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  • the best show

    this is show is so amazing. has a good story and good cast and it get good every season and episode. this is story about a boy who came on earth and does not know who is he and i want to know who is. is a super-hero and alien or ghost or future
  • A nice show with more depth than it shows

    Even though the topic is not so original, its interesting to watch a teenager learning life from the beginning and to see how he looks at things that happen. As Kyle learns and experiences more stuff, the show just gets more interesting. He starts to realize his potential and use it. The most interesting thing about the show is to see Kyle's point of view, which is totally different. The show is funny, filled with mysteries and suspense, and enjoyable. It may seem as a teenager serie, but its in fact more than that. It has more depth like the conflicts in a teenager's mind and a new born boy's interaction with the world around him.
  • Cool I guess but I am a little freaked out since um I don't know. HE DOESN'T HAVE A BELLY BUTTON! I mean everyone should have a belly button. It is just not natural. Oh wait he isn't natural. Sorry! He is kind of cute to me do you think he is cute? I do!!

    This is a pretty decent show. I don't get how they made him not have a belly button. That must be hard. Oh my god. Maybe in real life he doesn't have a belly button! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Oh well we will just have to deal with it. I really like his eyes they are dreamy. Oh so cute. I am coming back to my self. Oh wait I do that a lot. Oh snap! I hate that phrase. Wait we were talking about Kyle XY weren't we? Right. Look here yada yada yada I like the show and blah blah blah bye!
  • i wouldn't say it's bad.....just the action scenes seem to really suck!

    the story can draw anyone's attention because it's simply interesting. however, when the villain scenes appear it starts to get extremely corny. plus the action scenes like i said earlier aren't the best. anyways, the show is good, but it good to better. i hate to say it, but it is extremely close to being a ripoff of smallville with a little twist to it. i might be saying that because i just finished watching all six seasons of smallville, but i have watched all of kyle xy so far. so....overall, kyle xy is an average show. . . .
  • This show is about Kyle who is discovering his potential, that his destiny is to be extraordinary. At first Kyle ignored his destiny and wanted to know who he was. However he realized that he was happy with what he had with the Tragers.

    This is the best show I've ever seen. At first I thought it was going to suck. But my neighbor made me watch it during a lil pizza party with everyone from my neighborhood. Well since then I've been addicted to Kyle XY. It's the bomb. Anyone who thinks that it's ghetto, well I say you haven't watch it. I am so glad that I watched this show. I wish I could be extraordinary like Kyle. Oh and I love this show so much that I got addicted to Sour patches.. good stuff right there. =) well Kyle XY Rocks my Socks!
  • When I read about Kyle XY it sounded like a dozen shows I have seen before. But its actually not bad.

    I was quite stunned by the end of the first episode, it held my attention all the way through and didn't make me want to spoon my eyes out. From what I'd read the premise sounded dreadfully lame, but people still like it? Having watched it I see why.

    The first thing that struck me were a lot of quite artistic shots and novel camera angles. (paticularly thinking of the naked in the forest from above shot - cool!) Plot wise it was fairly standard but has enough amusing events to keep it ticking along nicely.

    I will be watching with interest to see how it develops.
  • kyle xy was at a consule and the lady that was his consuler took him home with her.

    Kyle xy was found out in the woods. He has no belly botton. His brain sca is higher than any normall human being he can do an 2 hour test in 5 minutes and get ever answer right with no scrap work. The only way he can sleep is if he is in the bath tub and the radio is on static. He can pick up any language and know it perfectly in less than an hour. When he first came to the house he had never heard of the consept of sleeping. He had never sleep before. Just recently they found a dead body next to were he was found and laying next to the body was a card to get into this facility that keeps experimnt people in it. They blamed kyle but it was the guy that follows kyle around. And since kyle has no memory from the tim he found in the woods to any time before he doesn't know any body and nobody has claimed him missing.
  • This show is about a boy found in the woods who can't remember what has happened to him and he is adopted by a family and learns more about his past.

