Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 3

The List is Life

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 2007 on ABC Family
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Kyle's attempts to return to a normal life at the Trager's house is complicated by Tom Foss' training. Meanwhile, Jessi (XX) begins her mission – to get close to Kyle.

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  • Ish just got real holy crap.

    This might be the best episode in the show so far. Lots of mid point shifts filled with irony, character development, and plot advancement.

    I actually thought the weakest part of the episode was Foss. He was adamant on chasing Baylin's dream and forcing Kyle to adhere to that, even paying homage to Star Wars by saying "it is his Kyle however just wants to be a normal teenager living a teenage life.

    We see where this set up eventually played itself into the episode; when Kyle is faced with the situation of saving a girl in a burning building. He failed to pass Foss' practice, but in a real life situation he passes it with flying colors? Not that I'm an evil person or anything, but I thought they should have made Kyle unable to save the girl resulting in her death. It would have been a greater motivating factor to him perfecting his supernatural abilities with a person's death on his own hands.

    Now to the great parts. I'm still not entirely convinced of Declan's demotivation of his relationship with Lori. I understand that he's burdened with a lot because of Kyle, although it shouldn't be eating his consciousness alive this much and especially affecting his relationship with Lori. It could be that any association with Kyle is what's festering inside him and he wants to sever all ties with Kyle completely, but we'll see if there's any clarification on that. It created an ironic twist though with Lori and Declan winning best couple, and then breaking up the very next day.

    And then came the whopper. Charlie's exploitation of his adultery. First off that whole set up was great. It emphasized the point throughout the whole episode about "the list" and how it represents social validation, and reversely can ruin a person's reputation as well. Lori and Hillary's attempt at devirginizing themselves of impurity was a great ploy to distract us from the true purpose of the list, which was of course to eventually name Charlie the biggest slut in the school.

    With Kyle's guiltiness of not telling Amanda the truth festering in his stomach, it eventually boiled down in the worst possible way for Amanda, and that's public humiliation. That was just an awesome storyline there.

    The whole bit with Jessi and Emily Hollander is just mere set up for now for use on later episodes that hasn't really had an effect on the show so far; it's sort of just there, which is good because we know we'll be treated to even more great pay offs like we did here.moreless
  • I wasn't enjoying this 2nd season that much, but it is getting better.

    I enjoyed this one a lot better than the previous two. A lot finally happened!

    I felt so sad for Lori, it's hard breaking up specially when you don't know what went wrong... I don't get why he did it either. But i have to say i found the re-verginization theory very amusing. Hilary is so funny. Any way i was so happy to see Charlie finally being called on his behaviour, Amanda might of not noticed his indiscretions but it is obvious that the rest of the school did, i felt bad for her, finding out that way so publicly.

    Jessi... Jessi... who here thinks of them as brother and sister? and who thinks more of them as Adam and Eve? i wonder if they are going to hook up, my boyfriend says NO... he says their connection is more similar to that of siblings... if so he is right, they shouldn't get together! And she is not the only new girl this season we have Andy J... very cool for Josh...moreless
  • This improved a alot from last weeks disapointing episode! The List Is Life!

    I enjoyed this episode but I must say season 2 is not reaching season 1s standard yet. I find Declan hard to read and actually don't know whether to like or dislike him. I don't like Nicole much, she is more annoying then ever lately. Kyle says things and I can just feel a giant ? appearing in my head. this jessi storyline sounds interesing but I hope they don't ruin it. I do like Lori and Josh! Now the amanda thing at the end, I didn't care much for, I'm not a huge fan! what is she just nlind or plain stupid? Hope the season improves!!moreless
  • Last 5 minutes were intense.

    Well a couple of things happened in this episode. First straight out of Smallville Kyle who can break glass with his mind on accident. Then he tells Foss he doesn't want to do this anymore. Then Hillary made her season 2 debut and I thought it was done rather well. Lori and her are revirginizing. Then it began to heaqt up at the end. After Jessi (XX) almost killed someone again. But the list came out and Kyle tried to tell Amanda but she was too busy. Then she read the list and saw a big old CHARLIE TANNER as the school Slut. Then she yells at Charlie and Kyle cries and runs out of the room.I feel so bad for her. I have a feeling she'll get over it soon.moreless
  • Very good episode. I loved the humor.

