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  • About a kid, Kyle, who was created and finds his comfort in a family he creates, rather than is born into, while having to deal with his own problems like his enormous IQ and special abilities

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! This show is the best show that i have ever seen, and i love watching tv. As a matter of fact let me start with the fact that i hope it continues with a couple more seasons cause i wish i had my fix of Kyle Xy every day. This show has something, i believe most shows dont have these days. It has mystery, that keeps you wanting more. It has drama, which also keeps you wanting more, but keeps it relative to everyones life at some point or another. It has family, something everyone has or wants at some point in there life, and it also entertains the idea that you dont have to be born into a family just to fit in. It has action, people love seeing stuff blow up and people do the impossible. All around i believe this show is VERY well rounded and i believe that the people who dont like the show have only heard negative things about the show from people who didnt like it, have very closed minds, or have only seen one episode and didnt like what was said or happened. The truth is, is that this show happens to relate to a lot of people, parents and teenagers, with things that go on in here. I know one thing, I will own this ENTIRE series if/when the show ends, which i hope it goes on for a couple more seasons, cause i believe they can keep it going and make it bigger and better.
  • Follows the life of a extrodinary boy, who has no idea who he is.

    A teenage boy (Matt Dallas) wakes up in the woods with no memory of who he is. He is taken in to a juvenile detention centre. He is released into the the care of Nicole Trager (Marguerite McIntyre) a mother of two who is also a social worker, she also gives the stray the name Kyle. Her husband Steven Trager (Bruce Thomas) and two children Lori Trager (April Matson) and Josh Trager (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) are not thrilled to have Kyle move into their household, but learn to accept him. Kyle immediatley fall for the girl next door Amanda Bloom (Kirsten Prout). Every day the Tragers are figuring out new things about Kyle and the extrodinary things he can do.
  • What a disappointment.

    I usually like this genre and try each one but I was incredibly disappointed with this show.

    Second-rate acting (especially by 'Kyle'), boring storylines (does anyone actually care whether or not these teenage losers actually go to prom?) and some of the lamest dialogue I've ever had the misfortune to listen to. Not to mention the cardboard characters. Far too much time is spent on the 'normal' activities and too little on the reason to watch the show. A script writer who could manage a little decent dialogue would do wonders but alas. I certainly won't bother watching this again.
  • Kyle XY is the story of how one young man created in a test tube must go against the odds and bring down a mad scientific corporation. All while balancing his life as a teenager and as a new member of a family.

    Kyle XY is a wonderful combination of sci/fi and teenage drama. It is entertaining as it lures audiences into the virtuous life of Kyle and his encounters with the real world. It stands out because the story isn't cheesy. It feels real.

    Each season we see a new chapter unfold. The exciting part is actually the pace of the series. It isn't too fast where you miss out on the details. It becomes fun to unravel the mystery on Kyle XY because the main character needs to adjust to life as a teenager.

    Kyle XY is in my circle of favorites.
  • An amazing show about a young man who is genetically altered. All he wants to do is learn about his past just like any person would want to if the had no memories.

    Simply amazing since the shows debut in 2006 it has had a great run. The story is very interesting and it always had you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. When the first season ended it totally kept you wanting more. When the second season started the following summer it was like getting a fix this show is amazing it has a lot of heart. Then again ABC Family has a lot of great shows on their channel. if you like Kyle Xy I would recommend that you watch Greek that isnt as serious as Kyle Xy but it is really interesting.
  • A mysterious teenager is found disoriented in the middle of traffic. Kyle, as he is later named, lacks a navel and has no recollection of his past. Taken in by the Trager family, Kyle discovers that he has extraordinary abilities.

    Kyle XY is the best family science fiction series I have seen. I love this series because it full of emotions, comedy and some out of the world stuffs and events that is so great to watch. This series is great for anyone who love drama mixed in with science fiction. To anyone who might be interested in seeing this series then you should go to ABC Family Channel or the network's website to see episodes or to buy the season on DVD. I can not wait until the new season airs on television. I am so glad I can watch this series when it is on.
  • Kyle XY has a first impression that makes you think this may be a little bit odd for me, but as the series progresses, you fall in love with the characters, and the emotion is quite strong and you follow them to find out who Kyle XY is..

