Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 7

Kyle Got Game

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 07, 2006 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Kyle links his memory to a missing professor, but he finds a welcome distraction after joining the school basketball team. Meanwhile, Nicole gains a better understanding of Kyle's unique situation.

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  • Basketball team

    It is so awesome for Kyle to join basketball team but there is huge problem: Declan. Declan don't want Kyle on the team. He want Kyle out. Declan need to grow up and let Kyle on the team and respect each other and trust! It is so cool that Tom is very supportive of Kyle, being Foster father, Kyle have lot of supports from his family and friends while he is playing against other team. Declan is really nice guy but he need to be nice to Kyle more often and should help Kyle learn more about the game. This episode is Awesome!moreless
  • Kyle learns about basketball and friends

    Kyle joins the basketball team after making some really good shots at home. There is a lot of tension because of Declan who doesn't want Kyle on the team. At the end of the game DeClan gets injured and the coach tries to force him back out on the court. Kyle knows this is wrong and stands by DeClan and then the whole team stands beside him! Even though the Lancers have won the last two seasons they forfiet the game to the Lancers. DeClan realizes what Kyle has done and becomes friends with him for Kyle stood up for him.

    The bones in the woods are identifed as Professor Kern's. The man in Kyle's dreams also turns out to be dead. But this doesn't mean Kyle is back at square one. There is someone else in Kyle's dreams!moreless
  • Learning for Kyle is never ending.

    I'm glad Kyle has abilities like throwing baskets everytime, all to do with numbers and physics. I love watching him learn about real life, like basketball. Just standing there throwing the ball is easy, moving and having people block you isn't. I used to like Hilory but the last two shows made me dislike her, and now their friends again....yuck. I like that Declan is friends with Kyle now, that should prove be interesting, especially because Kyle needs people on his side if he ever needs to be protected from 'Tom the Security guy'. Amanda doesn't know what she is missing, eventhough her boyfriend is a real nice guy.moreless
  • Sweet!

    Kyle is learning everything he can about Professor Kern, who he is, how could Kyle possibly know the professor. To help Kyle get his mind off Professor Kern, Nicole tells him to go outside and shot some hoops with Josh and his friends. Charlie walks up after Kyle shot his first three-pointer and after Kyle shoots another but with a little flare Charlie asks Kyle to come by the recreational center and try out for the team. After Charlie and Amanda walk away Kyle missed the shot, 11-1.

    Declan does not want Kyle on the team, however after the coach saw Kyle make every shot, Kyle was put on the team. It's the championship and they are up against the Lancers, who has won for the past two years.

    Nicole is search for more information about Kern, who was studying was to maximize the brain. Declan's an a-hole; he's simply jealous! Charlie and Declan stopped by the Trager's to drop off the play book, when Declan has a surprise visit from Hilary. Lori and Hilary are still at war! Tom is still keeping a watchful eye on everyone when you see him with a needle, and a gun. What's he up to?

    You can really see the green monster of jealousy showing through in Declan when Kyle makes the "Air Jordan" shot. Josh is very confident that with Kyle as their secret weapon the team can not lose so, he has decided to make a profit by taking bets on the game.

    Tom offered a man living on the streets cash simply for getting in the truck with him to do a job. The bones have been identified as Professor Kern.

    Game Day! 47-44 Bisons with 2:28 still on the clock and Kyle's love for the game began to dwindle. As Declan goes to make a shot he was hit and landed wrong on his ankle and hit the floor. The coach kept trying to force Declan back onto the court but his leg could not hold him. Lead by Kyle the team protested how the coach ran the team with only one option play hurt or don't play at all. The Lancers won by forfeit.

    Having never received a phone call from detective Green, Nicole goes to the police station learning that a young man, the one Tom picked up, died from a drug overdose with several items belonging to Kern as well as, the gun that killed him. So, Kyle is nowhere closer to finding out, who he really is. The war between Lori and Hilary has ended in peace talks. Declan visits Kyle, on crutches, simply to express his thanks for standing up for him at the game. Kyle has made a new friend. Kyle has another dream showing Kern lying on the ground and Tom standing over him with a gun.

    I am not much of a basketball fan, I would rather play than watch. I liked it when Kyle made a stand for Declan at the game. This showed how real friendships can be earned!moreless
  • Kyle Got Game!!!

    Kyle joins the basketball team after making amazing shots! The man in Kyle’s dream turns out to be dead. Declan hurts himself during the game and Kyle and the rest of the team forfeit for him. Declan becomes Kyle’s friend. Lori and Hilary make up. Josh bets people that Kyle’s team will win and then Josh owes them $200. This was a great episode! Kyle’s shots were amazing! I’m glad that Hilary and Lori made up and that Declan and Kyle became friends! I wish that we got to see more of Amanda. This was a great episode that gets a 9.5!moreless
Jeff Ballard

Jeff Ballard


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Giacomo Baessato


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Ted Friend


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Chelan Simmons

Chelan Simmons


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Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: The players in numbers 22 and 23 sit down and refuse to play, yet a moment later when the shot changes they are standing back by the coach. And when the shot changes again they are back on the bench.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Kyle: (about Hillary and Declan) You don't like her talking to him?
      Lori: She's just flirting with him to annoy me.
      Kyle: It's working.

    • (Kyle sitting on the bleachers bouncing the ball)
      Lori: So, you ready for the NBA?
      Kyle: (throws ball to Lori) I don't think I'm tall enough.

    • Josh: You gotta look cool playin' ball Kyle.
      Kyle: (looks in mirror) I don't?

    • (Josh mentioning Kyle's basketball skills)
      Josh: (to Stephen about Kyle) Now you've got the son you've always wanted!

    • (Doorbell rings)
      Lori: Josh get the door!
      Josh: I'm not your butler!
      Lori: Just answer it, you little creep!
      (Josh opens the door, Declan and Charlie are standing outside)
      Josh: Whoa! I didn't know Lori can handle two at once!
      Declan: Haha! Very funny. Now get out of my way.

    • Kyle: (voice over) The bonds we form with other people can help us through any setback... genuine friendship will survive any dispute or competition... and true partnership provides strength in times of trouble and confusion.

    • Stephen: What's going on, that's the tenth call I got this morning?
      Josh: I'm popular. What can I say?

    • Coach: My grandma plays better defense than them. My grandma!
      Kyle: (voice over) Too bad she's not playing.

    • Lori: Oh, so now you're an expert on teenage girl warfare?
      Kyle: You're at war with her?
      (Lori nods)
      Kyle: Over what?
      Lori: Because she…I…what difference does it make she's a total bitch and we're fighting. Wait here LeBron.

    • Coach: (blows whistle at the team) Let's go ladies line up!
      Kyle: Ladies?

    • Lori: That is so lame!
      Declan: Come on, guys, this is ridiculous, just get over it already.
      Hillary: Over what?
      Lori: Yeah, it's all good.
      Hillary: So it's up to you, a night out with me or slum it here with Trager?
      Charlie: Ready to bounce D?
      Declan: Absolutely!

    • Kyle: Who's Michael Jordan?
      Josh: Yeah, you're not from a different planet.

    • Charlie: That was insane! How'd you do that?
      Kyle: Angle, trajectory, velocity, wind.
      Charlie: And all this time I've been chucking a ball through a hoop!

    • (Stephen is talking about a basketball team sharing a brain)
      Lori: So, five jocks equals one brain. Sounds about right.

  • NOTES (2)