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  • A show worth checking out.

    I decided to download the piolt when they were offering it on itunes for free. I was thinking it might be good, and its free, and since I had some time to spare I got it. I tell from the first ten minutes of the show it had me, I loved it. This show has something different that other shows dont normally have. I can\'t depict what it is, but it sure is making me want to be sure i catch teh next episode. Although this show kinda reminds me of this old NICK show, i cant remember what the name of it was, like this alien boy lives with a family and he tries to like find where he came from. so ya, i recomend it so go out and watch it! lol
  • This is truely an amazing show. Definitely worth watching.

    Not even ten minutes into the show and I've already fallen in love with it. Watching is was worth every minute of my time. The plot's really creative and the characters are so real, but what won me over was Kyle. He's simple and innocent and yet his dialogue of everything going on around him is so complex. You really feel as if he's experiencing everything for the very first time.
    I really hope that this show will get enough ratings to keep itself going for more than just a few episodes. I'll definitely be tuning in next week for the latest episode of Kyle XY.
  • Holy crud!!!!!!!! This show is amazing!!!!!!!!

    Tonight was the premere and WOW was it good!!! It started out with this boy and he wakes up nacked and dishovled in the woods. So he walks around and lands himself into a childrens home. So the guy, Kyle, is narriating the whole thing from his point of view so your not all man who is this freak. Ok, so I was like that anyway but you get what I'm saying. So then he gets put in this really nice family's home and kind of disturbs them, well hello he disturbs everyone. How about that rattle snake thing? To freaky. Anyway the family took him in and they basically found out that he is some sort of super geniuos. In the end the mom and him have this "breakthrew" and she decides that she just can't get red of him. Then at the very end thier all setting at dinner and they all kind of symboliclly accept him in thier family. I can't wait until next Monday!!!
  • WOW!

    Okay, not many things on TV or movies could blow my mind, but this show does I mean DUDE! Its so crazy, I'm sitting here trying to figure out the mystery I think he might be from the future or maybe its some big government conspiracy where maybe Kyle found something out that he shouldn't have and the government brain washed him but then why would they just leave him naked in the woods? Isn't that a risk why not just kill him completely. Okay sorry anyway this is a good show, its about this boy that wakes up in the middle of the woods naked he stumbles out into traffic where he quickly gets arrested and thrown into juvy which I thought was a lil too unrealistic, I mean you find a teenage boy naked in the middle of the street with cuts across his face and he doesn't seem to speak or even know what's going on, you wouldn't take him to prison you take him to a hospital, anyway, from the juvy they call out a psychologist who finds a soft spot for him in her heart thinking his "special" and decides to bring him home for a while to a family that isn't very welcoming to him. as Hours pass on, Kyle seems to understand and learn more and more but the most unique thing about him is that even though he doesn't know how to tie his shoes he could do advanced algebra like its 2 + 2. It seems that Kyle is some kind of Super genius that has been brainwashed.
  • Finally, something different!

    Kyle XY is a great show! I love the premise of it - a teenager wakes up naked in the woods and must fit in with society, plus figure out who he is and where he came from. This show has characters who you can relate to, just normal average people. The guy who plays Kyle does a great job. I only saw the pilot, and already I know this is going to be a wonderful show. It's nice to finally watch something that isn't a crime or forensics drama, a lawyer show, or a stupid pointless sitcom. It's a mix of family drama, sci-fi, and mystery, with a little comedy thrown in. I highly recommend Kyle XY, and I can't wait to see more episodes!
  • At the start of the show we do not know where Kyle comes from. He just appears naked and unsure of who or what he is. We are taken along on his journey to find out.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this show and can\'t wait to see the next episode. I found Kyle a fascinating character and am looking forward to watching him discover new things and learn where he came from. I hope enough people enjoy it as much as I do because I would love to see it continue. Hopefully more people will show their support.
  • How do we know Kyle is even human?

