Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 8

Memory Serves

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • dang, the puzzle of kyle is coming together, piece by piece...

    This episode was so incredible!

    wow! so what i think is that kyle is the adam guy from 1985, and that something happened so that he was stuck in some place outside of time or something, and he stayed there for 20 years or so, then he reappeared in the forest because the people who took him out of his place back in 1985 decided that it was the right time, or the safe time to do so. because apparently, kyle/adam was involved in something that he wasn't supposed to be, so they took the initiative to get him out of there, to protect him. and professor kern will turn out to be the bad guy and the foss guy will be the good guy. but the key, the real mystery is what was kyle involved in that was so bad? so i think what happened was Kern got really far in his experiments and his research, and kyle/adam worked alongside him, and kern was the real mastermind of some evil plot because all his success got to his head, so the foss guy went off and killed him, then realized that kyle either witnessed it, or was just left behind and they had to figure out some way to deal with him so they just, yeah, took him and froze him somewhere or something.

    that's gotta be the most farfetched-est thing ever, but ya know what, i think at least some elements of it will be right. Oh! and i think Declan is bad, and that it just so happened he was the person that kyle trusted, and it'll come back to bite him or something, and declan will end up betraying him and he will have known all about kyle the whole time, so then yeah. but if declan works with foss or whoever, then by my theory, he'll be good! so yay. wooooooooo!

    anyway, this episode was so dang good. it was so interesting to see kyle just uncovering pieces of his past, and it all was falling into place, and matching up, and we just have to find the few remaining pieces and it'll be figured out and solved.