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    I think its stupid the show ended like it did they should of canceled the stupid shows that took its place Kyle xy was one of my favorite TV series EVERY MADE and too stop a show like this is unimaginable especially for stupid programs that don't need to be on and are boring as hell Kyle xy needs to be put back on the air and stupid shows taken off it was the one thing I looked forward too watching all the time and now that I've watched the 3 seasons 10 times I still think you guys need to bring it back more people like kyle xy then you realized and like I said you need to bring it back and for not continuing making it I'm giving it a low rating if it was on I would be giving it a perfect rating
  • Boring. Cheesy and cheap. Unoriginal. Horrible show.

    I started wacth Kyle XY after reading some positive coments on this site (

    I didn't know nobody who wacth this and i be intrigue and decided to start wacth.

    The show has a couple misteries, the most important is WTH is Kyle?? But with the shows budget being so low, it become cheesy and boring.

    I wacth the first and a part of the 2nd seasons and decided to not go back. The show has a bad act for almost everyone on the cast with the exception of the lead (Matt Dallas). He's a midly good actor, but he looked retarded in the character of Kyle. It has his moments, but can't save the show alone. The scripts are awful, the way they play the histoty are wrong and the direction of the show let me dissapointed. The first season i almost have to hide myself during the show, so bad it was. And the 2nd season even with some improvement don't get much better.

    It's a teen show, the worst i ever wacth, and i not a fan of teen shows, i only have wacthed The OC and OTH (another so-so show that i give up after 2 season). I wacth because the sci-fi aspect of the show, and i regret because they don't know how to do this.

    I know the hardcore fans will disagre with this review, but seriously, you guys need to wacth better shows.
  • Ugh......

    This better not influence a lot of future TV shows.... You know, where there is one idea that dozens of people use?? This one is a very bad one.... Many people like this show right now, but not everyone does, and unless they change a lot of things in this show, my feelings for this show will never change. This show is so horrible, that I would actually consider watching Teen Titans or Danny Phantom than this show.... It premiered on ABC Family, so I blocked that channel. Now It seems to be on regular ABC...... Now there is another channel that I am going to block!! Lots of people wonder what Kyle XY is. I know exactly what Kyle XY is: A Freak.
  • A terrible show that tries to be Powder for the 7th Heaven set.

    I\\\'d heard some good things about this show so when I was hanging out at the local bar and someone mentioned watching it I was certainly game to give it a shot. Something I would later regret.

    The show basically functions as a rip-off of Powder or Stranger in a Strange Land except it\\\'s been reworked for viewers of 7th Heaven, e.g. the parents are nice and well-meaning all the time, the kids spend almost all of their free time with their parents, and the daughter set up to be \\\"rebellious\\\" is announced as such by having a boyfriend and outside interests of her own.

    If you live in an incredibly repressive household and aren't allowed to watch anything that isn't overtly \\\"wholesome\\\" then it might be ok, but the writing and plot don\\\'t really do that much either. Kyle wanders around a bit not really understanding what\\\'s going on and everyone acts a bit confused excepting for their copious quality time together until the end comes along. About the only redeeming aspect was a brief role by Krychek which, frankly, feels a bit like slumming and a bit like typecasting.

    Me and my friends are all betting that Kyle will turn out to be an angel who somehow enhances the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. It\\\'s just about the only outcome that makes sense for such a bland, inoffensive, forcibly \\\"family friendly\\\" type of show.
  • Started out interesting but now very annoying to watch!

    When this first came out it was quite fun to watch, Kyle's high intelligence and cool physical abilities made it an interesting watch.

    But slowly as the series goes on you find that a few of the actors make watching Kyle XY unbearable. I find Lori, Jessi, Amanda and at times Declan very annoying. Maybe its the script or that they're just really bad actors, but for me personally these guys make Kyle XY a pain to watch.

    The only characters I like are Kyle and Josh, the rest are just mediocre.

    There's too much trying to keep each other happy going on in the series. All we need is Kyle to bust out some more cool moves and do more interesting things.

    For now, in my opinion this is one of worst shows on TV right now.
  • A Parent\\\'s point of view. This could have been a great show.

    Could have been a great show with an already interesting plot and very good acting until needless sexual innuendo and other adult themes started to take over the script.

    While I do not necessarily object to the extranious adult themes in general, there is a time and place for everything.

    I also feel that there was a bit of false advertising. The first few episodes where okay. They lightly hinted at some sexual subjects but they always managed not to cross the line.