    Seeing as he has no belly button he could not have been born from a mother. So he must be an alien… but how was he born? Could have been from an egg. Sure it’s weird but the boy has no belly button. But seeing as there’s a shady man after him with a file on him, he may be a super clone. There would be no need for a belly button at that point since clones raised in tubes don’t been a uterus to grow, if we go with that theory of cloning. People say, ok so he doesn’t have a belly button, big deal. Well it’s a very big deal when you think about how a baby is born. And clones would have to be older like a teenager cause a clone of an infant would surely not survive. The only thing is how did he end up in the forest in the first place. He was covered in a weird placenta-like liquid. It could have been from the egg or the cloning chamber. And he has a higher brain function cause his brain isn’t human. That’s why he doesn’t convulse. The only thing we know is that he has super abilities in math and reflexes. But he doesn’t have a past; all he has is mathematical knowledge. So he could have been implanted with that information while during the cloning process. We can rule out the idea that he’s a robot, cause he did bleed when he got punched and when his skin was punctured by shards of broken glass. All I know is that it sounds rather intriguing and I’ll remain watching it, hopefully my hypothesis is right and he is truly a clone, cause I’ll be ticked off if he was born from an egg. But we haven’t had a show about a clone in a long time so that’d be pretty cool. We’ve had enough alien visiting a family, look at the Nickelodeon show, “Alan Strange.” But all I know is that the show is also rather humorous. For a sci-fi drama you wouldn’t expect to much humor, but I was dying from all the sex jokes and the way Kyle fought against the policeman without actually touching him. I’ll definitely stay tuned to watch this series.
  • i have not seen the show but it look like the movie d.a.r.y.l. from the 80s

    i have not seen the show but it look like the movie d.a.r.y.l. from the 80s

    i have not seen the show but it look like the movie d.a.r.y.l. from the 80s

    i have not seen the show but it look like the movie d.a.r.y.l. from the 80s

    i have not seen the show but it look like the movie d.a.r.y.l. from the 80s

    i have not seen the show but it look like the movie d.a.r.y.l. from the 80s

    i have not seen the show but it look like the movie d.a.r.y.l. from the 80s

    i have not seen the show but it look like the movie d.a.r.y.l. from the 80s
  • Like watching an infant grow, it has plesant surprises.

    I usualy don't watch shows like this (you know the abc family shows advertised in theaters before your movie starts) but I was intrigued by the idea of watching a teenager learning about his surroundings,I figured it was worth a shot and I was right! This show was a plesant suprise from the mindless dribble I usually watch. Watching him get beat up by a useless street thug and do nothing about it, then watching him kick a trained police officers ass I just had to laugh a little. Kyle has a strange way of interpreting things, but pretty accurate ones. If you put yourself in his shoes you might come to the same conclousions as he did. Overall it's definately one I'll come back to.
  • Great new show!

    It's another teenage series... so what? But Kyle isn't a normal teenager. After seeing the pilot I think this show could make it at least a season if not more. Someone mentioned the movie D.A.R.Y.L and yes I see the similiarity. It's about time there some decent shows back on TV.
    A little freaky tidbit.... he has no belly button eeek!!
  • Very interesting new show

    I think this show have great potential. I only hope this is only the first season and we will not have a surprise like Threshold or other show. Kyle XY has great potential as a series. It promises to enchants us with mystery, fun and a bit of action. After I watch the episode I can not stop thinking: “What about the mysterious truck?”.Or: ”What about the news on TV about the teenage girl with no memories that police find?”.The episode was really entertaining with funny moments too. Bottom line \\\\\\\"KYLE XY\\\\\\\" is a great show and I will watch all next episodes.
  • Imagine waking up in a forest--alone, unprotected, and without a clue who or what you are. Such is the mystery of Kyle XY, who has no memory of anything--and more strangely, has no belly button, super strength, and intellegence beyond human capability.

    With a completly engaging plot, not only does Kyle XY have enough comedy to keep you mildly amused, it also has the mystery and complexity of such shows as Lost. With an interesting concept of a teenager with thoughts not unlike a newborn, the perspective that Kyle XY gives is truely uniqiue and intriging.

    Kyle XY has enough mystique that it even is connected with far more intricate (and confusing) clues on its website, madacorp, which leads you one step further (or backwards) to figuring out the mystery of who Kyle XY is. Or, more mysteriously, Kyle XY is who?
  • This is a great show! I watched one episode and am already hooked.

    The first episode was really good. It had I good over veiw of the characters there names, jobs exctra and has a good plot line. It also has a lot of action, romance and mystery it's a show for all kinds. The preview for episode two looks really good the family that adopted Kyle tries to figure out where he came from and who/ what he is and Kyle is suspected of being involved in a murder. I hope many people watch this show so it's not cancled cause it is a really great show and I love it.
  • This is about some alien kid who they don't really know if he is an alien or not oh and did i mention he has no belly button??!!??!!!

    This seems like a freaky sci fi show but for some reason i just like really have to watch it because i think it is not really supposed to be funny but i will laugh anyway. The stupidest and unintentionally funny pat is that the alien guy oddly does not have a belly button I mean come on a belly button??? I really think they could have somthing much better that that.The part I don't get is that are aliens humans without belly buttons? Or are they green? Did he get sent down by other aliens cuz i don't think they would send him down naked or are alies naked??? Hmmm......
  • This is the best show ever, if the people that made get this i\\\'m telling them to make something else next year. But Kyle XY should be a big hit you just wait. That is what I think of Kyle XY, and if you agree read my review.

