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  • Keeps me at the edge of my seat

    I love, love, love this show.It actully made me look forward to mondays. It keep you wondering whats going to happen next and just trying to figure it out. The season just kept getting better and better and I am so board now intil it starts up again. The acting really good and so is the plots. It's one of my faviorte shows and I highly recomend it for anyone who loves drama. I know mostly guys watch it but it has romance for girls too. Like i'm a girl and I love it. SO check it out it will get you hooked.
  • Season 1? Great. Amazing. Season 2? Eh..

    About 2 years ago my sister and I kept noticing a commercial for Kyle XY on ABC Family. "How lame!", we thought. You have to admit, even if you're a fan, the commercials make the show look a lot worse than it is. I dunno what it was that made us watch it, but we watched the pilot. And then we were hooked. The way Kyle said, "..everything" (when asked what scares him) and fell into Nicole's arms was beautiful. In fact, the whole first season is beautiful. The who is Kyle? storyline keeps us all interested in the mystery. But the BEST PART is watching Kyle become part of this family. Many moments in season 1 are amazingly heartwarming and touching. Kyle truly becomes a Trager. I even cried at the season finale when Kyle leaves the household.

    Now the only reason I gave the show an 8 is because of season 2. I just felt that it didn't live up to season 1 at all. (This is just my opinion; my sister loved season 1 and still liked season 2.) The "Kyle is part of the family" moments are just as present as in Season 1, but for some reason, this time they don't warm my heart at all. The script is also a little more cliche now. I thought Jessi was okay, but what happened near the end and at the Season 2 finale was kinda lame. Also, Declan became really emotional and was a jerk to Lori, which sucks because I thought he was a cute and sweet guy.

    Kyle's relationship with Amanda is an exception to season 2. This felt completely genuine and although it's totally cliche, it feels right. Overall, Kyle XY is a very good show about a guy discovering his past and creating his future with a new family and friends. I didn't like Season 2 much, but who knows what we'll see from Season 3.
  • This show is groundbreaking in a way that the t.v. world hasn't seen in over 10 years.

    Just beautiful. I mean, it's got the usual teen coming-of-age stuff..... but the twists and turns in the plot make up for the predictability of the usual teen drama.

    I watched one episode (I think it was the 5th one, season one), and I was hooked.... I downloaded every episode up to season 2 episode 13. I hope the network execs choose to keep this show on for at least a few more seasons.... I still have so many questions.

    Each episode is like a mini story unto itself.... yes, they all are part of the bigger picture, but still hold water by themselves.

    Great show.... better than most out there right now.
  • i love kyle xy cant wait till the new season

    kyle xy way is so kool it a mystery i wont to solve i like talk to the tv when im watching it . da show is about love , mystery , and family . I hope all u ppl watch this series . its brillent i love it . i think its kool how kyle dont have a belly button . oh and its kool how he has to figure out his past to defeat the bad dudes . the epoisonds are mind blowing i would watch them every monday night can wait for the new season ! awsome show .
  • Love this show

    Love this show!!!
    It's the best show i saw ever. I just wait to continue the second season. All the characters are great, starting with Kyle (Matt Dallas) and continue with Josh Trager (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), Lori Trager (April Matson), Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntyre), Stephen Trager (Bruce Thomas), Amanda Bloom (Kirsten Prout), Declan (Chris Olivero), Jessi (Jaimie Alexander), Tom Foss (Nicholas Lea) and ending with Hillary (Chelan Simmons). The story is very well builted and i find in it a lot of action, intrigue and fun too. Just hope to start the show very soon, i'm so jumpy!
    So, KYLE XY it's the best show ever!!!
  • Kyle XY

    Original and interesting 45-minute season one kicked off great on abc family and showed people what learning was about. How fun learning could really be...
    If you watch carefully you can really see how good at acting Kyle (whoever plays him) really is! I love the first and second episode... I love all the other episodes of Season One too. I cannot wait until Season 2 is added to TVLinks and I will watch it again and again and again. One of the better seasons in US history, following up to Friends, Will & Grace & The X Files. I may need to add the X-Files to my Fav. shows too!
    ;D Extra good show.
  • Kyle hasn't got a bellybutton? He must be a science experiment! The evils that men do are out to get him, but he has a loving family to guide him through all those early pitfalls.

