Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 1

The Prophet

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 11, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • This was a good episode … for this show.

    You can't really take such a show too seriously, it's a "family drama" aimed at 11 year-olds, but for us adults it's just fun and uplifting. And for someone who doesn't expect any real drama or suspense from Kyle XY I was really glad that the episode answered the many questions we had from season 1 about Kyle's origins and didn't let them drag out for the rest of the season as if this was actually a "sci-fi thriller". It's good the show knows it's own limitations.

    I'm not sure how much I'm gonna like the second season, you know, now that Kyle is not "the most adorable 16 year-old baby" anymore, (And really that was the only reason to tolerate Matt Dallas's wooden performance!) but they got off to a great start plot-wise, and as long as it's still fun I'm going along for the ride. I can't wait to find out what kind of lies they fabricated to get him back to the Tragers … and that XX chic, is she the new "adorable 16 year-old baby" on the block?
  • Great episode full with unexpected things... Overall, great start of the second season.

    Kyle learns the truth about him, he was an experiment created by Adam Bayland. He was in his mother more months than than so he could use more percent of his brain capacity. The experiment was first created so he can make good things in the world, but some of the Zyzicks workers wanted to use it for other bad things.
    The Tragers have now a life without Kyle wich they don't like too much. They miss him realy much. Josh makes a party while his parents go on a Trip... than his parents go back and find out that there have been a party in here.
    Josh needs to be punished but his mother is so worried about Kyle that she doesn't even punish him...
    Kyle goes back to the Tragers, and they are all too happy
  • Great Season Premiere! Adam Baylin stayed so long! ;)

    So much happened in this episode. Right from the start too! So we learn a little from Adam Baylin he was in the womb for 13 months. Now he is a super genius. I love how I never know what will happen next. The writers are amazing. So Since Adam's mind is so good his body isn't. Then he is shot by Zzyzx who we learn is the enemy. Then we see XX. I wouldn't have thought of having an XY and XX. Baylin had something he was doing alright. Tom Foss was a little different from last season I think. More soft I guess you could say. So he was Adam's bodyguard if you will. Then for Zzyzx killing Baylin Foss goes and firebombs them with "XX" in it. She escapes though. It is just so excitig watching this show becasue of episodes like this. Very good start to the second season!
  • I wish I could find a better classification...

    The season started well. I just wonder now what they are going to do to keep it interesting.

    Please don't let it become all sappy and always filled with the angst of teenage love. Keep us guessing about kyle and where he is going to get to in life. Keep us on the edge of our seat and guessing.

    I wish adam bailin would have lasted a little longer but who knows. Maybe this will keep things interesting...

    how many episodes are in this season anyway?
    Please don't make it a mundane show this season. give us some action, some suspense, and keep us on the edge of our seats....please!
  • What tha? Could the Real KYLE XY writers please stand up?

    I loved KYLE XY season one. My wife and I would curl up in bed and watch the episode. Listen to Matt Dallas's soothing voice as he talked us thru the mood of each episode as the credits came up. We like all the characters, and loved Kyle best of all. We have been waiting for Kyles return with excitement. But episode one of season two had laughable writing. Honestly some of the worst stuff I have ever heard. the actors did a great job in the face of such hack.
    How Matt Dallas managed too look sincere as he spoke his lines. Brian Taylor "Kyle, you can't go back to the Tragers!"
    Kyle "If i stay here safe, but shut in. I might aswell have stayed in that tank." "I won't be able to touch the world, like Adam said. if I am not apart of it.'
    Brian Taylor "You don't know what you are asking"
    Kyle "I know I can't tell them about the experiement, or the people who died without making them accomplices." "I know i will have to keep my past a secret."
    Brian Taylor "You will be lying to them every day."
    Kyle "No! I lied so i could leave, and now i will lie so i can return." "But beyond that, I will do everything in my power to live by the truth."
    Brian Taylor "Why do you want to go back there and complicate your life."
    Kyle "Its not complicated, it's simple....I love them."

