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  • finally ABC family breaks the rules

    Although sometimes the show has trite and corny dialogue, I still find the show absolutely fascinating and original. This fall we will see the begining of bionic woman (i've seen the first episode and I have to say it sucks - doesn't hold my interest in the least) and with it a bit of rehash of what Kyle XY has offered for one season and the beginning of a second. Kyle XY has a hint of Eureka in the dialog but the suspense of a real dramatic show. The interconnected relationships between Kyle, Declan, the Treoger family and all the other major cast members have helped developed the show into something more than just a story about a superhuman teenager. The beginning for the show started off great with him not really knowing anything to evolving within the first episode to simple speech but so much more potential that in my opinion developed way to fast and made the show less intriguing than it could have been had they held out longer. On the other hand, holding out may have lead to the severe confusion and frustration that shows like LOST have been plagued with. But even in the second season things are moving far too quickly and can only lead to a failed attempt at a third season, which is something I'd like to see for this show.
  • I like this show, it gives me something to watch before the closer starts and the acting is not that bad. Kyle is a kid that was made is learning everything about the world that he lives in.

    Keeping up with the show I am glad that Ky;e realizes that he has a friend in Declan and he is willing to tell him everything that is going on with him now that he cannot trust Foss how is that going to work out?. Also Kyle came close to getting his first kiss until Jessi started having her melt down and blowing the lights up. Declan is not over Lorie but wants to be with Jessi so that he cn forget about being hurt or for dumping Lorie while still being mad at Kyle what drama? But that is why I like this show.
  • Is about a guy name Kyle who wants to find about his pass.

    Kyle is a sixteen-year-old teenager who wakes up in a forest on the edge of Seattle totally naked and without any memories of an earlier life. Kyle is like a newborn baby in his lack of knowledge of human social life: he doesn't know the simplest things, like how to eat or drink, and cannot communicate with others. When Kyle walks naked into a nearby town, he is picked up by the police. As they cannot find his records, he is taken to a childrens' home where it is discovered he doesn't have a navel. Nicole Trager, a therapist, is interested in Kyle. She realizes Kyle doesn't belong at the home and brings him to her home while the police look for his family. The series follows Kyle and the Trager family as Kyle develops socially and searches for answers to his past.
  • Not the best but pretty good.

    "Kyle XY" is a pretty good show overall. There are some things that keep it from being great television but it's a charming show that has grown on me over the first ten episodes and I think ABC Family has a real keeper here - indeed, the series has become their signature show.

    Starting off a lot like a similar and canceled FOX series, "John Doe" (2002-2003), "Kyle XY" opens with our protagonist waking up naked in the woods. Not able to speak or having any idea of where or who he is, he makes his way to the nearby town and is eventually taken in by the Trager family, who calls him Kyle.

    Kyle quickly learns how to speak and develops and learns at an amazing pace. He is a genius at math and can predict the weather better than any weatherman. Yet he does not know who he is or why he cannot remember his past.

    "Kyle XY" is a unique blend of sci-fi mystery and family drama. I really like this about the show, and the fact that the show tries to teach morals and values without being preachy about it. The family Kyle is adopted into is likable and interesting, and while I'm usually a big fan of sci-fi elements, the family stuff in this show usually interests me more than the mysteries. Sometimes I think the acting in the show is a little off and the writing can be predictable and cliched, and the dialogue poorly written, but overall the show is entertaining and enjoyable, and most of all, it has heart.

    [Note: The show is currently in its second season, but I have only seen the first, so the above review is only relevant to the first season.]
  • Few shows have the ability to make me say "wow" more then once, but this is one of those shows that can make me say wow over and over again. It's like a drug, once you get to a point in watching it, you just can't quit.

    I have a big list of all my favourite movies, but my list for favourite TV shows is not nearly as big. Though, recently my list of shows has been upped by 1, and that 1 show is none other then Kyle XY. I first heard about this show when I was sent to do some background performance for the show, it was just the first season, and I had not heard of the show before. When I got on the set I heard rumblings of what the show was about, and it sounded like an interesting watch. When I first started watching the show, it was mainly because I wanted to see myself, but soon the reasons to watch the show stacked up and I no longer found myself watching it for the same reasons. When the time finally did come to see myself, all I got to see was my hair. I was a bit disappointed, but overall I didn't really mind as I had found a great show to watch. The first season of the show was a good season, but I still felt the show could do so much more, and when the second season was announced, I couldn't wait. The second season rolled in and when I watched it, every episode made me think how good this show had become. The show was good before, but season 2 has so far made this show into one of the special ones in my mind, as it has exceeded my expectations greatly, and was a nice surprise. It’s not everyday you find a show like this, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a more realistic sci-fi type show with a lot of character development, and an interesting story.
  • I don't watch much tv, but this is possibly one of the best shows on television right now.

