Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 3

The List is Life

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Ish just got real holy crap.

    This might be the best episode in the show so far. Lots of mid point shifts filled with irony, character development, and plot advancement.

    I actually thought the weakest part of the episode was Foss. He was adamant on chasing Baylin's dream and forcing Kyle to adhere to that, even paying homage to Star Wars by saying "it is his Kyle however just wants to be a normal teenager living a teenage life.

    We see where this set up eventually played itself into the episode; when Kyle is faced with the situation of saving a girl in a burning building. He failed to pass Foss' practice, but in a real life situation he passes it with flying colors? Not that I'm an evil person or anything, but I thought they should have made Kyle unable to save the girl resulting in her death. It would have been a greater motivating factor to him perfecting his supernatural abilities with a person's death on his own hands.

    Now to the great parts. I'm still not entirely convinced of Declan's demotivation of his relationship with Lori. I understand that he's burdened with a lot because of Kyle, although it shouldn't be eating his consciousness alive this much and especially affecting his relationship with Lori. It could be that any association with Kyle is what's festering inside him and he wants to sever all ties with Kyle completely, but we'll see if there's any clarification on that. It created an ironic twist though with Lori and Declan winning best couple, and then breaking up the very next day.

    And then came the whopper. Charlie's exploitation of his adultery. First off that whole set up was great. It emphasized the point throughout the whole episode about "the list" and how it represents social validation, and reversely can ruin a person's reputation as well. Lori and Hillary's attempt at devirginizing themselves of impurity was a great ploy to distract us from the true purpose of the list, which was of course to eventually name Charlie the biggest slut in the school.

    With Kyle's guiltiness of not telling Amanda the truth festering in his stomach, it eventually boiled down in the worst possible way for Amanda, and that's public humiliation. That was just an awesome storyline there.

    The whole bit with Jessi and Emily Hollander is just mere set up for now for use on later episodes that hasn't really had an effect on the show so far; it's sort of just there, which is good because we know we'll be treated to even more great pay offs like we did here.
  • I wasn't enjoying this 2nd season that much, but it is getting better.

    I enjoyed this one a lot better than the previous two. A lot finally happened!

    I felt so sad for Lori, it's hard breaking up specially when you don't know what went wrong... I don't get why he did it either. But i have to say i found the re-verginization theory very amusing. Hilary is so funny. Any way i was so happy to see Charlie finally being called on his behaviour, Amanda might of not noticed his indiscretions but it is obvious that the rest of the school did, i felt bad for her, finding out that way so publicly.

    Jessi... Jessi... who here thinks of them as brother and sister? and who thinks more of them as Adam and Eve? i wonder if they are going to hook up, my boyfriend says NO... he says their connection is more similar to that of siblings... if so he is right, they shouldn't get together! And she is not the only new girl this season we have Andy J... very cool for Josh...
  • This improved a alot from last weeks disapointing episode! The List Is Life!

    I enjoyed this episode but I must say season 2 is not reaching season 1s standard yet. I find Declan hard to read and actually don't know whether to like or dislike him. I don't like Nicole much, she is more annoying then ever lately. Kyle says things and I can just feel a giant ? appearing in my head. this jessi storyline sounds interesing but I hope they don't ruin it. I do like Lori and Josh! Now the amanda thing at the end, I didn't care much for, I'm not a huge fan! what is she just nlind or plain stupid? Hope the season improves!!
  • Last 5 minutes were intense.

    Well a couple of things happened in this episode. First straight out of Smallville Kyle who can break glass with his mind on accident. Then he tells Foss he doesn't want to do this anymore. Then Hillary made her season 2 debut and I thought it was done rather well. Lori and her are revirginizing. Then it began to heaqt up at the end. After Jessi (XX) almost killed someone again. But the list came out and Kyle tried to tell Amanda but she was too busy. Then she read the list and saw a big old CHARLIE TANNER as the school Slut. Then she yells at Charlie and Kyle cries and runs out of the room.I feel so bad for her. I have a feeling she'll get over it soon.
  • Very good episode. I loved the humor.

    This episode was one of the funniest this season (so far). I loved Lori's blonde friend. She was very funny. The whole Kyle story is drifting into a teenage soap opera though. The one thing I did like is how they finally transformed XX into Jessie. Definitely a good one.
  • Finally! We're getting somewhere.

    When the second season rolled around, I was expecting something big but the first two episodes didn't live up to the hype that surrounded it back in season 1. They dragged on and on with mundane information but this episode brings it back up to the level we all know and love.

