Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 8

Memory Serves

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Declan, Lori and Kyle go to the UW to see if they can find anything out about the Professor. They find a photograph that is very striking, as it has someone who looks exactly like Kyle but it had been taken in the 80\'s. This brings up many questions.

    This episode was good but living in the seattle area it was almost an insult to us, they kind of skimp on the UW and the location 47.27 N 122.18 W Isn\\\'t really right by the UW Campus in seattle--Its actually located in a town I live just about 5 miles away from, called Auburn. I thought it was despicable that they didn\\\'t bother to find the REAL location for that. I mean sure, it\\\'s partially understandable that they wanted to keep it close to the University but anyone could just go look up the real location on the net and find out that it\\\'s in hicksville.

    Other than this minor thing, I thought this episode was very good, it kept my attention, unlike many other shows I watch. Kyle XY is fairly well written but it\\\'s not really true enough to Seattle life, coming from someone who\\\'s lived in the area all my life. I actually have recommended this show to my friends