    When this show first aired i wasn't expecting to like it at all because i found the original shows on ABCFamily to be very subpar, but this show was a pleasant surprise. In my opinion, nobody can play the role of Kyle the way that Matt Dallas portrays him, I just can't picture anyone but him or any of the actors being portrayed by someone else really. This show has perfect casting, even if the acting is a little off sometimes, the whole cast has this great chemistry that jumps off the screen and makes you feel the characters are real. Some say the second season isn't as good as the first and I can see where they're coming from, my only real problem with season two is the addition of jessie xx, not that I can say she's not a good character because they haven't really explored her yet, I just like the idea that there's nobody else like Kyle.
  • Kyle XY follows a mysterious boy who looks like a teenager, but otherwise appears to be a newborn. The Trager family takes him in as one of their own.

    This show is one of my favorite shows on tv. This show has great topics. They have great cliff hangers. They a great cast. It is a very mysteries show I would give this show a 10. If you like scif shows you would like this show. This show is for all ages.
  • I love this show!

    This is another show that's fun to watch! It's sci-fi but still it is a show that would be nice to watch for the whole family! Season one was kind of short, but season two is making up for it through more exciting story lines as well as the introduction of Jessi XX! I am excited to see what would happen between her and Kyle. The family scenes here are also fun to watch as their family is just so warm and fun. If all families were like the Tragers then maybe the world will be a better place. hehe
  • A show about a family that brings in a weird kid with no belly button. This show only started like that, and now has so many different parts to the puzzle. watch it! it's great!

    I usually don't watch sci-fi type shows, but with a great storyline, hot cast, and mystery, this show makes me come back each week to watch! I'll admit, I only started watching because I thought he was cute, but what I found after watching was so much more! It helps to replace the void left from "So Weird" although it will never truely take it's place! ABC Family does a fantastic job mixing mystery and emotional stories. I am also a fan of the science and genetics aspects that filled the majority of 1st season. Is he a clone? or is he just plain weird? We are still unraveling the mystery that is... Kyle XY.
  • the best show

    this is show is so amazing. has a good story and good cast and it get good every season and episode. this is story about a boy who came on earth and does not know who is he and i want to know who is. is a super-hero and alien or ghost or future
  • A nice show with more depth than it shows

    Even though the topic is not so original, its interesting to watch a teenager learning life from the beginning and to see how he looks at things that happen. As Kyle learns and experiences more stuff, the show just gets more interesting. He starts to realize his potential and use it. The most interesting thing about the show is to see Kyle's point of view, which is totally different. The show is funny, filled with mysteries and suspense, and enjoyable. It may seem as a teenager serie, but its in fact more than that. It has more depth like the conflicts in a teenager's mind and a new born boy's interaction with the world around him.
  • Cool I guess but I am a little freaked out since um I don't know. HE DOESN'T HAVE A BELLY BUTTON! I mean everyone should have a belly button. It is just not natural. Oh wait he isn't natural. Sorry! He is kind of cute to me do you think he is cute? I do!!

    This is a pretty decent show. I don't get how they made him not have a belly button. That must be hard. Oh my god. Maybe in real life he doesn't have a belly button! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Oh well we will just have to deal with it. I really like his eyes they are dreamy. Oh so cute. I am coming back to my self. Oh wait I do that a lot. Oh snap! I hate that phrase. Wait we were talking about Kyle XY weren't we? Right. Look here yada yada yada I like the show and blah blah blah bye!
  • i wouldn't say it's bad.....just the action scenes seem to really suck!

    the story can draw anyone's attention because it's simply interesting. however, when the villain scenes appear it starts to get extremely corny. plus the action scenes like i said earlier aren't the best. anyways, the show is good, but it good to better. i hate to say it, but it is extremely close to being a ripoff of smallville with a little twist to it. i might be saying that because i just finished watching all six seasons of smallville, but i have watched all of kyle xy so far. so....overall, kyle xy is an average show. . . .
  • This show is about Kyle who is discovering his potential, that his destiny is to be extraordinary. At first Kyle ignored his destiny and wanted to know who he was. However he realized that he was happy with what he had with the Tragers.