    This episode was one of the funniest this season (so far). I loved Lori's blonde friend. She was very funny. The whole Kyle story is drifting into a teenage soap opera though. The one thing I did like is how they finally transformed XX into Jessie. Definitely a good one.
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Troy Hibbs

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Scott Little

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Agam Darshi

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Magda Apanowicz

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    • Nicole: We just got you back. If it means never letting you go again, no one else needs to know that you're different.
      Kyle: Nicole, I don't want to be different. I just want to be ordinary.
      Nicole: Honey… we could ignore all the things about you that you can't explain, and you could try to act like everybody else. But tonight there was a girl trapped inside a burning building and your only instinct was to save her. That's who you are. And there is nothing ordinary about it.

    • Lori: Hillary made the list: Biggest Sl-
      (Hillary shoots her a look)
      Lori: Four letter word that rhymes with chut.

    • Emily: What should I do about the girl?
      Ballantine: Actually, she makes me nervous just sitting there. Get her a teddy bear or something.

    • Kyle: May I say something?
      Josh: Depends. Latin, Greek or Arabic?

    • Hillary: I'm taking back what's near and dear. Letting go of all I fear. Holding on with all my might. Saving myself for prom night.

    • Emily: (of Kyle) Where is he now? I'll set up a retrieval unit.
      Ballantine: I wish it was that simple. The last time someone tried to grab that boy, an entire complex was firebombed… I'd still like my parking space in the morning.

    • Josh: And voting season's over in...5..4..3...2. (Kyle gives him a look) I think we're about to get sage words of wisdom, Kyle style.
      Hillary: You mean like why are we both so worried about what other people think of us?
      Josh: Or we can't be liked until we like ourselves.
      Hillary: Oh, I bet it's that we get to decide who we really are and not anyone else.
      Josh: Huh. Interesting.
      Hillary: (looks at Kyle) You're good.

    • Kyle: Lori?
      Lori: Lori doesn't live here anymore.
      Kyle: Where'd she go?
      Lori: To Hell, it has excellent lighting.

    • Kyle: (voice over) In life, everybody gets labeled. Charlie was a cheater, giving Amanda the label of the betrayed. With the breakup of the best couple, Declan and Lori are left with a new label, the heartbroken. People try to tell us who we're meant to be, but it's up to us to decide whether or not the label fits. After everything I've done to fight it, I finally understood the label I was meant to have. I would never be normal, or ordinary. My destiny, was to be extraordinary. This is the label I've accepted, and now its my responsibility to earn it.
      Kyle: (to Foss) I'm ready.

    • Lori: How does one re-virginize?
      Hillary: We just agree to it. I mean there's this whole ceremonial thingie, but mostly it's just us deciding that it's true.
      Lori: Mind over matter. If we convince ourselves it's true, then it is.
      Hillary: We'll live our lives not motivated by boys or sex or anything to do with boys and sex.
      Lori: In which case what do we do with ourselves?
      (long pause)
      Hillary: I guess we'll have to ask a virgin.

    • Charlie: Kyle! Hey man, good to have you back.
      Kyle: Where's Amanda?
      Charlie: Well you don't have to worry about Amanda. She's fine.
      Kyle: I don't see it that way.
      Charlie: Yeah, well how do you see it?
      Kyle: You weren't honest with her when you had the chance.
      Charlie: Telling her the truth would've hurt her. It was a no-win situation.
      Kyle: Well right now, it seems like she's the only one losing.

    • (After Lori returns home drunk)
      Josh: So busted!
      Lori: (To the parents as she begins going upstairs) Before you say anything, yes, I have been drinking. And yes, I know it's not a good idea. And no, I cannot promise that I will never do it again. I do, however, recognize that I'm using it as a crutch to hide from the mistakes of my past, and I can assure you that I intend on living a much less destructive life for myself in the future as soon as I figure out what my life is supposed to be. I love you and I didn't drive. Oh, and I'm a virgin. Again. (Giggles and stumbles near the top of the stairs)
      Josh: She's not actually getting away with that, is she? Good. Cupcake, anyone?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Episode Title: "The List is Life"
      Referencing the tagline of Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List. The movie follows businessman Oskar Schindler, who saved the lives of thousands of Jews during World War II by employing them in his factory.

    • The X-Files
      In the final scene, when Kyle returns to Tom Foss to continue his training, there is an "X" marked in the dirt on the door's window. On The X-Files, in which Nicholas Lea had a recurring role, Fox Mulder would initiate contact with his secret government sources by making an "X" with masking tape on his apartment window.