Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 1

The Prophet

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 11, 2007 on ABC Family
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With Adam Baylin's help, Kyle begins to realise the truth behind his existence, but he soon finds himself back at the Trager's house under the training of Tom Foss.

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  • This was a good episode … for this show.

    You can't really take such a show too seriously, it's a "family drama" aimed at 11 year-olds, but for us adults it's just fun and uplifting. And for someone who doesn't expect any real drama or suspense from Kyle XY I was really glad that the episode answered the many questions we had from season 1 about Kyle's origins and didn't let them drag out for the rest of the season as if this was actually a "sci-fi thriller". It's good the show knows it's own limitations.

    I'm not sure how much I'm gonna like the second season, you know, now that Kyle is not "the most adorable 16 year-old baby" anymore, (And really that was the only reason to tolerate Matt Dallas's wooden performance!) but they got off to a great start plot-wise, and as long as it's still fun I'm going along for the ride. I can't wait to find out what kind of lies they fabricated to get him back to the Tragers … and that XX chic, is she the new "adorable 16 year-old baby" on the block?moreless
  • Great episode full with unexpected things... Overall, great start of the second season.

    Kyle learns the truth about him, he was an experiment created by Adam Bayland. He was in his mother more months than than so he could use more percent of his brain capacity. The experiment was first created so he can make good things in the world, but some of the Zyzicks workers wanted to use it for other bad things.

    The Tragers have now a life without Kyle wich they don't like too much. They miss him realy much. Josh makes a party while his parents go on a Trip... than his parents go back and find out that there have been a party in here.

    Josh needs to be punished but his mother is so worried about Kyle that she doesn't even punish him...

    Kyle goes back to the Tragers, and they are all too happymoreless
  • Great Season Premiere! Adam Baylin stayed so long! ;)

    So much happened in this episode. Right from the start too! So we learn a little from Adam Baylin he was in the womb for 13 months. Now he is a super genius. I love how I never know what will happen next. The writers are amazing. So Since Adam's mind is so good his body isn't. Then he is shot by Zzyzx who we learn is the enemy. Then we see XX. I wouldn't have thought of having an XY and XX. Baylin had something he was doing alright. Tom Foss was a little different from last season I think. More soft I guess you could say. So he was Adam's bodyguard if you will. Then for Zzyzx killing Baylin Foss goes and firebombs them with "XX" in it. She escapes though. It is just so excitig watching this show becasue of episodes like this. Very good start to the second season!moreless
  • I wish I could find a better classification...

    The season started well. I just wonder now what they are going to do to keep it interesting.

    Please don't let it become all sappy and always filled with the angst of teenage love. Keep us guessing about kyle and where he is going to get to in life. Keep us on the edge of our seat and guessing.

    I wish adam bailin would have lasted a little longer but who knows. Maybe this will keep things interesting...

    how many episodes are in this season anyway?

    Please don't make it a mundane show this season. give us some action, some suspense, and keep us on the edge of our seats....please!moreless
  • What tha? Could the Real KYLE XY writers please stand up?

    I loved KYLE XY season one. My wife and I would curl up in bed and watch the episode. Listen to Matt Dallas's soothing voice as he talked us thru the mood of each episode as the credits came up. We like all the characters, and loved Kyle best of all. We have been waiting for Kyles return with excitement. But episode one of season two had laughable writing. Honestly some of the worst stuff I have ever heard. the actors did a great job in the face of such hack.

    How Matt Dallas managed too look sincere as he spoke his lines. Brian Taylor "Kyle, you can't go back to the Tragers!"

    Kyle "If i stay here safe, but shut in. I might aswell have stayed in that tank." "I won't be able to touch the world, like Adam said. if I am not apart of it.'

    Brian Taylor "You don't know what you are asking"

    Kyle "I know I can't tell them about the experiement, or the people who died without making them accomplices." "I know i will have to keep my past a secret."

    Brian Taylor "You will be lying to them every day."

    Kyle "No! I lied so i could leave, and now i will lie so i can return." "But beyond that, I will do everything in my power to live by the truth."

    Brian Taylor "Why do you want to go back there and complicate your life."

    Kyle "Its not complicated, it's simple....I love them."

    I cringe at this episode...The talk of moving the water not the glass, but then the glass explodes??

    I hope this will get back into form. I am guessing they are trying to quickly set up a new season of story lines. But this is a poor return to a fantastic series.moreless
Judith Maxie

Judith Maxie


Guest Star

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Rebecca Thatcher

Guest Star

Martin Cummins

Martin Cummins

Brian Taylor

Recurring Role

J. Eddie Peck

J. Eddie Peck

Adam Baylin

Recurring Role

Nicholas Lea

Nicholas Lea

Thomas Foss

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (13)

    • Kyle: (to Adam) Why did you create me in the first place?

    • Josh: (his parents going away) Just go. Have fun. (opens door)
      Stephen: Not like you're counting the minutes or anything.
      Josh: I'm down to seconds.

    • Tom Foss: Why do you want to go back there and complicate your life?
      Kyle: It's not complicated - it's simple. I love them.

    • Adam: Your mind is a powerful tool; develop it, protect it, use it wisely. But more important than your mind, it's your soul that touches people. You can touch the world, Kyle, it's who you are. It's who you're meant to be.

    • Declan: (while kissing Lori) Parents are home.
      Lori: The door's closed.
      Declan: Which is technically against the rules.
      Lori: If I don't break a few rules soon, I'm gonna explode.
      Declan: It's not easy being the good girl.
      Lori: Well here's your chance to corrupt me.

    • Kyle: Every story has a beginning. Every life has meaning and potential. But I didn't know my story's beginning or realize my true potential until a few months ago, when I first met Adam Baylin.

    • Tom: I'm going to stay here, read his notes and see if I can help.
      Kyle: Why would you do that?
      Tom: You think I'm just going to walk away from you now?

    • Josh: Sweet freedom. Gimme half. (holds out hand for cash)
      Lori: Sorry, bank's closed.

    • Lori: Seriously, if you have your loser friends over don't be total pigs and keep them out of my room. I don't want their grubby little hands in my underwear drawer.
      Josh: That was one time in sixth grade. God, let it go.

    • Foss: Well you got what you wanted. I expect you to honor our agreement.
      Kyle: I will.
      Foss: It took a lot to get here. I won't let you waste your potential.
      Kyle: Thank you, for doing this. For everything you've had to do.
      Foss: Be worth it.

    • Kyle: In that moment, all the things I'd learned about myself, all the gifts I needed to develop, and all the secrets I promised to hide, didn't matter. All that mattered was being home with my family, feeling that connection again, and knowing that I wasn't alone.

    • Adam: You jumped off a roof?
      Kyle: I didn't know I wasn't supposed to.

    • Josh: Okay, how long am I grounded?
      Stephen: Why don't you go get next year's calendar?

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