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  • Appeal to the actors and film director of "Kyle XY"

    To tell you the truth, I was shoked, when I knew that you have closed the serial. I was watching it with enjoying. All my friends have already watched it! I writing it from Ukrane, and just now, I'm looking on the statistic, and hundreds, thousands, milions of people are watching this serial. Scince 2010, I'm watching it every month, and I can't believe, that you finished it! I have watched it hundred of times, and the story is unbelivable! Formerly, you thougt that it will be better to close it, but did you think about the future? Didn't you think, that milions of people would love it?! I'm watching the instagrams of all tge actors, and I'm really sad, when I'm watching on their posts. It's egotistical. I'm disappointed....

    Please bring the show back before it's too late! (The cast will look way different than the last episode)
  • another cliffhanger cancel

    if your going to cancel a show at least give it a ending people get sick of that makes you want to stop watching and getting into new shows!!!!!!!
  • The list is Life

    33.56 minutes into the show you see Kyle picking up a candle and you can also see that he has a belly button...
  • Why??


    Seriously?! ABC needs to bring it back. Now!
  • Still can't let it go

    SERIOUSLY!!!! Bring it back ABC! Ireland needs it!
  • Save Kyle XY

    I know ALL of us fans of the show are EXTREMELY upset that the show was cancelled, so in order to bring it back we have to let ABC Family how many fans of the show there are, and that we will NOT back down until we get several seasons out of the show. It has been WAY too long since the show was cancelled, and it is time that we do something about it. Please email the president, CEO, producers and media personal at ABC Family to tell them that we are here to watch the show and that it didn't deserve to be cancelled so early. That show could have have many, many, many seasons if ABC Family just put more thought and faith into. Please tell all of your friends to email ABC Family if we are to have any hopes of getting the GREATEST show in the world back. #KyleXY codiethequeen1995(at)gmail(dot)com is my email address if you have any questions or comments.
  • Kylex

    Kyle xy my best season, We ( fans ) want kyle xy! Please back kyle!
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Kyle XY was the first successful original show on ABC family. Featuring cute boys, which played right into their key demographic of teenage girls. Kyle woke up having no memory, like some big adorable baby. Not wanting the show to be some cutesy fucked up version of the Brady Bunch, the producers actually gave the show a complicated storyline, which made it much better, but also led to it's downfall. The series starts when Kyle wakes up naked in the woods outside of Seattle. He has no memory and doesn't know how to do anything. He's quickly put into a group home, as a John Doe, where he gains the attention and admiration of the local psychologist, Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntyre). Trager knows that Kyle will never survive in that environment and decides to foster him. Once at the Trager house, Kyle doesn't need to just learn the basics of survival, but also the social norms associated with being part of a family. The series starts out with Kyle as a clean slate, having to learn everything from eating to using the bathroom, and to me this was the worst part of the show. It did however give the stations key demographic exactly what it demanded and lead to these episodes being the networks highest rated to date. Wanting to show off Kyle's abilities and not wanting him to be some loveable moron, the writers shifted the focus to Kyle's extraordinary abilities and how he uses them to try and find out who he is and where he came from. That's the point where the show started to get interesting to me and of course the point where the ratings started to decline. Show some trendy teenage girls, a bunch of cute boys being adorable and you've got high ratings, but show those same boys as part of a global conspiracy, that makes you think, and those girls want nothing to do with it. Half way through the first season, Kyle XY went from a lame family show to a terrific science fiction drama. Matt Dallas stars as Kyle and he has a lot going for him. Dallas is good looking, athletic, and intelligent, unfortunately he's not a very good actor and many times seemed like some emotionless robot, who was reading lines from a cue card. Thankfully the family and friends surrounding him were far better actors than he was. The Trager family is a terrific mix of wit and emotion that is centered on Kyle, but doesn't focus solely on him. There is a terrific storyline featuring the daughter Lori's (April Matson) entrance into sexual activity with her boyfriend Declin (Chris Olivero), who may be the single most talented person on this cast. The brother Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), gives much needed comic relief to the show, while teaching Kyle the things every teenaged boy needs to know. Kyle XY was a magically complex show that blended a great science fiction story with comedy and family drama, unfortunately it was on the wrong network. A show like this could have continued to grow and come out of nowhere to be a mix of the X-Files and 90210, that appealed to a huge audience, instead, it was geared toward teenage girls who just didn't want to think. The show was designed for a large audience on a network that has a very limited demographic. Ultimately the cute boys and the occasional comedy just wasn't enough to keep them interested and the show was canceled after 3 seasons. In my opinion this show was just starting to hit it's stride and should it have been on a network that appealed to a larger audience, it would probably still be on the air today.
  • ABC sucks

    I just finished watching the series on Netflix and I thought it was great all around. Great direction, storyline, characters etc just ABC screwed it up. Anything else that is ABC I just won't watch as I can't be sure they won't destroy it before it completes. Thanks for nothing!!!

    No more box set purchases of ABC content either!!!

    OK so I deleted all my ABC content from my watch list. Boycotting ABC!!!
  • addicted

    I joined Netflix and I have been watching Kayle XY it is really good hope to see more of it I have watched season 1 I am now watching season 2 How many seasons are there
  • Kyle addicts

    I discovered Kyle XY on Netflix last week and our family has been addicted to it ever since. We have watched both season 1 and 2 within a matter of days! Season 3 hasn't been added to Netflix yet. We can't wait to watch it.

