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  • Kyle Xy is the one of the best Sci-Fi show. Kyle is like a human but not really a human. My favorite character in this show are Kyle and Amanda. I enjoy watching Kyle Xy. I very happy that Kyle Xy got 2 season. Matt and Kriten are good actor and actress.

    Kyle Xy is the one of the best Sci-Fi show. Kyle is like a human but not really a human. My favorite character in this show are Kyle and Amanda. I watching Kyle Xy everyday on ABC Family at 8. Kyle Xy is very intersting and fun to watch. The one who play Duclan he the very good friend to Kyle. I love this episode called Endgame. It's very good episode. All of Kyle friend were so nice to him before he go. Trager family are very kind too Kyle. I am very happy that Kyle Xy got 2nd season. I hope Kyle Xy will have 2 more season.
  • This show is only good because of on person..... Matt Dallas

    This show is good!! I love it because its like no show I've ever seen, and it doesnt hurt that the main character is hot!! This show is so amazing even though its kind of weird cause something like this could never happen!!! I can't wait till the second season comes out June 11!!! I wanna know what happens with Kyle and his "parents" and of course all of the other characters. I also want to know what happens between kyle and amanda and lory and decklin!!! I have no interest in what josh is up to cause I think his character is mean to kyle.
  • Mystery and suspense, you gotta love it.

    To me watching Kyle XY is like sitting down and relaxing while reading a great mystery novel. I'm one of those kinds of people that like different and this is definitely that. Kyle is a fresh new young face on tv and he is perfect for his role. The characters are still developing being that this show has just been on one season but I can't wait for the second season to start and see what direction everyone's path takes in life, especially Kyle's. I hope a type of suspense and mystery will stay in this show to keep it interesting and alive. Hopefully it stays and doesn't get cancelled as well.
  • It's a good show, to me kyle makes me feel sorry for him(lol) like it's sad.But I like this show.

    I Like this show,'s interesting. Like I wasn't interested in this show at first,...but when I was fliping to the channels, I had no choice but to watch it. And I have to admit it's,...pretty Cool!

    All the attention on Kyle(feel sorry for that dude).This show has lot's of secret's to reveal,....maybe on the next season."Where he come from?","Why is he weird?""What happened in the past?"I guess we're going to have to wait.....and see what will happen
  • look below

    what do u get when u have a goverment facility making perfect human beings with excellent memory capacity, brain usage, and just about everything. What do u get when a boy wakesu up in a forest, no memory, no belly buttom, and no vocabulary. What do u get when u put that boy in a completley new house and TRY to teach him about society. KYLE XY! The best show i've seen in ages. Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Murder, Action/Adventure, Mischeif, and Comedy all come together as this boy and a family try to find about his past, slowly endangering themselves, Kyle, and possibly the whole human race. Thta's all i got to say.
  • I haven't seen this show since it's season finale and I miss it so much...

    OH MY GOSH!! I freaked out when I heard this show was coming back for a second season I got so excited and I can't wait till it comes back. I think that Kyle XY is an original show and the writers of this show have an amazing imagination aand are very very talented. When this show comes back im gonna watch every single episode write up until it ends it's second season and begins its third. ~ ANYWAYZ ~ Dang! That Matt Dallas is so hott (he plays kyle) he gots those cute eyes that just look awesome on the character he plays! Well I can not wait to see what will happen next...
  • very funny and awsome show.. i personally recommend it!

    wow ,what a show..
    what an actor.. yami!
    i think this show has to be in the top shows list, it's the appropriate place for it! well that's what i think.
    very funny, very cute and very fantastic show.. its about a guy named kyle who came out of nowhere( at least nobody knows where he came from yet), and it seems like he was just born. in this show kyle learns about peoples behavior, and he learns it in a very funny way!

    all my sisters(3)loved it, and trust me its rare that my sisters will like what i like..
    this is my recommendation to you. i think its worth seeing!!
  • Can't wait for second season

    Great Cast, script, what a delightful 1st Season. What a wonderful show, really enjoyed the mystery of the first season, the family dynamics of the Tragers and the weird of wonderful things Kyle did. Lookign forward to how there going to continue this great show and what twists lie ahead for Season 2. Thankgod for downloading or I think I'd never see it in Australia.
  • Kyle XY!

    Kyle XY has been on at a very late time for me so when I watch it, it is usually dark and all the lights in my house are out. This show is scaring at times. I also like and understand how Nicole feels about Kyle.

