Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 27, 2007 on ABC Family
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An out-of-control and missing Jessi increases tensions within the Trager household, forcing Nicole to institute precautionary measures.

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  • Not fair...

    It is not fair for Lori, Kyle and Josh being FORCED to stay in the house all day! I am so against of it. Nicole need to know that all kids are NOT babies, they are just teenagers. Nicole had NO rights to do that for lockdown. But I knew Jessi is very dangerous to them and people. No one is not perfect, the world is not perfect, sometimes some thing are dangerous, I don't care. Nicole are needed to know that the kids can take care of theirself. Nicole need to grow up. This episode is boring, I am sorry, there is nothing orginal!moreless
  • Found it pretty slow at the beginning and in patches it was pretty slow too but it came right in bits and pieces

    Funnily enough I enjoyed the show because a few strands started coming together although there were enough hints to give me a reasonable heads up. Adam at the end was the only really unexpected turn up for me as everything else seemed to just take forever to get anywhere significant.

    I am soooo glad that Kyle and Amanda have said that they trust, care and all the rest to each other enough times so that even the audience gets it, perhaps they won't revisit trust issues in the next episodes. It didn't come as a surprise that Jessie took the memories because that's what she was programmed to do - I suppose the kicker will be whether she checks the box on free will and 'does the right thing'. Lots of tantalising bits of mystery to unravel but for me personally I hope they ramp the speed up a bit and make things happen - I guess I'm impatient and can't stand slow mo' scenes and constant staring into space, eyes, walls, pictures and other peoples minds (lol). I really like Josh's character - he's really cool and the relationship he's developed with his GForce 'Cancer Girl' and their compatible humor is pretty refreshing.

    Hope the next episode lives up to expectations (especially if things move a bit faster)moreless
  • This makes the characters of Kyle and Jessie stand out in the following episodes. I fear that this relationship will not be as good as Kyle think it will be...

    Kyle finally understands what Jessie is going through. Because of this he feels sympathy for her. Well this is what Valentin want for Kyle to be vulnerable to Jessie what best way for Jessie to hack Kyle when he's emotionally troubled because of her. But then the flaw of Adam Bailey comes in since Jessie like Kyle has conscience and because of that Madacor can't program her completely. So if we consider that Jessie will not hack Kyle in a sense that Kyle always have been nice to him. It would not be right to hit back on him after she realize that what she did to Lori when she stole her necklace was wrong. Anyway there's always the CIR, if they fail on Jessie. Another big problem for Kyle since the outcome of that machine I don't know it just give me the creeps. I don't want my poor Kyle to endure such trauma. It's like the chair in the movie DISTURBANCE casted by James Marsden and Mena Suvari. Way too creepymoreless
  • This episode was pretty good but could have been better.

    This episode was about Kyle, Jessie, and all the others at the same time. Laurie had troubles with getting back at Jessie, while Andy had to face the fact that things will change after she starts Kemo starts. Overall this was pretty good but I could have tought of somthing with a little more better plan. Kyle should have ran to find Jessie by the river stream, and Jessie should have jumped (to put more action in this episode), and Kyle would have to save her as the stream leads them on into the next episode. All the good stuff should be saved for next episode.moreless
  • Getting better each and every minute!

    This is the show before the season finale and that

    It is only getting better each and every minute as

    Kyle learns to not just think with his head but with

    Most of all, his heart and soul. As the house is

    On lockdown and nobody can leave unless Jessi is found. As

    Emotions are running high to the hilt. Adam does give Kyle

    The chance to find Jessi. As Jessi really is a good

    Young lady. And that both Kyle and Jessi, brother & sister

    By Adam Baylin must work together to end the pain. While

    Declan and Lori are kissing and making up. But still they

    Have a long, long, way to go!moreless
Vanesa Tomasino

Vanesa Tomasino

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Chelan Simmons


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Magda Apanowicz

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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Jessi: (to Kyle) If I had what you have, I wouldn't come after me, either.

    • Jessi: (about Amanda) You made a promise to be here for her. Would you break it just to help me?

    • Jessi: You already said that you and I were the same.
      Kyle: In a way, yes.
      Jessi: So, have you ever run away?
      Kyle: Once.
      Jessi: Where did you go?
      Kyle: Back to the beginning.
      Jessi: Then you know where to look. Question is, will you?

    • Josh: What are you doing?
      Kyle: Same thing as you.
      Josh: Which is?
      Kyle: Pacing. Continuously back and forth walking in an effort to clear one's mind for a mental breakthrough.

    • Josh: Dad, do me a solid, go downstairs and throw some black into that pot.
      Stephen: I'm not quite sure what that meant, but I'll go with no.

    • Andy: (while making out) I'm sorry, but it's true. Any other guy would have his hand halfway to the promised land by now.
      Josh: I'm trying to be respectful.
      Andy: No, respectful is the slow, steady inching, waiting for me to swat your hand away. Respect is at least trying to go there.

    • Hillary: I don't know how you do it.
      Nicole: Do what?
      Hillary: Help people. I gave it my all, with angst and angst-ier. I learned from Phil and Oprah, but everything comes up Springer. I'm a fraud. A faux-prah.

    • Declan: I don't want to be that guy – the guy who's all locked up. You were the one I could always open up to.
      Lori: Except you never did.
      Declan: I did... Sort of. As much as I could.
      Lori: Says the guy with more baggage than an airport carousel.
      Declan: I suppose I could limit myself to carry-on if it meant we could be friends again.

    • Lori: Go have fun with Andy. You guys have better things to do than get caught up in all my drama.
      Josh: Okay. But we'll just be a room away from turning our G-Force skills into real life mortal pain.
      Lori: Yeah, that's sort of exactly why I'm keeping you out of it.
      Josh: Probably for the best.

    • Kyle: My life was spinning out of control. The fallout of my secrets had brought trouble into the lives of the people I loved, and I was powerless to stop it.

    • Kyle: Okay then, I need help deciding if I should go after Jessi.
      Adam: You just realized she's Madacorp's secret weapon. Wouldn't you be playing right into their plan?
      Kyle: But I can't believe that she's a willing weapon, which means she's out there lost and alone.
      Adam: Why are you worried about her after everything she's done?
      Kyle: Because if I don't believe in her, no one will.
      Adam: Maybe no one should.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music
      "Million Holes" by Black Daniel
      "Hospital Drama" by Help She Can't Swim
      "Much Too Young" by The Good Luck Joes
      "Steal You Away" by Adam Merrin
      "Canon In D Major" by Pachelbel
      "Frozen" by The Good Luck Joes

    • International Airdates:
      New Zealand – 16 December 2007 on TV2
      Italy – 10 January 2008 on Fox
      India – 9 February 2008 on Star World
      Sweden – 30 March 2008 on Kanal 5
      Brazil – 22 January 2009 on Sci Fi Channel
      Slovakia – 19 April 2009 on Markiza