    On the fourth episode one of the main characters (16 yr old girl) loses here virginity behind some bushes. Another girl is shown in a compromising situation with a boy. Another kid gets an erection in public and the youngest son has a drinking problem. None of this has anything to do with the plot.

    Some may point out that this particular episdoe had a warning that no one under 14 should watch it but what do you do about the other three episodes that got my kids hooked on what actually was a good story? Further, the subject matter was inapropriate even for 14 year olds to watch on T, and it was inapropriate for prime time.

    Someone at the studio should be fired.
  • At first glance, this show seems cutting edge SCI-FI family drama. At second and third glances - just the family drama remains.

    KYLE is a boy, roughly 16 years old (wrong actor...) found by the authorities naked and brought to the care of a family.

    Kyle suffers from amnesia and has to learn everything anew: how to sleep, how to eat and how to speak.

    The method in which this is obtained is an internal dialogue and questions Kyle asks himself.

    These methods DO NOT work, and leave, in my opinion, a bad sticky daytime soap taste in your mouth.

    Makes me feel like the writers of this shown are trying to teach the viewers the meaning of a family and tries (un)affectively to teach them a lesson each episode: "Family","Tell the truth","Friend" etc..

    I leave this show to those who like the mediocre acting, the PBS messages and bad storyline.
  • This Series is About A boy [a teenager] who is found in the middle of nowhere, with no one around. A family takes him in and cares for him, and it's basically about Kyle and his family trying to figure out who he really is.

    This show is TERRIBLY confusing, and unrealistic. I know it's a SHOW but Geesh. -- Alright, so there's this "teenager" with super powers, he was found alone in the forest just wondering around,he has no belly button, they can't figure out who he is, his family finds a picture of him that's dated 25 years before he was born, but it looks like him, and its just a mess. I can't imagine where this is heading. Maybe Im just being small minded, but this show just isn't my cup of tea. Hopefully the writers will get their act together in the last 2 episodes before the season finale.
  • Simply John Doe meets the OC in Middle America. Oh what joy..

    This show seems to parallel another show called John Doe. In fact it mirrors the show's introduction. A man finds himself naked in the wilderness, unsure of who and where he is. The only difference being that in Kyle XY main character is a teenage boy instead of a man, and he knows nothing about the world other than Advanced Mathematics, Karate, and how to type extremely fast. Oh.. and how to draw. The show can best be described as John Doe meets the OC in Middle America. Oh what joy..

    Overall, an interesting yet unorigional show. However I'll watch every episode because I immensly enjoyed John Doe's premise, and Kyle XY's is exactly the same.
  • I'm usually not into children's shows, but this was even more excruciating than the Teletubies.

    Ok, I know that a lot of people are now going crazy that their precious show was just called a children's show, but come on - just look at it. A lot of topless people, cheesy parents, lame humor, a "mystery" that isn't mysterious, an unparalleled lack of ACTING. Most of the characters' performance makes me want to put my finger in my eye and twirl it around. Seriously, this is awful.

    This so called "DRAMA" is set in a USA suburb where a cheesy little family (oh the usual, uptight yet flexible mother, cool yet STRONG father, an obnoxious little 12 year old typical kid who gets on my nerves and the typical 15 arrogant idiotic daughter that has problems because her so called boyfriend likes another bulimic slut) adopts a troubled teenager who acts like an infant. But behind it there are the BAD GUYS! Oh yeah, now this was actually really funny. Even too funnny. Hysterical. We never get a clue of what's happening. It's like a poor X-files wannabe that doesn't even live up to the hype that X-files exceeds perfectly. Typical children's movies bad guys which motives aren't clear and they are so evil and they want to hide everything. Usually the scenes of the bad guys were a minute long and were complete wastes of time; we didn't learn anything nor understood anything. Regardless of the show sucking so badly, the only thing I enjoyed was the eye candy Declan, that bulimic girl's "boyfriend". He was so hot!
  • mhm, so, where should i get started probably I should mention the fact that this is the first review I'm writing here so dont be too hard on me^^ but to cut it short: damn, this sucks

    so , the title of this show and also the plot sound rather interesting, some boy found in the middle of the street, not knowing who he is or what the hell \\\'s going on arround him...

