Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 2

Sleepless in Seattle

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 03, 2006 on ABC Family
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Kyle encounters the concept of time and wonders why those around him focus on it. In an attempt to tire out Kyle, the Tragers subjects him to running, sleeping pills and other activities. Josh suspects that Kyle may be an alien.

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  • Can't sleep?!

    It is not Normal for Kyle with no sleep for over week! He must be exhausting and still motivating, active, exciting, and you name it! It is so cool to watch this episode. It is unusnal episode I watched! It is so funny when Kyle have to goes to doctor so he can sleep good! VERY FUNNY! I love this episode, and great installment for the show to watch. Nicole and Tom should NOT sleep with Kyle so they can help Kyle to sleep or sleep with him. He is not baby, lol. Anyway, GREAT Installment for Kyle XY! Love it!moreless
  • This episode gave us another glimpse at Kyle and the family he's with.

    Yeah. Now after having watched the second episode I think I'll really like the whole series. The moment they started watching at their watches and talking about time remembered me of some other series, but I can't remember which one. What I kinda found absurd was the absolute intollerance regarding Kyle not sleeping. Somehow the parents were just absolutely unable to think that maybe he just doesn't need sleep. I still wonder what the white-noise exactly means for Kyle. As for the two kids, I like Joshs "Alien" Theory and Lori, I think, is getting a lot out of her relationship to Kyle for her personal development. Once again we had a nice "family moment" when they found him in the woods and the ending is just a little glimpse at the main plot again. Curious, curious. :)moreless
  • In this episode Kyle tries to understand the concept of time and of sleep. Josh suspect kyle is not human.

    Me and my partner watch this show together, and we loved it... it is such an original show. In this episode Kyle explores a little more, he explores taste and texture, and raids the fridge ; ) hi hi... loved it when he tried to eat the egg!!! Kyle is amazing and his ability to learn is awesome. was it not amazing when he was doing those karate moves and speaking Chinese (though that bit was kind of predictable)I also find the way he draws so interesting, it is as if he can see the pixels in an image, and he draws wonderfully with such detail.It s so cool to see things in a different perspective, like when he goes to the doctor and looks in the doctors mouth too, how funny!!!

    Why do you suppose he couldn't sleep? maybe it is because his brain is so active, maybe he doesn't require as much rest as we do, or maybe because his brain is still going on and on he can't relax as easily. Thought Nicole's suggestion was good, chamomile tea does the trick for me too, but the tea bag?? not really my thing either!! lol I wonder why white noise helps him sleep... i am so curious, i love this show so much, it's so interesting i want to see what happens next. I am still so curious about the guy in the pick up truck... who is he??? a scientist? was kyle an experiment?moreless
  • Kyle can't sleep, and still struggles to find who he is.

    In this episode, Kyle tells the Traggers that he didn't sleep once, since when they got him. The family acts surprised and will do their best to help him sleep. During Kyle's blank nights some funny scenes happen, with Lori. Kyle starts discovering the world around him, feeling that, why sleep if there's so much for him to find, try and experience? That's exactly what he does in this episode. Also, Kyle finds the place where he is most comfortable, the bath tub. That's where he'll sleep finally. In this episode is the first time we are introduced to 'Madacorp' when Kyle is listening to the radio. Madacorp would only appear later on season two of the show.moreless
  • Kyle doesn't understand the concept of sleep!

    Kyle doesn't sleep for like 12 days! This would be more than any human could bear! He does, however, like the tub! That's when he sleeps! He is like a baby really and that is exhausting enough!

    Kyly wanders off into the woods where he first began to remember. Behind the stump is a human skull. Is this how Kyle really came to be? It gives you the air of mystery like the guy who followed Kyle down the street. There is just some things to mysterious and that keeps me, the viewer, motivated to catch the nexpt episode. It was an awesome show!moreless
Robert Wisden

Robert Wisden

Dr. Stone

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Chelan Simmons

Chelan Simmons


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Kurt Max Runte

Kurt Max Runte

Detective Jason Breen

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Nicholas Lea

Nicholas Lea

Mystery Man

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • "Sleepless in Seattle" is the episode where Kyle discovers the famous Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch Kids utilized both product placement and commercials during their sponsorship of Kyle XY.