    My first impression of Kyle XY wasn't that extraordinary. I felt it was a good series to watch now and then on Fox 8 (Kyle XY's Australian premier broadcasters), but after watching the first and second episode, I fell face flat for the performance of the actors & actresses, and the emotional output from the show itself (characters, story like, etc)..

    Have yet to see all the episodes, but have watched up to Season 2 episode 3, and from there, I felt it was time I joined (after lurking it for years) just to review this show and join those who also enjoy it..

    As the series progresses, you find out a lot of information, and not just small things that don't make a difference (every episode has so much information, you end up on the edge of your seat by the middle of it, and then on the floor by the end of it because you realized there's yet another cliff hanger)! Each episode is significantly important in the series, and it's just all that better to have another series, that sure, it follows the every day life of teenagers and family-issues, but has that emotional twist that Kyle wants to find out who he is.. and most importantly, what he is.

    I recommend this series to anyone who likes the drama / mystery genre (there's far more than that, as well).
  • ive never took the time to watch this show except once.

    kyle xy definetely seems like a decent show i mainly like it for the mystery sense i got while i watched it i thought it had some time when i was watching the first time really.i was eating out in a chineese restaraunt and saw in on the actual abc channel so i figured i bet this shows got quite a bit of potential.when the new season begins ill be recording it because i want to learn about what the story actually is about i think its going to be a good show for me possibly a daily fix although i have to wait a whole year :d ill try to hold out.
  • A teenage boy shows up with no memomory and no belly button and starts living with The Tragers. Starring: Matt Dallas, Marguerite MacIntyre, Bruce Thomas, April Matson, Jean Luc Bilodeau, Chris Olivero, Kirsten Prout, and Jaime Alexander.

    I really didn't want to see this when i saw the previews for it, but my older sister watched it while i was down there and i was hooked. The show is great, and even though there are a couple of things that i don't thing are all that great, like it can be boring at some times, i still really enjoy the show. The show is about Kyle (Matt Dallas), but my favorite moments of the show are when Lori (April Matson), Stephen (Bruce Thomas), Nicole (Marguerite MacIntyre), or Josh (Jean Luc Bilodeau) are interacting with one another as a family with Kyle. It's a real drama and one of the best family dramas that i have ever seen, and i can't wait for the next season in January.
  • Smallville wannabe.

    Although, I have only watched a few episodes of this show (season one), Kyle XY, it is nice. I really think this show is a Smallville wannabe. I'm referring to Smallville's first seasons. Always when I look at Kyle I see him as a low budget Clark Kent. Well, I can't deny it, he (Matt Dallas) is a hottie (just like Tom Welling)! This show reminds me a lot of Smallville. Mysterious teenager who is adopted and then finds out his amazing abilities. He has his own Lana Lang too, i.e., Amanda Bloom. Sometimes Kyle acts like a completely stupid person and his family doesn't help him. They're not as smart as the Kents. They don't seem to worry about the dangers a person like Kyle might have. Remember, I've only watched a few episodes of season one, I don't know what happens next. Anyway, I'm going to watch it. I'm so glad I can see Nicholas Lea again!
  • Nothing like it!

    The best show in the world! One of a kind show! Its very different then the other show that are on! Its about a boy who born at the age of 15 and had to learn how to talk and do normal things for a 15 year old boy! And later you found out things that you would have never guess about him and how he came to be! Then in season 2 find jesse the opposite of kyle because she never had any one to teach her about good! So then you have kyle kind of teaching her how to do good! Then the family that helps kyle is a normal family with all there problems but find time to help kyle with all his problems and kyle find normalcy in school and his girlfriend Amanda! So its a show to watch!
  • Great Show... Hope it stays for a few more seasons...

    I recently just started watching Kyle XY just because there was nothing else on TV. I'm glad I did watch it because now I'm hooked and can't wait for season 3. The story is combination of everything you'd need. A touch of humor, mystery, love story, occasional action and of course drama. Just when you thought you got it all figured out, something happens and everything you thought were was actually not. With the introduction of Sarah, a lot of things are now in question again. Why the return after successfully keeping her self out of sight? What's going on with Brian and Foss? Well, I am glad that this August a lot of new seasons in dvd are coming out. That should be enough to keep me occupied while I wait for Kyle XY season 3...
  • Kyle XY

    Airs Next: ABC Family at Monday 8:00 PM (60 min.) Status: Returning Series Premiered: June 26, 2006 Show Categories: Science-Fiction, Drama More Photos A mysterious teenager is found disoriented in the middle of traffic. Kyle, as he is later named, lacks a navel and has no recollection of his past. Taken in by the Trager family, Kyle discovers that he has extraordinary abilities.

