Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 8

Memory Serves

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Well written and wonderfully performed.

    Today we're putting Kyle under hypnosis to see if we can learn any more. While under hypnosis Kyle saw Kern and Foss struggling and then Foss shooting Kern. Declan is taking a trip to UDB, University of Washington, where Professor taught. I have a feeling Kyle will learn something, not much but a little something. That is freaky, Stephen gets Foss' detail switched and the next day Foss is at their doorstep. Lori and Kyle to Professor Kern's office to see if anyone recognizes Kyle, unfortunately no one does. They do get Kern's research assistant, Anna Manfredi, to test Kyle. After lengthy tests, Anna was astonished by the results of Kyle's tests. While giving the news to Lori and Declan, Kyle found a picture of himself dated by to 1985. At first, I thought the guy would be in his twenties at least, but I had to remember the guy was a grad student in '85. People always assume that the person we care about knows how the other feels. We don't say anything because we're afraid of rejection. As Lori went off with a guy, Wes, Declan realizes his true feelings for Lori. Kyle digs through Adams old research material trying to learn more about him. Declan questions Lori about sleeping with Wes, such a ten year old guilt trip. Kyle finds the symbol he drew and on the key card drawn by Adam Baylin twenty years ago along with coordinates. Tom hears that Kyle wants to go that spot in the woods and he just gets up to leave. After their little tussle, Tom tells Kyle to stop asking questions. Tom knows a lot more, and I have a feeling in time he will tell Kyle everything.

    This is a great episode. Searching the present for answers to the past. If Kyle finds out who is really is how do you think the show will continue, I wonder?