    After reading other viewer's comments about the ending of the show, I would like to add my disappointment. If the show ended so abruptly it seems that those of us who follow the show have been cheated. I would like to challenge the people who made that decision to remember Star Trek. The NBC network decided to axe the program after 3 seasons but later Paramount Studios took it on and the rest is history. Star Trek is still one of the most popular, well-known sci-fi series ever made. People world-wide across the generations still watch the reruns. Maybe Kyle XY could also become a great success if someone had faith in it.
  • Disrespecting Viewers Much?

    Kyle XY was very interesting and fun to watch for a variety of age ranges. The ending was incomplete and left the feeling that 3 seasons of loyalty to the show was wasted. All the viewers who engaged weekly in this show were cheated. It is like selling a book without printing the last chapter. This is a complete disrespect towards the viewers that all of Hollywood depends upon to be a success.

    I think its stupid the show ended like it did they should of canceled the stupid shows that took its place Kyle xy was one of my favorite TV series EVERY MADE and too stop a show like this is unimaginable especially for stupid programs that don't need to be on and are boring as hell Kyle xy needs to be put back on the air and stupid shows taken off it was the one thing I looked forward too watching all the time and now that I've watched the 3 seasons 10 times I still think you guys need to bring it back more people like kyle xy then you realized and like I said you need to bring it back and for not continuing making it I'm giving it a low rating if it was on I would be giving it a perfect rating
  • Last Season

    I like to know what kind of idoit cancelled this show First of all the last scene where Kyle was choking a man who said was his brother why would they leave the show like that

    I guess best is not to watch the channel he was on as they will do it again and again leave everyone hanging for a ending and never getting it what stupid programmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • For all of you who don't understand the gigantic cliff hanger in season 3

    The show was supposed to be only taking a mid season break, but they cancelled the filming of the second half. There was a full story line already in the works to make it continue, but some brilliant *loads of sarcasm* producers in Burbank thought that the world would be better off without the Tragers
  • bjguhi

    ok hello sir or mam i would like for u to bring kyle xy back so please a lot of kids and people like this i think u should bring it back cause that thwe best show i have ever know so please as my birthday i want u to bring the show back

  • Guilty Pleasure

    This show was a bit of a guilty pleasure, it definitely wasn't great, but it was fun and a cool premise. I wish they had have given it a proper ending!
  • what will happrn

    everything about the end of the season 3 is irritating me I just finished and I want to know what happens with kyle and Amanda also what happens with kyle and latnok and cassidey and I want to find out if andy ever comes back to see josh, just they literally left ever part of the show in suspense I just want clarity with the ending and until that happens I will be very angry at the show and my review would be a lot higher if the end didn't end how it did because I loved the show
  • we want kyle xy back

    wwe want we want kyle xy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*()

    Just watched all of Kyle XY, went to research when the new episode would be coming out just to see that there will be no new season. what is wrong with you people i love this show!!! Please bring it back i want to see more of what would happen next.

    This is so unfair. I'm dieing to know what happens. They NEED!! To bring it back to show us what happens. It's pure torture.
  • Must have Kyle XY!!!!!

    GREAT SHOW!!! I watched all the seasons and I just had to find out if there would be more seasons to come. I was upset to see that there wouldn't be. What happens next??? please bring back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!===)
  • Bring Back Kyle XY!

    What the heck is wrong with people!? How can you leave millions of fans just hanging and wondering what the heck would have happened next! This was one of the few shows i really like! I think it deserves an ending.
  • kyle xy should have an ending

    i think that everyone should join again and make season 4 i hate not seeing kyle and cassidy who ever said that u guys should not make a season 4 than thier stupid u guys have to make a season 4 plz i am the kind of girl who just sit in bed and does nothing and has nothing to watch and kyle is over so i am begging u plz make a season 4 its the only thing i can watch u still need to solve josh and andy and kyle and cassidy what cassidy is going to do to the family thanks to anyone who read this plz tell me if this deserved a thumbs up or down thanks

  • Bring back KYLE XY

    They should atleast make a movie to give a decent ending which the show totally deserves. Yeah, I also hope that Kyle & Amanda end up together!
  • Bring Kyle XY back

    wow they canceled kyle xy but just let the secret life of the american teenager air for 5 seasons? That's screwed up. This show was one of the best i've ever watched and I can't stop thinking about what season 4 would be like. What happens to michael cassidy and kyle? What about the love triangle? Have been waiting for years and NOTHING has happened. Please bring back kyle xy I have all these questions and it's driving me crazy:( How can it be canceled due to low ratings?! Look at all the fan reviews!
  • come back kyle

    I think the creators and cast should try to piece together another season or two for all of us fans and I am a very big fan of the show.
  • Bring kyle xy back

    I think the creators and cast should try to piece together another season or two for all of us fans and I am a very big fan of the show. This show was very inspiring and We would all love for a new season to come. This show has inspired me (kevin James) to learn more about science and that is one of my subjects I don't like lol and I am really counting on the creators to try to get the cast back on for another season. I really love this show and I hope that this message could reach the creator and cast. I really hope you all can put this show back up, I think it it might inspire someone new to try new and great things. If someone could get this message to creators and cast I would really appreciate it if they could put this show back up or at least give me a call-17608767130 I hope they can give it another chance
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