    Season 1: Kyle realises that he has abilities that no normal human shares. With the help of the Trager family and his new friends, he tries to find out who he is, where he came from, and why he woke up in the middle of the forest with no knowledge of the world.

    Season 2: After discovering his origins, Kyle learns that he has a counterpart. Her name is Jessi, and together they try to harness their abilities and find out more about the mysteries surrounding their creation, and all the while balancing their school and family lives.

    Kyle XY is produced by Touchstone Television for ABC Family.
  • The only reason it's one of my a personal favorites is because out of a lot of people I know I'm probably the only one that still watches it but I still like the show anyway. Dude anyway this show is exciting,mind bottilig ,and a good show know for the rv

    Kyle XY is an amazing show even though the ratings went down they will come back up soon because of the return of the new season . The show is great to me because the only reason you should change the channel is if there is breaking news on T.V. . Kyle XY has all the action , drama , and other stuff that is exciting to keep on your toes . The story line is awesome making great also the characters are great . The only thing I don't like about the show is when the new episodes premiere , and they only rerun the episode once from what I know.
  • kyle xy is about a boy that just arrives on earth and has no memory of how he got here and has no history. he is like a normal teenage boy except he doesn't have a bellybutton. he lives with a family that are nice but don't really know how to handle him.

    kyle xy is the newest addition to my list of favourite shows but is definiley at the top. it is just pure magic. kyle xy is a mixture of sci-fi, comedy, action, adventure and drama. it builds up suspence every week and who knows where the show is going next but wherever it goes, i'll be watching. kyle xy has to be one of the easiest shows to get into. as soon as i saw the advert i knew this was the show for me. i had only watched it for about ten minutes and immediately knew that i would be watching this every week. after you watch this for the first time you instantly gain complete knowledge on the show.
  • Kyle, the mystery boy from the woods, gets taken in by the Traeger (spelling?) family. The first season was pretty much about Kyle learning how to interact in society and the Traegers helping Kyle to understand. The second season Kyle learns who he is.

    I love this show!! Matt Dallas portrays Kyle perfectly I just fell in love with the character, the show, the story-line, and the supporting cast. Josh & Andi (spelling?) and Laurie & Decklan fan. The show is intriguing each and every episode. Can't wait for the new season in early 2009. Wish ABC Family would order a full season. I hope Kyle XY is on for years to come. I really hope that Kyle & Amanda are able to find happiness together and that Jesse leaves them (and Decklan) alone. Matt Dallas deserves an award for his role in this awesome show.
  • The kid with a thousand questions and million answers

    Admittedly I first started watching the show because it had supernatural components to it, but then I just got hooked. The actor playing Kyle does an amazing job portraying a semi confused genius who has an uplifting view towards life and other people.
    If you are big time cynic you are probably going to hate this show. Allot of shows rely on sex, gimics and special effects to get ratings, and IMO Kyle XY doesn't. Granted the show does have some special effects, very little actually, it relies on excellent character development with good storylines. Whether you consider them original or not is your prerogative.
    The thing I like most about Kyle XY is, that allot of shows have tonnes of violence, sex and a whole lot of negative views on the world, its nice to have tv series which shows the good in the world for a change, call me soft but i love this show.
  • Boring. Cheesy and cheap. Unoriginal. Horrible show.

    I started wacth Kyle XY after reading some positive coments on this site (

    I didn't know nobody who wacth this and i be intrigue and decided to start wacth.

    The show has a couple misteries, the most important is WTH is Kyle?? But with the shows budget being so low, it become cheesy and boring.

