Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 27, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Not fair...

    It is not fair for Lori, Kyle and Josh being FORCED to stay in the house all day! I am so against of it. Nicole need to know that all kids are NOT babies, they are just teenagers. Nicole had NO rights to do that for lockdown. But I knew Jessi is very dangerous to them and people. No one is not perfect, the world is not perfect, sometimes some thing are dangerous, I don't care. Nicole are needed to know that the kids can take care of theirself. Nicole need to grow up. This episode is boring, I am sorry, there is nothing orginal!
  • Found it pretty slow at the beginning and in patches it was pretty slow too but it came right in bits and pieces

    Funnily enough I enjoyed the show because a few strands started coming together although there were enough hints to give me a reasonable heads up. Adam at the end was the only really unexpected turn up for me as everything else seemed to just take forever to get anywhere significant.
    I am soooo glad that Kyle and Amanda have said that they trust, care and all the rest to each other enough times so that even the audience gets it, perhaps they won't revisit trust issues in the next episodes. It didn't come as a surprise that Jessie took the memories because that's what she was programmed to do - I suppose the kicker will be whether she checks the box on free will and 'does the right thing'. Lots of tantalising bits of mystery to unravel but for me personally I hope they ramp the speed up a bit and make things happen - I guess I'm impatient and can't stand slow mo' scenes and constant staring into space, eyes, walls, pictures and other peoples minds (lol). I really like Josh's character - he's really cool and the relationship he's developed with his GForce 'Cancer Girl' and their compatible humor is pretty refreshing.
    Hope the next episode lives up to expectations (especially if things move a bit faster)
  • This makes the characters of Kyle and Jessie stand out in the following episodes. I fear that this relationship will not be as good as Kyle think it will be...

    Kyle finally understands what Jessie is going through. Because of this he feels sympathy for her. Well this is what Valentin want for Kyle to be vulnerable to Jessie what best way for Jessie to hack Kyle when he's emotionally troubled because of her. But then the flaw of Adam Bailey comes in since Jessie like Kyle has conscience and because of that Madacor can't program her completely. So if we consider that Jessie will not hack Kyle in a sense that Kyle always have been nice to him. It would not be right to hit back on him after she realize that what she did to Lori when she stole her necklace was wrong. Anyway there's always the CIR, if they fail on Jessie. Another big problem for Kyle since the outcome of that machine I don't know it just give me the creeps. I don't want my poor Kyle to endure such trauma. It's like the chair in the movie DISTURBANCE casted by James Marsden and Mena Suvari. Way too creepy
  • This episode was pretty good but could have been better.

    This episode was about Kyle, Jessie, and all the others at the same time. Laurie had troubles with getting back at Jessie, while Andy had to face the fact that things will change after she starts Kemo starts. Overall this was pretty good but I could have tought of somthing with a little more better plan. Kyle should have ran to find Jessie by the river stream, and Jessie should have jumped (to put more action in this episode), and Kyle would have to save her as the stream leads them on into the next episode. All the good stuff should be saved for next episode.
  • Getting better each and every minute!

    This is the show before the season finale and that
    It is only getting better each and every minute as
    Kyle learns to not just think with his head but with
    Most of all, his heart and soul. As the house is
    On lockdown and nobody can leave unless Jessi is found. As
    Emotions are running high to the hilt. Adam does give Kyle
    The chance to find Jessi. As Jessi really is a good
    Young lady. And that both Kyle and Jessi, brother & sister
    By Adam Baylin must work together to end the pain. While
    Declan and Lori are kissing and making up. But still they
    Have a long, long, way to go!
  • It started out really slow for me, but it made up for it in the end.

    I thought the first part of the show was really weird. A lockdown was in my opinion too much, but how could you blame them for being careful? :P lol

    Anyways, the Andy Josh thing is really my favorite part of the show aside from Kyle. Andy does act weird sometimes (more like most of the time) but she just makes a good tandem with Josh.

    It's also good to see Declan and Lori finally make up. Who knows, maybe they'll get back together?

    I'll be looking forward to next week, because it will be really interesting to see what Nicole and Stephen have figured out and how they'll react to each other and what they'll do about it. I also wonder what Kyle and Jessi will do now.

    I do hope (and feel) that all these things will be patched into the next episode.
  • It was great to watch!

