Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 13

Leap of Faith

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 03, 2007 on ABC Family



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    • Declan: I think the family's starting to put things together.
      Foss: Yeah, I heard.
      Declan: What if they find out the truth?
      Foss: Well, they would, eventually.
      Declan: I won't matter anyway. They'd never turn their backs on Kyle. We haven't.
      Foss: Well, once they find out he's been lying to them, they'll never forgive him.
      Declan: What is he supposed to do?
      Foss: Well, it was a nice setup while it lasted, but once he gets back, we'll have to move on.

    • Jessi: You really believe, don't you?
      Kyle: I don't know if we'll find anything, but we might. When there's a chance, there's hope.

    • Jessi: But if I got into your head, what makes you think I won't take it from you?
      Kyle: Because I choose to trust you.

    • Lori: (to their parents) Enough with the looks. Stop skulking around.
      Josh: Yeah, skulking's my job. Don't mess with the balance of nature.

    • Nicole: (searching Josh's room) You realize we're doing this without a warrant?
      Stephen: Anything incriminating will not be held against him. For now.

    • Jessi: (about the woman in the picture) Do you think she's still alive? I mean, if she is then I'd have somebody. There'd be someone like me.
      Kyle: I'm like you.

    • Stephen: Well, we can't just sit here. Our former security guard is locked up at Madacorp by Kyle's parents' lawyer.
      Nicole: Obviously something is very wrong.

    • (Examining the evidence about Kyle.)
      Lori: Seriously, Josh, when you hear all this stuff together, it sounds so wild and weird.
      Stephen: And when you think about it, what do we really know about Kyle?
      Lori: I know, who is he?
      Josh: What are you talking about? He's our brother, he's your son!

    • Jessi: I've done terrible things. Leave me here.
      Kyle: What?
      Jessi: I don't belong with someone like you; you should go on without me.

    • Nicole: The results of his MRI when I first took him on as a patient showed an unprecedented amount of brain activity. But the second MRI months later was normal.
      Josh: He sleeps in a tub! Let's start with that, and I think we can scratch "normal" off our Kyle adjective list.

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    • Featured Music
      "Carry The Weight" by The Bads
      "The Last One" by Cary Brothers
      "Trillion Things" by Gus Black
      "The Alchemy Between Us" by Young Galaxy
      "Save You" by Matthew Perryman Jones

    • International Airdates
      New Zealand – 23 December 2007 on TV2
      India – 16 February 2008 on Star World
      Sweden – 6 April 2008 on Kanal 5
      Brazil – 29 January 2009 on SciFi Channel
      Slovakia – 26 April 2009 on Markiza

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