    This one is as sweet as pie. It's a family show, so you won't see much overt nudity or violence - all blood comes in discrete drops, all sex happens off camera, all issues between family members are resolved by understanding, forward-thinking teens and intelligent, compassionate but firm parenting. That said... There *is* sex, violence *does* happen, and the plot - though sometimes a bit hackneyed - is presented so well you have to enjoy it. The acting is superb, with special emphasis on Kyle - he starts out innocent, utterly and completely, a quality rarely seen on TV today and all the more powerful for it. That he looses that innocence so quickly is sad. I enjoy this one quite a lot. It's not perfect but hey, very little on TV is. The effects are nice. The cinematography is decent. Every episode ties together, there are no stand-alones. Downside: there is a cliffhanger ending. Joy.
  • Kyle is the subject of an experiment gone "wrong" and now they want him exterminated. Kyle is so different and amazing, and can do so many great things. Kyle now lives with his foster family and they have legally adopted him. Kyle XY rules.........

    I think Kyle XY is great. He is so amazing. I love watching Kyle XY to see what crazy things he will do next. Like jump off a roof because he didn't know he wasn't suppose to.
    I love that Josh thinks Kyle is an alien and he has his little Kyle notebook to make notes on what alien-like things he does.
    It was really sad about Adam Baylin, not being able to teach Kyle all he knows.
    Kyle is funny and so sweet and if you haven't seen the show I think you should find it on DVD and watch it.
    My favourites are Kyle and Josh
  • Teen angst with a sci-fi swist.

    I found this show by acsident, and loved it. I like the suedo big brother swist. Its a little korny, but I think its good family TV. Something you can watch with older kids ad still keep mom and dad entertained at the same time. I wouldn't let kids younger then 11 or 12 watch it. A bit too much sex referance for the younger ones. How ever there are some good life lesons for the older kids in this show. I enjoy the inter-action of the on-set family and think most of the charctres are more then one dimentional. I hope they expand some of the other charaters in the show. I'd like to see more from our old X-files buddy.

    I see 43 different TV shows and none holds a candle to Kyle XY. There is nothing like it! Many may say that it is similar to John Doe and i was a John Doe freak, and my expert opinion is NO! There main topic are like oil and water, the only similarity is that they both wake up naked on a forest. Kyle XY is a new category in the television world. The mystery is awesome and the conspiracy nail-bitting! The drama is in good balance with its comedy as is its mystery. It has been renewed for a third season, that has to mean something. Unrivaled and Unsurpassable. KYLE XY FOREVER!
  • Love this show!

    Kyle XY has become one of my favourites, when I first saw it I thought it was a cross between Dark Angel and Roswell, it kind of is in the idea of it but its still good in a league of its own.

    I love the characters and the story so far and I can't wait to see more. I love the character of Kyle, he's so sweet and innocent and somewhere down the line I think it would be interesting to him show a darker side if it were ever possible for him.

    I can't wait for the next season to give me my next fix of Kyle
  • Very interesting.

    I have so far seen 2 episodes of this show and I am really enjoying it. I am adding it to my 'can't miss' shows. I enjoy the chemistry of the actors and Kyle (Matt) is really good at saying nothing but meaning alot in his eyes and mannerisms. I believe he is just learning to live and doesn't know what life is. It also opens my eyes into how the human race really is. And the show has an evil/dark side with the skeleton found in the woods and a mystery man following Kyle. I'm looking forward to see how this show pans out.
  • Kyle Xy is at it's best and may even get better.

    Kyle Xy the new 2006 hit show, is sweeping the nation with its wonderful sci-fi effect. Kyle Xy has just finished Season 2 in which a new character was brought in, Jessi (a.k.a XX). Everyone was bewildered at the fact that there was another person just like Kyle. Jessi has played an important role, where she trys to find out who she is, just as Kyle did the first Season and still is. The show will be coming back soon with it's third season in which will take place after Jessi in the last episode (leap of faith) jumps off the cliff into the water. The third season should be just as good as the second and eveyone can't wait until their quesions are answered.
  • I love Kyle XY very much!!! In the second season, it is very noticeable that all the characters has grown especially Kyle, Josh & Declan. Kyle's relationship with his siblings is fun to watch and I love Kyle's friendship with Declan.

    After watching from season 1 til season 2, I have to say that season 2 rocks!!!
    Kyle is becoming his own person and takes responsibility for his actions.
    Josh cares for Lori very much. The scene in which he tells Lori of how he felt when she was beat up was a touching scene.
    Josh cares for everyone in his life and stands up for Lori, Andy & Kyle when the need arises.
    It's good to see that Kyle trust Declan with his secret and how Declan keeps his secret without exposing it to anyone.
    The music in Kyle Xy is awesome!!!
    The theme of the show is family, friends and love.
    I hope the next season starts soon.
    Can't wait to catch it!!!
    I recommend everyone to watch Kyle Xy.
  • Kyle XY, is a great show enjoyed by all the family.