    I really like this show and it is interesting, and it is not like other shows which is a good thing and this show is unique which I like.:-)The plot is interesting and the acting is good,I think the second season will be better because you will get more details about kyle's past and the character jessi.I would love it if the show would foucs way more on kyle and jessi than focusing on the drama of the lives kyle's adoptive siblings and their friends.Overall this show makes abcfamily a more unique channel,not your everyday channel.:-)I like the show,my grade for it is an A-.
  • The show is about a boy named kyle who appeared out of nowhere in the forrest who finds himself living with a kind family who find him a mystery as the story continues you find more about kyle.

    I feel like Kyle xy is great the episodes for me are well thought out Kyle very much reminds of superhero type character. Each episode shows Kyle progressing in his learning abilities i think in the future this show is going places and they could easily bring out 5 seasons of the show. And the good thing about the show it also concentrates on the families life aswell the way kyle becomes part of there lives. Whilst the show is getting better on the second season im sure there thinking out a big climax for the future shows. This show as great potential and it is clear that Kyle XY is going places.
  • This super sci-fi story about a guy who is so talented and powerful has an edge to be one of the most wonderful stories ever written.

    What's nice about Kyle XY? First, the story is great. I have some stories but I think I can't write this kind of story. It's very creative. I also like every episode in the first season wherein each episode showed Kyle's talents. I also like the Tragers especially Nicole. She's nice to be a mom. What's nice about the next season is that Kyle is anot alone. A newly-made expirement is about to invade the next season. She is called Jessie XX (I'm not sure about the spelling). So, let's see what is about to happen as we watch the life of our good friend---Kyle Trager!
  • Kyle denies his talent and then learns it is time to use it. A list comes out labeling Charlie the biggest Slut in school. Lori and Declan get voted Best couple.

    I loved this episode. I think that Kyle should tell Declan his secret because if he doesn't tell somebody it is going to eat him up inside. I can't believe that Declan and Lori broke up that sucked. I was so happy when Charlie got voted biggest slut because then Amanda can finally be free of him. Her and Kyle kind of have a spark getting united between them. She might be mad at him for awhile for not telling her about Charlie though. Jessi is an very interesting Character. She is going to have a hard time fitting in. The only way she is going to get through it is with Kyle.
  • Kyle XY is a show about a boy who wakes up in a Forrest with absolutely no memory of his pass.Even though he has no memory of his life he has incredible ability that no ordinary person has.

    Kyle XY is such an amazing show.When i first saw it i though it would be just any ordinary show;that i would probably not like.However,i was WRONG!!.After i saw the first episode i just fell in love with this great show.This is now my Personal favorite show.If it wasn't for Kyle XY i don't know what i would be watching this summer.I'm just glad that i stubble across this brilliant show.I recommend everyone to watch it if they want to spent their time laughing,crying,or just relaxing.
    In this show We will follow kyle as he tries to solve the big mystery of his life.
  • Decently well-done kiddie-fare, very well suited for its audience.

    The show seems to mostly treat its audience as intelligent, but sometimes switches to patronizing. Some decent treatment of adolescent issues, but can't seem to find its focus.

    Not much originality - shadowy cabal pulling the strings, probable double-crosses, secrets lurking around every corner, etc.

    It will be interesting to see where the show goes; will Kyle and his abilities be let loose? will the cabal become a major presence or is it out of the picture? will the Tragers become less "setting" and more dynamic characters?

    The truth is, Kyle XY is not really made for me; I imagine that teenagers would probably find a lot to love about it.
  • The best mystery show ever made!

    I have watched every single episode of this show the first time they aired. It is one of the best mystery shows ever. I keep wanted to get the questions answered which gets me more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more interested in this really fabulous, great, mysterious, yet interesting show. This show was put on my top favorite tv shows as soon as I saw the first episode. I love season 2 so far and I am happy to hear that there are 23 episodes! I can't wait to see them all!
  • the best summer show on the lineup.

