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    I really like the show and so does my brother. He got emotional about it. It should not have ended with that... there is so much more i want to know about it. We don't watch tv much in my house but when we do my brother always wants to watch Kyle XY. Its rude that you would take it off the air when there are people who truly like the show. It sucks for the rest of us. Please put the show back on, thats really all my brother looks forward to. My brother really has no goal in life but since he watched the show... he wants to be a movie brodcaster and he has never really wanted to keep a goal like that. Anyway, I wish there was someone who I could talk to about this. We watch it on netflix and my brother watched it 9 TIMES! The whole episode. Well anyway...It SUCKS that someone took it off air.
  • Y was it canned

    Y the f*** was it stopped without finishing the show so can u make a season 4 to end it
  • Make a season 4

    I am constantly looking for new shows to watch, i had heard of this show when i was younger and never bothered to watch it until recently when i had found it on netflix, Kyle xy is one of the best shows i have seen in awhile, i was very disappointed by the ending of season 3 and wish they would make a new season even though it has been a few years since it was canceled
  • Add More!!!!

    I like kyle xy but i think that it shouldve had a better ending!I like the chemistry between the characters.
  • Bring back Kyle XY

    I found this show on netflix and was soon sucked into what I felt was an excellent main story line. I felt the characters all had great chemistry. I hate that they failed to give the show an ending and believe that with it's exposure on neflix, there is a new fan base that would love to see the show finished properly. Please help to show your support by signing my petition to bring back Kyle XY, I'm trying to reach at least 100,000 votes, Sign here and spread the word:
  • bring back Kyle XY!!

    I just looked at the third season of Kyle XY apologize for my english not so good like I think they should continue to shoot this series because there are so many fans in my country but most definitely what I want to say that the ratings dropped because of Jessica is so boring that many show that unfortunately began to upset fans of Kyle and Amanda are great couple and I think that we should renew the third season and let Jessica go to her mother it is my opinion and one that Kyle be with Amanda, and it will definitely go back fans know that I am nobody and nothing but really would like to continue to set records, but just do as I say and everything will be fine viewership will increase because without that Jessica is so boring it impossible to describe to you from me so that I can contact email address I ask you to consider my proposal, thanks
  • we deserve an end?

    This was the most sci series I ever enjoyed, please a request for ABC studios to countine the season 4 , it's not fair that we don't know the end. Please consider my request.

    I love the show, I love the crew I even watched all stars movies, please think about it again.
  • Unexpected Show

    I never thought that this show would be this good. I don't look at a lot of ABC family shows due to unexpected cancellations. I loved the story had to see the first episode and I became hooked. I watched show after show the story was getting better and better by each episode. This show ended to quickly before it could ripen just when things were becoming clear, the show ends. I joined a group of petitions to stop the show from canceling and joined another group to help syfy pick up the serious unfortunately that never happened. I recommend still seeing the show its a great show to watch.
  • All I have to say

    Hey Guys Ain't you bringing the 4th season..?

    I have nothing to say actually--I'm from Ghana in West Africa and only God knows how much I love this Movie--Please keep it up and bring the season 4

    i just recently found this show and instantly loved it it,and then i find out that it is cancelled.that was the biggest mistake on ABC family's part' if they had just let the show run its corse i think the could have made alot of money
  • cancelled....

    this sucks! I just found this show and now come to find out it's discontinued. What's the reason? and why do they do it to all the interesting shows that actually have development?
  • A decent show that didn't deserve to go out like this

    Let me start by saying that Kyle XY is by no stretch of the imagination as good as Smallville or CSI. In fact, I tend to think that it is sort of a strip down of both. However, the fact still remains that Kyle is a pretty good sci-fi show. Its mysteries kept me going on to the next episode and its shocking revelations and season finales were nothing short of genius (in fact, Smallville could stand to learn a few things from Kyle about how to end a season). I also REALLY enjoyed the love triangle that existed between Jessi and Kyle and Amanda. So, even though I believe that this show is a bit of knock-off of more popular and widely acclaimed sci-fi and action shows, I think that Kyle at least deserves a season 4 and a more proper series finale.

    p.s. IMO, all shows deserve at least a series finale. I'm sort of a stickler for the "proper burial" treatment.
  • Save the Tub Save Kyle XY Save the world!