    I wacth the first and a part of the 2nd seasons and decided to not go back. The show has a bad act for almost everyone on the cast with the exception of the lead (Matt Dallas). He's a midly good actor, but he looked retarded in the character of Kyle. It has his moments, but can't save the show alone. The scripts are awful, the way they play the histoty are wrong and the direction of the show let me dissapointed. The first season i almost have to hide myself during the show, so bad it was. And the 2nd season even with some improvement don't get much better.

    It's a teen show, the worst i ever wacth, and i not a fan of teen shows, i only have wacthed The OC and OTH (another so-so show that i give up after 2 season). I wacth because the sci-fi aspect of the show, and i regret because they don't know how to do this.

    I know the hardcore fans will disagre with this review, but seriously, you guys need to wacth better shows.
  • What is Kyle XY?

    I've watched every episode and I'm still not quite sure what Kyle is. A clone? A cyborg? Or something else all together? There's a lot of mystery here, and even when some questions are answered, the mystery keeps growing. This is sort of a sci-fi version of the "OC" but for the most part, it works. I find the Jessi character a bit irritating (or maybe the actress just doesn't work in the role for me) but the rest of the cast/characters are engaging. The show focuses more on the relationships of the characters than it does the sci-fi elements, and that's what I like most about it.
  • Fantastic Show!!!

    I absolutely love this show, it ranks up there with some of my all time favorites. The first season is a journey of discovery for Kyle and the viewer. You really get the sence of having a front seat as he makes new discovers. You see things that are everyday with a fresh pair of eyes. The viewer falls in love with Kyle. You just want to give him a big hug. The second season gets even better. The viewer takes a more back seat stance in this season. I will defiantly be buying the second season when it comes out on DVD. I can't wait for the third season so many questions left unanswered. Bring it out soon please!
  • The show clearly has made an attempt to tune in viewers from all ages!

    The show has become one of the biggest hits in my books. It makes you want to build a time machine and travel a week forward for the next episode. The show borders on several genres such as sci-fi and drama and action etc. If you are wondering whether to buy the DVD or not, I must tell you that you will not get bored of this, it has an infinite amount of replayability. Though it is about a boy who appears almost out of nowhere in the middle of the forest, the answers are given to you, albeit, in pieces.

    No show has been this good, with a low budget and a small area to film it, it definitely delivers.
  • A twist between drama and science fiction that actually seems to be balanced fairly well

    Kyle XY is a show about Kyle and his life with the Treager's a fairly typical family. However Kyle himself is anything but typical, he seems able to learn much faster then he should and through the series his scope of talent continues to raise, but even he has his limits, and tends to cross them from time to time, especially when someone hurts someone close to him. With relationships drama and a science fiction flair, the show has something in common with John Doe (a show that was totally underappricated and ended to early) but remembers to focus on the family and friend aspect as well, making Kyle seem like a more complete characer in some ways. Kyle XY finds a way to bring together aspects of romance and science fiction in a way that opens up endless possibilities from throughout the series, and while some aspects seem firiliar the ways in which they are handled tend to vary from most other dramas.
  • Kyle XY is a unique show exploring Kyle, how he sees the world, & where fate is taking him. Kyle is a cross between The Pretender & 7th heaven - but better!

    I love the goodness of Kyle's character. He shows true humbleness, humility, & honor, not to mention what his mind & body can do! The writing intertwines between the characters lives, the bad guys that are after him, & Kyle exploring & learning how to use his amazing abilities. The characters are both well-defined, & unfolding. Kyle is a character that you can't help but root for. He's here to impact the world, & his innocense makes you want to protect him. Matt Dallas does a great job with such a complex character. Awesome show. I hope it never ends...
    So when does season 3 start?? can't wait!
  • i think this is good

    High school can be stressful. Imagine how that stress is magnified for a foreign exchange student: you're surrounded by strangers and unfamiliar with local customs and language idiosyncrasies. Even the family you live with doesn't really know you, regardless of how happy they may be that you are there, and you know nothing of their family dynamic.

    Kyle XY (perfectly cast Matt Dallas) understands these difficulties. But he's not a foreign exchange student. In fact, no one in Kyle XY is quite sure who or what he is, not even Kyle himself. His memories begin the morning he wakes up nude in a forest. In the first episode, he was found and taken to a local juvenile detention center, where he didn't speak at all and couldn't recall where he was from. Social worker Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntyre) decided the first name assigned to him, "John Doe," was too morbid and renamed him. She was also so concerned with how he might fare in a detention center that she took him home to stay with her family.