    I think that it was hilarious when Kyle jumps off the roof and Amanda sees him but Kyle doesn't know why she is so surprised. I like how the writers could show how Kyle thinks and how he thinks outloud.

    I would watch this show a lot more often. I recommend it if you want to be scared and if you want to relax duing the scenes that are not scary.

    I love the music that's in the show. It is very suspensful and thrilling. Kyle XY is a good show and there are parts that are hilarious that really aren't meant to be funny at all.
  • Great Cast, script, what a delightful 1st Season.

    What a wonderful show, really enjoyed the mystery of the first season, the family dynamics of the Tragers and the weird of wonderful things Kyle did. Lookign forward to how there going to continue this great show and what twists lie ahead for Season 2. Thankgod for downloading or I think I'd never see it in Australia.

    to my magical amazing opinion to all belifs i think this show is the best out of all of them. this show doesnt have as much action and adventure as the rest but this show is still toatally awsome. it has a way cool kid that magically apeard and is revealing its past, while he figures out emotions and school. but even there e kicks but by saven his borther. this show does really deserve a 10 out of 10 no wait, it deserves a 10000 out of 10000. who ever does not see this show is so bizares in so many levels. GO SEE IT!
  • A show worthy of your time

    A teenager of unknown identity suddenly wakes up naked in a forest and looks just like a newborn baby... Do you think this is weird? Think again! One of kyle XY's greatest characteristics is the weird way by which we get to find out bit by bit Kyle's true identity and the reason why he woke up in that forest and in that state. Other good qualities of this show are it's great mystery , good way of showing the importance of family values and original plot. Of course there is also the clever enallage between humour and suspensefull moments which will really keep you interested in these series.
  • wow whothought of this is this such a good show with myspery and susp[ence action and adventure it has everthing you would want in a show now al you have to do is turn in to this shwo and watch it and i garentte you will love this show

    this show is the best i dont know who came up with it but i would want to know and gine them an award because this show is the best i love it it has everything you would want in a tv show and i garentte you will love it to, now all you have to do is tune in to this show mondays at 8 on abc family and eveyweek i bet you will find your self sitting on the sofa watching this show with your frineds or even with you family
    1 now watch this show remember this show is on mondays at 8 on abc family and i bet this will be your new best friend too1
  • Really fantabulous show people.

    When I first saw previews I thought what a stupid show who would actually wanna watch that? But then one day I was flipping channels and I saw a really interesting show that had be hooked already. I found out later it was Kyle XY what a surprise for me! I put aside my initial first judgment and became a BIG fan it was interesting and funny not to mention a great plot. To some it up it's about a teenage boy who wakes up in the middle of the woods with no memory whatsoever a family takes him in and they bond while trying to help the boy, Kyle, learn about life.
  • At first glance, this show seems cutting edge SCI-FI family drama. At second and third glances - just the family drama remains.

    KYLE is a boy, roughly 16 years old (wrong actor...) found by the authorities naked and brought to the care of a family.

    Kyle suffers from amnesia and has to learn everything anew: how to sleep, how to eat and how to speak.

    The method in which this is obtained is an internal dialogue and questions Kyle asks himself.

    These methods DO NOT work, and leave, in my opinion, a bad sticky daytime soap taste in your mouth.

    Makes me feel like the writers of this shown are trying to teach the viewers the meaning of a family and tries (un)affectively to teach them a lesson each episode: "Family","Tell the truth","Friend" etc..

    I leave this show to those who like the mediocre acting, the PBS messages and bad storyline.
  • i LOVE this show. It's my new best friend!

    Where I live Kyle XY dosen't show anymore :(
    It's a great show.
    Kyle is a strange boy,he was found naked in the forest.
    Kyle was actullay a witness to a muder and the killer left him in the forest,Kyle woke up without any memory of this.
    Mrs. Trager is a phcologist(i think).
    Then she ended up taking Kyle home. Then later on he became part of the family.
    Kyle is also in love with the girl next door.
  • Kyle, a boy with no memory and no belly button, is adopted by the Trager faimly.