    I cringe at this episode...The talk of moving the water not the glass, but then the glass explodes??
    I hope this will get back into form. I am guessing they are trying to quickly set up a new season of story lines. But this is a poor return to a fantastic series.
  • Adam Bailon helps Kyle realize how he was created.

    I loved this! It was an awesome opener! I was so happy. I almost cried when Adam died. I was like no! It made me feel so bad. It was terrible. Josh is still hot as ever! Lol. I was so waiting for this so bad. I am so glad that Kyle lives with the Tragers. I love them. I would so love to live with them. They are so homely. Kyle looked like such a stranger in this episode. I wished he would have showed Josh the water trick that would have been cool. I love Kyle XY! It rocks!
  • There has always been a begining to this journey...and here is were the journey continous for this series... A really good first episode.

    This episode is a really good one cause here we start maybe finding out more information who is KYLE XY....

    Here we start to find what mind powers Kyle has got. He is a pretty powerful person as was his mentor, we can see how weak his mentor. It's a shame that his life was really short. It was fantastic to see Kyle back with his family because the way his mom was beating herself up was really hard. The kid is cute and he showed how much he wanted attention in this series when he threw a party and did not any punishments.

    I am looking foward to this season...Now let's see were the episodes will take us.
  • i hated this episode it out me to sleep

    i think they should completely trash this episode it was really bad and i just didn't like i have seen other episodes but this by far has got to be one of the worst episodes
    i think they should completely trash this episode it was really bad and i just didn't like i have seen other episodes but this by far has got to be one of the worst episodesi think they should completely trash this episode it was really bad and i just didn't like i have seen other episodes but this by far has got to be one of the worst episodes
  • YAY Kyle's back.....bout time:P this is gonna be a great season.

    I loved this first ep...I'm so happy Kyle was able to get his questions answered and that he was able to go back home to the Tragers. I just wish he could tell the Tragers what's going on too but I understand why he can't. I feel like FOss is still being a jerk but I understand he's just trying to protect Kyle. So I guess I gotta give him that much credit.....he's just doing his job. XX looks like a tough character to go up against....hope KYle can handle her...I'm sure he can:P Sucks that Baylin died so soon into the new season.....I know Kyle can train his body and mind though just fine by himself. Can't wait for the Amanda/Kyle reunion:P
  • This episode was just plan okay but still confusing...

    This episode had a weird twist to it. First it show Kyle walking in a suite... I get that he is explaining what had happened and everything was okay and I guess nothing confused me it was just the part when he had to break the glass that made me think it was unrealistic. I t was much better to see the Treager familie's problems. O well it was an okay episode and my favorite part was when Kyle finally go to go home to his real family I just hope later on he will be able to tell his family the truth...

    Kyle XY at its greatest. This episode gave us so many answers about who Kyle is and it did it in a great way. One thing I didn't like was that Adam Bailin died. I guess that's gonna carry the storyline in a good way though. It's a good thing that Kyle reunited with the Tragers because Nicole couldn't hold up after he left. She took it a little too seriously and shouldn't have gotten that clingy to begin with. The best part about this episode was seeing Jessi XX. I think she will be the best thing that ever happened to this show. Kyle XY is back and better than ever. Summer TV has never been this good.
  • Wait.....Adam's dead?!

    Wow, I didn't expect that! Not only did we just meet Adam, but now he's dead! What the heck?! Now how is he supposed to learn all abotu his abilities?!

    I'm glad that Kyle is back with the Tragers though. I knew he wouldn't be away from them for long! So, apparently Kyle is going to have to be careful about how far he pushes himself...the whole seizure thing last season was NOT COOL! I don't want Kyle to die young...he's way too cute!

    So this other person like Kyle is a girl...possible love interest perhaps? Hopefully they'll find each other soon, and Kyle will finally have someone else like him.
  • Great way to start season 2 and wrap-up season 1.