    While the concept of the foreigner in a strange land is not new for television drama, Kyle is not your typical teen, possessing abilities that indicate his origins are otherworldly. He is a computer wiz and frighteningly quick on his feet. He's also a stranger in his own belly-buttonless body; when he cut himself when walking through a glass door, Kyle told Natalie, "My body is leaking." He didn't realize that the pain in his abdomen meant he needed to urinate, so he peed on himself. Neither did he recognize the emptiness he felt as hunger; it was only by watching another teen at the detention center that he figured out how to eat.

    Within days of arriving at the Trager household, Kyle was speaking English fairly fluently. Unfortunately, he absorbed inappropriate behavior as well as good, causing him to make frequent faux pas. During the pilot, he slipped up behind Natalie and wraps his arms around her, kissing her earlobe in the same way he saw her husband Stephen (Bruce Thomas) do. But while Natalie was extremely patient with his mistakes, the same cannot be said for the rest of her family, who resented his presence from the first moment they see him.

    The self-indulgent Trager children are not good role models for Kyle. Older teen Lori (April Matson) is a spoiled brat who sneaks out of the house to attend parties and sneaks boys in for overnight visits. Younger Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) sneaks Playpen magazines into the house (his introduction to Kyle comes when Josh takes his porn to the bathroom for some self-gratification, where Kyle is hiding in the bathtub) and threw a fit when told to share his room with the new houseguest.

    The juxtaposition of the innocent Kyle with such tainted youth not only emphasizes his peculiar situation, but also indicates the show's attitude regarding "kids today": they're irresponsible, confrontational, and selfish. This was most evident when Kyle followed Lori to a party (she's gone despite the fact that her mother expressly forbade her). The drunk and horny teens spent equal time getting Kyle drunk and ridiculing him. The boy with whom Lori spent the previous night was feeling up another girl, inspiring Lori to get so drunk she couldn't remember the party the next day.

    Eventually, Kyle won over the Tragers. He rescued Lori from being arrested at the party and carried the passed-out girl home, fixes a computer which Stephen is working on, and returns to Josh the Playpen his mother has confiscated. This acceptance allows Kyle to stay in the Trager home, setting up a dynamic of the alien in the "typical" American home. Had the Trager family opted to return Kyle to Social Services to be placed elsewhere, his future would have been one of a typical foster child, bounced from one home to another. By staying with the Tragers, Kyle is afforded some stability and security.

    That Kyle knows no more about himself than viewers is promising. Too often in sci-fi, the "stranger" arrives with a mission or motivation. Kyle, however, is experiencing fear and uncertainty. He will likely face his past life at some point, indicated by the fact that he's currently being trailed by a shadowy man carrying a thick file. And yet, even with this figure in place, Kyle XY steers clear of the dark tone prevalent in so many sci-fi shows. Part comedy, part family drama, and part sci-fi mystery, Kyle XY strikes the right balance between all three genres. No matter who Kyle turns out to be, so far, his journey looks like fun.
  • The story is incredible, starting with a litle bit of fun at the begining, continuing with the drama of a lost boy who discovers the love of a family, and who strugles to find out his past.

    I've discovered Kyle while browsing ont abc's family home page looking for informations about another show. Then a tv station in Romania anounced that they will broadcast too the tv series. But I couldn't wait, an thanks good to the internet i'm actually viewing now season 2 of this incredible show who has managed to transform me intro a real fan.

    The story is incredible, starting with a litle bit of fun at the begining, continuing with the drama of a lost boy who discovers the love of a family, and who strugles to find out his past.

    But when he actually finds out, he decides that it's important to keep safe his family and leave so that he can learn about who he is. I've never felt so sad, almost crying at the end of season finale.

    Luckly, the writers have managed to make us happy,combining very well the emotions and the expectacions of the viewers , making the story exactly how viewers expect in season 2 when the story gets more interesting.

    This show has it all: a litle bit of comedy and fun, adventure, thriller, drama, love, the problems of a regular teenager, of a parent... and finaly the life of a family who gets a new son/ brother.

