Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 8

The Tell-Tale Heart

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • This is why ABC Family SHOULDN'T cancel Kyle XY!!! This was BY FAR the most amazing show I have seen in a very LONG time!!

    I thought the show was so incredibly good. I DVR-ed the episode and I am SO glad I did!! I have already watched this episode TWICE!! In the beginning, I thought Kyle and Jessie would have been a horrible couple (that is mostly because in the beginning, Jessie was the enemy:) but now, I don't really see them with anybody else. I also thought that the acting demonstrated in this episode was superb!! Josh's scene with his father and Augustana playing in the background made me want to cry. The same goes for Jessie and her mother :( GOD IT'S SO GOOD!!!
  • Probably the best Kyle XY episode to date.

    Jaimie Alexander's (Jessie) role in this episode, and especially towards the end where she and Kyle go back to her memories, is nothing short of spectacular. I've never been so convinced and horrified by any episode of Kyle XY before that part. Even though the whole extra senses is pretty corny, I was terrified by the marks.

    Apart from that, the episode was pretty lame, just like what Kyle XY seems to be lately. I think its canceling is spot on, because it's just not that good anymore.

    So, all we have to do is wait for the next two episodes and hope that they turn out to be a sweet ending to Kyle.
  • This was a great ep. I did not like the ending though...

    Kyle and Jessi do not belong together, they are just too alike and Kyle and Amanda totally belong together.
    I really hate that Andy is leaving and I really hope that they manage to stay together despite the distance. I really want to see Hil find someone...
    I don't like the Amanda / Nate pairing, it seems like he is really trying to use her to get back at Kyle for winning the prize money. I think that Nate and Cassidy are so totally alike and yet I really want them to stab each other in the back, they are both so evil...
  • This episode is very powerful! Such sad moments. It's my favourite episode!

    This episode was just amazing! From start to finish!
    The very beginning Jessi and Kyle were sleeping together! Just sleeping and that's all! It was so adorable! The song Reasons to Love You by Meiko was playing! It completely fits them. I thought it was really cute how the first bed Kyle was able to sleep in was Jessi's! The whole episode was them trying to find out what happened to her mother. There was one scene where the parents were talking about about Josh and Andy and Nicole said "We can't have two teenagers who hormones are raging living together under our roof, then the scene shoots to Jessi and Kyle! I thought that was really funny! I love when Kyle goes into Jessi's memories and she's remembering moments between them! I love Nicole tells him that he doesn't have to be the one to fix this and he says "Yes, I do." He really loves Jessi. I love when Kyle tells Jessi to think of a time where she was happy and felt safe, so she thinks of when they were sleeping together. Aw! Its sad when she sees blood on the walls and she screams and Kyle gets into the tub with her! The saddest moment of the episode is when she gabs him back into the dream and she's trying to get to Sarah. They can hear Sarah's hearbeat. Jessi's freaking out! Kyle says "Stay with me. It's just you and me." The heartbeat stops, Jessi says "She's dead. My mother's dead." They leave the dream and just lay in the tub. She's cries on him. He kisses the back of her head! Nicole goes to talk to Jessi and tells her that she knows that she saw something really bad and that she doesn't have to tell her what it was. Jessi says that one day she'll tell her. Kyle shows Jessi that Sarah kept pictures of Jessi, showing her that her mother really did love her. Jessi smiles and it's sp cute! Kyle is watching her then KISSES her! She smiles during the kiss! It's really adorble! Great episode!
  • I have to consider this episode to be my favorite episode of the entire show.

    I dont know where to start, this episode was amazing on so many levels! Starting with the opening! It was really the sweetest thing in the world! The music playing in the back round was the perfect fit. It was like watching Kyle fall in love! I couldn't believe how amazing it was! Then as the episode progresses we get to watch Kyle and Jessi use their brains in amazing ways. Like Kyle going back into Jessi's memories with her! She didn't have to face it alone and he didn't want her to have to face it alone. Finding out about Sarah changed how your looked at Cassidy from that moment forward. You cant look at him and see nice guy! Its impossible! Completely impossible! Oh and then Josh... JOSH! Oh my goodness, the emotions we got from Josh in this episode were so amazing... it was amazing to see how much he's matured since season 1, and how much he really loves Andy. Its breaking his heart, and you could feel that when you look at him throughout this episode! The Lori Declan Hillary scenes were cute, and light. Now of course the best part of this episode in my opinion was... THE KISS! Kyle kisses Jessi. Like KYLE kiss Jessi, not Jessi kisses Kyle! It was amazing in the voice over right before they kiss, Kyle was talking about memories and how they can be good and they can be bad, and then he says "and sometimes a moment becomes a memory the instant its happening, because it is so true, so pure, and so significant you want to capture it forever!" and then BAM he kisses her and it would have been perfect, except Nicole has to see them! On that note though Kyle was so into kissing Jessi that he didn't even notice Nicole in the back round! Well I'm going to stop there, I've basically gone over why I felt this was the best episode of all time!
  • What A Brilliant Episode!!

    i have never reviewed an episode before but after seeing this episode which i considered the best so far in the kyle XY series i had to say how amazing this episode is.

    The final few minutes is a blend of joy and sorrow. the tears are mixed with smiles and hope.