    I do truly love this show. From the first episode to the last one aired (so far)I was absolutely hooked. The writing is awesome, the character development could not be better (could use more time on all of them!)the acting is incredible. The music they pick is also great and fits with not only what is going on in the episodes but fits the MOOD, the FEELING, of the episodes. This show subtly makes having morals the good thing that it is. I know I have often thought about "what would Kyle do" in situations in my own life. I am so impressed that this show can do all of these things seemingly effortlessly and the range of ages that I personally have seen fall hopelessly for Kyle XY has been anywhere between 13 and 70. Truly an awesome show!


    I absolutley LOVE kylexy. Whoever decided it was okay to end the show in the middleof the third season is an idiot. When i watched Cassidy break into the Trager house and go after kyle i was so eager to watch what happened next.. but no there is no next

  • 10

    I just heard that ABC will not be airing another season of Kyle XY( Season 4 ) , I am outraged at this opinion Kyle XY was a show that
    spoke too many a children I loved Kyle XY and cutting the show
    how you did is ABSOULUTELY Ridiculous, There were so many questions unanswered, you can't just classify it in your head and say that Kyle moved in with his 'supposed brother and mother' and there are also other unanswered questions like what happened to the tregers! RB.

  • im pulling for more episodes.

    if the writers were able to make one or more final episodes, and sold them on a new disk, wouldn't that make LOTS of money, considering all of the fans who wanna know what happens?
    for example, harry potter, they are making so much more money because they split the last movie into two parts, if there was a special disk for the final episode(s) of kyle xy, i know i would pay whatever they asked for it. they show was cancelled for a lack of money, so having a special DVD for final episode(s) would be a pretty good thing. nobody wants to leave a show unanswered and unfinished.
  • First impression of Kyle XY seems like it will be your typical dippy family oriented teen show, but it really does a good job of hooking you with very likable characters. The story is interesting, and the character development is fun to watch.

    I really did not think I would like this show when I started watching it. I thought that Kyle's dippy innocence would irritate me, but the writers toned it down, and started adding complexity to the characters. Unexpectedly, I came to really enjoy watching the show and looked forward to watching it each week.

    Even more suprising, while I expected your typical family-filtered purified storylines, we actually got something much more real --- and believable. This show touched on topics such as erections at the pool, the son stealing dad's pot stash, Teen sex and virginity, pornography, gay rights, a two-mother family, cancer, job loss and near-death experiences for family members.

    It is rare to find a show of this quality that is also willing to weave in such a variety of topics.
  • Perfect, My favorite Show!

    This show was really awesome. I'm very sad the way it ended. ABC's decision was very brutal.

    It had everything. Well-acted Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi...
    I fell in love with the characters. Whether it's Kyle, Nichole, Lori, Jessi or Josh... They were all good.

    The first season was the best. I can watch the Pilot episode over and over again. It just doesn't get old.

    I just don't get it. Why the good shows get cut every time.... and all we're left with are some crappy shows like 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager'!

    If they really wanted to end this show, then why with a cliffhanger!? Why not with a nice happy ending? I'm really mad. I loved this show. There will be nothing like KYLE XY. It's just too good.
  • A unique take on scientific technology and family. A new kind of hero reaches our screens offering an incomparable vantage point.

    I fell in love with Kyle xy from the moment I laid eyes on this strange circumstance emerging from the woods. A lone male, awakes to find himself covered in goo and unaware of what is going on around. With no memories, and mysteriously, no belly button this mysterious stranger finds himself adopted into a family of four who help him to discover who he really is. Kyle XY is a rare show which is why it was sad to see it cancelled. It had a strong first season. The highly intelligent Kyle seems the most apt character to explain and analyse what is going on around him. Everything is new for him. He has to try and understand and learn the complicated ways that people communicate with each other and through this learning, we the viewer can see our own hypocrasies and at times laugh at ourselves.

    I was slightly dissapointed at the third and final season. I think they tried to wrap up as much as they could before the end of the show. But I also feel they lost some of that Kyle magic in doing so. I would love to see this show back. Its rare to find a family show like this that doesn't get overly dramatic with drink, drugs, affairs and back stabbing that is so comonly found in a lot of teen shows these days. Kyle XY on the other hand develops a great sense of family bonding and its this families strong bond to each other and close friends that make this a heart warming tale with moral and ethical lessons.

    A must see show for the family!
  • Must watch TV. Is Kyle XY similar to John Doe as a child becomes an adult?

    While there are many differences between Kyle XY and John Doe (Fox), the similarity seems very strong. As with John Doe, Kyle wakes up naked with no memory of his past and super mental abilities.

