Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 5

Life Support

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • This episode fulfilled my expectation.

    I really enjoyed the previous episode of Kyle XY "In the Company of Men" and I hoped the next ones would be at least a little bit as good as "In the Company of Men". I have to say this episode exceeded my expectations. The story is very exciting. Kyle has to deal with the death of Adam Baylin and soon after a car accident he has to deliver a baby on a road in woods, contact Jessi and send her a distress message. Nicole is seriously injured and when doctors can not save her Kyle decides to do the only remaining thing and contact Latnok for help. Kyle knows it is not a path Adam or Nicole wanted him to take, but "desperate times call for desperate measures". Kyle saves Nicole and only the time shows for how high price. Keep going in the same pace with all these exciting stories!!
  • Limitation of Power

    "All those things I can do, all those powers, and I couldn't even save him." Clark Kent/Superman "Superman the Movie"

    It's always a fear we all subconciously carry the threat of losing the ones we love to forces out of our control. The Death concept has been hit or miss when it comes to TV. But this episode is one of the ones that handled it right because it gave us no gurentees. Who's to say it can't happen to you or anyone which makes what happens to a character in the episode all the more believable and almost scary; I'll admit I couldn't help but worry for Nicole's life myself.

    What makes this episode work is isn't so much just Kyle's pursuit in saving his step mom but as I said the emotions of the characters. We see the dad whom is a man of science whom has no religious beliefs but in the current sittuation he's finding a need to grasp onto a sense of hope that science fails to provide him. Jessi despite not being with Nicole and the family that long even she feels that pain since Nicole was the only person she's ever known to be that mother figure she very much needed. Josh you pritty much see him broken up about it, my favorate moment with him was seeing him call his girlfriend Andi and tell her about his fears to her and to just simply hear her voice for some sense of comfort but then when his call gets taken away he looks as though he's about to break that phone. Lori is also broken up and it gets her to contamplate what she is doing in her life and realizes shes became a bit antisocial, I really like that moment she appoligizes to Jessi for taking out her unjustified anger toward her. Kyle though learn a hard lesson like most superheroes that even his superpowers have limitations there are some things that are out of your control. It all of course gets resolved at the end and as usual everyone is a little closer. Glad Andi came back even I was begining to miss her.
    But now what will Kyle's fate with the Lacnox comporation be. We should always treasure the ones were close to because they won't be around forever.
  • This is exactly what the doctor ordered! Great episode with a bit of everything, definitely the best episode of late.

    Another episode, and it seems Kyle get's himself into a very interesting situation. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    So early on Kyle is a bit distracted by Adam's death, but what is worse is he is driving Josh and Nicole to some convention, which is not good since Kyle is not thinking about hid driving so much. This leads him to end up in a crash when he swerves to avoid hitting a pregnant women and her car. After nearly escaping what could have been a worse situation, we see that a new character is introduced, and she is pregnant. Not only that, but her water breaks as Kyle is trying to help her, and it doesn't look like Kyle has ever seen a pregnant women, because he kind of stares. But I guess it makes sense, this is the first time Kyle has ever seen a pregnant women, he is curious. It was interesting to see Kyle helping a women give birth, and lucky for that women that Kyle crashed because of her. Already I was liking this episode a lot more then the last one, the whole giving birth and crash story line was just something fresh and new, and it was nice to see something different. It was sad to see Nicole in the state she was in, it looked like she was going to die, which was something that really affected the whole family. At the end we see Jessi seems to be helping Latnok a bit, but at least she has good intentions. Kyle got a cure from Latnok to heal Nicole, but he made a deal that he would join them. I just hope that Latnok is good, because they seem to be pretty sneaky and something tells me they are not as good as they try to seem.
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