    Andy and josh, Lory and Hales along with Decklin and his new blond hottie and then finally u get Kyle with Jesse.

    The many hidden truths get unveiled in this and gets the audience on their feet as to what might come next in the coming episodes.

    this is by a far a feature episode in this journey with Kyle.

    Amazing.. A brilliant make so far! awaiting the finale!
  • A fine job indeed..

    I really liked this episode. Seing Kyle and Jessi getting closer felt good. Barely noticed that Amanda wasn't around much. She's a cute little blonde thing and all but that's that.. there's nothing much there and if she's not with Kyle, she has no story plot to fit in..

    Anyways, Kyle accessing Jessi's memories and both seing what probably happened to Sarah. Cassidy may be in trouble soon.

    Didn't get why Nicole got so worried when she caught Kyle and Jessi kissing.. and poor Josh, his girl is moving away.. or is she?

    Well, and a nice twist in the end. The Nate guy stealing Sarah's ring from Cassidy's safe.. hmm.. is he maybe some "normal" conceived son of Adam? Who knows.. Adam surely was a very popular guy back at his prime and probably did very well with the ladies, if u know what I mean..
  • The Tell Tale Heart was the best episode of the entire series, one of the best drama episodes I have ever seen.

    The Tell Tale Heart was the best episode of the entire series, one of the best drama episodes I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of TV in my 40+ years. Jaimie Alexander was amazing. That young woman can act. The writing, directing, musical score, acting, emotions, pacing, everything was spot on perfect. Everyone at my house was at the edge of their seat. There wasn't a dry eye in my living room, nor apparently anywhere else I discovered after perusing various boards. There was some serious screen chemistry going on! I can't understand the series cancellation. If you are going to end a series, at least give the fans some closure with a few additional episodes or a movie. We deserve that much after years of loyal watching.
  • An amazing episode, that has to be seen by any fans of the show. Warning spoilers contained below.

    Warning spoilers contained below.

    It was nice to see Kyle and Jessi move closer in this episode, but when Jessi started to get sick, I was left wondering what was going on. It was nice to see Kyle and Jessi working together trying to uncover more information about Cassidy, but I just kept getting the feeling they could have done a better job. Kyle comes up with an idea why Jessi is sick, and it has to do with a suppressed memory. I liked the flashback's of Jessi and Kyle that we saw when Kyle was trying to access Jessi's memory, it was a reminder of how far Jessi has come. But the best part of this episode had to be when we find out about the blood all around the hall where Jessi lived; leading us to believe Sarah had been killed. This episode was filled with so many surprises, one of them being Kyle and Jessi kissing. But the biggest of all was at the end, when we see Nate has stolen Sarah's Latnok ring from Cassidy's safe, and sets up Jessi as the culprit. What could Nate possible know about Adam, and why did he steal the ring and set up Jessi? I am really starting to hate this show coming to an end. An amazing episode, best of the season and possibly of the show.
  • Amazing episode!!! Tell-Tale Heart is must-see episode!!!

    I really loved this episode!!! In the episode, Kyle and Jessi are desperately trying to find the truth behind Sarah's disapperance, Josh goes through the great lengths to keep Andy from moving to Cleveland such asking her to marry him but she turned him. Delcan tries to fix Lori and Hilary's broken friendship. By finding out the truth of Sarah's disapperance, Kyle taps into Jessi's mind and together they find out the shocking truth that Sarah was killed by Cassidy. They even felt her heartbeat fading in Cassidy's room and at moment I felt really bad that Jessi relieved that harsh memory. It was very touching that Kyle was with Jessi through it all.

    In the end, Lori and Hilary became best friends again, Josh and Andy had a touching moment, Kyle and Jessi have a passionate kiss for real this time (very beauitful). Can't wait for the next two final episodes. I still can't believe that ABC really ending this show. After an episode like this, ABC should really rethink their priorities about the show.
  • This is why they call Kyle XY a sci-fi DRAMA. And it's a damn good one I might add.

    This episode was about facing and accepting the undeniable truth of a painful reality, that even in a fairytale sci-fi world some things cannot be fixed.

    Josh is trying everything to prevent his girlfriend Andy leaving him by moving to another town with her parents, only to realize that no matter what he does, there's nothing he can do about it.

    However, the real drama lies within Jessi facing the reality that her mother was killed. It's kind of brutal in a way, since the writers put Jessi through so much already. It was so painful to watch how Jessi and Kyle recognized the fading heartbeat of Sarah and Jessi trying desperately to save her mother even though she was fully aware that she was only reliving a holographic memory. That was almost worse than seeing Buffy taking the dive in order to save her sister.

    You've got to give some well earned credit to Jamie Alexander here, because she plays the character of Jessi down to the T. Unlike Kyle, Jessi is far from perfect, but that is exactly what makes the character much more human. Jamie's facial expressions hardly need any dialogue to backup the emotional state her character's in.

    In the end of this episode we see the long awaited or feared (depending on your favourite pairing) real Kiss between Jessi and Kyle. And even though some fans may not like it, no one can say it came unexpected or out of the blue. I'm still not convinced that maybe it's more an act of compassion for Kyle.

    One question painfully remains though:
    Why the hell did they cancel this show?
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