    "The Prophet" is the English translation of the name of the company that created Kyle. In this episode, we figure out the mysteries of the first season, and we are introduced to a whole new adventure for the second season of this fan favorite, science-fiction hit.

    In the season premiere, Kyle works with Adam to find out the truth about his past and his abilities. Lori starts acting like the good girl while Josh starts to be the rebellious teen. Declan isn't too intimate with Lori, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out that Kyle's absence is bothering him. Nicole has done nothing but worry about Kyle since his departure and it seems to be taking a toll on her family.

    When Kyle XY left us with a cliffhanger last season, we knew that they just had to come back with the answers, and that they did. Adam reveals that Kyle was a scientific experiment and he was placed in an artificial womb, that's why, no mother, no umbilical cord. Adam Baylin, a man who helped create Kyle, left his mother's womb after 13 months of pregnancy, that's why he was motivated to create Kyle and that's why he is capable of learning skills in years that Kyle can learn in a matter of minutes. I'm overall satisfied with the answers they gave, but did they really have to kill that guy? Well, he was sort of annoying, but at least he gave answers.

    As Kyle communicates with the Trager's, he has a limited time of two minutes, due to the risk of them getting tracked. Kyle accidentally exceeds the time limit by two minutes and it wasn't long before Latnok killed Adam. Tom then later knew that Kyle would be next, so he planted a bomb at the Latnok facility. Kyle follows him and there, he finds a girl in, what looked like an artificial womb. I think it would be pretty interesting to see where the story goes from that girl who Kyle saw in the artificial womb. As for Tom blowing up the facility, you'd think a place like that would be so much better guarded.

    When Nicole and Stephen take a trip to San Francisco, you'd expect Lori to be throwing the party, but not this time. Apparently Lori has become a lot more responsible since Kyle left and Josh has just grown a lot more rebellious. Josh throws a party, which he hopes to hide from his parents, but when they come back, he didn't exactly finish the clean up job. It's sort of weird to see Lori being responsible and all. Josh is still pretty much the same, but Lori really changed.

    After Nicole finds out about Josh's party, she doesn't seem to even mind. Ever since Kyle left, she has quit her job and Kyle is all she thinks about. She has been to a therapist, but that doesn't help. Josh talks to her about not even caring about him anymore, which is very true. I mean, sure you lost someone who was just practically your kid, but now you won’t even care about your real kids anymore? How stupid is that? She does manage to pull herself together towards the end though. No more take out for the rest of the family; she decides to cook.

    Kyle eventually comes back and the whole family gives him the welcome he deserves. The ending was kid of a bad blow to this episode though. The cliffhanger was kid of predictable, no matter how shocking they tried to make it, but the story line from there would be pretty interesting.
  • Excellent episode. Heartfelt and mysterious.

    This was an excellent installment of Kyle XY. The writing was great, the characters all acted better. It was a very exciting start to what I hope will be a great season of TV. For my money when that NIcole Trager sees Kyle, it's tremendous emotion. I thought the scene by the dam was particularly effective. The production value is far superior this season, too. I thought the balance of mystery and family was well done. I thought Nicole had a very engaging story. It seems she has truly bonded with Kyle as one of her own. Oh, and Tom Foss was awesome. Can't wait for more!
  • Overall a very good episode!

    I really enjoyed this episdode because it raised many questions and answereed a few. I hate it when they just bring up a ton of questions, but never answer any of them, and Kyle definitely answered a few questions while still keeping us in suspense. The actors did a fairly good job, though I did not see the whole episode due to my VCR shutting off, but I saw most of it. I am most excited to see (XX) get around and do something. It feel sa little cliched to me, but I'm sure that they'll do a good job of making it work. I feel badly about Adam dying, and it seemed a bit sudden, but they can't have Kyle leaning on him like a crutch for the rest of the season, now, can they? Overall, it was a very good episode.
  • Kyle is back and better than ever

    Okay so the episode was a great way to kick off the second season, but if you are like me as soon as you saw the MRI scan of Kyle's brain and saw all that activity, you immediately stop caring about who Kyle is and what he can do. it has been said in all fiction that higher brain activity can lead to powers X-men, aliens, animorphs, etc.. So then I started to wonder about what kind of powers he will have, then he developed super-hearing, and he finally got his telekenetic powers, which is pretty much a given, now I want to see what other powers he will get, premonition, astral projection. who knows...
  • Season 2 starts out with a whimper.

