Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 2

The Homecoming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 18, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Great start to season 2

    I wasn't sure how the show would transition from Kyle coming back to the Tragers, but it surprised me. Although the bulk of what made the episode great had more to do with the experiment XX. It kicked off strong with contrasting the main difference between Kyle and XX; that by nature Kyle is a curious, sensitive, and kind being, while XX is curious, but more hostile. Her killing that random camper did a great job of conveying that. Although I liked how later on they showed her to be a naive being more than an evil one at the park, to balance out that she isn't all that bad of a person.

    The episode also did a good job of introducing the new character Emily Hollander. Sure she spent most of the episode over the phone investigating her mission, but one line really did a great job of getting us to know her better. "I know what you did in Simple but strikingly effective.

    Overall there was a surprising amount of set ups and pay offs. One of them was with Kyle's new abilities that can shatter glass. You just know that that will play a pivotal role later on. Although to stack up onto that is also the abundant of lies that Kyle has to keep in order to be part of the Trager family. He knew the circumstances he needed to bear in order to come back to them, yet he took them. And like all good shows, the obstacles he needs to face head on aren't any less consequential. If the Trager's find out the truth he'll be in red water.

    Another is Kyle's relationships with the characters. He's learning to become more humanized. One of them was how he bared the burden of keeping Declan in the dark, despite knowing how much it was eating him up inside all of these months. But the more impressive character development scene was with Josh; when Kyle told him he learned a new trick, and drank the water instead, it really showed that he developed a sense of humor, one of the most human things a person could possess. On top of that it was a funny scene.

    The final two sequences of the show ended with a pay off and set up. The pay off being Josh's insistence to prove that Kyle is an out of this world being. He's distraught to find out that Kyle is more normal than he wished he was. And then when Kyle predicts that the phone was going to go off, Josh replies with "Kyle being It was a nice sentimental moment. And the set up being the new agent Hollander now tasked to find Kyle.

    This is a great start to season 2.
  • Above Average but not Excellent.

    The season has been a rather 'dark' one. Like alot of the scenes are hidden, secretive, or in dark areas. I don't remember it being 'dark' last season this much. Also we see Amanda again. She is still dating Charlie surprisingly. We once again see the old Fos who is yelling at Kyle to stop and not tell Declan because it will just make the situation worse. Classic Foss right there! Lori has also been a little different not that it is a bad thing though. I still like Declan and his part in this. Josh went back to his alien notes from last season. That's always good. I thought it was an okay episode in all but last week's was way better.
  • I miss season one.

    Last season I thought about how this show should focus more on the mystery and less on Kyle fitting in. This season, it's way too focused on the mystery aspect. I should also keep in mind while I write this, that I have not yet seen the next few episodes that have aired. I really should catch up on those. I felt bored with this episode. I really like the actress who plays the detective looking for Jessi XX and Jessi herself. They're great. The ideas that were created and planned for this episode were great but I think that this episode read better on paper then it did on screen. Even though I find they are necessary for balance and for development, I find myself disinterested in storylines like Kyle developing his powers and Madacorp. Right now, I just want to get back to what made me laugh and actually find Kyle interesting. Stuff like Kyle being on the basketball team, jumping from roofs and discovering what a boner is. All that said, it's still a great show and worth watching.
  • It was great!

    Kyle is home and the Tragers want to adopt him. Tom Foss tells Kyle that he can't reveal his secrets to anyone. Kyle sees Amanda again and finds out that she is still going out with Charlie. XX wanders out into the world. She kills someone and is found drawing. Madacorp finds her and finds out that Kyle is still alive. Declan wants to know more.

    This was a great episode! I did like the humor in the end when Kyle said the phone was going to ring. Also, when Kyle drank the water and said it disappeared. This was a great episode and it gets a 10!
  • I totally love this episode. This one is my favourite!

    Wow, I was enjoying watching this episode! Ah what the hell, I enjoying watching every single episode of "Kyle XY". This episode reminded me of episode 2 season 1 (if I'm not wrong) there in the end of that episode the whole family sat together, ate their dinner and when everyone of the family laid the food on Kyles plate. This is exactly what this episode reminded me of. Except that they laid the food. But wow, it was so exciting to watch it! Kyle is so cute and how he tries to hide his secrets and Nicole makes me tear up! Well done!
  • great show!