    Kyle XY is one of the best shows i've seen in a long time. it's a sci-fi masterpiece and the guy who came up with this idea for the show is a genius. Matt Dallas was well chosen to play Kyle and also the mystery behind his past and all the cool things that he can do. I wish my mind could work like Kyle's. I love the plot and every episode answers questions but leads to more questions i just love the storyline. it's an awesome show but is so underrated. i wish more people knew about this show. it's one of my personal favorites.
  • Heart-fluttering and original!

    Wow. When I first heard of it I thought it sounded completely ridiculous - but then of course I had only heard what some of my 'classmates' had to say about it. I thought it was just another brain-damaging, annoying TV show, but after the first episode my opinion changed direction faster than the speed of light. It was completely different, and very odd indeed - but for me that's something really good. And exciting too, I just couldn't wait for the next episode and I love analyzing every one of them, try to find new clues, facts & hints. Something I look forward to every week. Makes my heart flutter.
  • I love this show! Matt Dallas is hot.

    I love Kyle XY. He is so sweet and smart. I feel bad that he doesn't have a past, but that's what makes him such a loveable character. I wish that him and Amanda would go out. He is totally in love with her, and her boyfriend is cheating on her. Josh and Lori are your normal siblings always fighting. I wonder whats going to happen with XX. I think she is going to be bad. I think the lady who found her is going to feel bad for her and help her out. I love Kyle XY! I can't wait to see every episode.
  • The best show ever!!!! The first time you watch it you would become idicted to it!!!

    Kyle XY follows a mysterious boy who looks like a teenager, but otherwise appears to be a newborn. The Trager family takes him in as one of their own. Is the best show you would ever see,. Ofcourse you would have to watch the first season to understand more but it would all worth wild!!
  • Great Show!!

    What a great show, I'm so glad it's back on the air!! I really enjoy the "super hero" facet of this show with Kyle now having to hide his powers from everyone in true super hero style. I wish that the powers that be wouldn't wait so long before airing each season, this six month wait, is for the birds. I feel that this long of wait makes us lose touch with these shows and I don't know why the networks do this. They are setting these shows up for failure. I will continue to watch this show as long as it keeps up the excellent story lines, which I hope continues. Thanks, lonebuc
  • lol ive only seen 1 episode

    lol i only seen one episode bout it was off the hook,it was where they went to D.C. to the college and kyle took all those test and passed all of them,and he kyle and his friend dude are talking about how he likes kyles sister,then kyles sister finally comes back to the dorm at like eight in the morning then leaves right away once she gets in the door,then later the friend dude and kyles sister are talking about trust and how the guy says she slept with"frisbee boy"over night but she really just feel asleep in "frisbee boys"dorm
  • Damn! I really like this show!

    Damn! I really like this show! I didn't think I would, but i do!
    I think most teenagers can relate to these characters, which have the "normal" problems of fiting in, beeing popular, wanting to be popular and so on.
    This show is very cute!
    Watch it and then decide what you think of it :)
  • I'm usually not into children's shows, but this was even more excruciating than the Teletubies.

    Ok, I know that a lot of people are now going crazy that their precious show was just called a children's show, but come on - just look at it. A lot of topless people, cheesy parents, lame humor, a "mystery" that isn't mysterious, an unparalleled lack of ACTING. Most of the characters' performance makes me want to put my finger in my eye and twirl it around. Seriously, this is awful.

