Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 15

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Finally a good episode!

    Second season was really boring for me but this and the last episode reminded me why i watch this series!
    Kyle is so cute! I love his smiles! And he is so smart, he definely can do anything he wants.
    I don't like Jessi yet but this episode she was more suportable.
    I love Josh and Andy as a couple. It's a cute story despite being a little sad.
    What happened to Declan's foot? Did the actor hurt himself? Last episode he was normal!
    Lori is a little pointless in the story...she should get another boyfriends, not staying with Declan again! It's getting even more boring!
  • A step up from To C.I.R. w/ Love.

    I wasn't very impressed w/ the return of Kyle XY but I think this episode was much better than To C.I.R. w/ Love and hopefully it only goes up from here, we still have eight episodes left in the season so I keeping the faith.

    This episode was centered around Jessi and I didn't mind that much because I don't think she's that bad, I rather like her character. I'm loving the friendship between Kyle & Jessi but it seems like she's gonna turn out evil so it might not last long. Josh & Andy continue to be the main reason I watch the show, i've never liked a tv couple this much, they're great together !
  • The show is pivoting now and is very good!

    We learn a whole lot more about Jessie in this episode than in previous. She is living with Taylor now who is still creeping me out. Jessie is acting just like a normal teenager would, rambunctious and full of discovery. She's a girl and to her it's party time which is going to cause headaches for Kyle who is trying to teach her to do the right thing. Kyle, we learn, inherited the qualities/traits of Baylin while Jessie is a different matter. Which is why I question Taylor. The incident on the school roof was something in itself. Something's shouldn't be blogged and Jessie jumping from the roof is one of them!
  • Kyle is back and this time there's no secrets between him and his adoptive family, The Tragers. Not saying he doesn't have worries. Jesse is also back to school and sterring up trouble.

    Watching this episode was very... I don't know. It was good to see the charactors again. Except Jesse is because a bit of an annoyance. Well, Josh and Andy are still sticking it out and that is good. I'm glad he has matured and is finally finding out what he wants to do with his life even though it takes him a long time to figure it out. Kyle has made himself Jesse's mentor so to speak. She is taking sessions with him and it's not going to be a pleasant one obviously because she is so determined to do her own thing and that just isn't going to fly.
  • A Jessi centered show!

    This is a Jessi centered show and that it shows that Kyle wants her to do the right thing. As Kyle wants to be low-key and not be the center of attention. As it is career day at the school. As Kyle and the other kids want to know how their future holds. In Kyle's case, what does he want to do with his future as he isn't so normal unlike the others. Sure you feel for Jessi as well as Kyle. But both have similar personalities. As Jessi is a bit eccentric and outgoing while Kyle is shy and quiet but sweet. Kyle has the same characteristics as his still alive creator, Adam Baylin. Can't wait to see what the future holds for the characters.
  • Jessi pushes herself to the limit by showing off at school, while Kyle tries to make her see the right thing to do.

    Jessi is now living with Taylor. In the morning Kyle is walking through his backyard when water starts splashing the grass, he walks in, and levitates. Later he tells the Traggers about this new ability he discovered. It's schools 'Careers Day' and Kyle wonders what he is meant to be. Jessi starts to feel bored, and along with Kyle, they go to the school's roof and she jumps. As she does this, she's being videotaped by Hilary's camera guy, while she is recording her show for the school's blog. People start talking about the mistery jumper, while Kyle advises Jessi to stop. Tired of hearing that it is a trick, a stunt, Jessi walks by water, and then looks at the camera, proving it's her. She starts to be talked about at school, and everyone wants to be her 'friend'. Later, when everyone's at the school roof, Hilary exposes Jessi as being fake and tells everyone that she was the one who hit Lori. After she says that, Jessi says she'll jump and show everyone it isn't fake. Declan tells Josh to get Kyle. He does, and when Kyle arrives, he joins Jessi to jump, and she holds unsure. Lori says she'll join too, like Josh. Kyle moves back and looking at the ground he sees water, when Jessi is about to jump, he pushes her back. She then leaves, while everyone laughs at her. Kyle does this because he can move water. Human body is part water, that's what he tells Josh. Kyle finds Jessi alone, and they have a serious talk. Later that day, after Taylor says good night to Jessi in her bedroom, she jumps of her window. 'The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades' is a nice episode that shows us how Kyle and Jessi will have so many stuff to handle from now on.
  • A great episode that does a great job developing Jessi's character, but it isn't exactly one of those episodes that leaves you shocked and amazed. Good for what it was and I wouldn't say it was bad, just don't believe everything you see in previews.

    So Jessi seems somewhat normal now, or at least as normal as you can be under her circumstances. She does however show a need to be noticed, unlike Kyle who is not so flashy and attention wanting. Basically, Jessi's showing off her skills puts Kyle's freedom at risk, and maybe more we don't know about, but I don't really see the imitate threat. Jessi craves attention, maybe letting her do these things is a good idea, as long as she does it in a way that doesn't revile that she is different. Think of Criss Angel, maybe she could become someone like him, doing all kinds of crazy stunts and tricks and no body would think he is superhuman (or at least not normal people). We also find out that Taylor is taking care of Jessi now, because he says he is her father and the tests even prove it, but I am still suspicious of him. As suspicious as I remain, Taylor does seem to take on a new personality in this episode, all of a sudden he appears to be a caring father in need, but I still don't know how much we can trust him after what we saw him do. The end was a bit unexpected in a different sort of way. We learned in this episode that Kyle has the same quality's as his maker, Baylin, and that the same is true for Jessi and her biological host, who is different from Kyle. I kind of expected some sort of grab for next episode, but instead all we get is Jessi sneaking out of the house to go to some party. Oh well, I am kind of happy that I am not dieing to see the next episode, a good episode overall, and it's good to see Jessi actually developing a normal character.
  • With the big threat of the series taken down, this episode has a lot riding on it. They have to prove that Kyle XY can progress beyond the simple Big Bad and have conflict without the evil overlord.

    I am not entirely sure what direction the people behind the show are going for. It's starting to get a more sci-fi teen drama then it has in the past. The only thing that slows down the story is Josh's line to the principle at the end. It was so preachy I didn't believe it was coming from Josh. But it was at the end so it didn't sabotage the episode. Joshs line with Andy at the end was nice enough; thankfully it cut away before it turned into pure sugar, sweet but only a little at a time please.
    I've never really felt angry at Jessi for everything that she has done, though I can understand the other characters. Really I only felt sorry for her, what was done to her and what she was put through. Madacorp was the enemy, not her. This is the first chance we have to see her actual personality, not the manual programming. Instead of the single-mindedness she was computerized with, she is stubborn and difficult. Instead of relaying pre-programmed responses, she whimpers out her desires without listening to the rational advice she is given.
    I've always liked the moments that surprise me. I like it when I can't predict the characters lines. The best moment of the episode goes to Brian Taylor, who quietly shows Kyle and Nicole the traits of the people we came from. Kyle inherited the compassionate and gentle qualities of Adam Baylin, while Jessi has stubborn and difficult traits from her "parent." There is no argument about 'we aren't bound by our genetic origin' because there isn't a reason to. This is about understanding, not accountability.
    That lesson is given elsewhere, at the career fair. We can choose who we want to become.
    There are other stories to tell, like about Latnok or maybe splinter groups of the Zzyxx project. I just seriously hope is doesn't slip into a teen drama, that it stays questioning the status quo we have in human relationships.
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