    the story behind this thing isn\\\'t really bad I admit, it has potential, there\\\'s mystery, personal issues, blablabla , but the way it\\\'s actually done really really sucks.... hard

    the dialogues are completly dumb and not at all authentic, so are the charakters , just about every time they open their mout you instantly feel that it\\\'s a faked dialogue, and fake people talking

    the charakters are ..... well not authentic, not at all believable, theres a dad who a puss*(sorry for the language but thats pretty much summing it up) , a daughter who is supposed to go through the issues every single tv show like this is facing (relationships with boys, first sex etc....) but it is just hard to take any interest in her or in any of the charakters for that matter(at least it was for me)
    (if you saw the Pilot of Eureka, you already know what you are going to have to deal with regarding dialogues and charakter "desing")

    the (not really exellent) acting combined with the weak dialogues and the not-so-great plot just make this show into a \\\"ok, i\\\'ll watch it, theres nothing else on\\\" kinda thing , but nothing more

    it definetly has potential, but my hopes for kyle xy are pretty low scale

    (also I apologize for my english, it\\\'s not my mother tongue, I guess it\\\'s not so bad but far from being perfect)

  • A mediocre, stereotypical family sci-fi drama that\\\'s dripping with family values.

    A very cheesy show with incredibly blatant themes of belonging and acceptance. The sci-fi plotline is vaguely interesting and is the only unpredictable part of the show. Stereotypes galore - the mother is kind and caring, the father "does what's best for the family", the teenage daughter parties and gossips with her friends, and the younger brother shoots hoops and hides Playboy magazines from his mother. Nothing new there.
    Acting - believable but dull.
    Writing - Blech. Cheesy and predictable.

    It's like a dumbed-down version of John Doe for kids and families. Overall, it's worth a watch if you're really, really bored.
  • Disrespecting Viewers Much?

    Kyle XY was very interesting and fun to watch for a variety of age ranges. The ending was incomplete and left the feeling that 3 seasons of loyalty to the show was wasted. All the viewers who engaged weekly in this show were cheated. It is like selling a book without printing the last chapter. This is a complete disrespect towards the viewers that all of Hollywood depends upon to be a success.
  • The list is Life

    33.56 minutes into the show you see Kyle picking up a candle and you can also see that he has a belly button...
  • A clever title goes here!


  • In a sort of "Lost" meets "John Doe" meets 7th Heaven story, Kyle XY is a boy found in the forest, without a name or a past.

    Some mystory shows come along and wow you. Not only is the plot great, but you fall in lov4e with the characters. Not only do you care about the mystory, you care about the people. You can wacth it again, and again.

    Unfortunitly, "Kyle XY" is not one of these shows.

    Sure, t has an interesting idea. A kid doesn't know who he is . I can see it. But that's really all the show offers.

    tThe problem si, the story is just ntot good enough. It doesn't take risks. It could have been great, and could still be great. If only it wanted to be.

    Kyle XY joins a famaly of people I acutally can't stande. Alright, the mother Nicole is okay. Bu the daughter, lori, is basicly.....a slut. And the son is.....just weird

    Every epasode ends with the famaly coming together. It's like a new 7th Heaven, only a 7th heaven trying to suply you with mystory.

    The funny thing about the show is that it can be funny when it doesn't need to be, and it's not funny when it trys to be. When it talks about Kyle being a "teabag", it's not funny. But when kyle talks about how he figured humans grew smaller and fit into images, only to find that they do not, is just plan hilarious.

    I can't indentify with thesee people. It has a good story, and that's why I gave it a 5. it's like half a tv show.

    The acting is terrible, besides a decent proformence from the adult actors. The kids are such sterotypes, and sound so cheesy. Maybe they can't be blamed. Maybe it's the fault of the writers.

    If you want a mystory, go see Lost.

    By the way, this nis not a show for children. There is alot of sex and crude launage in it.
  • It bad that this was so poorly done because the idea is good. It’s a lot like the police officer in the pilot; it looks good on the outside but it is totally incompetent and inadequate.

    This should have been so much better...
    The idea is too good to screw up, still that’s what they’ve done. My first complaint is on the dialogue; frankly it is under all critique. It sounds like it’s written by either an old lady or a man dressed in beige with has a beard. “Hey, juice me!”, yeah that’s tough and teen:ish. The same person (probably the beige man) obviously also wrote the storyline, ‘casue its all facts. There’s just a series of scenes trying to establish fact after fact without any…thread. There’s no flow.
    The last critique I have is; if you are going to have a character that fixes computers, at least learn the basics of just computers. My advice is not to start fiddling with circuit board just because its there, and if you have a keyboard that shoots spark, you might want to get a less lethal one.
  • Like this hasn't happened before...