    Nicole puts all the Tragers on lockdown-they can't leave the house-because of Jessi. Nicole tries to figure out the connection between Kyle and Jessi. Stephen sees Tom Foss in the chair at Madacorp. Andy says that she is starting kimo the next day and that it's the last day for her and Josh to hang out. Hilary tries to mend the broken relationship between Declan and Lori. Kyle tracks down Jessi, just as she is about to jump into a river. Amanda struggles with having to make the choice of leaving or staying.

    This was a great episode! I didn't like the sexual content with Josh and Andy though. I'm starting to like Hilary now. She's funny and energetic. The actress who plays Jessi, Jaimie Alexander (I think that's how you spell it), was really great! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • The Trager family is in lockdown while Jesse is at large. Kyle taps into his subconscious to solve his indecisiveness over Jesse. Stephen discovers a connection between Kyle and Madacorp.

    The bar has been raised. Jessie is missing, and the Nicole won't let anyone leave the house. Josh and Andy grow closer together after a disagreement, Lori and Declan make amends, and Kyle and Amanda's relationship is in doubt. In this fast-paced episode, each character comes to realizations about their individual problems, and a lot of loose ends are tied up, and the scene is set ahead of the mid-season finale next week. They have done an excellent job of incorporating so many storylines into a single episode. The actor's performances keep getting better each week, and the script is just amazing. This week's episode left me craving more, and with only 1 episode left until the season goes on hiatus, it will surely be even better next week.

    My only criticism is that I feel the writers are unnecessarily trying to include all of the characters in each episode.
  • The one before the season finale.

    Kyle XY,
    This episodes goes with Jessi loosing it and running away.The mother decided to have everybody stuck at home just in case.Lori Josh and Kyle invite people over.Josh and i think Amanda talk about there "last day together" because she starts Kemo therapy the next day.Lori and her friend along with Declan talk about why they broke up and there problems.Declan came over to talk to Kyle but Kyle was "asleep".Kyle was actually "talking" to Adam trying to think about what should he do for Jessi.Nicole looks into both Jessi and Kyle's cases, while Stephen finds out something about Kyle.
  • The time has come. Kyle must now trust his heart not his head if he wants to save his family ALL of his family. But is his heart strong enough for the journy ahead? And are the lives around him ready for it as well?

    Kyle is a amazing and gift young man. Despit the cictstanme of how he was brought into this world he's probably the most human of any of us. I've seen a selceted few souls whom I call "Pure Ones" who love and care more the thought possible and he's one of them. It's not the brain that matters what makes us human is if we care and love. Kyle loves his family and now must make a heartweringch choice. To save this true tresure and forver keep it save he must decied wherether or not to go after someone and then wherether to confornt the hunter willing.

    Kyle gets adivce from his father Adam and makes the deision to go after his little sister Jessie and together they'll put an end to it hopeful without more pain, hate and bloodshed.

    Jessi isn't evil. She may've killed once but it was in self defence and that zzyzc somehow did something to her to remove her humainty. They did the most evil act short of murder and removed her heart. The only thing good that came out of being 'reprogrammed' was she now could began a jounry that her older brother had already figure out what matters. Love. He won't let anyone hurt her amymore and he'll love her and let her know that someone does give a damn about her. Now the son and daughter of Adam Baylin must work together if they wish to end it all and finally be really able to go home. Everyone else was cool. That Hillary is finaly evoling some and that Declen and Lori are finally getting their heads out of their ass and making up. Josh and Andi nice yet still werid at times but that cool and finally Steve and Nicole realize that their more to Kyle then meets the eye and even Amanda was nice.

    Love is what matters. Jessi isn't evil she merely didn't have anyone really love her and somehow those basterd made her more of on animal then human by removing her heart. Love will save all in the end. Can't wait for next week!
  • Kyle searches for the path...