    The differences give Kyle XY an unique perspective on this situation and are worthy of watching on a regular basis. While John knew about humanity, Kyle is learning. Where John had a religious under tone, Kyle could be from another planet. John Doe searched for his past but Kyle doesn't seem to care. Where John Doe looked to be unique, a brief TV News show gave us the possibility Kyle is not alone.

    Is it possible Kyle is a combination of John Doe & Threshold/Invasion? Is it more likely just as a child grows and later asks questions this show will move Kyle from child to adult? These questions make Kyle XY a thought provoking and interesting show. I HOPE ABC will let it evolve as the Sci-Fi channel allows Stargate SG-1 instead of trapping it in a never ending cycle of cookie cutter scripts.

    The two shows on purpose or by mistake comment on how we treat people today as opposed to just a few years. While John Doe gets help starting out, Kyle found himself locked away in a youth prison. Where was Judge Amy's Mother (or someone like her) to help protect this innocent child? Why lock him away with murders, rapists, thieves, etc.?

    Hopefully, ABC will give this series a chance to develop instead of giving up on it during its first season as Fox did with John Doe. ABC already is playing with the show’s time (Fridays, Mondays, where next?), as it and other networks played with other 2005-2006 shows. Networks complain a show loses its audience, except those with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), who can keep up with the changes and not miss an episode? Are advertisers not interested in those who can’t or don’t want this new technology?
  • Simply John Doe meets the OC in Middle America. Oh what joy..

    This show seems to parallel another show called John Doe. In fact it mirrors the show's introduction. A man finds himself naked in the wilderness, unsure of who and where he is. The only difference being that in Kyle XY main character is a teenage boy instead of a man, and he knows nothing about the world other than Advanced Mathematics, Karate, and how to type extremely fast. Oh.. and how to draw. The show can best be described as John Doe meets the OC in Middle America. Oh what joy..

    Overall, an interesting yet unorigional show. However I'll watch every episode because I immensly enjoyed John Doe's premise, and Kyle XY's is exactly the same.
  • Kyle XY is without a doubt the most charming, heartwarming and heartbreaking TV show I have ever seen. An amazing cast and a fantastic story-line. When you are still thinking about the story and characters months after watching, you know its awesome!

    Kyle (Matt Dallas) is a teenager who was found naked in a forest with no recollection of the past. It becomes clear almost immediately that he is no ordinary guy.
    After a loving therapist decides to let Kyle stay at the family home, Kyle learns all about life as a teenager, love, relationships, family and why he is so different to everyone else.
    (That may not sound like the type a program a hardcore Sci-fi fan would like, but trust me, it is extremely well done, and it is really great to see these characters and relationships develop throughout the series.) With a corrupt company following kyle, trouble is never too far off.

    With a fantastic cast that includes:

    Matt Dallas, Jaimie Alexander (Amazing performance)
    Bruce Thomas, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Chris Olivero, Kirsten Prout, April Matson, Marguerite MacIntyre, Nicholas Lea, Magda Apanowicz.

    You really do need to watch Kyle XY. It was a great experience watching this week after week. I honestly don't know what ABC Family is thinking canceling this show, it was the ONLY good one they had, the rest is basically all teenage trash. What they have done is horrible and unjust. We can bring it back. Sign the petition guys.
  • This show is great. It is what TV needs. It is intense, funny, dramatic, scary, awesome, and sexy all at once. The characters all mesh really well together and the acting is brilliant.

    The soundtrack on the show is very great. I've learned about a lot of new bands/artists thanks to the show. The acting is very well done and believeable even though it is in no way possible. The cast all works very well together and look they have a lot of good times. Make sure you watch all the seasons! This show is great. It is what TV needs. It is intense, funny, dramatic, scary, awesome, and sexy all at once. The characters all mesh really well together and the acting is brilliant. You will have agreat time watching this show.
  • kyle xy is a great sitcom/drama show.

    Kyle xy is terrific. When i first turned it on and watched it i didn't really think it was that good at all. But when i started watching it abit more i started liking it and then i started loving the show. With kyle first being in the woods and now being a very intelligent human being. I feel that Kyle has become a brilliant person on the show (kyle xy) and i wish it never ended. Cause i love the show now. Also Nicole,Steven,Josh,declan,Lori,amanda and Jessi are all also brilliant on the show. I wish Kyle xy didn't end cause it is the best. GO KYLE XY.
  • Funny, captivating, and although not so original still can see that it will be a great show to watch.

