Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 10

House of Cards

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Kyle, Declan, and Foss go on a quest to get Kyle's ring back. Also, Kyle and Nicole learn a bit more about Jessi. This is without a doubt the best episode so far.

    Long story short, this episode was the greatest yet!
    Steven invites his boss over for dinner, and Kyle sees his long-sinced-pawned Latnok ring on his finger. It just so happens that Kyle needs this ring to open the box that Adam Baylin left. He, Foss, and Declan (who has invited himself into their "knowing of secrets" group, much to Foss' dismay) hatch a plan to break into Madacorp and get it back.
    Meanwhile, Jessi learns that Emily is hiding something very important from her. She demonstrates that she shares Kyle's ability to hear things from a great distance (an action which hurts her physically, like Kyle), and breaks into Emily's safe. Inside is a picture of her daughter Paige. The boys' break-in doesn't go as planned, but Kyle still manages to get his ring back using his clever knowledge of physics and math (timing exactly when Steven's boss will get to the elevator, then close the door on his hand at the precise moment). After opening Baylin's box, he sees a picture of a young Baylin (who looks like Kyle does now) with a young woman...who, strangely enough, looks exactly like Jessi.