Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 20

Primary Colors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2008 on ABC Family



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    • Kyle: (sleepwalking) I ran out of wavelengths 640 to 750 nanometers. Frequency 480 to 405 Terahertz. Hex triplet number FF0000.
      Nicole: What's he saying?
      Stephen: He's basically saying he needs more red.

    • Lori: Thanks, but that's not honest criticism. You're being a friend and there are times when I need that from you, or from my mother. This is not one of them.
      Declan: Whoa, did you just compare me to...?!
      Lori: Sorta, kinda, yeah. Sorry.

    • Andy: I was gonna text, too impersonal. Then I was gonna call, but again, digital. This is a strictly analog moment that should be shared with real time hugs and gushy feelings. My test results are back. I'm officially in remission!

    • Kyle: I know it's a lot to ask, but could I take Amanda to the prom?
      Mrs. Bloom: We'll see. And by that I mean I will think about it. (turns to leave then turns back) Yes. And don't you ever strong-arm me like that again, young man.

    • Kyle: (voice-over) I spent the day unable to be there for the people I cared about the most, yet everyone worked to help each other when I couldn't help them – or myself. The problem was never that I'd taken on too much, or caused myself stress. It was only that I didn't see the simplest way to solve a problem, is to be sure you have someone to help you.

    • Kyle: (voice-over) When we sleep, the subconscious mind takes over. Our dreams can reveal what's disturbing us in our waking hours, and there are rare occasions in the state between sleep and consciousness when the things that most trouble us can emerge.

    • (Hillary and Stephen cook a meal for Nicole and talk about Lori's relationship with Mark.)
      Hillary: Well, snarky Mark is a hottie in dork's clothing, but, I don't think Lori is seeing it just yet. She has no idea their aggro-flirting is thinly disguised sexual tension.
      Stephen: Sexual... what ex-exactly are you talking about?
      Hillary: Sexual nothing! What I meant was, could you pass the sherry vinegar?

    • Josh: (to Nicole about Kyle) He's like The Idiot King of Stupid Town.

    • Kyle: (to Carol Bloom) I just wanna say that I appreciate your trust in me, and that I wanna continue to build that trust. I hope you know that I plan on working hard at earning the honour of a date with your giraffe.

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