Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 23

I've Had the Time of My Life

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Amanda went out to check kyle and saw everythng that kyle did it was super magical and at the same time romantic.Amanda said "its perfect" while kyle was holding 2 beautiful rose(the balloons,the lights and the big sunset)i agree it was amazingly perfect.

    kyle and amanda

    Like what kyle said "when you love someone theres no limit to what you can accomplish" Kyle has no limit when it comes to loving amanda. Inspite of not having cash kyle made prom magical and romanic with the help of his extraordinary abilities of course.Prom became "the time of there lives".

    Declan and Lori(leclan)

    Sad evening for them. Not because of Lori loosing the contest but because of there relationship. In the end FRIENDS. I guess its for the best for both of them.


    Im so happy for her even though she didnt attend prom on the bright side finally she has someone she can call her family.
  • Prom/Fright night

    Kyle and Amanda try desperately to make the night as perfect as possible for each other, little do they know that Latnok is after Kyle. Kyle and Jessi as you know are more developed the we mere mortals and have been under the watchful eye of latnok since the beginning. Now Latnok wishes to bring Kyle in, but what for thats the question.
    This episode is based on Prom Night and all the cliches that come with it sex, alcohol, angst and perfection. I really liked this episode, except for a few things at the end, not because they done badly but because of how i wanted them to turn out, i.e. Lori and Declan.
    Anyway a good episode and a great season. Looking forward to next year, PEACE.
  • Last Episode of the Season

    So some people didn't really like the season finale of the second season. I personally thought it wasn't that bad. It was a romantic episode especially with Kyle and Amanda, considering they were trying to make prom special for one another. This season finale ending with Amanda being taken away as soon as Kyle comes back with her stuff. Sure everyone goes to prom, but I though that it was a good way to end the season. It really shows how all the characters have developed so far in the show and I thought that was a good thing. This episode also shows Jessie leaving with Sarah ,because she wants to have a family and be loved just like Kyle is. This episode could have been a little better, but overall I though it was a good episode no matter what anyone else says. Kyle XY is an engaging show that captures its audience and I can't wait for season 3 , hopefully it will come back with a good season premiere start
  • Prom, a celebration of how far we've come.

    Kyle XY Prom episode. Mrs. Trager had a line that summed it up too well : (she says to kyle) "When you first came here, everything in the world was new. Look at all you've learned. Look at all you have overcome." When I first tuned into kyle XY it was a drama about a teen boy who perceives the world through untainted eyes. Each episode had an underlying social commentary. Kyle's monologue usually has him making innocent yet inciteful observations about time or truth or some other element of everyday life that we never notice. Look how far its come. This episode sums up season 2. This show has evolved into a cheesy teen drama without a objective. Each of season 2's episodes seem to come from a cookie cutter. Put kyle into some teen drama crisis. He negotiates some sort of solution like he's Henry Kissinger. Then add a small teaser about Kyle's ill defined powers. I say, where is the point in all this. They must have changed this show to suit a focus group of 14 year old girls. This episode seemed like a giant denouement, everything was perfect, no real problem just ridiculous teen drama. The final teaser was very poorly done. The final 2 minutes are the only interesting part and it was squeezed in so tight, that I didn't even care. I'm done with this show.
  • Boring, nothing happened.

    The review of this episode should be really quick, because all it is about, is prom. From the first minute, I waited for something interesting to happen, beacuase I assumed, 40 minutes cannot be only about prom, but nothing happened.
    I admit, second season was not quite my cup of tea. I liked the parts, when Kyle was "new", he didn´t understand the things and he learned them. I like the first episodes, when he´s slightly confused. I accepted that the second season will be more about conspiracy and it wasn´t bad(though the Kyle/Amanda relationship was everywhere and I really hate the interaction between them. It is always kind of awkward, so I have my limits to watch it). When the shows goes to its finale, you expect something big. Usually it´s not so big as you hope...but to built whole episode on prom? And the end was not what I expected, as well. It was...weird. Why would Latnok want to kiddnap Amanda(or anybody else)? You can easily leave out this episode, just watch the finale two minutes.
  • Everyone goes to the prom.

    While there were a few very likable scenes in this episode, it seemed to be lacking some important things. For example, the Kyle/Jessi interaction was very touching, and reavealed that Kyle really does value Jessi's friendship, but what happens at the Prom? I would've liked to have seen more interaction between Lori and Declan or even Lori and the dj in order to better understand Declan's disappointment and Lori's decision to just stay friends. But, I love any interaction between Lori and the dj (for some reason I can't remember his name, is it Mark?), and the scene where she realizes he is only 19 and he plays her song was very cute. Overall, I thought it was an OK episode.
  • Kyle XY is about balancing the teen drama with the conspiracy theories. The second half of season 2 quickly downplayed the conspiracy and enhanced the teen drama. What makes this episode work is Tom Foss' simple line, "You should always worry."

    There is a literary tool called 'hanging a lantern' or 'lampshade hanging,' whatever you want to call it. The distinction is that characters will point out a well-worn story concept, but still use it in all its glory, including its faults.

    That sums up the majority of this episode. It is "THE PROM!" Most of the characters comment that the High School Prom is overrated but that doesn't stop their fussing over it. Often I realise that I am both forgiving and cynical of television and movies, I have a bad habit of looking on both sides. Most of this episode will be decided on your personal feelings on high school drama. 'Is the prom a big deal?' and 'Do teenagers complain too much?' will be the questions to ask. Saying yes to the first but no to the second is optimistic, while saying no to the first and yes to the second is pessimistic.