    Good to see the other supporting cast again as they add more flavour to the show. It had a really good plot which I hope will continue throughout the season. We're only getting started cause there are better things to come, Kyle dealing with his double life, the aftermath of Lori and Declan, how Amanda will cope with Charlie's infidelity and how Jessi and Emily plan to get to Kyle.

    Look foward to the next episode ;)
  • Wow! I liked this show "Kyle XY" before, but after this episode, and this season so far, it seems every new episode gets better and better! Wow! A must watch for fans!

    All I can say right now is wow! Let me hold my breath for a second... Okay that's a little bit better! This episode was so awesome and sad and tense on so many levels! Before, on the first episode of the second season, I said that I felt the show didn't have very much to look forward to plot wise anymore. Well I sort of felt that up until now, but after seeing this episode, I now wish I had never said that. Be careful what you wish for? Yes, that is the case here, but in a good way. Not only did this show grant my wish, but it did so in such a way that almost blew me out of my seat! Not many shows can do this, but a lot more good movies can, as I have a big list of my favourite movies. Today my favourite shows of all time list is increased by 1, and Kyle XY is defiantly the one moving in on that list. Why? Because after this episode, I saw everything you could want in an episode, drama, comedy, and so much more mixed in such a way that only the greatest shows can accomplish. It's not very often I see TV shows do this, but when I find one that can, I love every second that it stays that way. I am not saying that before this episode I doubted Kyle XY could become this kind of show, I mean to most it already was. But after this episode I felt the show had taken another huge leap into a great future, and it’s about time! I always saw something about this show that made me think "This is a really cool unique idea, I wonder if it has the potential to be a big show". Today I don’t ask this question, I ask a new one, "Can it maintain this great pace?" and I think most people who watch this show would yell "Yes! It can!" and I agree! Wow, all I can say now is what is in store for us? The possibilities are almost endless! So many things can happen it’s almost crazy to think about it! Oh my, look how much I wrote about this episode?!?! Sure must have been a good episode, and it's a spoiler free review! I don't think people could disagree with this, I mean I bet lot's of people can relate. (At least I hope!) Long live Kyle XY!
  • a good episode that could be better

    In this episode Kyle experienced the lies and the labels you are put in because of people quick judgement. His reflection with voice-off is quite interesting.
    But the plot of the episode is too much simple with XX that appears just next to him dans disappears... And although the bad guys know where Kyle is, they don't do anything to catch him... This situation is very ambiguous ...
  • Kyle wants to be a normal teenager. However, he realizes that it is his destiny to be extraordinary. Lori and Declan break up and Amanda learns the truth about Charlie. As all of this happens, Jessi begins her assignment to destroy Kyle.

    The List of Life is my favorite episode so far. It is exactly why I watch this show. It had everything that I ever wanted from a television show. It had that drama that anyone (adult or teen) can understand. It was compelling. I was able to connect with each character. I felt the confusion of Kyle and realize that we cannot run away from destiny. I felt the sadness between Lori and Declan. I felt all of the pain that Amanda felt. I felt sorry for Charlie and wondered why was he such a jerk. I love the idea of destiny!

    I wonder what will become of Kyle and Jessi..........
  • Is popularity really everything nowadays??

    Well, I'm still unsure what to think of this show. I just started watching it recently and I am kinda torn between loving it and finding it disturbingly strange. It just seems so unrealistic in parts. I don't know if it's the acting or the whole basic storyline, but that's just what I've been feeling about this. Anyway, this episode was nice.
    Amanda finally found out the truth. Was about time! But I'm so sorry about Declan and Lori. I really hope that he's gonna get over his issues soon. Btw: he looks way better this season with the new hair, I think. Ultimately, Kyle should let him in on his secrets. He know enough already and it's just unfair to torture him with this uncertainty...
  • I loved it!

    Kyle tries to learn the concept of "mind over matter" by Tom Foss. There is a bonfire held at the beach. Lori and Hilary "revirginize." Charlie tries to be with another girl. Declan and Lori break up. Nicole finally wants to go back to work. Kyle saves a girl from a burning shack, but isn't burned. Amanda finds out about Charlie's affairs. Josh meets a girl who loves a certain computer game and finds out that she is the one that he can't beat. XX is named Jesse.

    This was a great episode! I'm so glad that Amanda and Charlie are over! I felt severley bad for Amanda though. I hope Lori and Hilary stay "virgins" until they get married. I was also sad that Declan and Lori broke up. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • I especially liked this episode because we got to know Kyle more and he bonded more with his family...