    Kyle XY is a teen from someplace not on Earth. My dad says he is from mars, but then again he could also be from a creation lab. Then again i've only seen the first episode. But based on the first episode the scientist said that the brain power was to strong which could cause death or they said the machine may not be working right. But then again he managed to do a long test in five minutes. And based on how many movies i've seen he isn't an alien. I know if you are reading this you are probably thinking "He doesn't have a bellybutton." That may because when they were making him they coulndn't find a posible way to give him a bellybutton but they still needed to test him. So Once they were done they dropped him in the forest to see if he could survive in human life, and for now he is doing fine. Toon in, and maybe you will unlock his secrets. This is my review, and I hope you will be there watching Kyle XY.
  • Well,it\\\'s interesting enough to check out the second episode.

    Seeing previews made me cringe, thinking this was just going to be a ET/Iron Giant rip-off. Actually watching it opened up my mind to at least give the second episode a chance.It had a few too cliches for my taste: the oversexed sister, her preppy blonde friend, and the annoying brother.However, there were a few sweet moments, such as Kyle discovering music for the first time.While I was expecting some oily bohunk who acted slow and stupid,Matt Dallas gave Kyle some surprising depth,communicating feeling with his eyes,and providng wit to a sometimes dull narration.This show is far from perfect,but if you\\\'re thinking \\\"Just another alien comes to Earth\\\" story,try to have an open mind!
  • I have only seen it twice, but I wait for it to come on. I've never really had a show I have to watch, but this is gonna be it....i just know it!

    I like this consept. I dont recall seeing this idea on TV before. It reminds me a little of an old movie with Alan Thick about a robot son he builds. This has a more dramatic feel though. The outcast (Kyle) and the love intrest (Nicole's daughter). One wonders if they ever have any intimate moments?
    I am very intrigued and cannot wait till the next episode!
  • This show is about a boy who was born in the woods without a navel, he is taken in by a family and he begins to learn human ways.

    I really liked this show. I thought it might be corny at first but I wathed it on itunes and it is great. I will be tuning in each week. I hope it stays as good as the pilot. The actor that plays Kyle is very good, he is very believable. The family that takes him in is very good too. This is going to be a family favorite all summer long. If you didn't see the pilot you should make sure you see it before you watch other episode to make sure you don't miss out on the big picture.
  • Kyle XY is about a boy with no memory who mysteriously shows up out of nowhere.

    Kyle XY is about a boy with no memory who mysteriously shows up out of nowhere. Kyle is like a newborn in a teenagers body, he finds many things around him unusual and unique and must figure out how to act in his environment. Kyle finds many basic tasks and ideas complicated yet can do more complicated tasks easily. Kyle is taken in by a family who try to help him understand whats around him.
    Surrounding Kyle is a mystery of where he came from since he has no memory of ever being younger and he has no belly button, people wonder what he is.
  • Oh My Goodness! Kyle is so CUTE!! I literally spent the entire show just staring at him!!

    Oh My Goodness! Kyle is so CUTE!! I literally spent the entire show just staring at him!! His smiles are so adorable and that scene of him in the beginning, Whew!! Can you say HOT?? Even my mom thinks he's cute! The storyline is interesting, but I think I’ll keep tuning in just because I want to keep staring at him.
  • I love it! I'm calling it ABC Family's "Lost"

    I love it! I'm calling it ABC Family's "Lost"

    This show is sooo creapy!! It's about this boy who is just found naked in the woods, wondering and he doesn't even know who he is! Its like he's a baby! He can't talk and he has to learn everything as if he was just born! But the freaky thing is, he is exctremly intellegent! He relates things to mathmatics and rhythms. They say his brain is smarter than Albert Einstien! I think he might be some kind of alien. They give you so little clues that you never know what could happen next!

    I'm gonna watch the next episode!!!
  • KYLE XY follows a mysterious boy who looks like a teenager, but otherwise appears to be a newborn. The Trager family takes him in as one of their own.

    This is by far one of the best series I\'ve encountered. I say ONE of t he best, because it\'s not the only one. Another really good one was LOST, but since new episodes won\'t be out till 2007, I chose to look for another series, and I stumbled upon this one. The reason I chose to watch it, was because I saw a preview of it in my AMC Theatre. I would have still found out about this even if I had\'nt seen the preview in my theatre, it just might have taken longer.

    But anyways, as I said, this is a VERY good show, with great potential to get to the top, just like LOST and many other series. I will definitaly keep watching this series!
  • Kyle XY - too poetic for Primetime?

