Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 8

Memory Serves

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

At the Trager house Nicole and her colleague Dr. Cassidy attempt hypnosis in an effort to help Kyle remember. He recalls memories of Tom Foss killing Prof. Kern under hypnosis and he speaks some type of gibberish before he is awakened. Dr. Cassidy thinks Kyle maybe schizophrenic but, Nicole disagrees. Lori and Declan are talking about college in her room when Kyle enters and they talk about Declan visiting the University of Washington. Kyle wishes to accompany Declan because Prof. Kern taught there. Lori warns that her parents won't agree to this. Downstairs Stephen and Nicole discuss Tom Foss and Stephen informs Nicole that he had Tom transferred from their detail. Lori lies and tells her parents that Declan is checking out Whitman and she would like Kyle to accompany them. Her parents agree this would be a welcome distraction for Kyle. The next day Kyle is uneasy about lying to Nicole and Stephen. They arrive at the University of Washington and Declan goes to see the basketball coach while Kyle and Lori go to the science building. At the Trager house Nicole is still trying to figure out the gibberish Kyle spoke when Tom drops by and shows concern as to why he was switched from their detail. Kyle and Lori arrive at Prof. Kern's office and met his research assistant Anna. She does not know Kyle but Lori explains Kyle's high level of brain activity and that the two of them might be linked. She is doubtful but Kyle convinces her to test him. While Kyle is taking tests Lori walks around and meets Wes. Declan and Lori go back to find Kyle and he passed all the tests with perfect scores. Anna is amazed at his abilities and while she is talking to Lori, Kyle notices a picture in a trophy case. The picture shows a person who looks very similar to Kyle but is dated 1985. Lori calls and lies to her parents so she can get permission for Kyle and her to stay overnight.

Nicole is still trying to understand the gibberish Kyle spoke when Josh gives her an idea to slow down the recording and hears Kyle speak 4727M12218W repeatedly.

In the courtyard Lori and Kyle are talking when she notices Declan talking to another girl and is annoyed but, Wes comes and asks to show her around campus. Kyle stays back and Declan informs the girl he is with someone so the girl leaves. Then he notices Lori leaving with Wes. Stephen attempts to help Nicole figure out the recording Kyle.

Kyle is sitting alone at the University when Anna comes and consoles Kyle. They have a conversation about Kyle and Prof. Kern's dream and how Kyle has realized it.

Lori and Wes begin flirting and Wes mainly listens to what Lori has to say. At night in the dorm room Kyle can't get to sleep because of the noise and he misses his tub. Declan notices Lori is still gone. They talk about relationships, Lori and Amanda.

The next morning Kyle did not get any sleep when there is a knock on the door. Anna is there and she tells Kyle she found the name of the guy in the picture who resembles Kyle- Adam Baylin. Lori finally walks into the room to get a towel. Anna has an idea who might be able to help out.

She takes Kyle to go meet a secretary who has been working at the school for many years. The secretary immediately recognizes him. She says Adam was a brilliant grad student and that Prof. Kern was his mentor. Kyle wants an address but she informs him that Adam has been missing for 20 years. Kyle, Lori and Declan begin going through Adam's research material that was left in storage. Back at the Trager house Stephen informs Nicole he figured out the letters and numbers Kyle spoke. They are in reference to coordinates near Seattle- 47° 27' N and 122° 18' W. Stephen tried to look up the location on the computer but, the location was blocked.

Declan, Lori and Kyle are still looking through the records and Lori and Declan have a heated discussion about her spending the night with Wes. Lori tells him she accidentally fell asleep and that he listens to her rather than just talk. Kyle finally finds something useful. Adam drew the symbol of the helix with the circle inside that Kyle inadvertently drew with his drawings.

Outside in the courtyard Lori is talking to her dad on the phone and he is upset because he found out Lori lied to them. Lori informs him of all the progress they have made and Kyle figured out the numbers and letters were coordinates- the same coordinates he Stephen and Nicole deciphered from Kyle's gibberish. Stephen wants them back home immediately. Tom is monitoring all of this and immediately leaves. Lori goes to the bathroom and Declan agrees to take Kyle to the coordinates and then come back for Lori later. Kyle goes to the location and there is a fence. He is about to climb the fence when a man in a mask pulls him down. They wrestle and Kyle unmasks the man as Tom Foss. Tom warns him that he is in danger and the family is also in danger. Also, Prof. Kern was not as good as he thinks and he is trying to protect him. Tom advises him not to pry into his past anymore. Kyle and Declan go back to get Lori. Kyle told them nothing of what happened. At the house the parents are very upset but Kyle tells them he found nothing and wants to drop it all and move on. As Declan leaves he confronts Kyle about what happened in the woods, Kyle confides in him about Tom. Lori and Declan make up. At the woods where Kyle was about to jump the fence a secret security camera is barely visible. In a high tech room men with the security key card symbol of the helix in a circle view a still frame as Kyle was climbing the fence- they refer to him as 781227 and as being alive.