead of a perfect 10 score.moreless
  • Best episode yet! Very exciting.

    So, I was right. The picture that Kyle was looking at is a picture of him with Jessi, only it's really not Kyle nor Jesse, it is the Doctor and maybe his wife, girlfriend, sister. This show is getting better every episode and much better than first season - to be expected. Josh is so cute when he is in love. I thought he was going to cry. I can't believe they are trying to get Stephen in trouble with his family - the whole contact lens thing was kinda stupid to me. I'm surprised Jessi left evidence of her meeting Emily's daughter - now they might sap her brain again. OK, it's time to reboot Jessi. I hope they never catch Kyle.moreless
  • Kyle, Declan, and Foss go to get Kyle's ring back from ballantine.

    I did not expect Foss to get caught at all (My bet was on Declan getting caught). And Kyle calculating the right time to snatch the ring from Mr.Ballantine while the elevator was closing, GENIUS! This episode made me hate Lori. She came at the worst time and was the reason that Foss was caught, but that's plot twists for you. Also finaly someone gets a clue that Jessi is just like Kyle, and Andy having cancer still sucks. Over all I can't wait to see the next episode especialy if they're going to be as good as this one.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: After Jessi opens Emily's safe, she finds and reads the school calendar. In the following shot where she picks up the photo again, the reflection of a crew member quickly moving out of the shot can be seen in the glass of the pictures behind her.

    • Trivia: The Latnok ring refers to the Latnok Society, a society of scientists whose mission statement is to further the evolution of human intelligence through funding and research.

    • Trivia: At the end of the show, Kyle is holding a picture. The text on the back of the picture "a fény majd megmutatja az utat" is in Hungarian and translates to: "the Light will show the way".

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Julian: (putting wine on the counter) I brought red and white. I didn't know what you were serving.
      Lori: Oh, I like red. (looks at parents) I mean, I will… when I'm 21.

    • Josh: You know, just in case the cancer's back.
      Andy: (loudly) Please don't use the 'C' word! (a couple of girls look over) The other 'C' word.

    • (Kyle, Declan and Foss look at the elevator.)
      Kyle: Can you stop the doors from automatically retracting?
      Declan: I can.
      (He reaches inside and rips out a circuit with wires to Foss and Kyle's surprise.)
      Foss: Whoa!
      Declan: What? MacGyver reruns!

    • Lori: Mmmm, pasta. Most delicious of all carb delivery systems.
      Nicole: Yeah it's an old family recipe.
      Lori: How old?
      Nicole: About 53 minutes.

    • Nicole: (Talking sarcastically to Josh when sampling the pasta sauce) Drop the spoon, and back away from the stove. Nice and easy.

    • (After bypassing security at Madacorp)
      Declan: Damnit, did you have to practically break my arm?
      Foss: Well, I had to look convincing.
      Declan: Why not just Taser me?
      Foss: I considered it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music
      "We Will Remain" by AM
      "What You Hide" by AM
      "Maybe Tonight" by William Tell
      "Middle Of The Night" by Sherwood
      "Swans" by Unkle Bob
      "The Salt Wound Routine" by Thirteen Senses

    • International Airdates
      New Zealand – 2 December 2007 on TV2
      India – 26 January 2008 on Star World
      Sweden – 9 March 2008 on Kanal 5
      Brazil – 8 January 2009 on SciFi Channel
      Slovakia – 5 April 2009 on Markiza