    The first episode of season two was (in my opinion) the worst I've seen so far. Granted, this is not hard a place for it to be given that it is only the 11th episode of the show. Still, I fear that it will fail to attract any new viewers given that it was totally lacking in what made the season 1 of Kyle XY so special. Not only was it incredibly more violent, it did not contain any of the wonderful interactions between Kyle and the outside world that made the show. I also fear that the show is going in an implausible direction and that it will be unable to keep the air of mystery that made Kyle XY so intriguing. I guess only time will tell.
  • I have heard a lot about the show...but had never watched until now.

    This was my very first episode of Kyle XY and I have to say I am pretty impressed. Being that it is on ABC Family I really didn't have too much interest. All I can say now is that I believe the hype! This episode was great because although I had never watched previously it had enough information that it is going to keep me watching. The story line is interesting although it does kinda remind me of "Jon Doe". If you like Sci-Fi I would say its a good to show to watch and now would be a great time to jump in....its looks like things are just about to start getting really good....
  • Kyle learned about his pasts and his abilities from adam bailan,his creator.Nicole had a trouble letting kyle go.She abandoned her family a bit.They all had problem missing kyle.Adam bailan was shot and so kyle went back to Tregor’s.

    A very very good opening of the season!It was packed of informations essentials that everyone has been waiting since the end of the last season.So this episode definitely brought back the solved mystery in the whole new one of that concerning kyle’sabilities.It was really interesting and sublime and the best episode so far of the whole kyle xy series!I just loved so much the reunion part at the end! I was hoping for that but I doubt they would do it for this episode but they did, and I'm just so happy for kyle’s and tregor’s sake! They just missed each other so much! Besides,it won’t be kyle xy if they didn’t live under one roof.It was sad to see adam been shot.But I agreed actually to end that character so that the attention draws to only kyle’s abilities.Not both of them,it would be weird.So can’t wait for the next episode! Bravo!
  • Very informative and well written episode. Great conclusion and a little hint of something to want more at the end.

    Wow, It's been a while and I almost forgot the charm and great acting of this show. It was well worth the wait and the episode was awesome, great way to bring things to how they were at the end of the episode. My only concern is now the show feels as if there is nothing really to worry about, as if all threats are not threats and that Kyle is 100% free to go on his normal life and we don't have much to watch for anymore. Though I am very certain that either next episode or very soon we will be shooken up once again and have a very real threat and more unanswered questions arise, otherwise it wouldn't be worth watching. But I really loved how we were finally given some information and a knowledge of what is. I would recommend this episode to all who previously enjoyed this show and to those who have not watched it. I hope to see more and as much as I want things to be perfectly okay, I do wish to see something to be excited and worried about.
  • This was the first episode of season two.

    I have been waiting for season two to start for a long time. And now it finally has. I can't believe that they only put Adam Baylin into two episodes of the show. I want to find out who shot him. I only saw him for a little while and I loved the character. I was so devestated when he died.

    Now about that girl, XX. I think that she is just a girl version of Kyle. I guess that I will find out more about her in the next episode of the series. I think that her and Kyle are going to have some sort of secret connection. Kyle might also help her figure out some things so that she doesn't have to go through the same things that he did.

    I feel so bad for Josh. He is always getting mad at his parents because they don't pay enough attention to him. This is the second time that he yelled at one of his parents and it was over Kyle again! Sometimes, I wish that I could just jump into the television set and help out the characters.

