Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 20

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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • An altogether great episode

    I was so glad to find out that Andy was in remission! That made me so happy! It was good because now Josh can go back to being his all around joke-making self :D He's my favorite character. I just hope that Andy's cancer doesn't come back because then that would be kind of bad. Besides this scene, the episode had a lot of good parts in it. I don't really remember it that much, but I do remember that I liked the episode a lot and that I can't wait until the next one on Monday! Kyle XY is my hero :D
  • Kyle wasn't perfect all the time!

    We all knew that sooner or later, Kyle would really become vulnerable as well as not that perfect as his brain and body goes in way too many directions. While the family calls in Adam Baylin in order to find out what is wrong with him. Amanda is really a sweetheart and that you have to feel for her despite the interferrence of Jessi at times. Glad to see her mom become her sweet and loving self. That we got to love and know. Also Sarah is alive and well and that these next few episodes will prove critical in the coming weeks!
  • Kyle has brain hiccups after being pulled in too many directions, and Andy is cured of cancer. When Kyle melts down, the Tragers call Adam Baylin to figure it out. After decoding the message behind Sarah's song, they discover that Sarah is alive.

    What a heart-warming episode! Andy is cured of cancer, Kyle and Amanda are getting back to normal, and Amanda's mother finally becomes the loving mother we all doubted she could be. And like most episodes, it leaves us on the edge of our seats as we discover that Sarah IS alive. The producers do a very good job getting us to look forward to the show from week to week. I know I cannot wait for Monday nights to roll around. This is a great series, and a fantastic ABC Family original, unlike some other shows they've created in the past.
  • Great episode. Who knew Kyle wasn't perfect all the time? It really showed some characther.

    I love this episode! It showed Kyle breaking down and not being all that smart like he always is. Almost human. I also love the connection between Jessi and Kyle and how Jessi knew how Kyle was feeling. And yet they are still arguing. Andy's cured and it was a wonderful moment when she walked into the housed and started hugging everyone. Dekline was jealous of Lori and the new assistant. Great! The best part was the end when they read the code and Sarah might be alive. Makes me at the edge of my seat for the next episode. Love Kyle Xy
  • So...more on Latnok.. Kyle and Amanda getting more close.. Lori's showing some affction towards T.A. Mark.. and Andy's Cured!

    Sarah is still alive then...
    Kyle and Amanda are So awesome!
    this season should end on a high..
    and it shoudn't keep any big secrets and any weird Mystery..
    and well the next season should start quickly..
    So in Grey matters I suppose Sarah will be just shown..
    and in the episode next to it she'll have a part in the show anyway..
    Andy's Cured..that was a relief..
    Josh is super cool..!!
    there are supposedly some sparks between Mark (the T.A. Mark!) and Lori..humnn.. I thought it was always Declan and Lori..anyway..
    a new twist I suppose..
    Declan and Jessi might start something again..
    Adam bailan and Sarah..they had an awesome way of communication!
    Hills is cool!
    Kyle finally gets permission from Mrs.Bloom..!
    So..the episode was awesome and one of the best!
    waiting eagarly for the next one!
  • Another Great and Interesting Episode of Kyle XY.

    WE see a nice surprise by Stephen for his anniversary. Kyle Sleepwalking? What was that all about? I am looking to more information about what happened?

    Everyone wants help from Kyle but the best was Amanda's excuse. Amanda's mum should chill. If she would listen instead of judge her relationship with her daughter would be a lot better. Yeah I know she wants the best for her daughter but please listen to her.

    Stephen is going all out for the anniversary – that's really sweet. Jessi sensed that there is something wrong with Kyle. That's not a good thing. His mind is playing tricks? Why? Everyone is realizing that there is something wrong. Even the way he was speaking we could see that something was wrong.

    Amanda is jealous a bit of Jessi or is she afraid that she will take him from her? OKAY! Now the way that Jessi teaches is scary! I like Lori and Mark together and I like Lori and Declan together as well. Josh is going to get in shape with the way that Jessi is teaching him.

