Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 10

House of Cards

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Far exceeded my expectations.

    Probably one of the best episodes so far. I felt the writing was superb - so much was packed into this one hour. **Spoilers galore** Foss finds out Decalin knows Kyle's secret, Josh shares his feelings towards Andy to his mother, Jessie discovers Emily has a daughter, Laura suspects her father is having an affair with Emily, Nicole witnesses Jessie's ability to draw like Kyle during a session, Kyle and Amanda's relationship overcomes yet another hurdle, Kyle plots an amazing mission to recover Bailin's ring (from Valentine) with help from Foss and Decalin, and we find out more about Jessie's origins.

    The only suspension of belief in this episode I had a problem with was with the ring being yanked off when Valentine reached into the elevator. You would think any modern elevator in a company as big as Mantacorp's would automatically open if someone stuck their arm into it while it was closing. That's pretty standard on all elevators as a failsafe. For this reason, I'm giving the show a 9.8 instead of a perfect 10 score.