    I was so happy at the end of the episode that I was almost crying. He finally returned to the Trager's house after being away from them for several months. I kept wishing that I could be in that house with them to experience the joy.

    And I still want to know who Kyle saves from the fire!
  • Happy to just be back home.

    Kyle is back and he is very curious as usual. We finally find out about his creator and what he is and why he doesn't have the belly button. Kyle was not that happy about it either. I didn't particularly like the setting at home because it didn't seem normal. Parents leave, son has party, daughter comes home, son cleans up and gets caught anyway but Parents do not ground son because worried about Kyle, Yawn. Not much plot in that. Love scene with Lori and Declan was good especially because it shows how distracted Declan is about Kyle's departure more than the not grounded of the son. The dinner scene was awesome. Kyle was home and everyone was happy and I was happy and the dog was happy - oh wait what dog? I got a lump in my throat. Good return.
  • We learn a lot in this episode.

    A lot of mysteries in the first season were answered right off the bat in the first episode of the second season. In fact a lot really happened.

    We discover why Kyle has no belly button, and why he has many talents. Too bad Adam was killed, I thought he was going to be an important character throughout the series. Foss is an important character too, so let's hope he appears regularly.

    We also see a glimpse of XX. I wonder what her role in the story is. Maybe a villain or a rival of Kyle. She stayed longer in the tank, so she could have more talents or skills than Kyle has.

    Overall I think it was a good episode. Maybe I was just surprised at all the things that happened. I mean it was so fast, we learn everything (or almost everything) we need to know about Kyle\'s past, and he makes his inevitable return to the Trager family. I hope XX stirs a good plot throughout the season.
  • Kyle discovers his origins

    An excellent start to the second season. Kyle discovers his background and Adam and Foss tell him about why he was 'created', about his possibilities and about his limits.
    Still, some questions are left unanswered and that's a good thing for the first episode of a new season.

    I'm not sure about the introduction of XX, I knew it was bound to happen but I hope it doesn't affect the relationship of Kyle and the Tragers. A large part of the appeal of this series is the interaction between Kyle and the Trager family, his family. The arrival of another stranger, similar to Kyle, may upset this delicate balance and that would be a terrible shame. I hope the script writer have thought this through and I trust they have, judging by this episode, which was excellent.
  • Welcome back Kyle XY. Great episode!

    What a great episode to start the 2nd season off with. Kyle XY was handed a hard dose of reality learning how he was created, but Kyle is such a genuine real person that he just bounced back still knowing where he belonged. Kyle just wanted to be back home with the Trager's where he felt he truly belonged with the only real family he knows. I mean his heart and soul feels the need of a loving family, isn't that what being human is all about. Adam was awesome to him and was teaching him so much and by all means he still needed Adam's help, but fate sadly took care of that. I thought everything went much to quick for one episode and now Kyle has another situation around the corner to deal with. But at least he's back with his family who truly missed him and has accepted him as one of their own.
  • Season Opener!

    Adam Baylin teaches Kyle some things. He reveals secrets about Kyle's origin. Then Adam Baylin is shot and killed. Tom Foss wants to eliminate the threats. Kyle doesn't want him to. Tom and Kyle both see XX. Nicole can't stop grieving over Kyle's departure. Nicole and Stephen go away for a couple days. Josh throws a party while they're gone. Nicole is too stressed to punish him and Josh gets upset because she is always busy worrying about Kyle instead of him. Kyle comes back to the Trager household. XX escapes into the woods.

    This was a great episode! It was good hearing what actually happened with Kyle. It's a little confusing though. I liked Lori's hair a lot better in this episode! I think that Amanda should've been in it and that Declan had a bigger role, but it was a great episode! I give it a 9.0!
  • Lots of stuff answered, wow!

    They answered so much stuff in the first eleven minutes of the episode I was so so shocked. But still, they seemed to ask more questions and this season seems to promise A LOT. I am so excited after this episode. This one is one of my all time favorites.
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