    This so called "DRAMA" is set in a USA suburb where a cheesy little family (oh the usual, uptight yet flexible mother, cool yet STRONG father, an obnoxious little 12 year old typical kid who gets on my nerves and the typical 15 arrogant idiotic daughter that has problems because her so called boyfriend likes another bulimic slut) adopts a troubled teenager who acts like an infant. But behind it there are the BAD GUYS! Oh yeah, now this was actually really funny. Even too funnny. Hysterical. We never get a clue of what's happening. It's like a poor X-files wannabe that doesn't even live up to the hype that X-files exceeds perfectly. Typical children's movies bad guys which motives aren't clear and they are so evil and they want to hide everything. Usually the scenes of the bad guys were a minute long and were complete wastes of time; we didn't learn anything nor understood anything. Regardless of the show sucking so badly, the only thing I enjoyed was the eye candy Declan, that bulimic girl's "boyfriend". He was so hot!
  • Yay! It's back!!! I'm so happy that this show is on the air again since it's different and its great. It got everything I want in a show.

    After watching the first season of Kyle xy I got so hooked and at the same time down when I heard that it was canceled. But now when it's back I can be happy again :) This show is awesome and I love the way the plot is build up. There are so much emotions and I think that the actors are all doing a great job. The suspense what will happends next keeps me coming back to watch every week and this summer I think it's my favorite show. I'm looking forward to the next episode very much and hope that this show continue to show it's fine sides. To all of you that haven't tuned in to see this show I only have one thing to say; Watch it!
  • Its a show about, a guy thats wakes up in the forest and moves in with a family and descover he have amazing IQ and he search for his past .

    It's good, tho feels like they borrowed the O.C lost boy needs a family theem, Just not hope it ends up like it.
    The show have grate potential but in my opinion it can go eather way its to soon to tell. But i can easy see this show becomming the next FOTM(Flaver of the month) show. Matt Dallas is perfect for the roll as kyle he have that way to look clueless at all times. Wating for the next episode and hope it go on in the same spirit as the last ones .. and its a show worth to see.
  • This is a great show about a boy with a mysterious past, who is struggling to understand human behavior and his own past. He sleeps in the bathtub and he is a fast learner. His foster family the Traegers are also complex people trying to help Kyle.

    So I just started watching this show on Sunday when they played the first season over again, I have two more episodes to watch before I can catch the season 2 premiere. I love Kyle's innocence, and his understanding of things he offers a great analysis of our society, wondering why one thing is more important to them over another. The mystery surrounding him is not the only thing that keeps me watching, the show offers a great look at the dynamic of people and of families.

    The Traeger's are a great family, the relationship that Nicole and Stephen have is great, they are both husband and wife and friends. Nicole's genuine help for Kyle is astounding, and Stephen's alternative help to Kyle by allowing him to feel as though he is not so different. Lori is a great character, she is complex even though she seems like the typical teeny bopper, it would seem she would have nothing to do with taking in a strange kid, but she is genuine with Kyle and really cares for his well being. Josh offers a lot of comedic relief, believing Kyle is an alien, and trying to be an all around babe magnet.

    I can't wait to find out what happens next.
  • The show is cool!

    Being somewhat of a mix of a soap-opera, "The Pretender", and "Dawson's Creek", this show certainly surprised me, especially since I don't much care for those three.

    We start with a basic mysterious boy story - he has some exceptional abilities, no memory, a caring psychiatrist, a newly acquired family to take him in, and a mysterious stalker - within which setting he must try to discover his identity.

    This premise sounds pretty boring and even overdone in movies and TV, but the show grew on me, and I was hooked by the end of the season. Though many comments complain about the poor script and wooden acting, I beg to differ. Matt Dallas is well cast as a juvenile and naive character. He is supposed to have that doe-eyed-in-on-coming-head-lights look. I have to admit that some of the overall dialogue approaches cheesiness at times, but for the most part, the story stands well on its own and makes up for that.

    I also thought this had nowhere to go after the first season, but the writers managed to put in a decent finale that will keep fans interested for the next season.

    Some people have complained about the "adultness" of the material. I suppose this isn't the type of show for children to watch if they aren't yet familiar with typical teenager topics like sex, drinking, relationships, drugs, and general mischief; all the stuff that I'm sure many parents want to turn a blind eye to. Is it appropriate for ABC Family channel? You be the judge. Try it out, though. I think you'll enjoy the series. 10/10
  • This is pretty weird. Who is that Kyle? What is this show? A comedy? Romance? Science Fiction?