    Kyle is about a science experiment, a clone of Adam Balin who has a super brain.
    He has the ability to use the full power of the human brain, which opens up so many possibilities.
    With all his special powers and no belly button no wonder why the youngest of the Trager family comes to the conclusion that Kyle must be an alien. With a clever story line and a loveable family with the ever comedic younger son and older somewhat cooler sister, it keeps this show fun and loving.
    I hate how this show only has 13 episodes it just doesn't seem enough.
    I hope next season returns with more episodes on offer.
    Again the finale left us with even more questions but also answered a few as well.
    Will Jesse return for the third season?
    Will the Trager's learn the truth about Kyle and except him?
    Well of course they will they're the Trager's.
  • Kyle XY is on ABC Family Mondays @ 6:00

    Wow..... This is one of the best shows of it's time. You just know it is going to be good the moment you witness this phenomenon. The Action, drama, and even comedy, you just can't get enough. Seriously..... you need to love this show cuz it is amazing............................ the second season is just wow....... Cant wait for the third season it will Be
    A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!! wATCH it on ABC family next year cuz it will be back 6:00PM on MOndays........... It will be one of the most popular shows on the prime time lineup.
  • Just like jake 2.0

    Its just like jake 2.0.. remember that show? Not to say that that show was bad.. I like it. However it seems from the early on that this show is similar to that concept. but with a different twist. A twist that we hopefully will learn about before this show eventually gets canceled. I like the show so far but I can\'t see a show like this getting much fanfare and being piced up for more then a season. The problem is that there are a few diehard fans for shows like this but not enough to make a difference in the ratings. Sad Sad
  • Intresting series about a boy with special abilities and no belly-button.

    The first episode I ever saw was when I was flipping channels, trying to find something to watch. I saw this and thought it looked intresting and watched it. Suddenly, it became one of my new "favorite" shows. The plot is very intruiging with the question (now answered) who is Kyle and the questions about Madacorp. The acting is not always great, but the ideas make up for Lori Hillary and Declans' bad acting. In this second season, the character, Jessi XX entered. Jaimie Alexander as Jessi is simply phenomenal and makes the character of Jessi such an intruiging one. Overall, a pretty good show, definitley worth trying out.
  • My favorite show. A show that I will always love!

    This show is awesome, every episode gets better and better after another. I only started to watch this show cause of the no belly button thing. But later I actually became obssesed with it. It has everything, action, romance, comedy, mystery, drama. Kyle XY was way better than I expected, and I'm not exaggerating. Season 2 left a whole lot of questions. Even though it is not gonna show any new episodes until some time in 2008, its all worth the wait. Every episode is unpredictable for me. Well I guess I shown my obssesion for the show :P. Great show
  • Another one of my new best friends.

    I thought April and Jean-Luc acted like, your typical all-American teenagers. Matt Dallas was breathtaking like he is each time, more often than not; showing the world a life long lesson. The detective has found a skeleton near where Kyle was first seen and believes that Kyle has something to do with those bones. I have a feeling those bones belonged to Professor Kern. He is missing and judging from the pictures Kyle draws Kern was in the woods. We will see! Both Lori and Josh wanted Kyle to lie for them; to help hid the truth from their parents. Amanda accidentally drove into the trash bins when she saw Kyle jump from the roof and land on his feet. Knowing not to lie is a valuable lesson that everyone needs to learn. But many of us do or have done things we know we should not have done and simply do not want others to be familiar with. It is easy to tell a lie just to not get the blame that comes with making a mistake. But those will catch up to us in the end!

    However, telling the truth is cleansing for the soul and after awhile all persons concerned with the incident will have forgiven and forgotten.
  • This serie is about a boy, who wakes up naked in the forrest, covered in slime, and with no belly button. So let the mystery begin...

    Let me say one thing... Have to watch every episode!!!! This serie is like the best book you've ever read, that kind of book you just can not close, that kind of book where you just have to read the next page. No s**t!

    You just can not help it. For every episode you get to love that boy more and more. Don't know what it is, but you just wanna hug that poor creature.
    His naive and unspoiled wiew at the world, like a new born child, getting to know everything.
    Plus the fact that he is VERY clever, you come to think about waht that boy can not acomplishe.
  • My fave!

    Kyle xy is a great mystery and an over all great show. It is about a boy named Kyle found naked in the forest, not knowing any of his family or his family backround. He is strangely intelligent and has no belly button. He lives with a family who adopts him and tries to adapt him to a regular life style. He first acts like a baby, not knowing anything about the world. The one thing he can do, is math like it's 2 plus 2.Where did he come from and who is he. The only probelm about him is he can't answer any of these questions!
  • Oh My Goodness!! This is awsome

    This a great show!

