Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 2

The Homecoming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 18, 2007 on ABC Family
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Kyle wonders if he made the right decision about returning to the Trager household, and life outside of Zzyzx begins for XX.

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  • Great start to season 2

    I wasn't sure how the show would transition from Kyle coming back to the Tragers, but it surprised me. Although the bulk of what made the episode great had more to do with the experiment XX. It kicked off strong with contrasting the main difference between Kyle and XX; that by nature Kyle is a curious, sensitive, and kind being, while XX is curious, but more hostile. Her killing that random camper did a great job of conveying that. Although I liked how later on they showed her to be a naive being more than an evil one at the park, to balance out that she isn't all that bad of a person.

    The episode also did a good job of introducing the new character Emily Hollander. Sure she spent most of the episode over the phone investigating her mission, but one line really did a great job of getting us to know her better. "I know what you did in Simple but strikingly effective.

    Overall there was a surprising amount of set ups and pay offs. One of them was with Kyle's new abilities that can shatter glass. You just know that that will play a pivotal role later on. Although to stack up onto that is also the abundant of lies that Kyle has to keep in order to be part of the Trager family. He knew the circumstances he needed to bear in order to come back to them, yet he took them. And like all good shows, the obstacles he needs to face head on aren't any less consequential. If the Trager's find out the truth he'll be in red water.

    Another is Kyle's relationships with the characters. He's learning to become more humanized. One of them was how he bared the burden of keeping Declan in the dark, despite knowing how much it was eating him up inside all of these months. But the more impressive character development scene was with Josh; when Kyle told him he learned a new trick, and drank the water instead, it really showed that he developed a sense of humor, one of the most human things a person could possess. On top of that it was a funny scene.

    The final two sequences of the show ended with a pay off and set up. The pay off being Josh's insistence to prove that Kyle is an out of this world being. He's distraught to find out that Kyle is more normal than he wished he was. And then when Kyle predicts that the phone was going to go off, Josh replies with "Kyle being It was a nice sentimental moment. And the set up being the new agent Hollander now tasked to find Kyle.

    This is a great start to season 2.moreless
  • Above Average but not Excellent.

    The season has been a rather 'dark' one. Like alot of the scenes are hidden, secretive, or in dark areas. I don't remember it being 'dark' last season this much. Also we see Amanda again. She is still dating Charlie surprisingly. We once again see the old Fos who is yelling at Kyle to stop and not tell Declan because it will just make the situation worse. Classic Foss right there! Lori has also been a little different not that it is a bad thing though. I still like Declan and his part in this. Josh went back to his alien notes from last season. That's always good. I thought it was an okay episode in all but last week's was way better.moreless
  • I miss season one.

    Last season I thought about how this show should focus more on the mystery and less on Kyle fitting in. This season, it's way too focused on the mystery aspect. I should also keep in mind while I write this, that I have not yet seen the next few episodes that have aired. I really should catch up on those. I felt bored with this episode. I really like the actress who plays the detective looking for Jessi XX and Jessi herself. They're great. The ideas that were created and planned for this episode were great but I think that this episode read better on paper then it did on screen. Even though I find they are necessary for balance and for development, I find myself disinterested in storylines like Kyle developing his powers and Madacorp. Right now, I just want to get back to what made me laugh and actually find Kyle interesting. Stuff like Kyle being on the basketball team, jumping from roofs and discovering what a boner is. All that said, it's still a great show and worth watching.moreless
  • It was great!

    Kyle is home and the Tragers want to adopt him. Tom Foss tells Kyle that he can't reveal his secrets to anyone. Kyle sees Amanda again and finds out that she is still going out with Charlie. XX wanders out into the world. She kills someone and is found drawing. Madacorp finds her and finds out that Kyle is still alive. Declan wants to know more.

    This was a great episode! I did like the humor in the end when Kyle said the phone was going to ring. Also, when Kyle drank the water and said it disappeared. This was a great episode and it gets a 10!moreless
  • I totally love this episode. This one is my favourite!

