Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 3

The Lies That Bind

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2006 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

The police discover a skeleton near the spot where Kyle was discovered. Meanwhile, Kyle is confused by the varying levels of lies people tell each other.

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  • Why do people lie?

    Kyle has to struggle with lies after he overhears a Stephen tell one. This makes Kyle struggle with when to do so and when not to do so. He finally has a chance to tell a good lie for a good reason.

    Meanwhile, the bones in the woods in are being studied and the man who is following Kyle around might be doing it because Kyle witnessed a murder. I don't think Kyle remembers it though. Still it's spooky to be stalked like that!

    Kyle realizes his place is now with the Traeger's. He realizes that they are his family. It is a touching moment!moreless
  • Kyle has new powers.

    I think it's great that Kyle is getting new powers. We all now he's really quick at picking up things (reading, languages and just plain watching people and coping them), but when he climbed on the roof without hesitation and then jumped off without getting hurt, wow. The only thing that's sad, is how he really sees how humans are. Living by the clock and never having time for each other, and how to lie. I'm really glad he told the truth and didn't keep the lies to himself. It makes him a much better person, I just don't understand why he told a lie at the end, he didn't need to.moreless
  • To tell the truth, to bend the truth, or just lie. Kyle is confused about why people lie. With the discovery of the bones in the woods, more questions about Kyle pop up.moreless

    Through out a person's life, they learn when to tell the truth, when to bend the truth, and when to lie, in an attempt to save their own hide or keep from hurting someone's feelings. Kyle gets a crash corse in the art of the lie, after he overhears Stephen tell a white lie, and gets the told never to lie. It was kind of fun to see Kyle strugle with his feelings during this episode, because he really didn't know the "why" do people lie part, but he knew he wanted to protect Lori, when she ditched him, and Josh, when he got Kyle to do his test. The jump from the roof was good.

    I admit, I loved Tom's character from the very instant I saw him in the Pilot, because of Nick's work in The X Files. But it was nice to see the character getting more tied into the story, it was becoming clear he was going to be a key player in the show, and that he wasn't just some creepy, well hot, guy sitting in a truck following Kyle around and watching him.

    Yet another great episode.

    I also liked how they worked the bones in the woods, Kern, into the story. Many shows would have just put all the info in one ep. They were smart enough to give just enough info to keep you wanting more, but not enough to give it all away at one time.moreless
  • The truth shall set you free!

    Detectives think that Kyle is somehow connected to a murder when a skeleton is found near where Kyle woke up. Lori wants Kyle to lie about her being fired and not being with her when her parents asked her to watch him. Josh also cheats on a test with Kyle's help and asks Kyle to keep it between them. Amanda wrecks her car and Kyle lies and says he did it. Kyle gets his own room. Lori finds out that Declan is seeing other girls.

    I thought it was good how they showed lying as a negative thing, but then they made Kyle lie about Amanda's car. I know it felt like the right thing to do, but it really wasn't. I really want to find out how or if Kyle is connected to the murder and I also want to find out who the mystery man is. This was a great episode and I give it a 10!moreless
  • Again a great show!

    Kyle learns about why you shouldn't lie at all as

    A skeleton is found in the spot where he was

    Originally spotted from. As the police and neighbors try to figure out this young boy.

    But also he learns about his origins.

    Again this is why I watch the show as it has good moments in it IMO!
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David Lewis (IV)


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Kyle asks Lori for clothes from the bathroom. She walk in and finding Kyle naked she drops the clean clothes on the bathroom's floor: pants and a blue t-shirt. When Kyle comes out of the bathroom he is wearing a green t-shirt.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Kyle is sleeping in the tub)
      Lori: Kyle! Come on, I have to go to work.
      Stephen: First he couldn't sleep, now he's Rip van Winkle… Kyle! Kyle!
      Lori: Dad, this isn't right, I have to take a shower before I go to work.
      Stephen: Yeah, okay. But… Kyle first.
      (Stephen turns the shower on. The water wakes Kyle in the tub, who is now soaked. Kyle sits up and looks around.)
      Stephen: Next!

    • Lori: What are you going to do, lure him out with a credit card?
      Stephen: Ah, no sweetie, that's how I'd lure you out. Kyle's a lot easier. (opens locked bathroom door with card)
      Josh: Whoa! Teach me!
      Stephen: Not a chance.

    • Kyle: I thought it was good to help?
      Josh: It is, but, it has to be a secret.
      Kyle: A secret? Is that lying?
      Josh: How can it be lying if we're not saying anything?

    • (After Kyle tells on Lori and Josh)
      Stephen: You did the right thing.
      Kyle: Then why does it feel so wrong?

    • Lori: Kyle. I completely suck. I didn't mean what I said and I should never have asked you to cover for me.
      Josh: Lie for you.
      Lori: Zip it, cheater.
      Josh: Hey, if you're gonna apologize, make it accurate.
      Lori: At least I am apologizing.
      Josh: (to Kyle) I'm sorry... we got busted.

    • Lori: (after seeing Kyle naked) Kyle, it's time for you to learn about modesty.
      Kyle: I'm not modest?
      Lori: No. Not Jewish either, apparently.

    • Kyle: I think I understand about lying now.
      Lori: We will never ask you to lie for us again, but can we trust you not to narc?
      (Kyle looks confused)
      Lori: To keep things just between us.
      Kyle: You can trust me.
      Josh: I think we all learned a very valuable lesson today.

    • Kyle: I think you should tell her. Not telling her is making you feel worse.
      Amanda: Wish me luck.
      Kyle: How do I do that?
      Amanda: You just say good luck.
      Kyle: Good luck.
      (Amanda smiles and leaves)

    • Amanda: How did you do that?
      Kyle: What?
      Amanda: You jumped off the roof.
      Kyle: I had to get down.
      Amanda: People don't do that. They use ladders. I don't get you at all.

    • Allison: Why don't you wait for your dad, just over there? (Points to chair)
      Kyle: Stephen's not my dad, I'm a temp too.

    • (Referring to Kyle's sleeping in the bathtub)
      Nicole: But it's so cold and hard and Lori's hair products all over the place.
      Kyle: They smell good!

    • Kyle: In the family everyone had a place, a purpose. Something to contribute. Everyone mattered, but me. They didn't even notice they left me behind.

    • Lori: Surfing for porn?
      Josh: I wish.

    • (After Amanda crashes her car, about what to tell her mother.)
      Kyle: You just need to explain.
      Amanda: That I saw you jump off a roof? Even I don't believe it.
      Kyle: But it's the truth.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates
      India – 15 September 2007 on Star World
      Belgium – 5 April 2008 on 2BE
      France – 5 April 2008 on M6
      Slovakia – 8 February 2009 on Markiza


    • Stephen: First he couldn't sleep. Now he's Rip van Winkle.

      "Rip van Winkle" is a short story written by Washington Irving and published in 1819. It is about a man who sleeps for 20 years.