    See they find a kid, with no memory at all, and a family takes care of him. Then he gets in to trouble a lot as trying to find his past secrets.

    But as the series goes on, it get intresting....

    But at the end, they do it again. TV does it again. Just like on the Simple life...

    To Be Countinued, next season.

    It is very good, and I recomend it. I truely do recomend it!

    It is on ABC family, but it is on ABC on Friday nights.

    I cant wait untill next season. What will happen? I need to know!
  • does anybody know if there is a 3rd season? And when this will be on on tv ?

    I like this Kyle thing. It gets better every season. And he is so cute and shy, a really lovely boy. I just hope that there will be a 3rd season. Does anybody already know about this? So please tell me about. I hope Kyle will not fall in love with Jessy, he and Amanda are just perfect together. So no need to bring in a new Girl between the two of them.

    So, I still do not have 100 words. Why should i write 100 words when I can say the same thing with only 60 or 70 words? This is quite strange here. Normally you got a max words to write, not a minimum....
  • I just love this show!

    I've only saw 2 episodes, but I am absolutely in Love! :)

    The show seems to be really great. I hope it will continu to be really good and interesting.
    I find it to be funny and very interesting.

    To my understand, Kyle is a science product, which explains a few things on the show. (and it's making much more sense than him being an alien as Josh thought in ep. 2 (that's all I saw for now, so I have no idea if that was the only time he thought that :D )

    Great show. hopefully it'll just get better with each episode.
  • "Better every season" Even though its in the second season. No better show than this! Kyle, a "thing-human" created at a lab called "Zzyzx." He has extrodinary powers. The BEST!

    What's not to like about Kyle XY! The show is in the top ten of I think. Anyway, every character is good and the show is good. Kyle is awesome. Keep up the good work. Matt Dallas (Kyle) is great. The story lines continue to get better! I don't know what else to say. If you haven't seen Kyle XY, watch it. Buy the first season. The people at ABC family are doing great. Keep up whatever it is you are doing! If you do not watch this show, something bad will happen to you very soon. So watch it!
  • A great show that keeps me thinking.

    Kyle XY is one of the few shows I program my VCR to record no matter what. The reason being, that I am hooked. The series is always making me think. I love trying to figure it out and love it when my predictions are wrong. When they're wrong, the show proves to be unpredictable. The actors chosen play their part very well. There is nothing worse when a TV show tries to pass off someone who looks and is in their late twenties as a sixteen year old, when it's completely obvious. The actors chosen know their part and act the parts so well. The show combines humor and drama to make Kyle XY one of the most addictive shows on TV. This show is one of my personal favorites.
  • Lori, Kyle, Declan, Amanda, Jessie, Josh, and Andy all go to the woods and find what used to be Zzyzx.

    Wow. This episode was intense. I absolutely loved it! I really hope Jessie doesnt get in the way of Amanda and Kyle though.. :/ that would suck. The scene with Josh and Andy almost made me cry though.. i was like HOLY CRAPP. it was totally unexpected. The whole episode was phenomenal, kept me on the edge of my seat and I certainly did not want it to end. I loved all the flashbacks with Baylin, Foss, Kern, and taylor at zzyzx. It is by far one of the best episodes I've seen, although I still love them all. EXACTLY WHY I WATCH THIS SHOW. amazinggg.
  • A great story about a science victim /product (call it how u like).

    Yes, I like this tv-show since I saw first episode. Fascinating young boy Kyle with so stupid and, at the same time, innocent look on his eyes (very good chose at the casting). This is a story about evil... yes evil inside us. We made crazy thing, just, in the name of future, science development. Even if someone gets hurt. And story about love, patience and truth. But there are people between us who don't lose humanity, they help Kyle to live a normal life, gives him family and hope. Hope to make this world better by giving new knowledge about human power, opportunities and new limits we can reach. We don't know all thing that our crazy scientists do. So be careful, help you're neighbor, probably he can be Kyle XY...
  • Kyle and Amanda is an interesting dynamic.

    I just stumbled on this show a few weeks ago and i was intrigued. I had no idea what the show was i was watching. It's not one of my favorite shows but i had to catch up on the series. After i had caught up with it i decided it was worth it to keep on watching it. Kyle and Amanda i can't help but like them together. I usually ship couples who had some sort of longterm bond but this was different. They were not really tight friends but they were friends. It was obvious kyle wanted it to be more from the beginning. Still it's a sweet couple.
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