    I happened on this show by chance but one look at Matt Dallas (Kyle) and I was transfixed. I have NEVER seen a more beautiful young man in all my life. If any Classics prof wanted to illustrate what Ganymede could look like s/he could point to Matt.

    This is a newcomer to watch.

    Clearly the camera adores him: his gift with nuance in facial expression is remarkable (and reminds me of Thandie Newton\'s work in _Beseiged_) - dialogue is not necessary to get the point across... no, let me rephrase that. His expressions amplify the narrator\'s (Kyle\'s) monologue, a monologue that is brilliantly and wryly written.

    The rest of the cast intrigues me as well as they are totally believeable - particularly the father and the two children. Indeed, even the walk on parts seem to have been selected with care.

    Is the plotline predictable? Totally: come on, we have all seen the X-files and have a good guess on where the business with the guy in the truck is going (I\'ve seen this guy before, but where?). The Pretender, anybody? But who knows, the writers may surprise us.

    But plotline aside, This is not an action/sci-fan show - indeed the sci-fi element is not as important. This is a sophisticated show looking at relationships and the philosophy of human nature.

    And it is for this reason I fear that, like Firefly, Kyle XY will hit the chopping block before the 10th episode.
  • WOW kept me glue to my seat

    Well done ABC i hope this is a hit for you all.

    I have just watched the pilot and enjoyed 100% right down to my toes.

    Left me wanting more and thinking whats going to happen next. Did i hear right that they said there was a girl found the same why kyle was found ???? cant wait for the outcome of that.

    looking forward to the rest of the season and hope iot makes it over the ditch for the rest of the country to see (new zealand) well worth the time slot i think of our tv channels.

    thanks for a good watch
  • Something different...

    This looks like it is going to be a very interesting tv show, full of mystery and adventure. It kept me glued to my seat. It is fun to see something different from all the action, adventure series I watch like 24 and Prison Break. The pilot leaves many questions that I would like answered, such as where does Kyle come from? What is his past? What is he?

    In the end I want to say Kyle XY is cutting edge and hopefully it will run more than one season. After watching the pilot it keeps you wanting more..
  • Like the Show but it is not an orignal. It is remake of John Doe.

    The show was interesting I like the story surrounding it ,but it is not original. The show reminds me of John Doe that was on FOX a few years ago. They just repackage the old show, changed the main character(now he is 16 instead of late 20s)and twist the story a little bit. I did hate John Doe I liked it so I am all for Kyle XY just because of that.
  • I think this show was like the movie Encino Man without the laughs.

    I think the show was actually missing something. And I don't see where they can take it. But I guess we will have to stay tuned to see.
    I think that they should have focused more on teaching him to talk and understand, more than the family actually did. And some of it just didn't seem possible, like him following the girl to the party and then carring her home. I think it could be a good show, but just needs some work. Lets hope they give it a chance to shine. Maybe a little more insight on the family and him learning things would help.
  • I used influential however the real word I was looking for would have to be has potential.

    The pilot for the show is more of an introductory for the family aswell as setting the stage for further characterization. The girl being found as well as the stalker in the pickup. Has all the earmarks of being a good show. However only time will tell giving us all a better picture of what is to come and what we will have to look forward too. I do hope that this is not another shows they play one season and take it off. like some of the other show\'s I enjoy (of course won\'t mention any names)
    We shall see
  • How did that commercail put it? Oh yeah. "XY marks the spot." ---- I believe them.

    I didn't watch this show on its original Monday night airing. All the trailors I had seen made it look, well let's be honest, campy and stupid. But when I was flipping through channels one Saturday night after watching Gone With the Wind, I stumbled upon the beginning of this show. I was bored, it was late, and nothing else was on. Three ingredients perfect for any TV viewage. So, I settled down and watched the pilot. I was immediately entranced by the performance of "Kyle". The actor managed to pull off a newbron innocence without coming across as dopey or smarmy. The story intrigued me (being a big Point Pleasant fan) and the characters seemed all but uninteresting. I hope more people can overcome the cheesy trailors and give this show a try. If not, they don't know what they're missing. Kyle XY may be the best new sci-fi show on television.
  • A mediocre, stereotypical family sci-fi drama that\\\'s dripping with family values.

    A very cheesy show with incredibly blatant themes of belonging and acceptance. The sci-fi plotline is vaguely interesting and is the only unpredictable part of the show. Stereotypes galore - the mother is kind and caring, the father "does what's best for the family", the teenage daughter parties and gossips with her friends, and the younger brother shoots hoops and hides Playboy magazines from his mother. Nothing new there.
    Acting - believable but dull.
    Writing - Blech. Cheesy and predictable.

    It's like a dumbed-down version of John Doe for kids and families. Overall, it's worth a watch if you're really, really bored.
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