Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 10

House of Cards

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • This was an exciting episode.

    Foss Declan and Kyle try to break into MadaCorp. It is still weird though how Ballantine suddenly shows up at the Trager house without warning. If he hadn't gone there, then Kyle wouldn't have known that the ring was with him.

    It also looks like they want to break Stephen and Nicole apart, especially with the phone calls of Emily and the one about the contacts. It's so obvious that someone's staging it. Lori has sensed something, and I do think Nicole has too.

    The Josh and Andy story still doesn't cease to amuse me. They look so good together. :P lol Anyway, maybe it's just me, but in my opinion they have to stop all the kissing scenes between Kyle and Amanda. Too much doesn't make any sense.

    Anyways the best thing I liked about this episode is that the plot was thickened. What would happen to Foss now that he was caught by Madacorp? How much does Ballantine know about the ring (or about Kyle for that matter)? How will Emily react to Jessi visiting her daughter? How will Nicole react to the pictures drawn by Jessi and Kyle? What's with the Kyle and Jessi photograph that Kyle found in the box, and what was so important about it? Finally, what is Brian Taylor's role, and why did he give Kyle the ring in the first place?

    There's a lot to look forward to next week. I hope they continue doing episodes like this one. :D