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  • Kyle addicts

    I discovered Kyle XY on Netflix last week and our family has been addicted to it ever since. We have watched both season 1 and 2 within a matter of days! Season 3 hasn't been added to Netflix yet. We can't wait to watch it.

    After reading other viewer's comments about the ending of the show, I would like to add my disappointment. If the show ended so abruptly it seems that those of us who follow the show have been cheated. I would like to challenge the people who made that decision to remember Star Trek. The NBC network decided to axe the program after 3 seasons but later Paramount Studios took it on and the rest is history. Star Trek is still one of the most popular, well-known sci-fi series ever made. People world-wide across the generations still watch the reruns. Maybe Kyle XY could also become a great success if someone had faith in it.