    I'm happy that Kyle went back to the Tragers. I'm looking forward that Tragers will adopt XX soon. Haha. There's a new detective probably an important character in the second season. But the question remains: "Will XX be a good or bad?" I don't know so let us wait for the upcoming episodes. Plus, I want to acknowledge my friend Powee who is always giving me a copies of episodes. He influenced me from watching this show. Thank you daddy Powee kahit na sabi mo di mo ako anak. Pero okay lang yun. Haha. Yun lang po. By the way, I am a proud Filipino.
  • Kyle XY meets Terminator, second season off to an interesting start.

    Although a good episode, the second episode of the second season focused a bit too much on the past in my opinion. It was all just a bit slow.

    Kyle is wrapping up his backstory without much more to do, except for breaking glass, which we already knew he could. The way XY and XX sense each other's presence is nice though, but XX kind of drives the story forward where XY just wanders around the house. It might've been better to let him fully settle in with the Tragers halfway through the episode and put him in a short story within the big 'Adam Baylin story'. I know Kyle XY hasn't been a fast-paced show, but still.

    The female Kyle, XX or Terminatrix-to-be does a great job. It would be very nice to see the tank-siblings face off somewhere in the future, 'cause I very much doubt they're gonna marry. Anyway, that's been the most exciting part of the episode, so I hope the writers will give Kyle a little more to do next time.
  • Better than last weeks in my opinion. Develops XX more.

    I thought this episode was better than the premiere becuase we got three new characters and it actually set up the rest of the season. We got a few new mysteries that were a little silly but still very clever and Kyle starts to actually show more emotion which is always fun. I liked seeing XX more, she is an interesting character. overall, very nice episode.
  • Very nice continuation of premiere.

    Everyone is happy to have Kyle back. Good story line. I think Mom worries too much. I'm getting a little tired of her mouth. They need to improve her character some. The writers do a very good job at bringing in the new character XX girl. She can do everything Kyle can do and she seems to be quicker at it. I wonder if she will want to sleep in a bathtub too. I liked the scene where Kyle makes the water dissapear by drinking it and also calls the house on his cell phone and tells everyone the phone is going to ring. Do you think XX girl will be as personable and clever as Kyle? I think she will be the bad one.
  • Very good episode with all that you would expect from a Kyle XY episode and more.

    Great episode, but at the start I found it a bit odd that XX learned how to do things like eat and attack so quickly, when Kyle took some telling to learn these things. But I can understand they needed to get things going so it does not bother me so much. It was also good to find out that we still had things to worry about, because I almost forgot that Mada Corp was around, and it sort of makes more sense now that Zzyzx was just a research company for Mada Corp. We also figure out that Kyle's return home might not be as simple as Kyle first thought, and that things can get pretty complicated especially with Declan. It was also nice to see Amanda back, and she looks even more beautiful then last season, which was a good surprise. And the twist near the end was just what the show needed to have new life.
  • Kyle gets settled in back home. :D

    Another good episode, wherein we see Amanda and a couple other new characters, who I presume will be a major part of the plot for the whole season. It is still unclear what Jessi's role is (friend or foe) but it looks like she is far "better" than Kyle. :P

    It's weird though that he can't tell Declan what really happened. If I were him I'd probably tell him and make sure that he keeps it a secret. I don't think Foss is gonna know anyway, and Declan looks like a trustworthy friend.

    The story that was told to the Tragers about Kyle's past for me was a bit weird. I thought it was funny that they believed in all that without asking too many questions :P lol And weren't they even curious why Kyle still didn't have a belly button?

    Anyways, it was a good episode, and the last scene was really touching, with Kyle playing around with the Tragers and we see that the number he was dialing was labeled HOME. :D
  • A good episode.The Tregors weren't sure whether to accept back kyle in their life afraid they might lose him again especially nicole.Kyle too doubted whether his return to Tregor ws a good idea.

    Like I said,a good episode but nothing wow to make me crazy for it.It basically described the awkwardness that both Kyle and the Tregors felt over his return.But I have to give credit for the new character 781228 as it sort of giving a new breath to the show.Her appearance definitely reminded us of Kyle when he first woke up in the wood and this gived the audience the mystery and the uniqueness of this show.Plus it was really interesting to see her way of dealing with the world aside from that of Kyle. I'm sure the next episode would be far more intriguing than this as we can get past this whole kyle-come-back thing and focus to the mystery,the relationships revolve between the characters and the family because these three elements that make this serie so good like in the first season.Can't wait next monday!
  • XY and XX, sounds like a great season to me.

    The second season is setting up to be a wonderful, exciting season once again. With new cast members in the show, a much broadened story line and the looks of more mystery, more excitement and could this possibly be the year for Kyle and Amanda.