    This is the best show I've ever seen. At first I thought it was going to suck. But my neighbor made me watch it during a lil pizza party with everyone from my neighborhood. Well since then I've been addicted to Kyle XY. It's the bomb. Anyone who thinks that it's ghetto, well I say you haven't watch it. I am so glad that I watched this show. I wish I could be extraordinary like Kyle. Oh and I love this show so much that I got addicted to Sour patches.. good stuff right there. =) well Kyle XY Rocks my Socks!
  • When I read about Kyle XY it sounded like a dozen shows I have seen before. But its actually not bad.

    I was quite stunned by the end of the first episode, it held my attention all the way through and didn't make me want to spoon my eyes out. From what I'd read the premise sounded dreadfully lame, but people still like it? Having watched it I see why.

    The first thing that struck me were a lot of quite artistic shots and novel camera angles. (paticularly thinking of the naked in the forest from above shot - cool!) Plot wise it was fairly standard but has enough amusing events to keep it ticking along nicely.

    I will be watching with interest to see how it develops.
  • kyle xy was at a consule and the lady that was his consuler took him home with her.

    Kyle xy was found out in the woods. He has no belly botton. His brain sca is higher than any normall human being he can do an 2 hour test in 5 minutes and get ever answer right with no scrap work. The only way he can sleep is if he is in the bath tub and the radio is on static. He can pick up any language and know it perfectly in less than an hour. When he first came to the house he had never heard of the consept of sleeping. He had never sleep before. Just recently they found a dead body next to were he was found and laying next to the body was a card to get into this facility that keeps experimnt people in it. They blamed kyle but it was the guy that follows kyle around. And since kyle has no memory from the tim he found in the woods to any time before he doesn't know any body and nobody has claimed him missing.
  • This show is about a boy found in the woods who can't remember what has happened to him and he is adopted by a family and learns more about his past.

    I really like this show and it is interesting, and it is not like other shows which is a good thing and this show is unique which I like.:-)The plot is interesting and the acting is good,I think the second season will be better because you will get more details about kyle's past and the character jessi.I would love it if the show would foucs way more on kyle and jessi than focusing on the drama of the lives kyle's adoptive siblings and their friends.Overall this show makes abcfamily a more unique channel,not your everyday channel.:-)I like the show,my grade for it is an A-.
  • The show is about a boy named kyle who appeared out of nowhere in the forrest who finds himself living with a kind family who find him a mystery as the story continues you find more about kyle.

    I feel like Kyle xy is great the episodes for me are well thought out Kyle very much reminds of superhero type character. Each episode shows Kyle progressing in his learning abilities i think in the future this show is going places and they could easily bring out 5 seasons of the show. And the good thing about the show it also concentrates on the families life aswell the way kyle becomes part of there lives. Whilst the show is getting better on the second season im sure there thinking out a big climax for the future shows. This show as great potential and it is clear that Kyle XY is going places.
  • This super sci-fi story about a guy who is so talented and powerful has an edge to be one of the most wonderful stories ever written.

    What's nice about Kyle XY? First, the story is great. I have some stories but I think I can't write this kind of story. It's very creative. I also like every episode in the first season wherein each episode showed Kyle's talents. I also like the Tragers especially Nicole. She's nice to be a mom. What's nice about the next season is that Kyle is anot alone. A newly-made expirement is about to invade the next season. She is called Jessie XX (I'm not sure about the spelling). So, let's see what is about to happen as we watch the life of our good friend---Kyle Trager!
  • Kyle denies his talent and then learns it is time to use it. A list comes out labeling Charlie the biggest Slut in school. Lori and Declan get voted Best couple.

    I loved this episode. I think that Kyle should tell Declan his secret because if he doesn't tell somebody it is going to eat him up inside. I can't believe that Declan and Lori broke up that sucked. I was so happy when Charlie got voted biggest slut because then Amanda can finally be free of him. Her and Kyle kind of have a spark getting united between them. She might be mad at him for awhile for not telling her about Charlie though. Jessi is an very interesting Character. She is going to have a hard time fitting in. The only way she is going to get through it is with Kyle.
  • Kyle XY is a show about a boy who wakes up in a Forrest with absolutely no memory of his pass.Even though he has no memory of his life he has incredible ability that no ordinary person has.