    Watched the first episode just a few nights ago and had a very optimistic view on what the show would turn out to be like. Only to find out within 10minutes of the show i was laughing as well as wondering "what the". strange, funny and interesting. I will defiantly be watching this show from beginning to end. The show capivates you with the unanswered questions of every episodes, yet leaves you for filled with the answers it answered. You can just tell that each episode will get better and better, not to mention more twisted as it continues along whatever road the show chooses.
    Although very similar to smallville, it has it very different views and paths in which it will take.
  • Kyle started off in the woods with no memory. A therapist takes in Kyle and treats him like her own family.Kyle learns the basic things in life to learning to love people. He later finds out the mysteries in his past and tries to help others.

    The show, Kyle XY is two thumbs up. Viewers have claimed that is very worth watching. Kyle XY is filled with mysterious ideas. The plot is great. The cast for the show matches their personality completely. Kyle is an amazing character, along with Josh, Andy, Lori, Declan, and many others. The plot is complexed yet viewers can connect to it. The show makes viewers understand the importance of having a family and that how you are raised makes who you are. Kyle XY is a mix of romance, action, sci-fi, and mystery. This show deserves a 10 and needs to be saved! It should have NOT been canceled.
  • Amazing Television 3 seasons of pure genius. It is A show about a boy just trying to understand the world around him and how he is different and why he can do so many amazing wonderful things. ABC Family you canceled the only GOOD show on the network!!

    I first Started watching this show a year or so back and I didn't know that I would fall in love with it. Manly because it was on abc family because abcfamily= stupid teenager drama garbage!! Actually that is why some of my friends don't watch the show because of the stigma that the network has and I tend to agree with that feeling very much so. I like Kyle's quest in understanding the world then being able to come around and finally explianing reality in such away that the rest of us can't even begin to understand and comprehend. Save kyle Xy you suck abc family for doing this!!! Now I leave you to your regularly scheduled programing about a stupid pregnant 14 year old.
  • I think Kyle XY is the best show ever. Kyle XY is amazing and it has amazing actors and actresses. I cant believe abcfamily canceled this amazing show. I love and miss Kyle XY so much. It is my favorite show.

    I think Kyle XY is the best show ever. Kyle XY is amazing and it has amazing actors and actresses. I cant believe abcfamily canceled this amazing show. I love and miss Kyle XY so much. It is my favorite show. I have a few favorite shows but Kyle Xy is my number one favorite show. I think the actors and actresses do an amazing job. Even though Kyle XY has been canceled i still watch the show. I love the drama suspense scifi the funny parts the sad parts and every part of this wonderful show. I love Kyle XY so much.

    SAVE THE TUB! that's what millions of Kyle XY fans have been chanting all around the world, in fact, in over 21 different countries! Kyle XY is an amazing science fiction show that really makes the audience think. It was also linked with an alternate reality game that took the internet by storm. Every monday night at 9pm EST, Kyle's dedicated fans have blog parties on the abcfamily forums, watching a different episode every week, having fun and hoping to get abcfamily's attention. we are the second most active forum on the site, which really says a lot! come join us and save this amazing show!
  • Kyle XY, which evolved from mysterious amnesiac teenager to genius good-doer taken in by the Tragger family, altered how a science fiction show could work and brings heart and soul into a time where family dramas and science fiction could not coexist.

    During Kyle XY's three season run, it developed complex characters, delved into science mysteries, dived into thought-provoking conflicts (nature vs. nuture), and created an atmosphere welcome to strangers. By that I mean that the soul of the show was in the hearts of its characters. At first, it was like watching an incredibly smart baby-- in a teenager's body. It questioned social contracts and tendencies and answered by giving our protagonist, our hero, the goodness needed to be a hero. Kyle, a pure and kindred soul, looks at the world with hope and has a naive expectation that the world and its creatures should do the right thing. By developing Kyle's superhuman advanced abilities, the show creates both science fiction and a metaphor for his greatness and stronger abilities to hope and do more than others. His family, meanwhile, is the backbone for his moral center, and his relationship with each one, Stephen, Nicole, Lori, and Josh, is explored heavily and done with such a fine intricacy which makes it plausible that any family could love another as if they were a family member. At the same time, Kyle's relationships and maturity are shown through his mentors, Adam and Foss. The creators obviously use these to help Kyle see and help people and are preparing him to become the hero the world needs him to be. Though Kyle could not be the only one, so Jessi, later a love interest, was introduced in order to show the contrast good and evil, and to balance this naive and always child-like creature. Through Kyle's adventures, whether it was delivering a baby, taking down an evil corporation, or just doing chores we see that Kyle is a unique character that charmed us into three seasons of well-written, genre balanced writings that leeps this reviewer wanting more.
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