    This is pretty weird. Who is that Kyle? What is this show? A comedy? Romance? Science Fiction? I'm watching it on Fox Crime, so is it a crime drama? I guess it is a little bit of all that. A mess of all sorts of genres and after first episode, I honestly find it stupid. They find a strange teenager in the woods with no memories at all, and a woman is letting him stay into her house, with her kids just like that! Please. But I wanted to know what will happened next. I wanted to know who is Kyle. Why he does not have memories? What happened to his navel? What will hi do next? So I watched the second episode...and then the third...and so one. And now I like it. Those damn writers, they knew what to do to hook an average TV viewer to this. O.K, to be fair, it is a interesting story so far. And I'm looking forward for the new episodes.
  • Ok, cute show but it needs some work.

    Kyle XY, what can I say? Even the name sounds boring, washed up, and so abc family. What I really don't get is that it's not even a family show? Episode 4, diving in, goes into the whole sex talk and the main character even has an erection! So there's an innocent family show for you there. It lacks those irrestible funny and sarcastic lines that I love in shows, and tries to make up for it by casting a cute/hott Kyle and family for the show. As Kyle "struggles" to find his place in the world, abc family makes a blind attemt at a sci-fi/action adventure thriller. It's pathetic. I also don't like Kyle's voice overs on all the episodes. This show lacks wit, and why it got renewed will always be a mystery, besides the fact that's it's abc family and what other good shows do they have anyway? However, after all of it's numerous faults, Kyle XY makes up for it by having an exceptionaly new idea for a show and keeping watchers hanging after every episode. It has a great conspiracy plot, that totally saves the show from the make or brake test. Being an action/adventure girl all the way, this show lacks the charm but somehow pulls through with a clever plot and daring conflicts, even overcoming the depressing family lessons the network tries so hard to get across.
  • A decent Sci-Fi/Coming-of-Age Drama.

    It's surly not the best I've seen on TV but I'll give it credit for having it's suspenseful moments. It's a dark show but I feel it's a little to overwhelmed by light teen angst.

    Acting, is off by a long shot. Matt Dallas just doesn't or hasn't yet proven he's a good lead actor. His face shows hardly any emotion other then "Oh, I'm happy" or "Oh, I'm sad". He gives to much of a cold stale face. The supporting cast on the other hand IMO carry the show, without them I'm sure Kyle XY wouldn't be this big or minor hit.

    Mythology, is the only thing I'm midley interested in. Season 1 has given a lot of great clues to "Who's Kyle XY?" but hopefully Season 2 ventures out and deeper into it. I have a feeling if it does this and try to spread it's wings from the Trager family for at lease a few episodes Kyle XY could turn into a great series like Season 2 of Roswell.

    Yes, many fans may not agree with this review but it's my opinion and it could possibly change, I have quite an open mind if you could believe this. So until I see Season 2, I'll leave it at this:

    Kyle XY get's a 6.5 out of 10, it's a mediocre sci-fi with heart.
  • A really good show which one cannot miss... In the begining i could not get what is going on but then i started to get what the story is about....

    This series is one of my personal favourites. I learned by this series by watching its trailer on television...and then i was pretty interested on starting watching it...

    When I had the last episode to watch I was going a bit nuts to learn what really happened to Kyle and get more information on his past...

    Kyle is a person who learns quickly and is very inteligent. Altough he was not accepted immediately by his family they learned to love him and in the end we can see the love that they shared and how difficult it was for them to be parted...

    The best thing about this series is the lessons that are learned especially when Kyle lied for the first and what guilt does to the brain... It won't let you rest.

    I can't wait for the second series to beign which is just a few days away... Let's see where this story will lead..
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