    Kyle is still the loving character he was born to be, but we have seen a new inner strength in him of power in just how he handles himself. I know he will develop more powers and his already existing powers are going to strengthen but I am very interested to watch how much his maturity levels in strong decisive decisions are going to be. I know that they will be wise, powerful and intelligent, but to what degree will all these be.

    From what I seen on the last episode of season one XX was a duplicate of Kyle, so what I am gathering now unless I am wrong, they then somehow turned XX into a girl.

    Well anyway I am looking forward to seeing the interaction between Kyle and XX. I am hoping that nearer to the end of the season that Kyle can somehow help her; since right now I know that she is being used against him.
  • Kyle returns to the Trager household.

    Even though this is only the second episode of season 2 I selected the classification "Conclusion" because of the extremely clever and ingenious way they wrapped up the storylines from season 1. It now seems there's an answer for almost everything, with a few minor exceptions.

    This reunion was great to watch and felt real, it almost felt as if the actors were happy to be reunited again (and they probably were because it means they've still got a regular job).

    I hope Kyle and Declan manage to work it out, because Kyle needs a best friends and Declan is the perfect candidate.

    Great script, great wrapping up of open storylines and genuine acting. A recommended episode!
  • So far this season is great. Jessi XX is a great addition.

    Kyle comes home to the Tragers and everyone is of course happy to see him. It was amazing how good Kyle lied to them, I didn't think he had it in him. The parts with Jessi were especially good. The directors mixed comedy and seriousness perfectly. I wonder what kind of connection Kyle and Jessi have because they would get some sorta headache when they were near each other. Kyle should really tell Amanda about Charlie so he can have her, they would be great together. Kyle should definitely tell Declan everything because he's reliable and he kept Kyle's secret all this time. That was something that upset me. Oh it was hilarious when Kyle told Josh to close his eyes and he made the water disappear by drinking it. LOL. I can't wait for a Kyle/Jessi confrontation because it will be epic. From the preview, next Monday will be even more exciting. God I love this show!!!!
  • Kyle's return to the Trager's is marked with questions, and Adam's confidant provides a useful cover story. Declan is concerned Kyle is hiding something. XX is explores the world. Kyle is beginning to develop his powers with Tom's help.

    So Kyle's returns to the Trager's flares some questions in the ever inquisitive Nicole, wondering how another therapist could spark the memories Noah blocked when he went missing. Does anyone else not trust Adam's friend, he seems like an untrustworthy guy. Kyle was very upset with the lies he told about the Peterson's and Adam Baylin, I like that Kyle is an honest person and that he cares for the people he loves so much even when they are dead.

    So XX escaped somehow, and she encounters a camper much like her male counterpart, it seems that people go to these woods to get lucky. I think this showed us that in similar situations XX will turn to violence, while Kyle was more inquisitive (overuse of the word I know), also if you notice XX's eyes are usually glaring, while Kyle's tend to be open wide. I enjoyed watching her attempt to eat a baseball.

    So 'gunk' is my new favorite work, but seriously what is with Declan, he did a total 180 and now won't leave Kyle alone, but is fine with being distant to Lori.

    And for the big shocker Charlie has not told Amanda about Hillary yet, and she has a new haircut.

    I can't wait until the next episode, I feel like now we are starting to set up the season.
  • Kyle comes back but the lying continues.

    i am so glad that Kyle and the Tragers are finally back together but i hate that kyle has to continue lying but i understand why...i thought he would tell Declan so at least he would have one person to talk to but sadly he didnt and i think it starting to piss Declan off...but i have no doubt that he will eventually find out...and Jessi XX is crazy...she is the complete opposite of Kyle she killed the camper guy when Kyle would have just let him be...i only see disaster in the near future for anyone who comes in contact with her...i cant wait.
  • Kyle returns home but at what price?

    We all knew that Kyle wouldn't be away from his
    Family whom he considers his REAL family but he comes Back but at a huge price. As he can't tell them What is happening with him. After the second season
    Opener. But hopefully he will come around to coming back with his family. As they all were happy to see them.
  • kyle xy is a great drama to watch so you should turn on the tv and get watching. to be honest when i herd of kyle xy i thought this shows going to be crap. so i went to watch an it and it was really good and when it comes back out it will be the best.

    i think its a great show. i think a drama show about a boy who cant remember anything is great. who ever made this show is a great man and should go write more. but it was sad to see kyle leave the targays house and go to live a new family who say that kyle is there son. and when kyle got in the car and left it was so sad.
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