    Thankfully there are other stories to tell. Jessi leaving with Sarah provides some honest feelings to come out between Jessi and Kyle. Most of the time, the only reason they stay close to each other is because they have similar pasts (or lack of). They really don't really get along well, always arguing. Truthfully, Jessi was to blame, but the last two episodes softened her up considerably to when Kyle nearly chokes up in saying goodbye, you can feel it.

    The cast looks sharp in their tuxes and gowns. That is often the reason Prom is popular, you get to play dress-up. The final moments I really enjoyed, if anything because the way it was executed ignored the common laws of that scenario. Kyle standing in the parking lot alone made for a quiet uneasiness, an understated discontent that runs counter to the reality of what just happened.
  • The prom.

    All in all, I think that this was an amazing season finale of Kyle XY. Of course, I was sad to see another season over becasue that just means that I have to wait to see more! But that's good because that means that I love the show a lot, which I do!

    I still love Andy & Josh with all of my heart, especially Josh. Just when he thinks he's mature enough to have sex, his dad talks to him and he realizes that he's not ready.

    Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark. I love Mark. He is amazing. His character is so funny and adorable! I can't stand how cute he is! Plus, he's smart (: I love him so muchhhh!

    So to sum it up, I can't wait until the next season!
  • Season 2 enters bittersweet symphony! Bring on season 3!

    I thought that Season 2 ended on a bittersweet symphony as the prom was on everybody's mind as we see Jessi being nice to Amanda. As you have to love the title as it did have a Dirty Dancing theme playing from last week. As we see that Declan and Lori will remain friends. For now that is. But it does make sense to become real. Again, Jessi isn't as bad as people say that she is. But you never know, as that could change. We also see Amanda disappear as the company that whatever it is called has to have something to do with it. Well, can't wait for season three to begin already.
  • I was dissapointed with this episode. Even the end was dissapointing.

    I was dissapointed. The only part I like were the Kyle and Jessi scenes. I mean nothing happened. I was really expectiong more. When the begginning turned out to be boring I really thought the ending would be a shocker or something. But It was just really confusing with Amanda dissapearing and the only thing left was a ring. The only part I liked was the Jessi's scenes. But I hated tha Jessi was being nice to Amanda. It just sort of changed the balance of things. I just hope the first episode of the third season is more exciting now that the strike is over.
  • A very great way to end off the season.

    This episode had everything I could have wished for in a season finale. An excellent episode about worrying about the prom. Typical high school, which I enjoyed. In this season finale, the actually managed to put in every character one way or another and bring them together. Thats what I really liked about it.

    So Jessi and Amanda kinda connect. It's about time! Everything having to deal with the prom, all the problems and all the good stuff, they put this into a way that no other show actually ever could. And now Amanda is missing. I'm assuming Latnok had something to do with it. But now it's killing me to actually see what's going to happen to her and Kyle trying to get her back. I really can't wait for season 3. And it's only a few months away. Oh well. It was very fun to watch while it lasted. And I'll be waiting for it to come back again.
  • Prom episode that miraculously doesn't suck

    Never in a million years did I think they'd have the guts. When I heard "someone will be missing" I thought 'oh, the most gripping choice is Amanda but they'll just lose the expendable cast member, Jessi, instead.' Kudos, even if it means the most cliff-hangy cliffhanger ever going into a probable season three. I am also a total moron, because I spent all season being like 'Jessi is Ally Sheedy lite!' and then Ally Sheedy shows up and I don't even read the guest star list and go on and on about how they found an actress who...oh never mind. This was a really well done episode that managed to avoid being a total soppy mess. There were even moments of snort-level comedy, like "all the makeup in the world is on your face." Stephen got to be a good dad, and the word "progressive" got to be used positively, which made my day. Kyle and Nicole shared yet another moment. Lori made a great decision re: Declan and hopefully will end up with Mark (who I pray is not working with Ladnoc; hard to control these young geniuses). A possible Declan and Hillary thing may be happening and it makes sense. We all know he's one of the worse actors in the universe, but he did manage to pull off a bit of pathos here. And Jessi's turn for the nicer and the Jessi/Kyle farewell were genuinely moving. But we all learn an important lesson, which is never to send Tom Foss home, right?
  • Now this episode was written during the author's strike or how come there was happening almost nothing but a very cheesy prom-night? All the suspense they built up in the previous episodes was wiped away by Adam telling "bye Kyle".

    Oh no, what a letdown this episode was. The prom-stuff was boring and annoying as can be. What about the stuff that was going on in the background? The previous episodes built up something that was not or at lease almost not present anymore. The only interesting thing was Foss being mysteriously there, but also he was just doing nothing. Except he was the one that took Amanda away... i assume.
    Now that was a really really lame excuse for a season finale. Not my cup of tea. I hope they will come back with something more substantial that this in Season 3. There have always been good episodes and not so good episodes with Kyle, but in my opinion to end a season with a not so good episode is not necessary.
  • The best episode ever created. It left me speechless.

    Kyle surprises Amanda by doing the decorations for the prom while she was getting dressed, and he doesn't just make it good, he makes it amazing. I absolutely loved the moment when Amanda walks into the gym all dressed up to find out it has been redecorated by Kyle, this was a beautiful moment. Also, when Lori decided to not get back together with Declan and instead stay friends, I was a bit surprised and shocked, but it made sense and the moment felt very real. This was such an amazing episode; it blew any other episode to date totally out of the water. The end of the episode was such a shock I almost didn't know what to think, something about Mark just clicked, and he was very suspicious at the end of the episode. My favourite episode by far, it's just a shame we will have to wait until season 3 to find out what happens next, and what a wait that will be.