    This show, is like a lot of other shows. There is a strange guy who needs to adapt to society, and he's strange, like an alien or created in a lab. It's been done. It's not really original. Besides that, it has too much sexual content for my taste. The morals of the characters surrounding Kyle disgust me. Not only that, but Kyle's monotone narative talking throughout the show is really getting on my nerves. Don't bother watching. Believe me, you've seen it before.
  • Well done but not orginal.

    I was intrigued by the poster I saw for the show -- of a guy with no navel -- and it's pretty well done. I was really hoping for something new. The poster reminded me of Aira Fight (for any of you who've read the Vanna Bonta FLIGHT adventure about the girl with no belly button who's new to earth and experiences the urban earth things) but that's not why I tuned in. I was hoping for something different, to grip me and make me want to come home and sit back and take off. So that happened in moments.

    This is a mixed review because I did like the premise of someone who is mysterious, and there's a mystery to who or what they are.

    The writers know how to make cliff hangers and draw out the search for the "Who - is - it " -- who is Kyle? It's a good mystery and the acting is OK but I had hoped it would be a little more orginal. Maybe the second season will. The whole stranger in a strange land has been done by Robert Heinlein. And the whole innocent newcomer girl without a navel has been done by Vanna Bonta. What is the problem with TV getting original material? That would make a good forum topic.

    Aaron Spelling wasn't all that original but his programs worked.
  • kyle is the best summer show on tv i can bet that every teen girl who is watching it falling in love with the show

    matt dallas your are the best actor on tv
    your show kyle xy is the best family show on abc i give it too dump up for the summer show on abc family.kyle xy is so sexy and handsome because i am falling in love with the show on also your characher
  • I think this show was like the movie Encino Man without the laughs.

    I think the show was actually missing something. And I don't see where they can take it. But I guess we will have to stay tuned to see.
    I think that they should have focused more on teaching him to talk and understand, more than the family actually did. And some of it just didn't seem possible, like him following the girl to the party and then carring her home. I think it could be a good show, but just needs some work. Lets hope they give it a chance to shine. Maybe a little more insight on the family and him learning things would help.
  • what will happrn

    everything about the end of the season 3 is irritating me I just finished and I want to know what happens with kyle and Amanda also what happens with kyle and latnok and cassidey and I want to find out if andy ever comes back to see josh, just they literally left ever part of the show in suspense I just want clarity with the ending and until that happens I will be very angry at the show and my review would be a lot higher if the end didn't end how it did because I loved the show
  • very interesting show

    - i just hope it doesn\\\'t end up like John Doe and that it doesn\\\'t have anything to do with ideas like Lost\\\'s dharma initiative or possibly some alien story.

    They need to progress the story further and soon since only 10 or so eps have been ordered. If they keep dragging it, they will lose viewers like me - I\\\'ve stopped watching lost cuz they are dragging it.

    The actors and actresses are all fresh faces so thats a great point and can build a great storyline. Just need to build the momentum and not let it die down like Prison BReak.

    Please bring the show back before it's too late! (The cast will look way different than the last episode)
  • A decent Sci-Fi/Coming-of-Age Drama.

    It's surly not the best I've seen on TV but I'll give it credit for having it's suspenseful moments. It's a dark show but I feel it's a little to overwhelmed by light teen angst.

    Acting, is off by a long shot. Matt Dallas just doesn't or hasn't yet proven he's a good lead actor. His face shows hardly any emotion other then "Oh, I'm happy" or "Oh, I'm sad". He gives to much of a cold stale face. The supporting cast on the other hand IMO carry the show, without them I'm sure Kyle XY wouldn't be this big or minor hit.

    Mythology, is the only thing I'm midley interested in. Season 1 has given a lot of great clues to "Who's Kyle XY?" but hopefully Season 2 ventures out and deeper into it. I have a feeling if it does this and try to spread it's wings from the Trager family for at lease a few episodes Kyle XY could turn into a great series like Season 2 of Roswell.

    Yes, many fans may not agree with this review but it's my opinion and it could possibly change, I have quite an open mind if you could believe this. So until I see Season 2, I'll leave it at this:

    Kyle XY get's a 6.5 out of 10, it's a mediocre sci-fi with heart.
  • This show Lacks excitment

    this show really isnt that great it Lacks excitment Needs fine tuneing they made a show like this Before i forgot the name its very perditable obviously he will soon learn to speak english and stuff not very good show.Thats all i got to say about the show and that not sure if it will Last that Long but good luck.
  • This is about some alien kid who they don't really know if he is an alien or not oh and did i mention he has no belly button??!!??!!!