    Kyle XY is actually one of the best shows I've seen lately and I strongly recomend it.
  • Kyle XY follows a 16-year-old boy who wakes up in the middle of the forest. Kyle looks like a teenager, but otherwise appears to be a newborn. After being adopted by the Trager family, he discovers that he has extraordinary abilities.

    I love the show Kyle Xy. This show deals with some real teenage issues. This show really brings families together. I really get excited about Monday nights because I know Kyle Xy is going to be on. As the character grows you start to like them even more at least for most of the characters. I like how Trager family accepted Kyle for who he was. I love how Kyle brought that family together. Kyle has some awesome powers. I look forward to when the DVD comes out. This show you can watch the episodes over and over again and never get tired of it and that is what would call a good show.
  • Kyle XY is a film about a boy that was found stranded in the woods. The strange thing is that he had no bellybutton.

    Kyle XY is a film about a boy that was found stranded in the woods. The strange thing is that he had no bellybutton. After a lot of episodes of trying to find out where he came from he meets Adam Ballen who created him. It's hard to describe how so you need to watch the show yourself.

    After Adam Ballen gets shot, Kyle moves back in with his family, who knows nothing about Adam Ballen or that he never had mother or father. On the last episode, Kyle goes in the wood with clues that Adam Ballen and Tom Foss(Adam Ballen's security guard and Kyle's saviour) left for him. In a cabin he found Adam Ballen's body and he was still breathing. He contacts with him and finds out that a "so called friend" that was like Kyle, betrayed him. This friend was with him and she helped him contact with Adam. After Kyle found out this he ran after her, and she comitted suicide over a cliff. Kyle went back to his family. But the question is:

    Did Kyle tell them about his secret?
    If he did, how did they react?

    These questions can't be answered because the show stopped right after Kyle's same comitted suicide.

    Look, don't take this personally all you Kyle XY fans, but although it was a great show, it had a crappy ending. I bet a lot of people agree with me on that one.
  • a good show...

    dont know much about this show but from what ive seen, kyle xy is some guy with super smarts who was created not made( hence no belly button ). A secret organization is out to get his knowledge and use it for their own purposes. this show is basically about him trying to keep his secret while at the same time go through every day life and learning new thngs everyday. since he was made, everything is new to him. he doesnt know how to treat someone he loves and he does very weird things indeed. he lives with a family that adopted him but dont knowmuch about him(until like after a few seasons).so thats pretty much the show
  • A pretty good show. I love the family dynamic in the second season and i loved the sci-fi in the first season. It has something for everyone.

    It has a mixture of everything for everyone i think. Teen drama, sci-fi, family dynamic, and a bit of comedy. The best thing about this show is the dialogue script. The way the family interact with eachother is very nice and accurate. Its heartwarming to see a proper family on tv.
    The acting is also great from nearly all of the cast. The characters of Stephen, Nicole, Josh, Lori, Hilary, Declan are just brilliant! Kyle and Amanda can be annoying at times, they're such goody two-shoes lol. , I don't really like the character of Andy either, i don't think she's right for Josh. But i hope she survives her cancer coz Josh would be heartbroken if she didn't. The first ever episode was fantastic, Matt Dallas learning how to eat and talk. SO CUTE!

    For the third season i think perhaps someone should die and Kyle should go to a dark place and not be such a goody two shoes anymore. And Declan could help him recover from that. I love the Kyle/Declan friendship (Keclan haha). Its very nice that Kyle had a best friend that kept his secret.
  • A kid is found in the woods with no memory. Skip a year and however the heck long and he's going to prom with his girlfriend, he has super powers, and she gets kidnapped I don't know when season 3 comes out though but I wann know.

    Okay Kyle XY is my favorite show, I saw the last two episodes on tv and then bought the rest off itunes. Before this show my favorite was Scrubs, GO black whale AKA brownbear o all you heroes fans, I haven't seen it so don't rag on me for calling kyle my favorite. Josh is actually my favorite character, then Declan, then Jessi. Josh is a goofy pothead who thinks with his heart, his gut, and his dick. (So like me). Declan is a super jock who has a nicer to geeks side and is actually pretty awesome unlike the jocks at my school. California jocks are jerks, especially to geeks like me. Then, Jessi wants to be the best at everything, which is awesome, because that's what I want to be but i'm too lazy...
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