Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 8

Memory Serves

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • I was about to descirbe this episode as slightly predicatble..

    I was about to describe this episode as slightly predictable, and I still think is was. ( The 4727n 12218w being coordinates, that indeed show up as an area near Tacoma WA in google earth - they made a point of calling it viewit earth for god knows what reason- Also Kyle's fast talking... It took them ages to get to those solution which was slightly annoying. The masked guy being Foss and the Madacorp building beig at those coordinates were predictable, and maybe even Kyle seeing himself in a picture was too, but that did surprise me a bit). What was most unexpected however was the whole online "This is not a game" Mada corp blog and ABC family clue tracker someone mentioned here !! ( I don't live in the US).
    Had a lot of fun trying to decode all messages online which really more than made up for the slightly predictable episode.
    Which by the was was quite revealing plot wise, and like someone else said the characters are getting shape more and more.( and we even got to see Kyle mad, finally he's no longer MR. Nice all the time ;))
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