    Kyle asks Jessi for help with the way he is feeling but something happened and he pushed her away.

    Andy is in remission!! GOOD NEWS. Big news, great news! Was it Kyle who cured her?

    Jessi puts a lot of pressure on Kyle. Kyle wants to have a normal life while Jessi wants to make the best of her abilities.

    Declan is jealous of Mark? I guess it's because he still likes Lori (he never hides it)

    Kyle is not OK and we can see that by what happened in the kitchen. Amanda is a very nice person, she is always tries to help Kyle.

    Adam visits Kyle and tries to help out. He shows that there are hidden sounds are that track that he is always listening to. Is Sarah Dead? According to Adam yes she is but when we saw those pictures by Kyle of the Latnok sign and I'm alive, I started to think otherwise. Was she the one who sent this message?

    I guess Lori got what she wanted 'Mark as the Prom Deejay'. Talking about prom I guess Kyle will be taking Amanda to the prom after he asked for her mum's permission.

    It seems sometimes Nicole does not have a lot of faith in herself but Kyle really gives her hope and is always there for her…

    Josh is a great! A very sweet guy! I loved the final part of this episode the whole family together in the kitchen.
  • Kyle goes on a mental break down and Andy is cured of cancer.

    It kind of scared me at first when Kyle was acting weird. Then i thought it was kinda ironic that the big test was right when Nicole told Kyle to keep his life simple for a while. Now, i am a huge Kyle and Amanda fan so i like that there was some of that in the episode. I started laughing so hard when he said giraffe. I thought Kyle and Amanda were overall cute but not over doing it like the past few episodes. And i liked that was Andy cured from cancer. I also liked how happy Josh was and i thought it was funny how Andy ran into the room and started saying "i don't really know you but i am going to hug you." Now, i am not the HUGEST Jandy shipper but i like them pretty good. Better than the girl he was with in 1x04. I liked how the family met Adam Baylin but i think Nicole over reacted a little. I mean should she be able to take care of every situation with a pod child? IDK. I really don't care what Kyle or Adam Baylin or any other charator says, i agree with Andy, Josh, Jessi that Kyle cured Andy's cancer. Overall i really liked this episode.
  • An episode that takes you on an emotional roller coaster, and brings back the awesome show I fell in love with. Bravo! (Review might contain spoilers)

    So we find out Kyle is having mental problems, and the cause might be something that happened last episode. When we see Kyle starting to make mistakes and slip up a lot, I started to worry that Kyle was going to suffer like Baylin did, and I feared that he might be in danger because of this. We later learn that the reason for Kyle's melt down might have been because his body was trying to tell him something about the song "She could be you". When we find out that there is a hidden message in the song, and we find out what it is, the message is shocking and brings back a big mystery to the show. I was very pleased with the outcome of this episode, it left you with lots of questions, little answers, and a really good feeling. Once again I see the show I fell in love with coming back, I just hope that when the season is over this momentum carries over to the next season as well.
  • omg i love this episode!

    i love this episode i have never seen kyle like that it kinda freaked me out! ANyway i belive that sarah is really alive i mean its true i saw it on the preview and the episode list shows it. I love that Amandas mom is going to let kyle take amanda to the prom something is probably gonna happen there. I still think Kyle cured Andy no matter what he or other people say. I just think theres too much conicdence. I love how Josh got when she told him. he was so happy! I love the show and i cant wait untill the next episode!
  • Excellent episode!

    I realized a while ago that the further it gets into the season, the greater the episode. Well, this time was not different. It had such a great mystery to add on to everything Kyle has to deal with in his life. and Baylin is there to help him out. But at that same time, he's confused because the message said that "I'm alive," meaning Sarah is alive. I loved the way that they showed us how Sarah was communicating because no other show could ever pull it off.

    The writers do such a great job with this show, it's hard to describe how much I love each and every episode. Now next week's episode seems just as interesting because we finally get to meet Sarah and learn even more about her. I just hope it will live up to it's usual standards, but it really seems like it.