Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 13

Leap of Faith

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 03, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Jessi becomes missing and Kyle believes it is his job to find her and find out why so is involved in his life.

    This was a great episode and I like all the twists and turns and all the emotion it went though. Kyle and Jessi are on a road trip to find out what the photo means and where it might lead them. Jessi believes she is a bad person and doesn't think Kyle should be nice to her. Jessi wants to find the girl in the photo and see if she can be her family. Jessi knows her sister is not really her sister and that she doesn't love her. Kyle wants to help her out and follows the hidden map on the ring that Adam gave Kyle before he died. Along the way, Jessi and Kyle enter a diner and the old man recognizes the couple from long ago, they look exactly the same. When Kyle is at the juke box and sees the title of Adams favorite song, he tries to play it but it is missing. That was the first clue Kyle needed to unlock the where abouts of Adam's hideaway cabin. I liked the idea of Adam giving clues in helping him find the path to find the answers for him and Jessi. Craving the initials on the table was another clue. Adam must have known Kyle would one day be using the hidden map since he did give the ring to him. When Jessi and Kyle finally find the hidden cabin and investigate it, they find a door that has a special kind of key to open it. When Kyle presses some buttons, it was Jessi who figured out it must be the song's melody to open it. When Kyle calls Amanda to play the song, you can hear Amanda worried voice when she knows Jessi is with him. Amanda was been hurt before and doesn't want it to happen again. Kyle wants to tell her all about himself but doesn't want to put her in danger. Boy this must eat up Kyle since he cares for Amanda a lot. When Kyle hears the song and thanks Amanda, she asks if he would be home before she lives. Kyle says that he hopes so but I don't think he will say good-bye with all that has happened. Kyle plays the melody on the lock and the door opens. Inside we find Adam hooked up with all these wires scanning his brain waves. Kyle tries to enter Adams subconscious but he needs a little help from Jessi since they are stronger together. When both of them are trying to read Adams thoughts, Adam tells Kyle Jessi has portrayed him. Jessi tricked Kyle to let his guard down and she read the information Medacorp needed. Jessi ran out of the room and toward the cliff. Kyle runs after her and asks her why she did that. I was very mad as her that I was hoping Kyle would kick her butt. They start fighting and it seems Jessi wants to report her findings to her fake sister. This was not the case. Jessi finally brakes free and jumps off the cliff and into the water down below. We don't know if she can survive the fall or even if she can swim. Jessi could be alive or dead. At the end of this episode all I was thinking about is will Jessi hurt Kyle in the future. I think if Kyle would have gotten to Jessi before Madacorp did, things would have been different for the show and the characters. I hope we get some answers when the season starts again.