Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 8

The Tell-Tale Heart

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • I have to consider this episode to be my favorite episode of the entire show.

    I dont know where to start, this episode was amazing on so many levels! Starting with the opening! It was really the sweetest thing in the world! The music playing in the back round was the perfect fit. It was like watching Kyle fall in love! I couldn't believe how amazing it was! Then as the episode progresses we get to watch Kyle and Jessi use their brains in amazing ways. Like Kyle going back into Jessi's memories with her! She didn't have to face it alone and he didn't want her to have to face it alone. Finding out about Sarah changed how your looked at Cassidy from that moment forward. You cant look at him and see nice guy! Its impossible! Completely impossible! Oh and then Josh... JOSH! Oh my goodness, the emotions we got from Josh in this episode were so amazing... it was amazing to see how much he's matured since season 1, and how much he really loves Andy. Its breaking his heart, and you could feel that when you look at him throughout this episode! The Lori Declan Hillary scenes were cute, and light. Now of course the best part of this episode in my opinion was... THE KISS! Kyle kisses Jessi. Like KYLE kiss Jessi, not Jessi kisses Kyle! It was amazing in the voice over right before they kiss, Kyle was talking about memories and how they can be good and they can be bad, and then he says "and sometimes a moment becomes a memory the instant its happening, because it is so true, so pure, and so significant you want to capture it forever!" and then BAM he kisses her and it would have been perfect, except Nicole has to see them! On that note though Kyle was so into kissing Jessi that he didn't even notice Nicole in the back round! Well I'm going to stop there, I've basically gone over why I felt this was the best episode of all time!