    I especially liked this episode because we got to know Kyle more and he bonded more with his family... I thought it was touching when Kyle talked to Lori about her issues with Decland and found it amusing when he dragged her out of bed, though I resented that he actually was the cause of their break-up and could have fixed it. I feel bad for Decland. I don't like him having to keep his abilities and story of existence from his family, but I understand the necessity of it.
    I love that Nicole now know more about him and his abilities and that they got even closer to each other. I loved the originality of how Amanda found out about Charlie’s cheating on her; instead of just having someone tell her. This was an extremely well planned and patterned episode.
    Favourite quotes: • Lori - “Aren’t you appreciating the irony that we just had our re-virginization ceremony in the sex-shack”
    • Hilary – “Re-virginization. Think about it. If it’s ours to give away, then it’s ours to take back”
    Lori – “But you worked so hard to get rid of it.”

    Favorite moments: • when Kyle drags Lori out of bed
    • when Nicole sees Kyle running away after saving the girl from the fire
  • Kyle realizes something about himself and Declan and Lori break up.

    Another eexcellent episode with some major character development for Kyle as well as for Lori.

    At the end of the episode, Kyle realizes he will never be ordinary, he was created to be something different and he now accepts that he will always be extra-ordinary.

    Lori realizes that she needs to get her life back on track, maybe Declan breaking up with her will help her decide what she wants for herself, but I hope at some point in the future they will end up together again, because I really like them as a couple.

    It's also the start of possibly another 'couple' Josh meets a girl, a girl who's like him; which promises to be interesting.
  • Everybode gets labeled.

    The third episode is quite okay. What I like about the episode is that some characters were developed especially the relationships. Lori and Declan broke up. Now, they have time for themselves and their families. Josh now has a love team. Amanda finally knew the truth about his slut boyfriend Charlie. Now Kyle has a chance for Amanda. Jessie XX now act like an ordinary human being. Kyle discovered more potentials. Nicole wants to quit her job to see more about Kyle. I can't still predict what might gonna happen in the next episode. I hope it would be better.
  • KYLE XY has return!kyle was trying to have a normal life which wasn't always the case for him.nicole still wasn't ready tp get back to her job thinking she couldn't do her job well as she failed in kyle's case.

    a great episode!! this is why i watch kyle xy at first was very interesting throughout this episode,every moments.i loved that all the charaters from the first season were brought back in this episode(a little too late huh?).the events at school and the list were sublime.this episode definitely reminded me of the first season.very well written and played.i loved the fact that they linked all the events with the characters.the idea of bringing back school setting was wonderful!it was great to see that at last nicole shared something secret about kyle because she deserved it!it was her all along that helped i don't understand why kyle didn't want to at least tell her a bit.the fact that she discovered unintentionally kyle's power would definitely develope the relationship between these two and i love it! in a nutshell,a great episode and this episode made all of us can't wait for next monday!
  • Kyle realizes he ain't like the rest of the humans!

    One by one Kyle realizes that he isn't one of the humans as he is indeed super smart and super human. But also is trying his best to fit into society. Tom Floss is really an interesting character and he will grow with time. Wished that they didn't kill the J. Eddy Peck character as I liked him and then they had to kill him. A girl tries to get close to Kyle with funny results.
  • This episode was incredible. I loved it so much.

    I really like this episode of the series. It had a lot of interesting things packed into it. Josh met the girl that he is in love with. I've been watching interviews online about this girl and the people that help make the show are very excited for Josh's first relationship. They say that it is really going to help him mature. I love how the girl is so much like him. I've been waiting forever for Josh to find a girl that he really liked and he finally has. I just can't wait until the next episode so that I can see what happens between those two next.

    Lori and Hilary decided to "revirginise." I loved that whole concept. I just thought that it was so funny because they thought that they could actually take their virginity back. It was terrible when Declan broke up with Lori, especially since she was parshly drunk at the time. But when she came back into her house drunk and did that big "speech," I was laughing almost the whole time. I loved the end of her speech when Josh went, "Anyone want a cupcake?" or something like that and Lori fell down... I mean up the stairs. It was hysterical.

    When Amanda found out about Charlie, I nearly cried. Kirsten Prout is such a good actress. I just felt so bad for Amanda. She probably found out about her boyfriend in the worst way. At first, Charlie seemed like a sweet guy, but as the show went further, I realized that he was a terrible person that didn't care about other people's feelings. I just wanted to throw my pillow at the television whenever his faced turned up on screen. Amanda has always been my favorite girl character. She was such a sweet person and didn't deserve what happened to her.