    This seems like a freaky sci fi show but for some reason i just like really have to watch it because i think it is not really supposed to be funny but i will laugh anyway. The stupidest and unintentionally funny pat is that the alien guy oddly does not have a belly button I mean come on a belly button??? I really think they could have somthing much better that that.The part I don't get is that are aliens humans without belly buttons? Or are they green? Did he get sent down by other aliens cuz i don't think they would send him down naked or are alies naked??? Hmmm......
  • The show has fizzled into another primetime soap opera, what a disappointment!!

    Attention all decent writers, Hollywood needs you as evidenced by the lack of progression in this series. This show is nothing more than another teen soap opera like one tree hill, dress in scifi wool! If you are looking for X-Files 2.0 then you had better click right past this one, perhaps Eureka on Scifi which is full of potntial. The show had a strong start and a good idea, but has fizzled and has really done little to advance the plot. It has taken a good idea and turned it into another primetime soap opera that has some scifi twist. The story lines seem to focus more on teen angst and don't really focus on the real mysteries of the show. The show has become obvious with no real surprises, and the main character seems to wonder through life with no motivation. The characters display little growth, and the plot is moving at a turtle's pace. I hate to say it, but I have watched my last episode.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Kyle XY was the first successful original show on ABC family. Featuring cute boys, which played right into their key demographic of teenage girls. Kyle woke up having no memory, like some big adorable baby. Not wanting the show to be some cutesy fucked up version of the Brady Bunch, the producers actually gave the show a complicated storyline, which made it much better, but also led to it's downfall. The series starts when Kyle wakes up naked in the woods outside of Seattle. He has no memory and doesn't know how to do anything. He's quickly put into a group home, as a John Doe, where he gains the attention and admiration of the local psychologist, Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntyre). Trager knows that Kyle will never survive in that environment and decides to foster him. Once at the Trager house, Kyle doesn't need to just learn the basics of survival, but also the social norms associated with being part of a family. The series starts out with Kyle as a clean slate, having to learn everything from eating to using the bathroom, and to me this was the worst part of the show. It did however give the stations key demographic exactly what it demanded and lead to these episodes being the networks highest rated to date. Wanting to show off Kyle's abilities and not wanting him to be some loveable moron, the writers shifted the focus to Kyle's extraordinary abilities and how he uses them to try and find out who he is and where he came from. That's the point where the show started to get interesting to me and of course the point where the ratings started to decline. Show some trendy teenage girls, a bunch of cute boys being adorable and you've got high ratings, but show those same boys as part of a global conspiracy, that makes you think, and those girls want nothing to do with it. Half way through the first season, Kyle XY went from a lame family show to a terrific science fiction drama. Matt Dallas stars as Kyle and he has a lot going for him. Dallas is good looking, athletic, and intelligent, unfortunately he's not a very good actor and many times seemed like some emotionless robot, who was reading lines from a cue card. Thankfully the family and friends surrounding him were far better actors than he was. The Trager family is a terrific mix of wit and emotion that is centered on Kyle, but doesn't focus solely on him. There is a terrific storyline featuring the daughter Lori's (April Matson) entrance into sexual activity with her boyfriend Declin (Chris Olivero), who may be the single most talented person on this cast. The brother Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), gives much needed comic relief to the show, while teaching Kyle the things every teenaged boy needs to know. Kyle XY was a magically complex show that blended a great science fiction story with comedy and family drama, unfortunately it was on the wrong network. A show like this could have continued to grow and come out of nowhere to be a mix of the X-Files and 90210, that appealed to a huge audience, instead, it was geared toward teenage girls who just didn't want to think. The show was designed for a large audience on a network that has a very limited demographic. Ultimately the cute boys and the occasional comedy just wasn't enough to keep them interested and the show was canceled after 3 seasons. In my opinion this show was just starting to hit it's stride and should it have been on a network that appealed to a larger audience, it would probably still be on the air today.
  • Kyle addicts

    I discovered Kyle XY on Netflix last week and our family has been addicted to it ever since. We have watched both season 1 and 2 within a matter of days! Season 3 hasn't been added to Netflix yet. We can't wait to watch it.

    After reading other viewer's comments about the ending of the show, I would like to add my disappointment. If the show ended so abruptly it seems that those of us who follow the show have been cheated. I would like to challenge the people who made that decision to remember Star Trek. The NBC network decided to axe the program after 3 seasons but later Paramount Studios took it on and the rest is history. Star Trek is still one of the most popular, well-known sci-fi series ever made. People world-wide across the generations still watch the reruns. Maybe Kyle XY could also become a great success if someone had faith in it.
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