Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2006 on ABC Family
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Kyle discovers that he has the ability to read lips and listen to distant conversations. With Declan in tow, Kyle uses his newfound abilities to investigate Tom Foss.

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  • Kyle has parents? For real?

    Kyle finds that he has amazing abilites like lip reading and almost bionic hearing! Kyle finds out that he has parents who want to take him away but you sense that they want to kill him. These aren't his parents, but hired assasins. Kyle's visions of flashing lights finally leads to a horrible seizure. I think he is going to have more of these.

    Tom Foss seems geniuinely intersted in protecting Kyle XY but I don't know if I trust him. Why didn't he help Kyle out at the Carnival? Hence, my problems with trusting him!

    Amanda's boy toy is cheating on her opening a window for Kyle to climb through!moreless
  • Wow!!! This is the first KYLE XY episode, i really liked at all!!!!

    I have no words for this episode, it was amazing!!! I loved it!!! Now we know Foss isn't one of the bad guys anymore, seems like he's trying to ptrotect Kyle right now. Charlie and Amada, poor girl... i thought Charlie was a good boyfriend for her, but i was wrong. Hillary such a bi*** as always. Something i didn't get is this friendship between Kyle and Declan. Why Declan? He's was kind of a bad guy, on the beggings now he's just a good boy?! About the last 5 minutes, it was fantastic!!! Problably those fake fathers was sent by the company, whos is looking for Kyle.moreless
  • This was amazing!

    Kyle learns that he has super-hearing and can read lips. He and Declan go to Tom Foss’s house. They see the computer and how he’s been watching the Trager’s. Trying to hear makes Kyle uncomfortable and gives him bright flashes of light. He falls down and has a seizure while on the carousel with Amanda. Hilary has a mystery man who she says that she is in love with. It turns out to be Charlie, Amanda’s boyfriend. Some people are looking for Kyle and want to terminate him. Tom Foss seems to be trying to protect Kyle. Josh gets good grades. Lori learns to trust Declan.

    This was an amazing episode! Probably my favorite so far! I’m really starting to like Declan more! I’m also starting to dislike Charlie now. I can’t believe he would do that! This episode kept the suspense going and I really thought it was great! I give it a 10!moreless
  • amazing...

    I do not believe for one second that those are "Kyle's" real parents. How are they old enough to have a 40 something year old son? I believe that Kyle is the boy in the picture so these parents must be from the company that's trying to kill him.

    The twists and turns of this episode seemed a little forced, but the overall plot and character development was amazing. Tom is really good... that got me.

    I can't wait to see how this season is going to end.

    Congrats to ABC Family for picking up this wonderful show and making summer television a little more worth-wile.moreless
  • Some excitement/suspence, not much change/progress.

    Kyle does make on surprising discovery in this episode. He learns something we already knew.

    There was a little suspense in it. We learn a little more about the people we have seen glimpses of in previous episodes - the people who seem to be behind whatever is going on.

    There is some kind of interesting secret shared between the boyfriends of two of the girls of the show.

    The writing in this episode was sort of the same as the others so far, but it seemed somehow flatter. The action was okay and there were a couple really good scenes. However, the overall story failed to resonate the way a lot of the earlier episodes did.

    Kyle did discover another of his mysterious super powers in this episode.

    This was an entertaining episode but not really an informative one. At least not for us, the viewers. Maybe for Kyle it was.moreless
Sarah-Jane Redmond

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Ms. Thatcher

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Aaron Craven

Aaron Craven

Dr. Lawrence

Guest Star

Carrie Genzel

Carrie Genzel

Julie Peterson

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Chelan Simmons

Chelan Simmons


Recurring Role

Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith

Charlie Tanner

Recurring Role

Kurt Max Runte

Kurt Max Runte

Detective Jason Breen

Recurring Role

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    • Nicole: Kyle, we haven't talked lately. Really talked, professionally. And I've tried not to push you, but... I can't help feeling that... I've let you down.
      Kyle: Let me down?
      Nicole: It's my job to help you break through, to heal you.
      Kyle: But you have.
      Nicole: But you haven't been able to remember anything. I keep promising answers, and you're left with only more questions.
      Kyle: No- You took me in, when I had no one. You made me feel safe, and cared for, and loved. You made me feel like I was your son.
      Nicole: (close to tears) I think that's what's gotten in our way.
      Kyle: No, it's what I needed. I still do.

    • Stephen: (about Declan) You could find somebody solid and honorable; somebody who hasn't committed a felony.
      Lori: Declan owned up to that accident. He's doing community service now.
      Stephen: Ah, well, I feel so much better.

    • Josh: Check it out, I'm a genius!
      Lori: (skeptically) With a B+, two Bs and a C?

    • (Josh is eavesdropping, pressing his ear to his parent's door)
      Kyle: Holding up the door?

    • Josh: Lick the...paper...walnut.
      Kyle: What are you doing?
      Josh: Reading her lips.

    • (Discussing Declan)
      Stephen: I was his age once, I know how boys like him think.
      Lori: Oh really? How's that?
      Stephen: I don't like to think about it. I'm serious Lori, I don't trust him.
      Lori: Well, then I guess you'll just have to trust me.

    • Stephen: You've never given up on a patient before!
      Nicole: Kyle's become more than a patient to me and that's the problem. I'm afraid I can't be objective and it's getting in the way of his progress.

    • Josh: If you could hear through the door; if you concentrate, maybe you can hear what people say from far away?
      Kyle: Why would I want to do that?
      Josh: God, that brain is just wasted on you! Humor me.

    • Josh: I'm telling you, the sympathy angle works every time. Chicks eat it up.
      Stephen: Hey buddy, how're you feeling?
      Kyle: Pretty good, I guess.

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