    Kyle XY is a really touching show. When the story begins Kyle knows nothing about himself or the world he has woken up in. The story may sound like it has been done before but it is truely great. The characters, mainly Kyle, are unique. Each one different than the other. You have the sister who doesn't want to lose her popularity because of Kyle, the annoying brother, and the parents who just want to keep Kyle safe. In each episode Kyle discovers a new human emotion or feeling. Kyle learns many things about life including love, hate, and popularity. But the main struggle in the series is about his inability to know who he is himself. Just when Kyle thinks he is onto something another question pops up. Kyle XY is a really touching show about humans. Season two will air this summer.
  • I think this is a cute show, i hope it comes back on. I would like to see what happens. Good Show!!

    I started watching this sho because my Stepmom told me about it. I started watching it after that. It is a pretty good show. I look forward to the new season. I think the story line is interesting. Also the actors are pretty good, too. I havent heard anything about it since the season finale. So, I assumed it wouldnt be back. I looked it up on the internet tonight and found it it was coming back on this summer. I can't wait. I hope the show will show us more into Kyle's past. He is a cute kid. I look forward to the new season.
  • The series follows the life of kyle, a seemingly lost teenager found in the middle of a forest with a very high IQ, but no idea where he came from or how things work.

    The plot of the series seems unoriginal, but the story line and the cast makes up for it, with good acting from "kyle" himself and an interesting take into human interaction as seen from the point of view of kyle. While "Kyle" seems to old to play a 17 year old teenager, the actor playing kyle does a good work of portraying the seemingly lost and clueless mannerism of kyle, while the family portrays well a "normal" family, with all its quirks and conflicts.
    Since it is shown in ABC Family, expect plenty of family drama, teen angst, and the lack of cutting edge and a more provocative story line. Still, its pretty good for a family drama.
  • The best of the best.

    Although this show reminds me to other shows ( due to some similarities of the show with John Doe and the OC) i think it's a great show with a great plot. Even though there are only ten episodes it has become my personal favorite, this is 'cause i believe the writters have managed to keep it fresh and also the actors have done an amazing and outstanding job in special Matt Dallas who plays the role of Kyle. I hope this show lasts many seasons more and i also hope that every episode be as interesting as the current ones.
  • Can TV get any better??

    this is da most awesome show thats On TV by far..cant wait for da second season... every episode makes u expect more for the next.. its simply GREAT!! love it.. Gud Stuff.. I love how da characters and how it handles each.. And da abilities of Kyle is like so awesome.. each episode makes u feel more excited.. Hope the second season would be more better.. 10 episodes per season seems not enough.. wen i actually knew dat i felt kinda sad.. but then again it still Rock!! Hats off for the producers and directors.. You guys r doin a great job.. Heep it up..
  • Finally a show where the main characters name is Kyle, I've been waiting for this my whole life. And the shows really good.

    Atlast my dream show has come, now us Kyle's can dance in joy knowing that a great show like Kyle XY is here. Though the plot for this isn't at all original it's mind boggling, that it is, and it will keep you guessing on what Kyle truely is, mine is that he's an experiment. Though my only problem is the only character you care about is Kyle and not much else. Somtimes I dislike the daughter because she acts like any other teen of her age and sex, not caring about others and always disobeying her parents orders, and always going out with the wrong person that they really shouldn't, and going to parties that will end up in either getting drunk, pregnant, or a drug addict. The same goes to the son but I won't go on about him now. Though I will admitt the actors who play them do a good job at being the character and you can actually believe them, both good and bad. The story is interesting, to see Kyle learn all of lifes little lesson is good to see. And so all of my waiting was not in vain, not only does a show have a character (the main one infact) has the name Kyle, the show is great too. OH and I advise the person who keeps disagreeing with the good score reviews to stop doing that because if you cherish your life then you should stop.
  • Kyle XY.................... whoa

    Kyle XY is about this teen who wakes up in the middle of the forest and has no idea of how he got there or who he is... in fact he doesn't know how to speak or what anything is... weird... Anyways blah blah blah and the Petersons come and are all like "We are Kyle's I mean NOAH's real parents and we are taking him home to Connecticut with us. And Kyle' like "You are very good liars" and they are like "It's our job" or something. And THEN they take him to Adam Balin and the season is over. So I can't wait for the new upcoming season!!!!!!!!!!
  • A great show, but quite confusing for the casual viewer....

