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  • Last Season

    I like to know what kind of idoit cancelled this show First of all the last scene where Kyle was choking a man who said was his brother why would they leave the show like that

    I guess best is not to watch the channel he was on as they will do it again and again leave everyone hanging for a ending and never getting it what stupid programmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • For all of you who don't understand the gigantic cliff hanger in season 3

    The show was supposed to be only taking a mid season break, but they cancelled the filming of the second half. There was a full story line already in the works to make it continue, but some brilliant *loads of sarcasm* producers in Burbank thought that the world would be better off without the Tragers
  • bjguhi

    ok hello sir or mam i would like for u to bring kyle xy back so please a lot of kids and people like this i think u should bring it back cause that thwe best show i have ever know so please as my birthday i want u to bring the show back

  • Guilty Pleasure

    This show was a bit of a guilty pleasure, it definitely wasn't great, but it was fun and a cool premise. I wish they had have given it a proper ending!
  • what will happrn

    everything about the end of the season 3 is irritating me I just finished and I want to know what happens with kyle and Amanda also what happens with kyle and latnok and cassidey and I want to find out if andy ever comes back to see josh, just they literally left ever part of the show in suspense I just want clarity with the ending and until that happens I will be very angry at the show and my review would be a lot higher if the end didn't end how it did because I loved the show
  • we want kyle xy back

    wwe want we want kyle xy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*()

    Just watched all of Kyle XY, went to research when the new episode would be coming out just to see that there will be no new season. what is wrong with you people i love this show!!! Please bring it back i want to see more of what would happen next.

    This is so unfair. I'm dieing to know what happens. They NEED!! To bring it back to show us what happens. It's pure torture.
  • Must have Kyle XY!!!!!

    GREAT SHOW!!! I watched all the seasons and I just had to find out if there would be more seasons to come. I was upset to see that there wouldn't be. What happens next??? please bring back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!===)
  • Bring Back Kyle XY!

    What the heck is wrong with people!? How can you leave millions of fans just hanging and wondering what the heck would have happened next! This was one of the few shows i really like! I think it deserves an ending.
  • kyle xy should have an ending

    i think that everyone should join again and make season 4 i hate not seeing kyle and cassidy who ever said that u guys should not make a season 4 than thier stupid u guys have to make a season 4 plz i am the kind of girl who just sit in bed and does nothing and has nothing to watch and kyle is over so i am begging u plz make a season 4 its the only thing i can watch u still need to solve josh and andy and kyle and cassidy what cassidy is going to do to the family thanks to anyone who read this plz tell me if this deserved a thumbs up or down thanks

  • Bring back KYLE XY

    They should atleast make a movie to give a decent ending which the show totally deserves. Yeah, I also hope that Kyle & Amanda end up together!
  • Bring Kyle XY back

    wow they canceled kyle xy but just let the secret life of the american teenager air for 5 seasons? That's screwed up. This show was one of the best i've ever watched and I can't stop thinking about what season 4 would be like. What happens to michael cassidy and kyle? What about the love triangle? Have been waiting for years and NOTHING has happened. Please bring back kyle xy I have all these questions and it's driving me crazy:( How can it be canceled due to low ratings?! Look at all the fan reviews!
  • come back kyle

    I think the creators and cast should try to piece together another season or two for all of us fans and I am a very big fan of the show.
  • Bring kyle xy back

    I think the creators and cast should try to piece together another season or two for all of us fans and I am a very big fan of the show. This show was very inspiring and We would all love for a new season to come. This show has inspired me (kevin James) to learn more about science and that is one of my subjects I don't like lol and I am really counting on the creators to try to get the cast back on for another season. I really love this show and I hope that this message could reach the creator and cast. I really hope you all can put this show back up, I think it it might inspire someone new to try new and great things. If someone could get this message to creators and cast I would really appreciate it if they could put this show back up or at least give me a call-17608767130 I hope they can give it another chance
  • awsomenes inturupted

    this show was and is the best show to be n television it should have never been inturupted. it should have been a 4th and possibly 5th season. it should of atlest had a ending insted of just leaving us with a clif hanger and with more questions that before and i think we have waited along time to get the answeres that we deserve. and it wold really mean the world to all the fans out their if they brought it back
  • Bring it back

    Loved this show. Very upset that it ended the way it did. They need to bring it back. They have added all theses other shows that are so stupid. I loved watching it on Netflix. Spent 5 days watching all the episodes. Awkward, pretty little liars, and all the new shows they have some up with now are so lame. Kyle XY is a great show. BRING KYLE XY BACK PLEASE. ALL THESES NEW SHOWS ARE LAME.

  • Bringing back Kyle

    They need to continue that show it is not okay to end it there!!!!!! I am telling you it is criminal!!!!!! Why would a show that good be shut down!!!!!!
  • Brothers?

    I have just finished watching all 3 seasons of Kyle XY for THIRD TIME. Someone just has to bring back this amazing show, I NEED Season 4!

  • why not

    The shows amazing bring it back
  • kyle xy

    I loved this show and to cut it off with an ending like that was selfish.. Kyle XY needs to b brought back like yesterday... This show has everything any other show has and more. It builds it has suspense, drama, education, etc. All its needs to be back.....
  • Kyle XY Needs to be brought back.