    Kyle XY is such an amazing show.When i first saw it i though it would be just any ordinary show;that i would probably not like.However,i was WRONG!!.After i saw the first episode i just fell in love with this great show.This is now my Personal favorite show.If it wasn't for Kyle XY i don't know what i would be watching this summer.I'm just glad that i stubble across this brilliant show.I recommend everyone to watch it if they want to spent their time laughing,crying,or just relaxing.
    In this show We will follow kyle as he tries to solve the big mystery of his life.
  • Decently well-done kiddie-fare, very well suited for its audience.

    The show seems to mostly treat its audience as intelligent, but sometimes switches to patronizing. Some decent treatment of adolescent issues, but can't seem to find its focus.

    Not much originality - shadowy cabal pulling the strings, probable double-crosses, secrets lurking around every corner, etc.

    It will be interesting to see where the show goes; will Kyle and his abilities be let loose? will the cabal become a major presence or is it out of the picture? will the Tragers become less "setting" and more dynamic characters?

    The truth is, Kyle XY is not really made for me; I imagine that teenagers would probably find a lot to love about it.
  • The best mystery show ever made!

    I have watched every single episode of this show the first time they aired. It is one of the best mystery shows ever. I keep wanted to get the questions answered which gets me more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more interested in this really fabulous, great, mysterious, yet interesting show. This show was put on my top favorite tv shows as soon as I saw the first episode. I love season 2 so far and I am happy to hear that there are 23 episodes! I can't wait to see them all!
  • the best summer show on the lineup.

    Kyle XY is one of the best shows i've seen in a long time. it's a sci-fi masterpiece and the guy who came up with this idea for the show is a genius. Matt Dallas was well chosen to play Kyle and also the mystery behind his past and all the cool things that he can do. I wish my mind could work like Kyle's. I love the plot and every episode answers questions but leads to more questions i just love the storyline. it's an awesome show but is so underrated. i wish more people knew about this show. it's one of my personal favorites.
  • Heart-fluttering and original!

    Wow. When I first heard of it I thought it sounded completely ridiculous - but then of course I had only heard what some of my 'classmates' had to say about it. I thought it was just another brain-damaging, annoying TV show, but after the first episode my opinion changed direction faster than the speed of light. It was completely different, and very odd indeed - but for me that's something really good. And exciting too, I just couldn't wait for the next episode and I love analyzing every one of them, try to find new clues, facts & hints. Something I look forward to every week. Makes my heart flutter.
  • I love this show! Matt Dallas is hot.

    I love Kyle XY. He is so sweet and smart. I feel bad that he doesn't have a past, but that's what makes him such a loveable character. I wish that him and Amanda would go out. He is totally in love with her, and her boyfriend is cheating on her. Josh and Lori are your normal siblings always fighting. I wonder whats going to happen with XX. I think she is going to be bad. I think the lady who found her is going to feel bad for her and help her out. I love Kyle XY! I can't wait to see every episode.
  • The best show ever!!!! The first time you watch it you would become idicted to it!!!

    Kyle XY follows a mysterious boy who looks like a teenager, but otherwise appears to be a newborn. The Trager family takes him in as one of their own. Is the best show you would ever see,. Ofcourse you would have to watch the first season to understand more but it would all worth wild!!
  • Great Show!!

    What a great show, I'm so glad it's back on the air!! I really enjoy the "super hero" facet of this show with Kyle now having to hide his powers from everyone in true super hero style. I wish that the powers that be wouldn't wait so long before airing each season, this six month wait, is for the birds. I feel that this long of wait makes us lose touch with these shows and I don't know why the networks do this. They are setting these shows up for failure. I will continue to watch this show as long as it keeps up the excellent story lines, which I hope continues. Thanks, lonebuc
  • lol ive only seen 1 episode

    lol i only seen one episode bout it was off the hook,it was where they went to D.C. to the college and kyle took all those test and passed all of them,and he kyle and his friend dude are talking about how he likes kyles sister,then kyles sister finally comes back to the dorm at like eight in the morning then leaves right away once she gets in the door,then later the friend dude and kyles sister are talking about trust and how the guy says she slept with"frisbee boy"over night but she really just feel asleep in "frisbee boys"dorm
  • Damn! I really like this show!

    Damn! I really like this show! I didn't think I would, but i do!
    I think most teenagers can relate to these characters, which have the "normal" problems of fiting in, beeing popular, wanting to be popular and so on.
    This show is very cute!
    Watch it and then decide what you think of it :)
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