Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 8

Memory Serves

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

After an unusual hypnosis session, Kyle is determined to unlock his memory. Kyle accompanies Lori and Declan to the University of Washington to search for clues about Professor Kern and how his relationship ties in with Kyle.

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  • Kyle XY makes one think, wonder, and fantasize long after the show ends.

    This episode is an example of what makes this show so good; it leaves us wondering and intrigued. Other reviews and the episode recap cover the details; instead let me speculate, since that is the reason I'm saying this is a superior episode.

    While it is still possible Kyle is from outer space, the chances are very slim. The two possibilities I'm exploring are he's a modified clone of Adam or Adam after twenty years of experiments. I'm leaning towards him being a clone modified for his super human abilities. Could the writers be setting us up to meet the 40 year old Adam in a future episode? Who knows but talk about a fun future!

    And don't forget the background TV News show heard in the first episode. The police (somewhere) find a naked girl who can't remember and about the same time Kyle appeared in the same condition. Was that filler or a clue to the Kyle's future?

    As I said in my show review of Kyle, this show has many of the traits of Fox's cancelled John Doe and beyond. I'm glad ABC renewed the show!

  • A little more is found out about Kyle XY.

    While at the Univeristy of Washington to check Professor Kern's office, Kyle stumbles across a picture that looks just like him. There is one problem. The picture is dated in 1985.

    Kyle goes under hypnosis to see if he can learn any more about himself or recover any more memories which he does. He remembers Tom Foss shooting Professor Kern! He also knows he isn't the only one out there. So the question has to beg is Tom Foss the good guy or the bad guy? Was Professor Kern the bad guy or the good guy? Kyle receives a dark warning from Tom Foss.moreless
  • Well written and wonderfully performed.

    Today we're putting Kyle under hypnosis to see if we can learn any more. While under hypnosis Kyle saw Kern and Foss struggling and then Foss shooting Kern. Declan is taking a trip to UDB, University of Washington, where Professor taught. I have a feeling Kyle will learn something, not much but a little something. That is freaky, Stephen gets Foss' detail switched and the next day Foss is at their doorstep. Lori and Kyle to Professor Kern's office to see if anyone recognizes Kyle, unfortunately no one does. They do get Kern's research assistant, Anna Manfredi, to test Kyle. After lengthy tests, Anna was astonished by the results of Kyle's tests. While giving the news to Lori and Declan, Kyle found a picture of himself dated by to 1985. At first, I thought the guy would be in his twenties at least, but I had to remember the guy was a grad student in '85. People always assume that the person we care about knows how the other feels. We don't say anything because we're afraid of rejection. As Lori went off with a guy, Wes, Declan realizes his true feelings for Lori. Kyle digs through Adams old research material trying to learn more about him. Declan questions Lori about sleeping with Wes, such a ten year old guilt trip. Kyle finds the symbol he drew and on the key card drawn by Adam Baylin twenty years ago along with coordinates. Tom hears that Kyle wants to go that spot in the woods and he just gets up to leave. After their little tussle, Tom tells Kyle to stop asking questions. Tom knows a lot more, and I have a feeling in time he will tell Kyle everything.

    This is a great episode. Searching the present for answers to the past. If Kyle finds out who is really is how do you think the show will continue, I wonder?moreless
  • Finally some answers are given.

    ***Spoilers Contained***

    For a show that only has 10eps (for Season 1) it felt like forever to get to this point. The episode begins like any other, with Kyle wanting answers to who he his. Instead of him going threw the angst of love with Amanda or having Kyle doing extraordinary things, which have been pretty much the centerfold of every episode. It finally stops mildly.

    The episode really gets going halfway threw and answers 1 of Kyle's any questions and that is "Does he have a past?". Here we find out yes he does way back in 1985 but known as Adam Bailey who has been missing for 20years. Sure, an answer was given to a single question but 4 more questions were created, "Why does he look like Adam Bailey", "Where is Adam Bailey?", "Why did he go missing?" and finally "Why'd he draw the same symbol that Kyle drew?". Frankly now I don't really mind cause the episode really made me feel truly invested in "Who the heck is Kyle XY?".

    Character growth, Kyle or shall I say the actor (Matt Dallas) still IMO lack in facial acting has improved mildly, but not a lot. Kyle on the other hand has finally grown into his own and feels less "out casted" and more "human".

    A familiar face, I love seeing Nicholas Lea on Kyle XY. He was a great villain on The X-Files (Alex Krycek) and he's even more mysterious here and possibly even more dangerous???

    The episode on my scale rates a 7.5 out of 10, it was mildly interesting but it still could have been way better. Acting needed to play and huge part in this episode and I just didn't feel it from Matt.moreless
  • We get closer to solving the mystery!

    Kyle, Lori and Declan go to the University of Washington to research about Professor Kern. They find a picture of a man who looks exactly like Kyle. It says that he graduated in 1985. His name was Adam Bailen. Kyle takes the Professor's various tests and gets 100% on all of them. Kyle talks with a doctor and starts talking gibberish. When Nicole slows it down, Kyle is actually saying coordinates. Kyle explores the place where the coordinates are and finds Tom Foss there. Tom warns him that if he keeps trying to find out about his past, "they" will kill him and the Tragers.

    This episode was so exciting and interesting! I loved it so much! It gets a 10!moreless
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Brendan Penny


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Trivia: The map location (47° 27' N and 122° 18' W) used in the episode is on the Eastern side of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (around S. 170th Street and Air Cargo Road).

    • Trivia: Declan drives a car with a Washington license plate: 635 DIU

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Foss: You gotta stop asking questions. Forget about the past. Get on with your life. Because if you don't, if you don't, you're gonna put yourself and you're gonna to put Nicole, you're gonna put Stephen and Lori and Josh and that whole family, in danger.
      Kyle: What are you talking about?
      Foss: They'll kill you, Kyle. They'll kill all of you.

    • Kyle: All this time, I'd been trying to restore my memory, but I didn't realize that sometimes memories are better left forgotten. I wanted to know who I was, but maybe some mysteries are better left unsolved.

    • Josh: What is that?
      Nicole: Sorry, it's one of my patients.
      Josh: Was it Kyle?! Whoa! That must be his alien voice! Sort of a mix between human and... dolphin.

    • Declan: All we need is a Tin Man and a Cowardly Lion. (after Kyle looks confused) Never mind.

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