    This was a really good episode and so much happened in it that I don't know where to start.
    The family is on lockdown inside the house due to Jessie being loose. They have all their friends come over and the fighting starts.
    We see a few big things happen in this episode that I will focus on. First, Kyle makes the desicion to chase after Jessie and try and bring the whole affair with Madacorp to an end. While he is sneaking out of the house he is caught by Nicole and confronted. He doesn't explain anything but only tells her that he has to make things right and that Jessie and him are the same. It is a good scene that has been long in coming. I can't wait for the follow up.
    The next big scene is when Stephen looks into what's going on inside Madacorp and finds Tom Foss strapped to the mind reading chair talking with the guy who is supposed to be Kyle's lawyer. A lot of info is spilled during this chat and now Stephen knows that there is more to Kyle than he ever would have thought. The episode ends when Nicole and Stephen are getting together to tell each other what they have found out.
    I am excited for the next episode and to see how much they are going to let the Tregar family know and which parts of the family are going to know what. This season is coming to a boil fast.
    One other story that I am seeing is the Josh story with his new girlfriend. I like the story but I am thinking that every episode doesn't need to have them nearly break up every time. Plus I am always suprised at the adult themes that pop up in this show that is supposed to be for familys. I'm not complaining thought, I just think it is a pretty gutsy move on the parts of the writers.
  • Jessi is on the run and Nicole want's everyone to stay in the house.

    Excellent episode which nicely sets up the season finale. This season went by very fast, a testament to the quality of the writers and actors.

    I don't know about next week's episode but I assume that there will be a more or less happy ending.
    I'm going to be controversial and say that I don't like Jessi. I don't think she is like Kyle at all. She may share some of his experiences and background but if I remember season 1 and think about Kyle back then, I don't think he could ever have killed someone, yet Jessi did kill someone. It was almost her first act after escaping from the lab.

    I'm sure she will turn out OK at the end of next week's episode, but I probably still won't like her.
  • An episode that shows you a glimpse of light in the dark corridor.

    Another great episode! With all the bad that is happening, there is still room for happy moments! I loved this episode, it still stayed with the dark parts, but it didn't focus only on the bad. Now, more then ever, it feels like Mada Corp's plan is the cause of all the bad that has happened, which makes me feel like there is hope for everyone. I know this has been stated and hinted to in the episode, but it is starting to all piece together. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the last episode before the hiatus, because I know that everything will not get better before this point. Although I strongly believe we will be left hanging (so to speak), I still think this show will reach new heights and has a lot of room to grow in future episodes. The show has only ever let me down with one episode, and it wasn't even that bad compared to some shows on TV, this show is going to keep getting better!
  • Another amazing Kyle XY episode -- Stephen discovers there is a connection between Kyle and Tom Foss -- that Foss blew up Zzyx -- although he doesn't know what that is yet -- he sees Brian Taylor talking to Foss and mentioning Kyle and Adam Baylin.

    Another awesome episode in the Kyle XY mythology. Emily Hollander talks to Kyle directly for the first time -- she calls him on the phone to warn him about what Madacorp is planning and asks him to consider finding Jessi saying Jessi now knows who she is and ran away (of course Nicole already told Kyle at the end of the previous episode that the police had come to Emily's place to find Jessi and she had run away) but Emily says something about Jessi being in the fields. She says that Kyle, his family, everyone Kyle cares about, are not safe and neither is it safe for Emily -- if Jessi is not found soon Ballantine will make an example of someone at work and make them sit in the chair probably.

    Kyle is able to communicate with Adam Baylin who tries to advise Kyle telling him his options of what he should do in light of the current situation Kyle is in -- of whether or not to find Jessi -- that Kyle has to make the decision for himself.

    Stephen suspicious of what Ballantine is up to tries to go in the room where the test was being done (from previous episode Hands On A Hybrid) but Emily tells him he is not permitted in there so he sneaks in later and sees Tom Foss on the chair having an argument with Brian Taylor -- Taylor mentioning Zzyx and how Foss blew it up -- lying that all he ever wanted was what Adam wanted for Kyle to achieve his full potential but that's not possible with Foss having been caught and forced to go on a ride down memory lane. Foss then spoke up that Taylor was the traitor after Brian Taylor mentions Ballantine wanting Kyle to be put in the chair and then Kyle would probably be killed as a result of the test -- Foss says he won't help Taylor and won't be broken down he grabs Taylor and starts fighting him -- using his arms while restrained in the chair to do damage to Taylor then some security guards come in and break the fight up and Stephen sneaks back out and returns home to tell Nicole what he found out. Kyle goes to find Jessi and promises to not take her back until she's ready to do so. She was about to commit suicide had he not arrived.