    I started watching this show two or three weeks after it first aired, and I was a bit confused as to the mystery behind Kyle. I didn't have a clue what was going on with him (not only because I missed some important things in the first few episodes, but I didn't pay much attention when I DID watch it). But even though it was hard to keep up with the main plot, the casual viewer could enjoy the little side stories of Kyle learning about psychology, the things we do, and life in general. Although I felt some elements in the show were unnecissary, the show is still very entertaining. I will definately tune into the next season (and I promise to pay attention this time!).
  • this show is the most coolest show for teens everywhere! i mean, come on! if you never heard of this show, you are REALLY missing out

    this show is the greatest show of all. the first episode i really like because when Kyle showed off his abdomen without the bellybutton, it got me all tense! my favorite actors are April Matson, Matt Dallas, amd Margurite MacIntyre. again if you never heard of it, you are really missing out on all the fun. i cannot wait until next season of Kyle XY on ABC!! go KYLE XY! WOO HOO!!!
  • Interesting concept for a science fiction show!

    I found this show interesting. I think that the whole concept that the show is based upon is something pretty original, and I am happy that people are able to come up with original ideas that are not like the same patterns sitcoms (though every sitcom has its own style), drama (teen drama is the one that is dominating television, some of them are good (The OC, One Tree Hill) but some aren’t). But turning into a science fiction you usually think of shows on outer space (like Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica or shows with people with powers, Supernatural or Smallville) but I guess that at the end it eventually comes up the same idea: entertaining the public.

    So, in this show we are looking at a guy named Kyle who is apparently a sort of newborn in a teenager’s body. Something that probably could be basically old, but for a TV series it could get up to an original show. Just then, the Trager decides to sort of adopt him, for what the children are not to fond on. But eventually, they manage to get fond of him and eventually manage to like him, and share his emotions. That sort of things. For a science fiction show, I think that sort of the concept of the show is something that is not usually seen, and I think that is why basically people like this show. I really think that it is a very interesting show, and that it deserves really a second season. Hopefully, lets just hope that the second season is as good as the first one.
  • A boy that is found naked in the woods with no past is taken in by the Trager family. He looks like he is in his twenties but acts like a 2-year old. Still, he is able to do extremly difficult mathmatics and demonstrate other unearthy qualities.

    Kyle XY is a great show. I was hooked as soon as I started to watch. Kyle, while learning about the world around him, asks questions that you really never think about, untill you hear them asked; it really makes you think. Also, Kyle XY has a great plot. More about Kyle(Matt Dallas) is revealed every episode, while the show keeps you quessing. When i got up to the last few episodes, I thought I had everything all figured out, then I learned somthing that negated my whole theory. And by the final episode I was amazed! This is really a great show! I can't wait for the new season to come!
  • This show is awesome!

    This show is an original and interesting story about a boy who literally appeared out of nowhere and didn't know anything about the human race. You would think he was from another planet, but as he adapts to his new life, the mystery of his existence keeps unfolding, leaving me at the edge of my seat everytime I watch. Matt Dallas and his portrayal of Kyle is phenomenal. He is so adorable and fun to watch, and you can't help but fall in love with his character's innocence. I can't wait to see more of this show, and I'm excited to learn more about who Kyle really is.
  • A terrible show that tries to be Powder for the 7th Heaven set.

    I\\\'d heard some good things about this show so when I was hanging out at the local bar and someone mentioned watching it I was certainly game to give it a shot. Something I would later regret.

    The show basically functions as a rip-off of Powder or Stranger in a Strange Land except it\\\'s been reworked for viewers of 7th Heaven, e.g. the parents are nice and well-meaning all the time, the kids spend almost all of their free time with their parents, and the daughter set up to be \\\"rebellious\\\" is announced as such by having a boyfriend and outside interests of her own.

    If you live in an incredibly repressive household and aren't allowed to watch anything that isn't overtly \\\"wholesome\\\" then it might be ok, but the writing and plot don\\\'t really do that much either. Kyle wanders around a bit not really understanding what\\\'s going on and everyone acts a bit confused excepting for their copious quality time together until the end comes along. About the only redeeming aspect was a brief role by Krychek which, frankly, feels a bit like slumming and a bit like typecasting.

    Me and my friends are all betting that Kyle will turn out to be an angel who somehow enhances the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. It\\\'s just about the only outcome that makes sense for such a bland, inoffensive, forcibly \\\"family friendly\\\" type of show.
  • One of the best shows abc family has.

    ABC Family has well known good orginal shows that should get more viewers than any other cable show. Great show too keep around for the summer one of the best shows. Iv\'e got too lookforward too a 2nd season too. Good Move on Kyle Xy and With Wildfire and New shows and movies. ABC family keeps my views up. Kyle XY should be the most watched show over the summer.
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