    • Trivia, the first site of the ARG (alternate reality game), is first mentioned in this episode when Kyle is listening to the radio.

    • Goof: At the beginning of "Sleepless in Seattle", the clocks in Lori and Josh's rooms are both set to am and the clock in Nicole and Stephen's room is set to pm. The correct time is am.

    • Trivia: When quoting the television show, Kyle is speaking Cantonese, which is one of the two main languages spoken by Chinese people. The other one is Mandarin.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Kyle: (voice-over) They called it sleep, a strange state after dark in which they did nothing, thought nothing, but made odd noises and sometimes spoke. How could they just lie there all night? There was so much to learn and explore.

    • Lori: (about Kyle) Was he raised by wolves?
      Josh: Apparently by Chinese people.

    • Josh: (about the chamomile tea) Tastes like horse pee.
      Nicole: Josh…
      Kyle: What does horse pee taste like?
      Josh: How would I know?
      Kyle: You just said…
      Nicole: It's an expression. A rude one.

    • (Dr. Stone checks Kyle; looking in his ears, mouth, etc.)
      Kyle: (voice over) I had no idea what he was looking for...
      Dr. Stone: Kyle, open. (Kyle doesn't understand) Ahh. (Dr. Stone opens his own mouth wide, Kyle follows his lead)
      Kyle: (voice over) ...or why he thought he'd find it in my mouth. Maybe it was in his.

    • Josh: Do they know Kyle's sorta different?
      Nicole: They know all about him. Kyle's listed as a missing person.
      Josh: So, our missing person's missing.

    • (Regarding Kyle's medical papers)
      Dr. Stone: Nicole, all you've written down here is Kyle.
      Nicole: His name's the only thing we know about him, and even that we made up.

    • Kyle: (while taking a bath) Now I'm the tea bag!

    • Amanda: I need a little down time, you know.
      Kyle: Down time?
      Amanda: Yeah. Just sit here. Do nothing. Just look at the stars. Make you feel so small. I just loose myself when I look up there. I heard how you don't remember anything. That must be really hard, scary. I should get some sleep. You should too, Kyle. I bet your family's searching for you right now. I mean they have to be. You didn't just fall from the sky.

    • Josh: Why'd you come [to the woods]?
      Kyle: I came so that my family could find me.
      Stephen: I think we just did...

    • (While trying to help Kyle fall asleep)
      Nicole: Count backwards from a already counted? Okay, count backwards from a thousand-no, a hundred thousand.

    • Steven: You went outside, Kyle?
      Kyle: Yes.
      Steven: What were you doing?
      Kyle: Looking at the stars...

    • Nicole: Sweet dreams.
      (With women on his mind)
      Josh: Oh, they will be!

    • Kyle: He looked so pleased. Just lying there, doing nothing. But I still felt like the whole world was out there waiting to be explored.

    • Josh: I can't wait to fall asleep. Last night, the entire Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition came to life! Just me and seven supermodels. I am so primed for the sequel.

    • Kyle: I never sleep...

    • Josh: He doesn't understand a word we say, but somehow...speaks Chinese!

    • Lori: Kyle? What are you doing?
      Kyle: Waiting.
      Lori: Waiting for what?
      Kyle: To go home.
      Josh: Tell me he's not an alien!

    • Josh: Whoa! Hands off the stash! My Sour Patch Kids are sacred!

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      India – 8 September 2007 on Star World
      Belgium – 29 March 2008 on 2BE
      France – 5 April 2008 on M6
      Australia – 4 September 2008 on FOX8
      Slovakia – 1 February 2009 on Markiza