    Kyle XY is at least one of the best shows ever made. It has a amazing plot, great actors, and a very good Setting. And you left us on a cliff-hanger, and that's why i want you to bring it back. However, im writing this letter hopping ABC will see it and reconsider bringing back Kyle XY. Over the years Kyle XY has gained hundred of thousands of viewers threw netflix. I did not know the show excised until i made a netflix account and seen how good of a show it was. It is my favorite show out there and its so sad to see it end like that. Please bring it back. And other viewers reading this, we can try to make a stand. If you type in on google Bring back Kyle XY petition, a petition will pop up, if you sign it, we will get one step closer to bringing back Kyle XY
  • we need kyle back

    pleaseee bring kyle back to tv i loved kyle xy and now i cant watch it please bring it back i watched all of the ep's and now i cant watch anything i watch it just to be disappointed please bring it back so i will not be broed
  • We need Kyle back

    We miss Kyle,we hope Kyle will comes back to my family like he came back to Tranger's Family!!! Let Kyle comes back please!!!!!

  • Bring it back

    I sat there everyday watching Kyle xy to just be left with disappointment at least put it on another channel it's not too late pleaseee do it for all the fans out here
  • Kyle XY deserves to be brought back

    I did not watch the show when it came out because I was not aware it existed. However last month my family started watching Kyle XY on Netflix and were hooked! We just finished watching all three seasons, watching 3-4 episodes at a sitting. All of us enjoyed watching the story line unfold and new stories develop. We are real fans now and have just finished with the season 3 cliffhanger "Bringing down the House". They should possibly re-do the cliffhanger and change the story arc as the "dark side" Kyle is NOT consistent with his non-violent approach to life. My whole family was surprised by that turn of events as we were trying to see how he was going to outsmart his opponents not beat them through violence.

    Any way what would it take to get this series started back up? We all felt it was the most entertaining and engaging show we have seen in years on TV. Really need to see closure to these story arcs.....
  • The only show where I go such great length to make a review.

    I first saw the first season of this show at the age of 13 or 14 last 6 years ago.

    I always stay tuned every week to watch the episodes.

    This personally I believe is the most amazing TV Series I've ever watched that time, of course until now.

    Re-watching them all from Season 1-3 these last few days, my thought never changed.


    Mystery/Sci-Fi is not really one of my preference. Actually, I never actually watch TV series. But this one was an exemption. Even though it's flawed in a way where I actually felt disappointed, it's still one of the best as a whole.


    Reading few reviews for Kyle XY around the net, I found some pros and cons to balance them all out. For some it's a childish and for some, it's worth the time. These reviews has made me tell what I think.


    l l - - - - - - - - - - Story Plot - 10/10 - - - - - - - - - - l l

    The reason why I enjoyed this series is because of the philosophical point of views of life by Kyle and his growth of understanding for this. This show gives preaching yet in a comfortable way. Although the story revolves around Kyle's history and mystery, his inside voices is what I really look forward the most.

    His personal growth.


    l l - - - - - - - - - - Twists and Revelations - 8/10 - - - - - - - - - - l l

    I don't feel surprised for some outcomes. I do however enjoy some revelations. Since I don't analyze that much, I have this feeling that it's predictable yet without my knowledge.


    l l - - - - - - - - - - Episodes & Arcs - 8/10 - - - - - - - - - - l l

    I have no problems with Season 1's and half of Season 2's episodes. The story telling was at ease without, what we called, "Fillers'' that has nothing to do with the mystery, just one of those daily life scenes. It somehow pro-longed to make the cliffhanger for Cassidy's Arc. They cleverly made the cutting like it's impossible 'not to miss' the episode since they put the important stuffs at some point inside of a filler story.


    l l - - - - - - - - - - Song Intermissions - 10/10 - - - - - - - - - - l l

    I find the songs very soothing and perfect/suited to the every scenes. It just carries me away.


    l l - - - - - - - - - - Dialogues/Acting - 8/10 - - - - - - - - - - l l

    The acting felt natural but some are kinda off and dull. Few lines are over-used and redundant. But overall, it's amazing.


    l l - - - - - - - - - - Relationship Involvement Polygons - 7/10 - - - - - - - - - - l l

    -- For the family relationship, the parents are almost near perfection. I mean, I'd love to have a parents like them. The whole family is so understanding.

    -- For friendships, Declan's involvement to Kyle's secret really confuses the hell out of me. I didn't understand why would Declan hang out with Kyle in such great lengths. Is it curiosity? for fun? OR is it pure brotherhood and support for Kyle since for Declan, Kyle is the first real friend he had?

    -- For the love triangle, Kyle fell in love to Amanda being his first love. He feels that she's the one for him. I felt that too but, I love how Jessi do anything for Kyle. Kyle's love for Jessi is way different to Amanda. I got really frustrated when Kyle's attempt of kissing Jessi. By doing that, it's like giving hope to Jessi that it's possible for her to be loved back as a lover. When Kyle said the difference when he kissed the two, it made me think that what he felt for Jessi is pity and feels responsible for her. But it began to be lust. And for Amanda, he loves her purely and respectably. The opposite of Jessi, the angel that Kyle's need.



    This show needs proper closure or I'll just make on up in my head.

    -- Monick
  • A petition


    Please help us by signing the petition for a new season to give a real end to the show :

    change*org/petitions/abc-family-bring-back-kyle-xy-8 (replace * by .)

    Seriously wheres this show i spend 3 days watching this on netflix and all tha for nothing what happend with everyone wow thats a nice ending...... BRING KYLE XY BACK......................



    PLASE BRING THIS LOVELY SHOW BACK ... CAN'T YOU SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE SIGNED A LARGE NUMBER OF PETITIONS UPTO DATE? which shows how much people still love this show even after over three years of cancellation ,... so please abc , bring back the best show you guys ever made!!! PLEASE!!!
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