Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 1

It Happened One Night

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • After a long wait, Kyle XY is finally back! And not just back, but better than ever!

    After a long wait, Kyle XY is finally back! And not just back, but better than ever! Lots of action and Kyle puts most of his skills to work to find Amanda, with a bit of help from some friends. I really enjoyed the return of this great show, and the episode was revealing and very amusing overall. A solid episode with a few surprises and some more questions. The end of the episode was one of those ends where you know something more is going on then what you saw, and these are the episodes that leave me wanting more, which is a good thing, as long as we get an answer eventually.
  • Kyle XY returns to the same place, same time when superboy Kyle discovers Amanda's disappearance and a Latnock ring in her place. Kyle heads out on a rescue mission into the heart of the organisation that has the most interest in his future.

    Kyle XY is finally back but with a stuttering bang that left me certainly wanting more, but also a little let down.
    My 2 main problems with this episode:
    1. Kyles abilities are suddenly way more advanced than season 2. He can practially fly through the air to look in Amanda's bedroom, has telekinesis, night vision and can freeze a steel reinforced door. The only thing that was consistent with the previous season was him jumping off the roof.
    2. Mark. I like this character and think he is a good pairing for Lori (who finally admits that she likes him even though she doesn't get his name out), why did they have him working with Latnock?

    That being said, a lot of good things came with this premiere, it definitely left me wanting more: What did Latnock do to Amanda?, what will Jessi do now that Sarah has abandoned her?, has Declan damaged his friendship with Lori for good?, will Lori hook up with Mark?, why is Mark working with Latnock and what service did he provide? (even though I don't like it), did Josh and Andy sleep together?, where was Foss and will he be back?.

    Plenty of questions to answer and I seriously hope that they can answer then in just 10 episodes.
  • **Warning-spoilers!** Kyle XY is back with more adventures!

    After what seems like an eternity off the air, Kyle XY is back! My whole family watched the marathon leading up to the season 3 opener and we were not disappointed. This episode began exactly where season 2 ended, with Amanda missing and Kyle looking for her. He gets kidnapped as well and ends up strapped to a table in a strange lab of sorts. But never fear, he uses his awesome gifts and escapes only to discover that Latnok has Amanda. Kyle teams up with Jessi and together they rescue Amanda while using their amazing gifts. There is another storyline concerning the after Prom party, and it was a bit uncomfortable having to explain to an 8 year old what was going on, but it was portrayed tastefully and so my curious youngster actually learned a good life lesson from me. In the end, Kyle stayed true to himself even in the face of danger and the temptation of joining Latnok. It was cool to see Hal Ozan, who played Jessi's neighbor Cassidy (and turned out to be Latnok as well) was from another ABC Family mini-series called Fallen. He played the fallen angel Azazel. I am looking forward to this season with great excitement!
  • Kyle gets Amanda back!!!

    I thought this was a good way to open up the season. It gave you want you wanted to know all the whole time the show WASNT on and more. It started off with what we knew and from there gave us answers and many more questions, which IS what the show is. Its not tryin to decide what it is, its keeping itself with what gave the show its kick in the first place. I thought that they did good with the introduction of Latnok and many other char. I mean, yes there couldve been more fighting but i think they did fine seeing as how we KNOW Kyle doesnt like fighing nor is he the type of person to lose his cool in crazy situations, so it was all up to Jessi, the impulsive one, to do the striking and make rash decisions. All in all i thought this season opener was great, suspenseful, and i think that it was a key point for whats going to happen later on....and i hope this show goes on for a few more seasons
  • The show has been good but it could go further, and I believed this could be it, instead it just chose to stay decent and don't pursue the incredible.

    Nothing happened.
    After two great seasons and the incredibly second season cliffhanger, I was expecting an evolution. My exact thoughts were that either this changes completely and blows the viewers mind or it will just fall into the easy "keep the show going path". And unfortunately that's what it did. There's no psycho Kyle overflowing with anger, there's no fights, well they tried, but it was so bad even those special effects were appalling. The episode just introduces the new friendnemy and pushes reset back to where everything was. The show was good but it could go further, and I believed this could be it but.. It just chose to stay decent instead of incredible.
  • After Amanda's abduction in "I've Had the Time of My Life", Kyle plots to rescue her from Latnok's clutches with the help of Jessi.

    This episode is a fine example of when this show can take itself too seriously. The episode starts off right where season two's finale left off and doesn't really waste any time getting into the story. This episode mixed a weird combination of teenage drama and sci-fi LOST-esque style adventure. The problem is, the show can't decide what it wants to be. One one hand we have the drama about two young teens, after Prom, deciding if they want to have sex or not. Then you have the older teens upset because they broke up. Then you have Kyle and Jenny running around, floating, turning doors into ice and breaking them, all to get Amanda back. At certain points in this episode I actually asked me self "are they serious?" I mean, in one seen...the door was conveniently unlocked...allowing Kyle to "secretly" enter the evil scientists lab. I even second thought continuing to watch the episode after the AWFUL electricity special effects used on Kyle in the first minute of the episode.

    But, with the ending, like most other episodes do, the show does deliver some nice twists. Introducing new character and so on and so forth. The main deal with this show is that it never really breaks the top of the water making it stand out. Yes, it's creating this science-team mythos about it (that is still quite unclear and the character's refer to these mythos as if we know them and study them) but, for some reason that I can't put my finger on...the show just doesn't life off. Ever.