    Several other things happened in this episode, but I can't explain everything. I will just say that out of all the season two episodes (so far) this one was my favorite (I just wish that Josh was in more of it. I like him :D). As a matter of fact, they keep getting better each time. I watched the commercials for the next episode and that looks very interesting (I guess Foss finds someone dead?). I just know that when this season is over, I'm going to be very sad. Kyle XY is the BEST show that I have ever seen before and I never want it to end.
  • It was a good episode, but sadly some of the parts were unoriginal.

    We finally get to see Jessi in this episode trying to live "normally". Maybe in the next episodes, she gets to have a bigger part. :P

    The episode was good, especially since it focused on the relationship between Amanda and Kyle. (If you were Amanda, would it be really hard to notice that Charlie was cheating on you? Especially when he has girls all around him in school and in the bonfire...) Love stories are always a good addition, as long as it is not overdone. :P Lori and Declan breakup, but I assume that maybe someday they'll get back together. :P Charlie also saves a life of a woman, who was surprisingly asleep while there was a fire. :P

    I don't know if you noticed it, but I feel a strange connection to Smallville, what with the extraordinary trying to become normal and everything, and then deciding to become extraordinary because they realized that they can save people's lives. Here's the whole analogy, Kyle is Clark, Amanda is Lana, Charlie is Lana's boyfriend from the first season (I forgot his name), Nicole and Stephen are Martha and Jonathan, Foss is Jor-El (or maybe Adam?), and the guy looking for Kyle is Lex. Make sense? :D

    It still was a good episode anyway, and I'd still look forward to the next episode, but I do hope they come up with something different. :D
  • we learn more about kyle.

    I loved this episode...we learn that not only is Kyle super smart but he also has good body gentics to. I think its a good thing that Kyle continues training with Foss becuase after he saved that girl from the fire without getting burned there no telling what he might be able to do and he needs to be able to control it. I hate that Lori and Declan broke up. I loved them together but I'm glad that Lori got to tell Declan that he suxs because she was right you cant just ignore someone.
    I hope I'm not the only one to say this but I am so glad that Amanda and Charlie broke up I really didnt like him and she was way to nice to be with that jerk.
    So this was a great episode and I cant wait for next week.
  • Kyle is realizing everyone is labeled something but for him his label will never be considered normal.

    This was a Kyle XY episode truly at it's best. The show each week is definitely rising to the occasion for it's fan base, because tonight was excellent. We were able to start seeing more of what Kyle is capable of doing with that amazing mind and body of his as he links them together as one and does his thing. Tonight his new ability was lowering and controlling his own body temperature as he walked over fiery coals and plus he also saved a teenage girl from inside a burning shack without his skin even being affected by fire either time. This is only the start of his mind over body training that Adam had wanted him to do. Kyle has finally realized that he is not normal and that he will always be different and it is time to learn his abilities. There is so much more to grasp and learn but now that XX is in the picture Kyle will be facing new challenges soon. When Charlie was exposed for the cheater he is, for me that was very vindicating. Charlie apparently had never learned a lesson and was still cheating, so I was extremely glad that it finally came out. Now if there is going to be any stronger feelings between Kyle and Amanda, this is the time for them to develop.
  • In this episode we learn a little more about what makes Kyle tick and get our first glimpse of the new and improved XX.

    This one was probably my favorite of this season; this show seems to just be getting better and better.
    In this episode, Kyle is frustrated because he just wants to live a normal life instead of train with Foss. However, obviously he is far from normal: every episode this season he's gained a new little ability, and this time around it's walking over hot coals. By using "mind over matter," Kyle can, from what I gathered, change his body temperature so he won't get burned.
    This knowledge comes very much in handy later when Kyle must rescue a girl from a burning shack at a bonfire. Surprise surprise, he comes out without so much as a scratch on him.
    The mysterious XX, called Jessi, finally speaks in this episode, not to mention finally looks human. Already, she and Kyle seem to have some sort of connection. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what will happen when they finally meet.
  • Another great a little bit more info on Kyle

    First off...I'd like to say how happy I am that Charlie got busted.....FINALLY!!!!! He never deserved Amanda in the beginning. I've been waiting for the day when his little game would backfire on him........y'all can think I take too seriously if ya wanna, but My world stops just so I can watch it..yeah it's that addicting. Anyway, I'm glad Charlie got the rude awakening he's been in for, I doubt he'll learn anything but at least I got a laugh out of it.

    I said this ep was revealing cause of what we learn Kyle can do...definitely a pretty cool trick and can't wait to see what else he can do. I'm starting to not trust Foss..and after seeing the previews for next weeks show, I still may not trust him. We'll find out I guess
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