    Wow, I was enjoying watching this episode! Ah what the hell, I enjoying watching every single episode of "Kyle XY". This episode reminded me of episode 2 season 1 (if I'm not wrong) there in the end of that episode the whole family sat together, ate their dinner and when everyone of the family laid the food on Kyles plate. This is exactly what this episode reminded me of. Except that they laid the food. But wow, it was so exciting to watch it! Kyle is so cute and how he tries to hide his secrets and Nicole makes me tear up! Well done!moreless
Jim Shield

Jim Shield


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Jake D. Smith

Jake D. Smith

8-Year Old Boy

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Robert Parper

Robert Parper

Elderly Man

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Martin Cummins

Martin Cummins

Brian Taylor

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Leah Cairns

Leah Cairns

Emily Hollander

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Conrad Coates

Conrad Coates


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    • Nicole: It's just so hard to believe.
      Stephen: I know. You kept sensing something was wrong...
      Nicole: I never dreamed of anything like this.
      Stephen: You're not feeling guilty, are you? I can tell you're happy Kyle's home - miserable about the reason.
      Nicole: When did you become the psychologist in the family?

    • Kyle: If a guy funk is a Gunk, then what's a girl funk?
      Josh: Redundant.
      (Lori throws a berry at his head)

    • Nicole: Okay, just remember Kyle's been through a lot, so be extra sensitive.
      (Lori and Stephen stare at Josh)
      Josh: Why you all looking at me?
      Lori: Because you're such a model of tact and compassion.
      Josh: Fine, I won't speak.
      Lori: Hmm, can we have that in writing?

    • (Kyle concentrates on the glass with water in order to move it)
      Josh: (in the background) What are you doing?
      Kyle: Hey, Josh.
      Josh: Why were you zoning out like that?
      Kyle: Was I?
      Josh: You were staring at that glass.
      Kyle: I was thirsty.
      Josh: Hah, right…c´mon, did you learn some new tricks while you were away?
      Kyle: I don´t do tricks.
      Josh: Kyle, you forget, I kept records. Okay? I would be more than happy to bust out that file if you got something new you wanna show me.
      Kyle: Okay, I do have something. But we have to concentrate really hard if we want it to work.
      Josh: Absolutely.
      Kyle: Face the glass…Close your eyes.
      Josh: Close my eyes?
      Kyle: Do you want it to work?
      (Josh closes his eyes)
      Kyle: (Kyle drinks out the water) Open them…I made the water disappear.

    • Kyle: Can we make one more thing official?
      Nicole: What's that?
      Kyle: My legal name is Noah, but I'll never be anybody but Kyle. My name is Kyle.
      Stephen: (Smiling) We'll take care of it.

    • Emily: (talking to Ballantine) Our girl's been busy. (Sarcastically) You offer art classes at Zzyzx?

    • Stephen: Sleep okay?
      Kyle: I haven't slept so well in days.
      Josh: Nothing beats a cold slab of porcelain.

    • Kyle: I couldn't help but think back to the last night I'd spent in this room. It was the beginning of my secret life, before I left with the Peterson's, and now I was home hiding even more secrets. I could only hope that whatever fate had in store for me, it would be kind and forgiving to people I loved.

    • Lori: Kyle come on I'm starving.
      Josh: You better sit before things get ugly.
      Nicole: So, here we are.
      Kyle: Here we are.
      Stephen: Back to normal.
      Josh: Too normal.
      Lori: Josh..
      Stephen: Let's eat.
      Kyle: The phone's about to ring. (pause) The phone. It's about to ring. (phone rings)
      Lori: How did you do that?
      Josh: I'll tell you how. He's Kyle.

    • Tom Foss: That's what we're here to explore. And that's why you can't explain, (pointing to the windows Kyle shattered) because that… That is unexplainable.

    • (At the juice bar)
      Kyle: How's the job search going?
      Josh: I still haven't found my ideal work situation.
      Kyle: Which is...?
      Lori: Sitting around, eye-groping unattainable cheerleaders...
      Kyle: ...Which he does here. (Lori nods in agreement)
      Josh: Here! Kyle, you're a genius!
      Lori: Oh, please! I don't even think you can work a blender.
      Josh: (Scoffs at Lori, then asks a nearby employee) Yo, you hiring?!?

    • (The Tragers tell their children what Brian told them about Kyle)
      Nicole: Josh, you okay?
      Josh: Yeah, but a kidnapping? It's just so---ordinary! Yeah, it's great that Kyle's okay, but this completely blows my alien abduction theory out of the water.
      Lori: There is something seriously wrong with you!

    • Camper: (After seeing Jessi naked in the woods) Thank you. It's not even my birthday.

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