Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 15

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2008 on ABC Family
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It's Career Week at school. As Kyle and Josh contemplate their respective futures, Jessi's quest for acceptance clashes with Kyle's need for anonymity. Meanwhile, Brian Taylor seeks parenting advice from Nicole.

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  • Finally a good episode!

    Second season was really boring for me but this and the last episode reminded me why i watch this series!

    Kyle is so cute! I love his smiles! And he is so smart, he definely can do anything he wants.

    I don't like Jessi yet but this episode she was more suportable.

    I love Josh and Andy as a couple. It's a cute story despite being a little sad.

    What happened to Declan's foot? Did the actor hurt himself? Last episode he was normal!

    Lori is a little pointless in the story...she should get another boyfriends, not staying with Declan again! It's getting even more boring!moreless
  • A step up from To C.I.R. w/ Love.

    I wasn't very impressed w/ the return of Kyle XY but I think this episode was much better than To C.I.R. w/ Love and hopefully it only goes up from here, we still have eight episodes left in the season so I keeping the faith.

    This episode was centered around Jessi and I didn't mind that much because I don't think she's that bad, I rather like her character. I'm loving the friendship between Kyle & Jessi but it seems like she's gonna turn out evil so it might not last long. Josh & Andy continue to be the main reason I watch the show, i've never liked a tv couple this much, they're great together !moreless
  • The show is pivoting now and is very good!

    We learn a whole lot more about Jessie in this episode than in previous. She is living with Taylor now who is still creeping me out. Jessie is acting just like a normal teenager would, rambunctious and full of discovery. She's a girl and to her it's party time which is going to cause headaches for Kyle who is trying to teach her to do the right thing. Kyle, we learn, inherited the qualities/traits of Baylin while Jessie is a different matter. Which is why I question Taylor. The incident on the school roof was something in itself. Something's shouldn't be blogged and Jessie jumping from the roof is one of them!moreless
  • Kyle is back and this time there's no secrets between him and his adoptive family, The Tragers. Not saying he doesn't have worries. Jesse is also back to school and sterring up trouble.moreless

    Watching this episode was very... I don't know. It was good to see the charactors again. Except Jesse is because a bit of an annoyance. Well, Josh and Andy are still sticking it out and that is good. I'm glad he has matured and is finally finding out what he wants to do with his life even though it takes him a long time to figure it out. Kyle has made himself Jesse's mentor so to speak. She is taking sessions with him and it's not going to be a pleasant one obviously because she is so determined to do her own thing and that just isn't going to fly.moreless
  • A Jessi centered show!

    This is a Jessi centered show and that it shows that Kyle wants her to do the right thing. As Kyle wants to be low-key and not be the center of attention. As it is career day at the school. As Kyle and the other kids want to know how their future holds. In Kyle's case, what does he want to do with his future as he isn't so normal unlike the others. Sure you feel for Jessi as well as Kyle. But both have similar personalities. As Jessi is a bit eccentric and outgoing while Kyle is shy and quiet but sweet. Kyle has the same characteristics as his still alive creator, Adam Baylin. Can't wait to see what the future holds for the characters.moreless
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Michael Karl Richards

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    • Josh: Maybe you were right about me. Maybe I am lazy and I lack study skills, but I've changed. And I'm gonna do something important with my life and make a difference.

    • Declan: We're celebrating the fact that Jessi's a maladjusted attention-seeker?

    • Kyle: (to Josh) Our brains are the same size, I just use more of mine.

    • Kyle: I was watching this science documentary with Josh.
      Nicole: (surprised) Josh watched a documentary?
      Kyle: It was hosted by one of those naked magazine rabbits.
      Nicole: Bunnies.

    • Andy: You hate the wig don't you?
      Josh: Hate it.
      Andy: And you think I'm ugly.
      Josh: You're ugly and disease ridden and I never want to touch you again.
      Andy: You're totally getting the hang of me.
      Josh: It's our thing, remember?

    • Kyle: (after Josh asks how Kyle made Jessi slip) The human body is more than 50% water.
      Josh: And?
      Kyle: That's it.
      Josh: I don't get it.

    • Kyle: (after talking to Nicole about a rat experiment he saw on a documentary) But why is my life more important than the rat's?
      Nicole: Because you're the kind of person who thinks to ask that question.

    • Lori: (imitating Jessi) Are you going to Preston's party this weekend? (back to her normal voice) That's my line.

    • Andy: That's some serious gumption.
      Josh: Is that a good thing?
      Andy: What got into you?
      Josh: I made the decision. I chose a career.
      Andy: And...?
      Josh: Call me Dr. Trager.
      Andy: Really?
      Josh: Yeah. I wanna be the one to save you.
      Andy: Josh, you realize you're looking at, like, 10 more years of school before you actually become a doctor.
      Josh: Then I guess you're gonna have to stick around for quite a while.

    • Kyle: Jessi, life shouldn't be about getting noticed.
      (Jessi looks around the coffee shop)
      Jessi: Look around. That girl tosses her hair every time a new guy walks into the room. And those guys they're pretending to read magazines, but really they're waiting to see if the girl wiping the counter is looking at them. And the girl wiping the counter is wearing a shirt that is two sizes too small, so that the magazine guys will watch her. Hillary has decided to make a career out of being fabulous, because girls that look just like her are on most of the covers of magazines they sell here. So do you really think that life isn't about getting noticed?

    • Hilary: (at the career fair) I'm gonna be the queen of fabulous.
      Kyle: Do they have a booth for that?

    • Stephen: (To Kyle, after seeing Jessi running on water.) Can you do that?
      Kyle: Probably.

    • Kyle: Mrs. Bloom thinks I can levitate.
      Josh: (excitedly) Can you?!?
      Kyle: Not exactly.

    • Emily: What we offer you here [at Madacorp], you won't find anywhere else.
      Stephen: Oh, I'm counting on that.

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